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Thursday, 20 August 2015

MPs Cannot be Subjected to the Brutish Bullying of the Home Minister.

It’s a numbers game. It is normal and played out in parliaments across the world. But the reaction of the DPM who is also Home Minister is excessive.

The DPM has issued many threats. He is sounding more like a bully. He wants to determine what an MP can and cannot do. He is issuing bald-headed threats.

Is he abusing his powers? PDRM is a servant of the people not a private security firm belonging to the Home Minister.

Today the duties of an MP are no longer confined to his or her obligations to parliament (such as participating in debates), constituencies and party.

They have an added responsibility among others to ensure the elected government governs responsibly. MPs understand that a mandate obtained from voters is not a license for the executive to do as he pleases. 
Only to some people, a mandate means they can plunder, pillage and receive gargantuan donations.Then they pay people money and also spend more than USD1 million on credit cards.

A mandate is really a will of the people exercised through the MP insisting the government to govern responsibly.

When there is so much widespread political abuse and upheaval brought on and about by an incompetent government and its equally inept leader, it becomes necessary for all democratic thinking members of the August House to reappraise their duties. They will come to a point where they must rise above partisan boundaries and consider the interest of the nation first and above all things. If they do that with conscience and giving due recognition to the voice of the people, they will come to the inescapable conclusion that they must band together and seek the lawful means available to them to dismiss the government and its leader.

That was what the old man from UMNO is doing. Gently persuading MPs across the political divide that they must band together and use lawful means available to dismiss the Najib government. We are not in the business of toppling governments by violent means.

Why can’t an MP propose a vote of no confidence? That is perfectly within the rights of an MP. Why can’t an MP solicit support for a cause from fellow MPs? That is also an inalienable right of an MP. And they are not against the law.

Exciting things happen every day while parliament is in session. Such as entreating fellow MPs to join a caucus. Mind you- these are not timid and timorous souls easily given to mere cheek-kissing and back-slapping social fraternisation. Not easy to convince a fellow MP to associate him or herself to a cause.

 And if that caucus leads to the migration of MPs on the other side to switch allegiance, that is also not illegal.

In dishing out silly but threatening statements to MPs, our DPM is showing that he is abusing his powers as a minister of the crown. He says he has handed proof and evidence to the police on the alleged moves by an old UMNO man to remove the PM.

Since when is the business of parliamentarians become police business? The suggestion by Lim Kit Siang for the IGP to butt out of the legitimate business of MPs is deservedly pertinent.

Unless of course calling for a no confidence motion, entreating MPs to cross over to join a common cause- the present common cause being the dismissal of the errant PM have become criminal offences. Have they?

Then Zahid is employing an old and discredited technique in destroying opponents and social dissenters. In the olden days, American authorities commit blacks to mental institutions to lock them out; Zahid is trying to criminalise the legitimate rights of MPs.

If he does so, we the people charge you, Zahid Hamidi of committing a most heinous disservice to the practice of parliamentary democracy.

He has told the nation of an old umno man going around collecting SDs to show the PM the exit. That is legal.  It is allowed by the law of the land.

The federal court has affirmed it in the dismissal of the Perak government. Therefore it is hypocritical of the dpm to shout illegality and behaving alarmist about such a move.

Whether such a move is morally reprehensible or not, does not matter. It is the law of the land.

This was followed by the exposure of the identity of some 20 BN MPs as those who want to jump ship. Pity them. They have to come out denying. Some made police reports.

But they must realise what an ogre DPM they have- they now know the DPM who is the minister in charge of the police is a big bully.

But they may also now command a high price. They should be thanking the blog that exposed them. They will now be approached by generous donors wanting to give them a few million Ringgit to stay on board.  A brotherly donor would be even better.

I must ask some of them to belanja.

So once again, we ask- Is he abusing his position as a minister of the crown, asking the police to investigate on purely legitimate and legal deliberations by MPs?

As to the growing demands by the UMNO people to seek the exit of their president, we are not at all interested.  But please do it quickly. Show that UMNO cares for the country.

Remember Anuar Musa? Its not that I love so and so less, but that I love this party more. No need for you people to know Shakespeare- it’s sufficient just to be Shakespearean. Go on- say it’s not that you love Najib less, but it is only that you love this country more.

As MPs we have the right and privilege to deliberate and discuss among colleagues on the conduct of the ruling government. That is a right to be jealously guarded and defended. That right and privilege cannot be subjected to the brutish bullying of the Home Minister.


Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 09:24  

Ordinary rakyat -- take the BR1M handouts and vote for the Opposition
(it is your money anyway)

MPs --- take the "donations" from the 1PM and vote your conscience i.e.
participate in the vote of no confidence in Parliament and replace the 1PM
(it is tax-payer money and you can use it to promote the
welfare of your constituents, remain popular with them and be re-elected
in the next General Election)

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 11:15  

Zahid the Kampung gangster behaves very boorishly because he has a stupid fella as the IGP. Without the stupid IGP, he is nothing. Minister only decides on policy matters...and the execution of those policies are done by civil/public servants based on the law of the land.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 11:21  


This is the kind of Home Minister who is used to beating up civilians (assisted by his bodyguards) and threatening the mild and meek with his "I don't give warnings" thuggish language and behaviour. He thinks he is the great "Don Corleone" of Malaysia and everyone will pee in their pants because he can "roar" his threats the loudest. It's a pity that as Home Minister that he does not understand nor have the ability to comprehend that MPs have the right to propose and vote on any motion that is democratic and in accordance to the Westminster parliament of law. As stated in your previous article, his "doctorate" is highly suspicious and could probably be "donated" to him by the friendly brotherly local university.

Wanna Be MP,  20 August 2015 at 12:44  


This is my first comment on your blog....i just enjoy reading your blog..your flow of thots..
and the sequencing all falls into place. Memang kena punya.

But most of all, the English is impeccable. I tell frens and family to read your blog.

Keep on writing the truth Datuk.

Unknown 20 August 2015 at 13:45  

Vote Najib out, and then, "after Ahmad Zahid ever get" to be Prime Minister, him, too.
And hopefully sanity will follow.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 13:54  

Hello Phua ,

Spot On.. the whole circus is funded by illegally gotten money:

1) First Raise Cash - Create Fund , put Govt Assets (Land) and then raise cash
2) Channel the cash through offshore in a complicated manner to launder the money
3) Create fund for election - like Monkeys on Bukit Gasing mining up for Bananas - MPs in pocket
4) Buy the Rakyat - offer BRIM
5) Ensure EC is bias as much as possible
6) Ensure Police is favourable to UMNO but against opposition
7) Ensure MACC investigates RM2000 flag purchase of Opposition and close an eye to RM 2.6 billion
8) Ensure AG is in the pocket if he does not toe the line, retire him
9) Ensure Bank Governor also plays by the rules set by PM otherwise kick her out
10) Ensure that DPM is together on this, but if he is not kick him out too

Have all MPs sign that they have taken the money, similar to Stalin when he use to give order on the pretext to reduce population, to kill people in the street, it seems he signed an order that allowed shooting down homeless children above the age of 12 living in the street- everyone in his cabinet signed the order.

This is how the game is being played. Chance for opposition to win by legal means - NIL

Uprising chance - NIL

NO confidence vote - NIL

COutnry will be like Zimbawe, Filipina, ....failed state and then these fellows will migrate with their money to Kazakhstan.

9 lives or more - God has his ways....whenever there was terror on Earth, an angel was always sent to Earth to save the people. We are waiting for that angel.

Where art Thou..CHildren of God are suffering.. where art Thou.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 16:13  

Yippee, Phua Kai Lit 09:24
Isn't this what PAS advocated before during Nik Aziz's time, take their money and vote oppo !! And the gomen nearly lost their putrajaya.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 20:26  

The country should not wait for the PM to be removed or step down before deciding who to be the next one. Without knowing the next PM:-

- UMNO division heads don't know which direction to adjust their sails.
- UMNO grassroot members will be easily manipulated to support the incumbent out of fear that the PM post may not be retained by their party.
- opposition members are worried of replacing a black pot with a black kettle.
- the rakyat in general have no definite leader to support.

That person has to be a UMNO member. Can garner the support of most division heads or deputy heads and grassroot members. Can receive the backing of all opposition parties, including PAS. That person will be supported by most spectrum of society and Malaysians. That white knight has to appear to the public.

Tengku Razaleigh has to declare to the public that he is ready to volunteer his services for Malaysia as Prime Minister. Then allow the MPs vote in Parliament.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 20:47  

The era of RAHMAN will be history.

Time for Malaysia to begin a new chapter with RAZALEIGH.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 21:48  

BN MPs must realise by now that by accepting favours from Najib and continue to support him, they and UMNO will soon be history. It will be their last payday. They should know that Najib cannot be salvaged. Beside the 1MDB scandal crimes, he has committed other numerous crimes in his quest to remain in power. As such, Najib, sooner or later has to become an illegal head of state if he wants to escape jail.

Anonymous,  20 August 2015 at 21:58  

the prince feels that he is a cut above the rest why give him the pleasure of watching us beg and grovel
moody is willing and rearing, all he needs is a nudge, support from all sides and we have a game plan, he will appreciate the chance to do good, i think

Firestone 21 August 2015 at 02:44  

New BN party whip in parliament is Azalina... she will ensure attendance of MPs in parliament will be 100%... go toilet or cafeteria also must rush back to the parliament sitting if there is a call... don't play play.... suddenly Tian Chua stands up and table a motion, mampus lah if you're absent....

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