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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 23 August 2015

Curiouser and Curiouser says Alice. WE are entering BN's Rabbit Hole.

I will address the following issues.

1.   Zahid’s obsession with the plot to overthrow the PM and Government

2.   PM Najib says he is elected by the people- yes, as MP not PM.

3.   Aziz Kaprawi’s monumental stupidity. How on earth such a person of this quality can be made deputy minister. The PM must be mad.

Zahid’s tangled web is being weaved.

Let’s begin with Zahid.

Curiouser and curiouser.

You will see how the story about the dismissal of the errant government and its Dear Leader, is becoming bizarre and more bizarre. 
Or like Alice in her Wonderland, Alice, after eating the cake that is labelled eat me exclaims, it is becoming curiouser and curiouser.  By the day we might add.

When Alice ate the cake , it made her a "telescope" up to 9 feet tall. Hence her reaction "curiouser and curiouser."

So when we ate the cake labelled overthrow the government hook, line and sinker,  we all become telescopes more than 9 feet tall.

The whole story that is built around the fiction of ‘criminal overthrow’ becomes curiouser and curiouser.

the use of the phrase.
The phrase is used in irony or with a sarcastic manner. It is used to describe and defend the conduct of the boss when it is clear that the boss is operating in a completely different level of reality than others are.

PM Najib, our Dear Leader, is operating in a completely different level of reality from the rest of us.

Because of the -er on "curiouser" the phase also implies that one is being drawn further and further into some bizarre world or circumstance where one is an honest observer to the odd and even maniacal behaviour of others. The ‘others’ being the PM and his band of defenders who ae detached from reality.

Illicit money or forbidden money becomes legitimate and halal.

It is similar to the fictional term ‘donation’ to what looked increasingly as laundered money.  It became curiouser by the day, because we accept the term donation.

So everyone builds a story around the term donation. Each layer or lies is added on the previous ones. An ant hill becomes a mountain.

Dismissing the errant PM and government using legitimate and lawful means.

It is the same about the term overthrow the government.  By illegal means added to it. If we indulge Zahid and build a layer of lies on the layer of previous falsehoods, what is a perfectly legal means to dismiss the errant PM and his government, Zahid's storyline becomes the official and true narrative. Yet the story began with a flight of fancy on the part of Zahid Hamidi.

We must resist being manacled by the web of deceit. Let us all remain as honest observers of reality and courageous enough to state the reality. 
Zahid wants to stay relevant by inviting people to debate and discuss his take on the attempts to kick out the PM. His ‘take’ is the cake labelled plot and overthrow. He sees it as a plot. He wants to criminalise the actions of the MPs. 
The opposition doesnt see Zahid as a stumbling block- he may in fact function as a catalyst to speed up things. We have to write about the conduct of the DPM because we don't want to see his story line going unchallenged. Otherwise, the story line takes the character of a Goebbelsian propaganda. 

Zahid says his narration is based on solid intelligence reports.
To add credence, he says he received highly credible intelligence police report. I thought he told everyone, he got information from a person sitting in a particular meeting where the plot was hatched.

Then the person must be one of 2. My own intelligence sources, which are as good as Zahid tell me that only 2 people have the instruments to secure allegiance from the MPs.

The instruments being the statutory declarations and the list containing the MPs- all from UMNO who want to do the right thing by removing the chief menace to our country’s health. That bogus Dear Leader bugis warrior.

But then again, wait a second. On the evening he met Dr Mahathir alone, only he,  Zahid, sat in the meeting with the chief plotter. So Zahid must be a co-plotter.

If we indulge Zahid and start glossing and mulling over the plot, very soon it becomes a self-fulfilling flight of fancy.  Then indeed we have to tampal koyok and salonpas on our foreheads.

But let us remain calm and collected. No need to pull our hair or roll over the floor with legs flailing. That would be discriminatory to my colleagues from Serdang and Segambut. They have no hair to pull.

Let us not also roll up our sleeves like Sharizat once attempted to. What if some ladies get carried away and roll up their sarongs and skirts up?

