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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Now I know, a Mandate is a license to do as we please, to Loot and Pillage.

They were mere donations.
The above is a schematic presentation on the flow of (read my lips) DONATIONS into the PM’s account.  Donations are ok as they do not constitute a crime. Because its defined as a donation, it ought to be non issue. 
Then it is simple- we reject its self serving definition by the government; Continue to regard it as a clandestinely deposited money. Then the PM is seen to have violated some laws. Refuse to accept the childish argument offered for example by the Youth Minister that as along as it held on trust for UMNO its OK to keep the money in the PM's personal account.
The trouble is- there is no record of any instrument empowering the UMNO president of being able to do so nor are there any provisions in the UMNO constitution according such power to its president. UMNO, the biggest party representing and purporting to represent the Malays cant be a party to some shadowy conduct what more of some crime.

We are asked to prostrate ourselves and seek forgiveness from Najib, Arul Kanda and the china man Jho Low.

Obviously the MACC was given an offer which they could not refuse. Is the MACC  chief on a mission to the Middle East to try to persuade some rich Arabs to issue a statement, yes they donated to Najib for the sake of the Malay race, the Malay religion and the Malay kings?

While he was absent, his deputy was arrested, sat down on the chair, and given an offer he could not refuse and ended up reading a prepared script sanitising Najib? 
Malaysians are further humiliated when Arul Kanda shamelessly used the suspiciously crafted statement from the MACC to declare that 1MDB is blameless.He is surprisingly quick off the blocks but slothful when asked to appear before the PAC. Please someone, give me and Indian swear word!

Arul Kanda’s action of placing the fish trap at the stream’s bottleneck in the form of an opportunistic and underhanded statement to the press is nothing short of revolting and nauseating.  He is both sly and a shyster.

After the humiliation to them, what did the MACC people do? The action of some god fearing MACC officers offering special prayers asking for divine intervention to help them is unprecedented. They asked God to intervene and punish Najib. 
UMNO Leaders make light the issue.

Before getting on to examine what Najib and his small circle of minions did to the people of Malaysia, allow me to address the many statements issued by UMNO leaders in defense of the possible involvement of Najib in 1MDB and in the case involving the flow of money into Najib's personal accounts.
These UMNO leaders made light and trivialised the issue of money flows into Najibs account. Rahman Dahalan put up a stout defence by saying that the UMNO constitution allows the president to keep and receive money on trust for UMNO. I put up the relevant sections of UMNO's constitution and there isnt any provision allowing that. The latest statement coming from him- money is better placed in Najib's personal account because he is more trustworthy. Najib he tells us needs to have the money in his account to enable him to spend more as BN has lost some states at the elections.
Azalina Othman trivialized the whole matter by suggesting that the account issue will not be an issue if one treats the monies going in there as mere donations.
The UMNO youth head has joined the fray by saying that it is alright for donations to be kept in Najib's personal account. It is not a crime. There is nothing wrong for Najib to keep the donations in his personal account- he is reported to have said. The UMNO youth leader has given out some of the haziest, neither nor there statements.
Notice that no one is denying the accounts belonged  to Najib. Their efforts are now concentrated in finding all the inane reasons to justify and legitimize the money that went into Najib's account. 

Dont get sucked in UMNO's verbal trickery.
In the first place, we should not even indulge  in this verbal trickery. In their desperate attempts to defend the indefensible, the UMNO people have come out with the idea of donations.
That is a job done by UMNO sanitary workers. We should stay away from even glossing over the manufactured concept of 'donation' because it is nothing more than an attempt to conceal a wrongdoing. Which is, clandestinely taking in money into a private account and likely to have contravened banking and other laws.
People's mandate is not a license.
Perhaps there is an underlying denominator between these UMNO leaders permitting them to put up silly arguments. the common thread may be a sore lack of understanding what the concept of a mandate of the people actually mean and must mean.
It is obvious from the many silly statements issued by the above umno leaders, they appear to read the concept of mandate as a license to do as they pleased.
The mandate from their supporters is treated as a license permitting them to do as they want including as they do now, taking people as fools.  That is why we find people like Najib talking about having the support of 3.2 million people.
I am not disturbed if people like Rahman Dahalan, Azalina Othman or even Ahmad Maslan put up the statements  they did, but I expect more from a person with an Oxon degree behind his name. Perhaps this is a reflection of loose thinking coming from a person accustomed of being hero-worshiped by assistants wet behind their ears tripping over each other and addressing the young man as sir. The daily adulation must be an intoxicant to the UMNO Youth boss.

Well sir, read my lips. The mandate given by people to leaders is not a license given them to do anything as they please. It’s a mandate to do good.

Malays for example don’t give mandate to leaders to abuse them, steal money, lie to them as soon as the leader awakens from a sweaty night sleep as a result of sexual exertions, arrange murders, keep donations in personal accounts, do corruption, destroy the institutions that support democracy and so on and so forth.

The mandate given is a command to do good things. Don’t take people as fools please.  A mandate is not a 007 license.

