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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 10 April 2020

The Invisible People

It has been brought  to my attention  that some people bitched behind me.
I don't know any of them nor met any of them.

But as they say u cannot close the mouth of the vase.

They say I employ  ghost writers. I have never employed any. Even during sickness I typed with my left finger. No one can replicate my thinking.

Some say my writings  are crap. They have not even written a single sentence.
Funny nearly 27 million read crap.
There must be something  wrong!
People are envious.

Shame on them for claiming  they are  my friends when they are clearly  not! We don't know  each other.

They are the invisible people known only to nameless people.

I still read extensively. I have the Sarawak Report and the Billion Dollar Whale.

I have books by Xi Jinping, Deng Xioping, Ezra Vogel, Erskine May and Lord Denning.

I am going over The Sarawak Report at the moment.


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