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Saturday 1 August 2015

The Day of the Long Bugis Keris?

Najib launches a Blitzkrieg.

I have been watching and analysing events. Plus I am in Raub. Happily catching up with non-political literature. Then Herr Najib struck. He dismissed and sacked several people. No, it was an execution.
The AG was sacked from office. Najib dropped Muhyidin and Shafie Apdal from the cabinet. He removed Palanivel, the head of the MIC.The dismissal of Palanivel unfortunately is not of relevance currently.

Why was it done in a hurry? There is only one conclusion. Najib had to act quickly to stop the noose that is tightening around his neck. The AG and the task force of 4 discovered irrefutable evidence about the wrongdoings of Najib.

The AG is to retire in October this year. He can’t suddenly fall so sick so as to be suddenly infirmed and demented. He has just formed a task force investigating into 1MDB. This isn’t an enterprise form-able by a severely debilitated and demented person. He may be suffering from kidney problems and other ailments but the faculties are still intact.

He can still walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.I cant say the same about some UMNO ministers.

Unless of course, as I think, the AG was in the final stages of preparing to charge Najib and others.

As to the draft charge sheet someone sent to me- I immediately said this may be a fake. A man of Ghani’s calibre although he earned a passable law degree from UM will not write ameritus instead of emeritus. Did the person who write that passed the LLB at UM? Unlikely. This appear to me likely to be the writing of an office boy.   

But don’t discount the possibility that the charge sheet was the product of an imaginative mind in the PM’s propaganda team. So many office boy standard there.

I wrote an article about this. I mentioned about the possibility of the task force of the 4 horsemen digging and unearthing proof of Najib’s guilt. Many commentators were skeptical at that time. They wryly asked how can the 4 defy Najib? I cannot reveal much more then.

The sacking of Ghani Patail confirms my theory that the special task force has been doing a make a sound in the east and then strike in the west strategy. Many people will know that this is one of the 36 stratagems.

It wanted to make the public think it was doing something else, when the real work was being done to catch out Najib. All of them, knew Najib has done something illegal.

Who done it?

What were the things that caused people to be angry about 1MDB? Among others- money was put up by Malaysia for a joint venture on a business that did not exist. The other party Petrosaudi misrepresented itself. It did not have or owned the subject matter of the business. Oilfield in several places. Clearly, there was an intention to cheat. But 1MDB went ahead on account of assurances or instructions from the PM’s Chinese buddy- one Jho Low.  

It entered into a JV when it suddenly found itself having to clear an existing debt of USD700 million to the parent company that owned the JV partner. Why enter into a JV with an encumbered partner? What was special about this company hailing from the land of holy camel dung? 
Because Jho Low said so. Because Najib said OK. Big boss said ok maa…

Now everyone knows that if you owe money to the parent company, you pay the parent company. Instead the payment went to a company unrelated to the JV. The company’s owner is Jho Low. So money was sent to an account owned by a company known as GOOD STAR LIMITED. Another case of fraud.

1MDB raised more money by way of issuing bonds. The lead manager was Godman Sachs. 1MDB paid a fee not reflecting market rates. That raised questions. 1MDB countered by saying, because the bonds carried high risks, the rates paid to Goldman Sachs were defensible. 1MDB forgot to mention, the bond issue was guaranteed by the Malaysian government.

People are saying maybe the spread between the fee charged by GS with the market rate, was divided between certain people. Between the people appointing Goldman Sachs and the issuing manager. Some people made money here.

Then there were the dubious investments made by 1MDB. Paying inflated price of RM18 billion on some aging and nearing end of shelf life IPPs. Then these people who sold made some donations and contributions amounting to some RM250 million to a foundation linked to 1MDB. So this is how UMNO people in power make deals.

Why so generous? Unless some deals were done beforehand between 1MDB and the IPP owners. Why buy an IPP where the buyer has to settle a previous outstanding loan? 1MDB could buy an unencumbered asset. That is form five level stuff. What the form five student cannot fathom, is the huge amount of money involved. A fifth former is easily satisfied with just a motorbike.

