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Friday, 17 April 2020

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

Najib 's articulations through  the social media  will invite  comments.  Having made the bed he must now lie on it. His  comments must not  go unchallenged.

Najib  has made some presumptuous  remarks  regarding  PH's performance.  His insolence is typical of a feudal overlord who is accountable  to no one.

Najib lambasted  PH for:-

  1. Breaking its promises of appointing  politicians  to GLCs
  2. Not fulfilling  its election promises
  3. Messing up the  economy.
I answered points 1 and 2 in my article. See my link below.
The government  made political appointments not because Najib said so but because it is pragmatic to do so.

"It's Business, nothing personal"

I will answer part 3 in a separate article.

Najib seems to think that if some things are not thought  by him they couldn't  happen. Sorry Najib, don't be a narcissist.

As to Najib's prognosis  of our economy Najib  is no Cassandra.  Our economy will be as it is not Because  of Najib but in spite of Najib.  Tuan,  the world will move on without you!
How  clever can  Najib  be?

The last time I checked, the present government  is a coalition  between Muhyiddin's Bersatu faction and what remains of UMNO!.  And Najib is left out!
Najib is just  being sour grapish or bringing coal to Newcastle.

So why is Najib  railing against  PH when it is no longer the government? Najib is kicking  a dead horse.
Najib is envious that the train has left him, or he is suffering from talak mad he is no longer the PM.
Stand down commandant!

Just because Muhyiddin seems to replicate many of Najib's policies does not mean Najib caused them. Don't suffer from post hoc ergo propter hoc syndrome.

When Najib was a pm, he was not interested in our economy:, it was collateral to him.  He was more interested  to turn Malaysia  into a giant ATM machine!

So stop and desist Najib. Don't infect us with the post hoc ergo propter hoc virus! No, thank you.


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