 I am afraid small children will get nightmares that night. Spare our children.

how to dismiss a sitting government.
The cold facts are as follows. Other than a general election, a sitting PM can be removed in a number of ways permitted by law and parliament. But  Zahid adds some diabolical twists to his defence on the bizarre conduct of his boss. He is free to attack against the ways in any manner he wishes. But let us remind him- he must do it also legally.

He starts by declaring that to move a no confidence motion has suddenly become criminal. MPs discussing with one another on many issues involving the idea of dismissing the PM is criminal.

Which is all balderdash.

What if there is a person of some standing being able to convince an appropriate number of MPs to declare to the Agong that Najib has lost the confidence of parliament? That would be perfectly legal. It is now the law of the land.

There is no law preventing MPs to unite in a common cause.

It could be 25 MPs as indicated by Rafizi. We will have a simple but no so comfortable simple majority of 113. Or it could be 123 as indicated by Kit Siang. 
It does not matter. But of course the scenario assumes all 88 non BN MPs will vote Najib out.

When reminded that the Perak government was thrown out in the same manner, Zahid Hamidi added a racist twist to it; he says the move in Perak was necessary because Nizar then was controlled by evil DAP and therefore by ungrateful Chinese. 
Apa lagi Cina mahu?

So let us ask him- out of the 88 non UMNO MPs, how many are Malays? The majority are.

Let us suppose for a moment, a person of some standing is able to secure support from all the 88 non BN MPs and from 25-35 BN MPs most of whom are Malays,- this person especially if he is from UMNO, will lead a combined group of MPs consisting in the majority of right thinking Malay MPs.

That is good, no?

Now suppose again, this person forms the next government with the majority of cabinet members being Malay, wont that preserve the political reality of Malaysia? It will be reflective of the demographic reality of Malaysia. Indeed, that person will be able to reset the political balance.

Now  we understand why Zahid is acting incoherent. It is necessary and mandatory for Zahid to criminalise whatever plans the MPs have. He has to invite the public to build a layer of lies over previous layers of falsehoods.

we say thank you but no thank you to Zahid.
We, the people and the MPs drawing strength from the reservoir of right thinking principles, will decline his invitation. Thank you Dato Zahid but no thank you.

The opposition’s desire to take out the PM is no secret. It must be taken as a given.

There is no plot. Dr Mahathir has said it clear ages ago. It’s no secret that he wants Najib taken put from the premiership.

It’s a question of how to do it. We can move for a motion of no confidence. That will be in October 2015. Or we can elect to vote against the budget. If the bill is defeated, Najib is out.

Or we can play the numbers game. Suppose the BN suddenly finds it has a total of 100 seats or less which means the MPs not in BN make up the rest with 122 seats. BN is out.


Boloto,  23 August 2015 at 10:44  

To Malays in kampong. the word "derma" conjure the idea of ibadat, pahala and act of selflessness. Najib must be a pejuang Islam, for a Pak Arab to derma so much directly to him.
Thus there is nothing wrong with Najib accepting derma. The fact that the money is in his personal account is irrelavant.
Vote of non confident is "derhaka". Feudal mindset of Malayu kampong.

Anonymous,  23 August 2015 at 11:47  


The UMNO leaders aka Najib's sycophants are true disciples of Josef Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propagandist of Adolf Hitler. Goebbels famous propaganda of "the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed" and "if you tell a big lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".
Of course Goebbels also suggested that one must keep repeating the lie even at the risk of looking ridiculous and idiotic. And that is what the UMNO leadership is currently doing: telling big lies, keep repeating the big lies and adding salt and sugar to the big lies while looking/acting ridiculous, stupid and idiotic at the same time. No wonder LKS commented that UMNO is now more like United Morons National Organization.

Sam,  23 August 2015 at 13:57  

On Zahid and his 'plots to topple the government:
This story teller is so imaginative he can write a fictatious series of books called "HARRY PLOTTER".
Only problem is all the characters in his plots have no names.... because they do not exist.

On Aziz Kaprawi:
Previously, one minister said the money was for fighting ISIS, now this bigot says its for fighting DAP.
Eversince the Dictator T-Rex Jibby dictated that he wants only loyal, not smart umno members, one by one they are rushing to prove they are loyal but very stupid.
We will see more loyal+stupid umnoputras contradicting each other in their haste to get the T-Rex's attention.
Rather entertaining isn't it ?