Why can’t Najib explain where was the balance of the money? Some people were saying if only Najib had gone to see Dr Mahathir and admitted he made some mistakes and asked Mahathir to hep out, the old man who can walk on water, wouldn’t have come out with guns blazing.

No- this will not be correct. What Najib was alleged to have done is not forgivable even by Mahathir. This is a leader who may have cheated Malaysia, abused his power and committed some illegal wrongdoings.

Then came the issue of depositing some RM2.7 billion and RM42 million into Najib’s personal account. Where did the 2.7 billion come from? Najib says it’s from the Middle East.He must have violated some banking laws or the money escaped BNM's radar. The sender can only do this if Najib has overrode the BNM governor.

Now, tell us, who is so generous to want to donate RM2.7 billion because they liked Naib’s face, get turned on by his red lips, liked his mannerisms, his aristocratic bearing, or are so enamoured with Rosmah’s wittiness and intelligence, that they were willing to donate RM2.7 billion to Najib. Were the Arabs lusting over Najib or Rosmah?  

If so why not put in the money into UMNO’s account? Then what about the RM42million of public money since SRC is owned by MOF, deposited again in Najb’s personal account?

Those who like to read Agatha Christie- will ask who done it? Or like the Americans say- whodunnit?

The answer, if the UMNO people have not already know or refuse to know because Kim Il Najib is infallible- the persons who whodunnit are Najib and Jho Low with the connivance of people like Shahrol Helmi, Nik Faisal, those arrested and released. But who would ever believe a dispatch clerk has anything to do with stealing RM46 billion? RM46 yes, but not RM46 billion.

UMNO's demise because of Najib.
There is a primary school in Dong Raub called SR Mat Jabbar. On a trip back to his mum’s kampong daring  hari raya, a 10 year old schoolboy asked the father. Abah- mengapa Najib teruk sangat abah? The father responded- Najib kawan adik yang mana ni? Dia gaduh dengan adik ke? 
Bukan Najib perdana menteri lah.

Hah- sampai ke situ awak adik?

Ye, adik dengan kawan2 lain berakap dengan Ckgu dan cikgu cerita. Semua kawan adik tak suka Najib perdana menteri. Dia curi duit kita ye abah? Cikgu kata rakyat susah sebab harga naik, kena cukai dan sebab Najib rasuah.

Now, if a 10 year old, playing with pokemon and more comfortable with computer games is already talking like this, Najb has no future.

Najib may have won this battle, but he hasn’t won the war. This 1MDB and the Najib story is still unfolding. 
1MDB is the one that matters most now Mr Prime Minister. 


bruno 2 August 2015 at 08:49  

A big game hunter cum dentist from Minnesota,USA,went to Zimbabwe,paid 50k to shoot and kill Zimbabwe's most famous lion,Cecil.Protesters,when hearing the news stormed his dental office.Now Zimbabwe,has sent in a request to have him extradited back there.Maybe they want to skin him,or worse chop his batang off.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 09:22  


Is it so easy to cheat in Malaysia? It seems to me cheating is popular culture in Malaysia. No wonder these UMNO people are so rich.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 09:29  

Yes, sir! He can run, but he cannot hide. His greatest failings; insatiable greed for money and hunger for women. The country law and constitute are now twisted and violated on a daily basis by him and his goons. Like they say, the higher you go, the harder the fall. Wait to see the festivities and celebration when he is booted out. It can't be long. For me, my bottle of wine is already in the fridge.

Mr Bojangles 2 August 2015 at 09:41  

The day of the long bugis keris?
More like the crooked bugis keris. From the days of the fictitional hang tuah till today. Everything is crooked about these frauds.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 09:59  

The country will continue unfortunate and Malaysia potentially bankrupt if it continues to maintain Najib as Prime Minister. PM Najib was prominent bad example to his subordinate leaders. UMNO should not again be given the opportunity in the next election. Choose between two, destroy UMNO or destroy the country?

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 10:20  

Glad to be hearing from you dato. We are a bit concerned amidst all these arrests and crack downs. BTW Jebat has not updated his blog since Raya. Hope he's OK.

The story we got from the media seems to point that the tide is turning to Najib's favour. Even TDM said that those who used to see him no longer do and are now returning to Najib.