The mandate given, if the young man with the oxon degree must know, is a mandate to govern according to the rule of law, to do good, to govern justly, not to abuse power, to fight against corruption. In Islam, the purpose of the mandate is simplified in God’s command, to do makruf and prevent mungkar.

Please understand this. Mandate is not a license asking Najib to come into our house and sleep with our wives and daughters.


Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 09:20  

Firstly, KJ is a govtpositionholic sufferer and his statements only have value to his "current" master.

This donation spin (from stealing) is primarily to escape imprisonment and secondly to tell the kampong folks that he did not steal - in order to get their continuing support.

Dato', who do pirates go to sea? Catch fish?

Too bad that Malaysians and people with authority love pirates.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 09:27  

Swear word in Indian Language :

Pulti kaca

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 09:43  

Mandate given out is irrevocable and what is good or hopeless he has the final say.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 10:04  

No use reminding them of the dictates of Islam. They are all fakes. They have forgotten that it is the people who voted them in and now they behave like masters with blank cheques and do as they please. They have bastadized all institutions.
MACC has sold its soul. Why pray and at the same time corroborate a criminal? You prayer must be resonate in your actions.
The donation has not exonerated Najib. He is still guilty as charged. He can only run but cannot hide.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 10:07  

Thank you Dato', but don't you think that today, now, the educated and civilized approach to confront the lies and lies (and don't forget the statistics) is past due and a new approach is now needed. Dato' and others have put the facts, the questions, clarified the issues on so many occasions and unfortunately, the result has been disappointing. The various political parties, government organizations entrusted with the authority to ensure the implementation, supervision and monitoring established laws have failed to respond. I have no idea what need to be done, due to fear of being accused as a 'person of interest + destabilizing the social + rumours +++' but the only thing I can do is exercise my right as a registered voter and a taxpayer. As a political leader, I am hoping the likes of Dato' and others, to do the right thing in Parliament, DUN etc etc

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 10:58  

Gaining 47% of the popular vote is not a "Mandate"

But then, this is Malaysia, semua boleh.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 11:54  

Such words coming from one who is supposed to know better since he graduated from a world top university is actually to be expected when one is immersed with corrupt money... note what Lim Kit Siang mentioned some years ago: world's richest umeployed... No value whatsoever. One is only wasting one's resources taking the time to deal with such a person. Malaysia Truly Asia? Make that instead Malaysia The Laughing Stock of the World.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 12:23  

For an Oxford graduate, KJ is surely trying very hard to show he is an OXy-moron.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 13:20  

Dato, Spot on!
God gives and God takes away. The God-fearing people in MACC did what was right, in the face of overwhelming odds perpetuated by the criminals in Putrajaya, they prayed that the "gangsters" and their henchmen will be punished. As surely as the sky is blue, these gangsters and their henchmen will receive divine punishment for as long as it takes.

ARool, does he even know himself, nowhere to hang his coat, he clings on to the coattails of his supposedly benefactor, and he should know better that he is just a pawn and will be sacrificed on the altar without hesitation when the time comes.

Dato, Let's see if the top one at MACC does as you questioned, or having some conscience he will refrain from sacrificing the rakyat.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 13:35  

A Bugis crook who raised by Tun Razak and Tun Rahah to plunder and loot the State Treasury graduated in with a Masters in Political Science from the Nottingham University founded by Robin Hood, Majoring in Criminology, CBT, Looting ,Corruption, Cheating with a CGPA of 3.99 (better than Ahmad Maslan). His project was IMDB( Satu Malaysia Dibodohkan) supervised by his second wife. His seemingly unstoppable plundering was terminated by a fatal blast in a failed attempt to fake his own disappearance.

Donplaypuks® 5 August 2015 at 13:46  

Some choice Tamil swear words:

"Akkalai oli!" - fcuk your sister.

"Pundai nakki" - cnut licker.

"Pundai magan" - son of a cnut.

Donplaypuks® 5 August 2015 at 13:51  

It's been clear since 2003 that a Cocksford degree is no barrier to congenital stupidity. In fact, it is a pre-requisite.

Besidess, the possessor of this Cocksford degree has yet to respond to LKS's taunt of "youngest unemployed and unemployable multi-millionaire". More than that, we do not know who else shared in the spoils of $80 million "commission" on sale of M'sian plc shares to S'pore sovereign fund!!

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 14:57  

Oxon degree? Oxymoron, more like. No, take out the oxy.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 15:12  

Bull eye! Semua menteri yg ada sekarang adalah penjilat lobang najib tegar. Anjing kalau dah biasa makan taik, kalau tak makan dia akan cium juga taik tu. Menteri2 yang diketuai oleh najib samalah seperti anjing, bersama ahli2 umno ketua bhgian cuma bezanya anjing tak pi sekolah, tak ada degree so these morons are actually worse than dogs.tapi tak heran, memang menteri2 najib tu kelas anjing, rendah lagi sebab najib mau yg setia, bukan yg cerdik pandai. Kalau cerdik pandai, mereka tau taik tu tak boleh dimakan, bau busuk. Kalau tak makan terpalit taik pun akan menyebabkan badan bau taik.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 17:39  

Menteri2 Najib yg disiasat olih Sprm atau ada allegations of corruption:

a. Azalina-just google on her corruption.b
b. Tajuddin 7-8 million man
3. Khairy=SIL on co-called purchase of shares
d. Adnan- baruah Vincent Tan
e. dll lagi..nnti bgtahu.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 17:50  

Mana Brahim Perkasa???? siapa tahu. Brahim sudah dimainkan olih Najib. Najib bagi Brahim Perkasa hanya RM5juta shj utk aktiviti menghuru harakan masyarakat Malaysia supaya Najib kekal berkuasa melalui divide and rule. Brahim tak tahu Najib ada RM2,500,000 juta dlm akaun dia....