Unknown 23 August 2015 at 14:23  

Dato', you sound like you see Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the indestructible obstruction to the political avenues open to save our flailing country.
You expressed cynicism as if despairing that there is no path to salvation. Cynicism has its place, and despairing at your efforts will only discourage the hopefuls.
Let's just do and less of the talk.

Anonymous,  23 August 2015 at 15:17  

Zahid is acting like he was a non-ministerial Umno Youth Chief. No wonder the old man then never appoints him as Minister or Dep Minister when he was Youth Chief.

A lot of bull shit coming from this 'kampong thug'. He has his nincompoop Police Chief to do his bidding. But now it seems that not all senior police officers are as stupid or as compliant as Khalid. The ex Dep SB talks about the 'Hang Tuah' gang led by a Si Kitol who is out to foil the investigation on the 1MDB. My guess is that this Si Kitol is Khalid. Only he & his gang of merry men in the police have the investigative obstruct and foil the 1MDB investigations like they did to the Macc investigation on SCR.

Anonymous,  23 August 2015 at 20:42  

The more fairy tales are spun by Putrajaya, they trap themselves in their own webs. If Zahid, Najib, Kaprazi, Dahlan and goodness knows who else are spinning these tales, the webs are suffocating them till they cannot breathe, and when they reach that state, you know what happens, they run out of oxygen!

Anonymous,  23 August 2015 at 21:09  

I was told Zahid stole a bagful of UMNO youth money in 1992. It was snatched ny Chikanos at Orlando hotel lobby.

Only Jihadis returning from Syria can get rid these unrepentant thieving moron.

Anonymous,  23 August 2015 at 22:49  

This 1MDB episode that revealed, one by one, the sheer stupidity of the UMNO leaders. The reasons they put forth to defend Najib are so comical and nonsensical that we start to wonder whether they have brain cells inside their head. Things that are legal now becomes illegal and illegal things now becomes legal in their eyes. They are tying to turn Malaysia upside down with the sheer stupidity.

Firestone 24 August 2015 at 01:34  

Dato Sak,

Think about what a prince from a southern state wrote last week on his blog....

"Do not be afraid of the friend who attack you in front but be very afraid of the enemy who hugs you..."

Was he sending a coded message to Najib?

Anonymous,  24 August 2015 at 15:21  

Macc only made a statement that the RM2.6 billion does not come from 1MDB but from a middle east donor. They have never said it was a donation. Now they are reaffirming it again that the RM2.6billion is still under investigation.

I think for a start, they shld summon Zahin, Dahlan, Mahlan, Azlna, Nazri, Kaprwai & the Keruak and have their statements recorded and all those stupid Ministers who had made statements concerning the RM2.6billion fund. The Macc investigation can't be said to be completed w/o the statements of these jokers since the amount is still treated as a corrupt gratification unless the contrary is proven in a court of law. That is what the law says.

Anonymous,  24 August 2015 at 20:30  


To believe the RM2.6b is a donation from Pak Arab is when cows can fly...

Firestone 24 August 2015 at 22:55  

Dato Sak,

I have atrial fibrillation i.e. irregular heartbeat so I cannot go to the Bersih 4.0 Rally now because the police said today they will use taser guns. Why is our police openly threatening to harm us instead of protecting us which is their basic responsibility?

Firestone aka Batu Api

Anonymous,  25 August 2015 at 08:03  

@ Anon 20:30

Yang bangsat will say the RM2.6b is a donation from Pak Arab and yang bangang will swallow that hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 12:31  


I hear Ku Li is now reluctant.

This is dangerous because I assume that no other Umno figure is acceptable across the board?

So how will you muster the 113 votes now?

With Nazri and Azalina making stupid remarks about the validity of such a vote, and Pandikar sure to block it, the only way is SDs. (Nazri and Azalina will make noise about the Budget blocking as well.)

Don't hope for GE14, because it will be rigged far worse than GE13.

Now or never. Literally. So please think it through.

Also at some stage peace needs to be made with PAS.

That can come later.

Get the vote of no-confidence to stick first.

Anonymous,  5 September 2015 at 12:33  

The Agong, under the FC, can refuse to dissolve Parliament.

That's what we want.

Then he has to resign.

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