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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Malaysia's King Louis and Marie Antoinette.

Suddenly there is a flood of subjects written on  the Bonnie and Clyde couple of Malaysia.

I am afraid none are complimentary. We cannot say we don't agree, but  we don't do the extremes.

We are not interested to know who was Rosmah's first husband, by the way Aziz Nong Chik was my colleague in shell.

I once brought Aziz  to see a Tun,  I introduced who Aziz was.  The Tun responded by congratulating  Aziz!

We are not interested to know that a former CM was the one who introduced Rosmah to Najib.

We are not interested to know that Rosmah was once an ugly duckling who turned into a swan and whose overriding ambition was to marry Najib.
Or she was called a ''puaka'' woman  and  her siblings  did not talk to her for years.

We are certainly  not interested to know that her hormonal  pills cost 1 million a pack. 
Of course now she is like Siberia-everybody knows  where it is but no one  wants to go there!

But we are interested to know how she fleeced money from companies doing business in Malaysia. We are interested how she demanded money from the China company building  the ECRL here.

As far as Najib is concerned we are not interested to know he humiliated Rosmah a few times.
We are not interested  to know he mistreated his first wife and called her gila babi or sporadic bonkers.
We don't care two hoots if he had a good time with Altantuya which he did.

But we are interested how Malaysia's King Louis and Marie Antoinette got their billions.
The only châteaux befitting them are at Sungai Buluh and Kajang. Adieu!

We must know what this degenerate  pair want-they want honour and adulation.

Ignore the fact Najib made an Oath in a mosque. What is an oath to a liar. Najib is a congenital  menace, when he was a kid, visitors to Sri Taman were often shocked.  When visitors came to see Tun Razak young Najib would be upstairs.  He would throw objects at these visitors. Najib is  sadistic! One shouldn't  be surprised  when he called  people ' haramjadah' and ' papa kedana'

I was amused when there was a political commentator who gave a basket list of parameters on why Muhyiddin chose Najib 's style over Tun M.

Muhyiddin did no such thing.  Really he is isolating Najib. He has said he will not interfere with the due process of law in response to questiions when Najib will be arrested.
Najib and Rosie will get what they deserved.

But don't believe me wholly,  there are  those who say I employ  ghost writers. See if they can imitate my style.

They also say my writings are crap.  That's an insult to my intelligence and almost 27 million  others who read my crap.

As, they say res ipsa loquitor!


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