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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 23 April 2020

Unsolicited advices from citizen A

When Muhyiddin was asked, by journalists when Najib will be arrested, he answered he will not  interfere. Politically correct answer, but wrong anyway.

The better answer would have been, "If Najib were guilty then he will have to face the legal consequences. Muhyiddin cannot be neutral.

Muhyiddin must seize the opportunity to isolate Najib and his, ilk in UMNO. Confiscate the billions he stole. Ban him from politics.

Do the same to like-thinking  UMNO people.
Muhyiddin must have the killer instinct  to crush these people.

Now is the time to set up Bersatu branches in every UMNO divisions.  PBPM must engage the people directly.

It must open itself to engaging all Malaysians and not only Malays.

This is the time to co-opt  like-thinking people into Bersatu. By doing this it will cause the dilution of UMNO.

There is a rational reason for not staying neutral. Muhyiddin must show which side is he on. 
By deliberately making  choices Muhyiddin can earn respect and loyalty of the people.

In this circumstance  only Najib hates him, but he has gained admiration of the people.  Najib is one person. Can he win against  the many?

By making choices, Muhyiddin shows he's making a bold decision.  People will prefer a decisive leader.  Not choosing side  will  only show you as an irresolute  leader.  Its better to be hated by one person than by the many.

Action is more preferable than inaction.  So by throwing  his hat with the people  Muhyiddin shows he is decisive  and bold gaining their respect.

Choose a front and fight for it wholeheartedly.  Like Hussein Onn once said don't fight on several  fronts at once. We are not a fan of neutrality.

By not  making a bold decision shows  you are timid and indecisive.  You will be hated by both sides.
But which side do You choose?
In my example above, in a democracy  choose, the majority.  Najib is one person. Sacrifice him.

Not making a bold decision must only be done for strategic reasons. Even that must  not be overused lest it shows timidity. People say this is discretion and it may indeed be the better part of valour.

This principle was shown in WW2-thw fascist leader Mussolini  sided with Hitler  while  Franco of Spain  remained  neutral. Although Mussolini  was eventually executed the Germans aided him and helped  him regain power.  Franco  because he was neutral  managed to stay in power for another 30 years.

Mussolini  chose the wrong  side BUT gained  the respect and admiration of the Germans.
By postponing his decision and remaining  neutral Franco  remained in power.  But today Il Duce is more remembered than Franco. 
Even when making a wrong decision  but a decisive one gains respect and admiration  and is remembered  longer.
Hence,  don't be neutral  and timid, by setting up Bersatu branches and divisions  Bersatu shows its presence and deal with problems  hands on.

Nowadays  it may not be possible to be  physically  present  because maybe you are holding  public  office and so on, you can appoint personal  representatives etc. Hold skype meetings  and send e-mails. Show your presence.

Co-opting friendly  UMNO  members and aiding  them  to form Bersatu branches is like expanding and acquiring  new territories.

Through  these people  establish beach heads through  which to expand Bersatu's influence. Ask them to dissolve  UMNO branches  but remember  not to give them too great power. They will and can undermine  you. Use them to put down rivals.  That is good politics, unethical  but good.

In ancient Greek  history  Achilles  and Hercules  were educated by a being known as Chiron. It was half beast and half human.

There are two ways of getting power.  One is to use the law the other by force.

The first is opened  to man, the second to beast.
When civility and discussion  no longer work then fear and intimidation  need to be employed.

Hence, the good leader must use both methods. Sometimes,  force is necessary to achieve what is wanted.

Be open-minded then. If Najib is guilty use overwhelming force on him.  Others too. Confiscate their ill-gotten  gains. Close their accounts. Ban them from politics.

Resorting to animalistic conduct be both a lion and  the fox. Be strong like the lion and be cunning  like the fox.

The good leader will adjust his policies according to circumstances.  That is why he never judged something  prematurely. Decide the fate of golem Najib  when the time comes. Don't judge now.

Adapt or perish!


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