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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 27 April 2020

An Asian looks at Trump's USA

We think America  has broken the rules in  international  trade. It uses economic and political tools to promote its own interests. It's promoting economic hegemony.

So let Trump howl and wail huff and puff about china's trade practice. They are just the rantings  of a schizophrenic man.

If America  does not respect  others she will be Isolated. The recent US -China  trade, war serves, only to expose. American  economic hegemonic tendencies.

Trump is, a bully  narcissistic  sociopath who has, managed fo transfer these onto  American  life. The trouble  is many accepted  this as, the new normal.

Well he's not pulling a fast one on us like he did to Huawei.

Huawei is just a casualty to Trump's bizarre economic  policies. Friedman  would be, rolling in his grave.

How should  we deal with a Huawei for Instance?
We should do like Russia  does-open her arms to Huawei. By blockading  Huawei US is exposing  its incapable  of overcoming china's technological prowess.

We, should welcome  Huawei to develop our 5G internet  technology like Russia  does. We take, advantage of US Parochialism.
Its, an extension of Trump's  narcissism anyway.

But there's more than just Huawei and Panda diplomacy. They have technological advances. In Tula Russia, Great Wall Motors is investing USD 500m in a car factory producing Haval SUV. Now they can produce 1500 cars and 1000 jobs. Imagine  that  kind of investment  to us.

China possesses wind turbine technology  and solar technology which we can transfer.

While on this subject we can have more economic relationships with Russia.  Perhaps  she is not an ogre as painted by US.

We can do this by being not  too attached  to the USA.
After  all free market means free trade and that means we  are free to trade with anyone.


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