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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Racial component of Bersih 4 and Political Funding.

As expected, Utusan Malaysia plays the race card. Bersih 4 is dominated by the DAP screamed the headlines. . That is one. The colour of Bersih 4. 
It must be defined in terms of racial composition. The usual propaganda employed by UMNO. We must reject this racial stereotyping.

Two, the size of the crowd. The police says, the crowd was only 57,000 strong. That is true if the police counts only the area around Sogo at 1pm on Saturday. There were 10 other places like the one in Sogo at 1pm. So there were 570,000 Bersih 4 supporters on Saturday.

600,000 went to the streets forcing Najib to label these people as unpatriotic.  Because they marched? No because they want to save the country from the number 1 menace to the country. The man known as Najib Tun Razak.

The DAP is not the organiser of Bersih. It supported the march towards more Democracy as it always has. Plus it is the most organised political party around.  That is why Utusan Malaysia fears the DAP.

It will write a familiar story line. That Bersih 4 is a protest movement by the Chinese against a Malay UMNO dominated government. To add to the doomsday scenario on the Malays, Utusan has to assign blame/credit to DAP.

The people who attended Bersih 4 yesterday and today won’t have their intelligence insulted by the likes of Utusan Malaysia. It blinds itself to the sea of Malaysian Malays who participated in great numbers at Bersih 4. If I were to put down a number, the Malay participants constitute probably around 55%.

By casting aspersions to the DAP. Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of UMNO continues the acknowledgement of DAP as a party that is drawing traction and allegiance.
Just a few weeks ago a stupid deputy minister said the Rm2.6 billion was a donation to fight against Jews and DAP.That was a maniacal statement.

I say, that’s an acknowledgement of DAP as a party that is fast gaining traction. The UMNO needed a huge war chest to fight the DAP. The DAP has repeatedly challenged UMNO and the government to tell all about donations to political parties

If the amount spent was - I am told RM3 billion or more to pulverise the DAP and it still cannot succeed, the UMNO is doomed.

So allow me to tell readers how DAP gets its donation. As far as I know, sympathisers from all walks of life including business people donated to DAP. But let me tell the reader how DAP MPs and ADUns spend.

They spend entirely their own money. When I contested Raub, all I got from secretary General Lim Guan Eng was the appointment letter and the words, Raub is all yours. I am sure the same was repeated to all the other DAP candidates. Here’s the surat tauliah and its your baby now.

That was it. All MPs spend their own money to pay for ALL expenses. That started with the deposit with the elections Commission and the deposits to the local council. Expenses on posters and flags, expenditures on party workers and helpers. All used their own money. The contribution from the party was zero. It gave no money to candidates.

So I am perplexed why UMNO and BN candidates needed huge amount of money. My opponent in Raub for example, reported to the BN chief in Pahang which is the MB, he has run out of money half way the election period. So he reportedly asked more money from the MB. The MB should have asked me how much I spent on the Raub election. He was lied to.

The truth is, all the BN candidates during the elections fleeced money from the Chief of BN. After the elections they went on holidays, bought new expensive cars and still complained they won or lost by having to spend huge amounts of money.

The Bersih 4 March is a sea of humanity. It is a sea of yellow shirted Malaysians. Of all races, all political creeds and personal values. All are united with the desire to save the country. They marched to demand more democracy. The person standing in between is the clueless PM.

To save our country from who? From the PM and his band of arrogant leaders who are clearly standing on the side opposite the rakyat.  The rakyat include also members of UMNO, one of whom has stared legal proceedings to compel Najib to tell the story of the Rm2.6 billion donation.  This is unprecedented!

Next , more of my impression on Bersih 4.


Cahaya Qalbu,  31 August 2015 at 00:04  

Ex Trengganu MB Ahmad Said asked ...

UMNO had ruled Msia for 57 years and still crying to safeguard Malay special rights ... Malays under threat ... Malays living under poverty etc etc.

He asks .... for 57 years, UMNO ruled the country, Islam is National religion, what had UMNO been doing if Malaysia and Islam is under threat?

He said the facts are:-

1) Malaysia has 9 Sultans and a king and they are Malays.

2) PM & DPM, holding Malaysia's topmost powerful posts are Malays.

3) Since 1974, Minister of Finance is always a Malay.

4) Other than Penang, all CMs & MBs are Malays.

5) Majority of Federal Ministers are Malays, and influential and crucial Ministries are headed by Malays.

6) Out of 222 MPs, more than 50% are Malays.

7) More than 93% of Gov't Depts, from lowest to highest posts, are Malays.

8) NEP was designed and implemented for Malays.

9) 80% of Uni quota are reserved for Malays.

10) Special discount for house and stocks purchase are for Malays.