The biggest disappointment for me was when I heard TSMY said that he would not fight back and that he still considered Najib as a friend. Certainly this is more than mere friendship! UMNO is sinking fast toward destruction and he preferred not to fight back? No matter how much I despised Anwar Ibrahim, I have to admit that he is made of sterner stuff. Who is there in UMNO now who has that steel and fire in him to really fight. The only thing that is keeping me hopeful is that Tun is still around. I know that he is no push over. He will never give up and he will never back down. While his demeanour may appear slow and soft, his belly is full of fire and steel, even at the age of 90.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 10:59  

Don't worry about 1 spelling error (a) for (e)...the draft charge was prepared in the malay language by the investigating officer based on the evidences in his possession. Amongst the skill that you must possess as an I.O is drafting charges. Very rarely do DPP or AG prepare draft is the IO who prepares them because he knows what is the evidences he had in his possession. The AG/DPP merely agrees or make minor amendments if he doesn't agree. Anyone who reads the draft charge knows it is being prepared by an experienced IO safe for the word (A). It contains all the ingredients of the offence of cbt. I bet you any half=past six DPPs cld get a conviction based on the contents of the draft charge. It is easy meat. And whether faked or not, sost important thing, look at the contents of the charge sheets:

It reads...." accepted RM27milll which was deposited in a/c NO AmPrivate Bank a reward to you to direct the Pension Fund to advance monies to 1MDB subsidiary coy...." Evidences showed Najib is a corrupt fella who recd corrupt monies at the expense of pensioners or tax payers...."

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 11:06  

..except for the word (A)...the draft charge is prepared by a very experienced IO based on the evidences in his possession. The draft charge reads:

"....received RM27 million which was deposited in ur a/c No:211......Ar Amprivate an inducement to you to direct the Pension funds to advance loans to a coy( subsidiary of 1MDB......"

Contents are not faked lah...AG or DPP don't prepare draft charges. Draft charges prepared by IO are sent to them for approval..they either agree wholesale or make some adjustments to the prepared draft charge. In our case, before Gani could do that, he was sacked..." All Gani had to do was to 'consent to the prosecution' and approve the draft charge sheet. The rest will be done by the IO. He was late by 1 day....

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 11:07  

...anyone can shed light that the reshuffle or sacking of Ministers were done on the order of Rosmah mansor??????

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 12:01  

Naah.....Najib will win. Now the account is a trust account, not a personal one. The fact that the first response came as " never used for my personal benefit " is very telling. Yes, the money went into Najib's account held in trust of Umno. Done deal.

Unknown 2 August 2015 at 14:33  

Dato, please setup your own fb, susah nk komen openly about this haramjadah and his w*** bedebah!
There will be morearrests if TP and RR and others in Oppo tardy and let her breathe. With PAS having its Hudud Agenda, No-confidence motion will not serve the purpose.
There must a plan to bring this B&B down. Talking to the Rakyat will be dangerous. Give them time too, to insulate themselves. There will be more Najadi's episode too because they got away with the Ca murder!
Altantuya got C4 because of Scorpene. Najadi because of 1MDB, USD 700m. Now I know how JL came in possession of the US$ 700m!! Tnx
Who next because the expose on 1MDB will not end with `cantas.' Someone will end up very, very dead because these two DEsperados have taken more than the RM45 b for their own selfish end, and they know their game is up with Gani Patail digging and unearthing solid embezzlement and Abuse of Office by NajibOros n wily crooked Wifey!
The Edge gave away vital documents Justo gave them..who else have the proofs!

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 15:48  

Mungkinkah berita ini bakal menjadi kenyataan?

31 Ogos 2015 adalah hari kemerdekaan sebenar seluruh rakyat malaysia dari perlis sampai ke sabah. Bendera malaysia akan berkibar megah lagi meriah kerana seluruh rakyat merayakan sebuah peristiwa besar yakni jatuhnya kerajaan korup barisan nasional.

Pimpinan baru malaysia bersumpah akan memimpin dengan seadil2nya tanpa mengganggu gugat kuasa2 eksekutif. Tidak wujud lagi isu2 perkauman. Tiada lagi kroni atau pilih kasih. Setiap rakyat mendapat hak dan pembelaan untuk hidup bermaruah dalam sebuah negara berdaulat.

