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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 30 April 2020

The PAS-inisation of Islam:-some preliminary views

In Indonesia, a Muslim cleric, Habib Riziq Shihab was deemed guilty when it was discovered  to have video WhatsApp his nude girlfriend.  He wasn't content to see still pictures.  He must see live action!

The male family jewel does not know it is attached to an ustaz or otherwise. It answers to the calls of its opposite member when appreciated.

Clearly I can also swear like a trooper like a former friend said. That is not the issue however.

A person who adopts a pious persona must behave accordingly. He owes a higher degree of responsibility.

We do not do a double standard here.  Its just the way life is.

Similarly, in Malaysia, a person who adopts a similar image owes a higher degree of own-upship.
There is no difference  between a Genteel and a Philistine  when  it comes to sex.

For example, I am a philistine for I have come to terms with how I conduct  my life. I don't know about others. It is not my business.

A person who does not go to a mosque frequented by a PAS member goes to hell does he?
That is a discomforting  thought.

It suggests that God is not fair.  He has chosen a side.
All our life we have been  taught that  our entry to heaven is determined  by our piety and definitely not party affiliate.

We don't know of any community  that says it's OK  to steal but pas aligns  itself with a known plunderer.
Pas cannot  work with DAP yet can sleep with heathens MCA and MIC.

We believe in Islam but cannot accept unquestioningly PAS version of our religion.

The problem with PAS is our total submission to the party. Unless we behaved in certain ways we are  not moral. But morality is defined by pas. And that morality is as big as Hj Hadi's nose. What he does not comprehend  are not moral.  So our morality  depends  on big brother. Where is our freedom then?
Politically that is a condiment to totalitarianism.

That is our strong objection to the politics of PAS. The party will lead to totalitarianism.
That is why it demands total submission. After all total are the first 5 words to totalitarianism!

Musyawarah masks total acquiescence actually.

Can we trust a party that has no finality in whatever it says?
Where is Tahaluf Siyasi now?
They cooperate when it profits them as what it did to DAP.  Hence to PAS only interests are permanent. All other things are ephemeral.

Why is it Tahaluf Siyasi now to work with MCA and MIC but not with DAP?
I remember Nazri Aziz once told me he trusts DAP more than the scheming  MCA.  And I assure you not a few in UMNO hold that view!

Do people ask what kind  of government  does  pas promote? Therein lies another of our opposition to pas.

The answer is an intolerant  government. That is surely against  free and inquisitive people unless  we don't mind   being muted  people.

Pas can only survive in a government  that broods no opposition to it. Any opposition  to it will be branded heretic or blasphemous.

Such a government only promotes pre emptive cowering  and submission. Can we allow pas to rule?

And since it views opposition  to its government  as blasphemous and heretic  that could only lead to violence. Using religion, pas can justify killing and violence.
Do we want that in a civilised community?


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