11) Top posts in all sectors and branches of the Armed Forces and Police are held by Malays.

12) GLCs are controlled and run by Malays.

He asks just how could the Malays (who are already in absolute control of all the crucial institutions and pillars of political, economic, and societal life) be threatened, and are facing the danger of being harmed and ousted by the minority races ?

It is actually UMNO leaders & their cronies who -- with their never-ending greed -- continue to bully & lie to Malays by blaming the Chinese and Indians, and making them as scapegoats.
Ahmad Said urges Malays to wake up and see the evil intentions of UMNO Warlords.

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 04:37  

DAP dengan Pakatan dah boleh start infiltrate Pahang, negeri Najib, kalau nak menang PRU14. Percayalah.

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 04:57  

IGP - Malay

Army Chief - Malay

Navy Chief - Malay

Air Force chief - Malay

MACC Chief - Malay

AG - Malay

80% Guru Besar Malay

90% Governemnt Servants Malay

90% treachers in public schools Malays

Chief Justice-Lord President - Malay

....... At the end of the day its not about Race....Its about the IDEOLOGY that have Failed and the Refusal to acknowledge that there is a better way to make a better Malaysia....too late now...the Crushing Economy will hopefully divide up malaya to their individual states and each will need to wise up and be Better than Singapore...

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 06:42  

Don't forget to count and include
the thousands upon thousands of our fellow
Malaysians (and also the concerned ex-Malaysians)
who held Bersih 4 demonstrations overseas.

Syabas to all of them who support us who are in

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 07:35  

One sentence says it all: "UMNO is a party of thieves". They are a haram party who not only steal, but also tell lies and does tons of unjust things. They seduce people to wrong their souls by offering positions and money to do unjust things.

UMNO supporters should not get angry over this statement but instead wake up to this fact. Stop wronging your souls by supporting them and their evil acts. Let them go to Hell and not let them bring you along.

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 08:23  

Thieves and criminals should be shot snd blown up. That is the only way to deal them..

Unknown 31 August 2015 at 10:05  

Good truth write AK47 n all comments.. TQ

Panda Bear,  31 August 2015 at 10:19  

Everybody knows who the strongest supporter and financier of DAP. SINGAPORE
DAP is anti Malay and Islam. A good Malay are the one that's willing to be their puppets.
Both UMNO & DAP won't get my vote, until hell freezes over.

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 10:37  

Malay or bumiputra bro...use the correct wording im not umno fans

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 12:29  

ex Trengganu MB Ahmad Said has it all right, that it is Umno, BN and cronies and pro-Umno media who keep on dividing the Malaysians by race politics.
The figures he provided in Anon 00.04 and 04:57 are reminders that the Malays could never be threatened by the non-Malays, and the opposition should highlight these to everyone in the kampungs, in the towns and in the cities.

Firestone 31 August 2015 at 17:31  

Yes, Dato, I believe every word you have written because back in 2007/8 I was a resident in USJ in Subang Jaya and we were friends of an IT man from there Jeff Ooi and he told us he was approached by DAP to stand for Subang seat but he has no money. Then this offer was changed to Serdang and finally he was asked to go to Jelutong in Penang...

Jeff Ooi's election fund in Jelutong were mainly raised by us in Subang and we raised a lot especially in the early morning from patrons at coffee-shops and at the SS15 wet market.... lot's of RM1 to RM2 donations and we worked 4-5 months and then continued to do so for Hannah Yeoh who was chosen as ADUN candidate...

We even got some commercial bakeries nearby to give us their excess bread and we used that in our campaign camps whenever we get hungry

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 20:33  

It was a peaceful demonstration. It is actually something we can be proud of. It shows Malaysians stands for a non violent platform to deliver a message to the Government. To turn it into something racial is something the rakyat will reject outright. The rakyat is with the seekers of truth and justice.

Anonymous,  31 August 2015 at 21:52  

Isn't it interesting that:-
- the PM has a Chinese boy as unofficial adviser
- the DPM had a Chinese foster father
- the ex DPM has a Chinese son-in-law
- an ex PM has a Chinese tycoon as a close friend
- another ex DPM has a Chinese wife
- a senior minister's son drives expensive cars belonging to a Chinese businessman.

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 00:00  

Firestone. But Jeff Ooi said that he was still short during the 2008 campaign. So he asked supporters to bank directly into his account. One donor banked in RM100K. I am inclined to believe that he got much more than he need in the end. Did he give a full accounting of what he received or he treated all those bank-ins as donations to him personally? I would have thought that the right thing to do is to give away the excess to charity or to surrender it to his Party. After all, he was raising funds using the party (DAP) flag!

