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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

The Religious Faker

When a few adulating sycophants ululate "bossku" to Najib - what has he done?

He's doing what many worshippers of the unknown are doing-rubbing a black goat and letting  it off in the desert to die of thirst and hunger.  We call it scapegoating.

What the selfish Najib  is doing is escaping from personal responsibility  and letting others fry for it! Some people's children!

I am surprised  to see some people falling for Najib.after all he has done doesn't he deserved a break?
Well, that does not excuse  his plunder.

The fact that US  has returned  over 1 billion confirmed that 1MDB has taken place. Surely someone  must be punished!

The sycophantic supporters of Najib  are sending the wrong message. We don't know of  any society that says it's okay to steal!

Its one of the 10 commandments.  Thou shall not steal. Show me where Islam says it's okay to steal. Does our religion, Islam says it's alright  to steal?

The problem  is that Najib  believes that it's his divine right to steal from  the country. Let's debunk that myth.

Could  it be that Najib uses religion  to justify his pillage?
Najib is a religious  hypocrite!

When I was information chief of Pekan UMNO, I volunteered  to do a session of Ratib Haddad at Najib's residence. The purpose was to bring in glad tidings and drive out evil.

After thinking a while Najib gently refused.  Perhaps he was afraid the session would blunt Rosmah's mandram!

Only God knows.  How do we know Rosmah directed her magic only on Najib? It could even be on Mahathir!

That would also make us question the allegiance  of some religious  people!.  A party like PAS that aligns with a known philanderer  is dangerous!

It's not all of a sudden Najib has turned religious. I hope the people will rule him out!
He has not got a leg up in terms of support.

The most vile of a person is one  who believes he or she gets permission  from god to do as he or she pleases. We ought to say that religion is the  refuge of scoundrels. Najib is a bloody scoundrel!
You may disagree with me, who cares.  But then  you are free to  shove any object down the place where the sun never shines! The choice is yours.


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