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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 11 April 2020

It's business, nothing personal.

There is a parody that described Muhyiddin as a permissive father. Good for him.
But I hope that does not include to mean he will excuse Najib.  He's a Poor excuse of a man.

After what Najib has done, he cannot be called a Human being. The man is a bloody thief! Commiting the heist of  the century.  He's the billion dollar whale! It's a crying shame that some people still hold him in high esteem. They must suffer from some mad cow disease.

I hope Muhyiddin is not that pliable blob of a putty!

Having said that, I would like to know has there been an appreciable increase in value when we appoint non politicians to head GLCs?
I see none.

So Muhyiddin should revert to appointing politicians to head GLCs and the like. They have the political nuance and some are highly educated.

Appointing politicians is also one form of rewarding loyal politicians who are not appointed ministers.

On the flip side, why is Muhyiddin appointing so many senators as ministers? For instance the finance minister maybe a top notch-banker, but it is a mistake to think that his credentials are transferable.

I also hope Muhyiddin does not go soft on ECRL project. Remember it was Tun Daim who negotiated the cost downwards. That suggests the inflated price was done by someone. The scandal maybe bigger  than 1MDB!

It was rumoured that Kak Ros demanded she be paid money for per metre line built! And Najib got paid seperately.  Clearly, Najib and Rosmah is the Malaysian  Bonnie and Clyde couple.

It's better for the IGP to arrest this Couple than start a new set of  IP on Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim and LGE. Don't distract us on a wild goose chase.

Its business, nothing personal.

Apart from that I have no quarrel with TSMY. He has announced  a slew of financial relief.
To some these may just be charmed offensive or crowd pleasing populism.

But the pièce de résistance of all these, he understands what the people want.

The people must FEEL they are cared for and protected. The financial  relief showed  the people  they are cared for.

The measures taken by the government against COVID-19,.show the people they are protected.
The actions against Najib  and Rosmah showed people they are protected against  the avarice and capriciousness  of a sham leader and his missus.

Contrast this with what took place during the previous  PH government.  People feel constricted  and suffocated.

The Finance Minister was over close-fisted, the weekly revision of petrol prices placed people in turmoil.  Each person has got personalised  agenda

The PH people patted their backs having fulfilled  70% of their promises. People don't care. They wanted  to know whether tolls are abolished, PTPTN forgiven, etc.

I am convinced  therefore TSMY's government  will endure.


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