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 04:43  

Bersih demands for fair elections. I really hope your party and coalition partners have worked out a strategy to gain more parliamentary seats in the next election. Please do not leave it to the last minute. Good luck

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 08:45  

sebab melayu tak ramai ..??? polis malaysia termasuk menteri polis 99.9% melayu ....menteri dan polis melayu ni hanya berani dengan melayu je ...kalau ramai melayu masa bersih 4 tentu menteri polis dan polis arahkan dan ambil peluang pukul-pukul melayu....cuba tenguk masa bersih 3, melayu je dia orang pukul......dengan cina, india, arab tak berani, takut ... sebab melayu tak bagi rasuah (haram..terima takpe) dan kalau bagi ciput-ciput je ...cina, india, arab bagi billion-billion ooooooo..!!! kalau pukul cina, india, arab, alamat papa kedana le...!!!! tenguk berapa pak arab bagi..??? vincent tan bagi berapa..? kuok..? ytl..? ananda hulur berapa..? jho low, rembat berapa..? menteri polis siap pertahan cina raja judi antarabangsa lagi....kau ingat sikit ke dia bagi..??? kalau dia tak bagi, tak selamat negara malaysia ooooooo!!!!! SEBAB ITU MELAYU DOK DIAM, TENGUK JAUH-JAUH MASA BERSIH 4, SURUH CINA AND INDIA JE PERGI .....ADA POLIS PUKUL-PUKUL, TEMBAK GAS, TEMBAK AIR LONGKANG....??????? ....ITU LE ORANG KAYA STRATEGI BOH....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

walla 1 September 2015 at 09:13  

Even when the elephant is rubbing its nose with theirs, those Umno chaps will persist in ignoring it.

For the same reason, M had to say while he did not support Bersih, he supported and was in solidarity with the rakyat at Bersih.

From this, what conclusion can be drawn if not that the basic principle of Umno is to fight the Opposition even if the Opposition represents the wish and will of the rakyat that Umno purportedly champions?

Unless Umno is only championing a select group of Malays to the exclusion of the majority of Malays and the non's who have indeed walked their talk, braved illegal threats from an establishment tainted to the highest echelons, and endured the unendurable all those long hours in inclement weather hours before an Independence Day of a country no longer independent, no longer thriving, not even surviving.

That leaves one and all to ask: what then does Umno stand for today, now, sekarang?

For the answer, you can ask Umno this: if you oppose the Opposition, what do you propose?

Do you propose N to continue although he has already indicted himself just by chickening out from opening THE international anti-corruption event on his very own home ground? What doesn't that tell you?

Or, do you think that in asking him to leave because of 1MDB, others in Umno will not cause new 1MDB's to emerge in the coming years when investments and capital have long fled because our national reputation has already been irreparably damaged?

Or do you think that this T.Aziz guy already advanced in his years is not talking man-hen like how the other guy, the ex-CJ of similar vintage had done when they incited against our Chinese rakyat on the sly aspersion they wanted to overthrow a government even at the expense of ignoring our Malay sensitivities?

So, those many of our Malays who had walked together with their Chinese brothers and sisters are also insensitive to the feelings of their own community?

What rot is that coming from the very hearts of who have had the benefit of years of silver-spooned living?

Millions are now having to eke a living because of the politically elitist kleptocracy and corruption that these so-called well-meaning idiotic luminaries are indirectly championing on the excuse of national interest, national security, national stability, national development, national - for want of a better word - fooklamak.

Finally, TRH has publicised his will. He should shake hands with Hadi and go back to Gua Musang. History will judge him, hopefully not too unkindly. But that's just wishful thinking.

In Bersih, the rakyat of Malaysia not just here but all over the world have spoken. Whatever their background, they have said enough is enough to Umno and its BN lackeys.

Anonymous,  1 September 2015 at 21:00  

"Finally, TRH has publicised his will. He should shake hands with Hadi and go back to Gua Musang. History will judge him, hopefully not too unkindly. But that's just wishful thinking."

So has he pulled out? For sure? Or just a "tactical retreat?"

That creates problems.

Who will the 80 Oppo MPs vote for now, in the no-confidence vote?

What is Dr M's formula?

Anonymous,  3 September 2015 at 14:16  

I find Utusan strange.During the previous Bersih rallies they were more Malays than the other races.They blame the others for making use of the Malays.During Bersih 4.0 the Chinese were more than the Malays.They remind the government not to pay much attention to the Chinese and used a lot of insulting words in their headlines like 'Biadab'.More Malays appeared on the second day and some were in their casual clothes.Many did not come on the first day and it could be because of work commitments.One Malay man when asked said he came all the way from Pahang.All those who came had the same aspiration by their looks...for a better a Malaysia.

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