Bolehkah hal ini menjadi kenyataan?

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 17:31  

The Bugis Thief now has the best ever Cabinet- full of seasoned looters, thieves, cheats, liers, fake tunku, Low class sinseh, Sarawak Medicine Man, A Bajau and Sulu lanun,......

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 19:12  

The man who is abetting the Pirate doing his number on Malaysia is the IGP. Everybody remember that! The day of reckoning must come. And he shall not be spared. All his descendents and heirs are cursed!

faqqirulkhoir,  2 August 2015 at 19:44  

Tuan, salaam. Thank you for your latest take. However this seemed to be the umpteenth time, this narrative is being repeated. It is like threathening Israel with legalities for their wholesale abuse and slaughter of Arabs in broad daylight and on primetime live tv. Nothing seemed to come out of it (other than being booted of south Lebanon, after a single minded vicious bloodletting decades ago.) Short of this sort of sacrificial violence, it seemed to me that the present withering and frontal broadsides are having little effect with him continuously stonewalling and using his famously ample resources to keep lining up toxic 'cabinet', executive and media unprofessionals. It is perhaps imperative now that along with the present strategy, some sort of coordination, brainstorming, talk shop, forum, etc among the assorted stakeholders need to be worked out and a more effective, unified, structured and winning formula, God willing, can be found.
Perhaps it will help to tell a tale of how the Saxon barons and warlords of old, finally got King John to sign the magna carta just by dropping a short note, telling him they know where his kids go to school.

Anonymous,  2 August 2015 at 20:12  

The answer to the question of who did it should include not just those you mentioned but also the concerned Bedouins! It is a triangle of embezzlement. And, one may find this triangle, quadruple, etc. kind of thing in other cases... 1MDB is not the only one. 1MDB is not all there is. 1MDB is not the first - and certainly not the last as long as you-know-who or you-know-what stays in power. As long as there is the moon, sun and stars... Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Malaysians truly need an education on what it entails to be the rakyat or voters or followers in the more challenging world of today and tomorrow - for the so called leaders in the political and business arena will never change. In fact, they can only get worse over time since they can get away with just anything. Truly what is happening in Malaysia today is not just the fault of these so called leaders... Wallahu a'lam.

Firestone 3 August 2015 at 01:26  

Last few days have been quite sad for me, Dato... I feel that Najib is winning the war... and with the newly-minted DPM boasting every other day about eradicating illegal gambling lah, shut down social media lah... then that man errr woman Azalina saying the amount of RM2.7 billion small matter only etc...

This was made worse when Muhyiddin said he will be a good boy as Deputy President and remain loyal to the President etc. Then the man who could walk on water said he will remain quiet lest the cops come knocking on his door or worse harass his sons and even the daughter Marina....

And how the PAC Chairman Nur Jazlan made an about-turn and accepted the post as Deputy Minister instead of keeping to his promise of "serving the PAC is more important than a cabinet appointment" - I guess there is a price for everything and Nur Jazlan might just have an offer he cannot refuse....

Amidst all thes disaapointments, I believe in something...and you actually wrote that in your article... make the noises in the East but spring the surprise in the West....

I believe that Tun M and Muhyiddin are both taking one step backward to spring 2 steps ahead soon.... I believe the withdrawal was to keep the attacking hyenas back while they catch a breather and re-organise and regroup...

I believe and I hope and I pray my hunch is correct... I too have a bottle of champagne (though not the Cristal favoured by paris Hilton) ready to pop open the day Jibby get handcuffed and put in purple overalls.... That will the be day

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 09:23  

Saw the movie nasi tangas or nasi kankang yesterday wonder if got any connection to the current no balls bugis and imdbilliyon lost in the bank account but not used for personal activities


Pak Zawi 3 August 2015 at 16:14  

My wildest imagination about the copter crash in Semenyih. Anybody beside his best friend in that ill fated copter of any relevance to 1MDB?

Anonymous,  3 August 2015 at 23:04  

All of us made donations (involuntary) to
one bank account ?

Phua Kai LIt

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