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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 20 April 2020

Najib Personality Disorder

Najib lambasted PH for not fulfilling its election promises. That is the same question I posed to a PH leader when the latter visited  me.

I told the leader people aren't interested to know you have fulfilled  70% of the promises.  They are looking for big ticket items like the reduction in fuel prices, the abolition  of tolls and PTPTN.

They are no longer the government, so I  am not going to talk about them.

But I am certainly going to talk about pee wee Najib.  He is like 7-Eleven.  He never shuts his  mouth ever. Well, he's not going to be unchallenged!

Perhaps Najib is suffering from NPD-narcissistic personality disorder. He thinks the world revolves around  him.

He thinks highly of himself to the exclusion of others. Accordingly, the world ought to run as he thinks.

Because of that Malaysia was turned into a gigantic ATM machine. His own that is.

In that world  Najib was able to apply his voodoo economics-cash is king. He spent like nobody's  business.

It became our business. We had to dedicate time and resources  to rectify our voodoo-ed economy. He created a huge mess!

The monumental  mess is the main reason  why PH was not able to fulfil its promises fully. Much time and resources were spent in cleaning the shit he left behind.

We must not wonder why we could not fulfil ALL of the election promises!


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