Mana Brahimn...mesti dia sumpah najib. Mesti Brahim ingat, kalau Najib beri Perkasa RM100 juta najib masih ada 2,400,000juta RM. Tak habis Rosmah makan...kesian Brahim & Perkasa...kena main dng Najib.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 18:09  

Dato ',

Your write up is too high flung for these world class scums who are staunch disciples of Satan. Any mention of them having any inkling with Islam, is soiling this sacred religion with these specs of shitty dirt.

The series of justifications for their sin against the country and its people, are madness itself.
There is really no humanly cure for this satanic frenzy under the dark clouds. MACC officers sensing utter helplessness, can only ask for Devine intervention to shield them from these evil scums. This is unheard of in this world, so is the astronomical sum involved in this loot packaged as "donation".

May they burn in hell through eternity.

Anonymous,  5 August 2015 at 20:51  

Muhyideen should be strong now and goes for the counter-attack. if not for that 'rat' Khalid, who spilled the beans on Najib's impending arrest and impending charge in court, Muhyideen wld have been acting PM.

Strong rumors says that, the 4 members of the Task Force including the 'rat' met Muhyideen and told him that they have enough evidence to charge Najib for receiving corrupt payments from SCR as a reward to direct the Pension Funds to advance loans of RM4 billion. And if Najib is charged, they wanted Muhyideen to ensure the security of the country.

After that the 'rat' met Najib and told him what had happened. The rest is history. Muhyideen met Sultan Johor & informed him of what happened. It was for this reason that Johore MB made a statement that Umno shld not be used to protect the corrupt activity of anyone.

It was really not true that Muhyideen was sacked because he questioned the 1MDB debts. That is a small issue. He was sacked together with Gani because of Najib's impending arrest.

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 00:35  

I follow all the online news and your blog with great interest. Like many in cyberspace, i prefer to remain anonymous but bring anonymous does not mean i didnt make my own contribution in reminding the leadership of the ruling party to change their ways and get back on track. As i recall, i was admonished and vilified in that particular forum which i attended. What is happening to our country now has stoked the fear of anyone who actually care to analyze the long term repercussions to our country and future generations. The political elites has hijacked the very idea of common decency in intellectual discourse and sheer brinksmanship now rule the day. The blame rests on both sides of the house and the common man is now fearful of the future. I pray for our country to return to normalcy and realise its maximum potential. Sacrifices were made in blood by all races of this beloved country of ours during the world wars and continued into the cold war.

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 10:09  

Btw, where is DS Nazri? Why doesn't he join the fray, too?

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 11:04  


When the Macc issued a statement that the RM2.5bill found in Najib's account came from donors and not from 1MDB, many were quick to condemn the Macc. For all intent and purpose, the Macc has never said, the donation received was free of corrupt element or intent.

Our system of Parliamentary Democracy is based on the supremacy of the law and of the supremacy of citizens who elected their representatives to represent them in Parliament. Parliament had enacted and enforced the Macc Act 2009. Everybody is equal bf the law and the law is no respector of persons, whatever his public position may be. Under sect.3 of the Act, corrupt gratification includes donation. And under the Corruption law, any public officer is prohibited from receiving donation from anyone whom he knows to be likely to have any dealing with the Govt or himself as such public officer. If the public officer receives donation u.d such circumstances, the law of corruption presumes that he had received the donation corruptly until the contrary is proven. This is regardless whether the public officer has done any favors or provided consideration for the donors or not.

If the public officer has done any favor or would do so in the future in consideration for the donation, then he will be charged u/d s.17 Macc Act. If he had not done any favor or wld not do any favor in the future, he will be charged u/d s.165 Penal Code for receiving the corrupt gratification ie receiving donation w/o consideration. Both sections carry the same punishment.

This is not to say that public officers cld not solicit or accept donation. There are exceptions to the rule. There must be public intent of collecting donation frm donors who have no official dealings with the public officer; your superior or organization must have approved of the act, and the amount collected must be declared not only to your superior or organization but also the relevant tax authorities.

Receiving donation clandestinely and secretively and not declaring it to your organization is indeed donation which was received corruptly and with a corrupt intent and the receiver is liable to be charged either u/d s.17 of the Macc Act or s.165 of the Penal Code and alternatively for criminal breach of trust if the monies recd were not accounted for.

So it is wrong to say, that the Macc has cleared najib of the RM2.5billion donation. It is only that from documents thus far, it shows that the monies does not come from 1MDB. Of the monies received from SCR, it is clearly bribery and corruption of the worst order.

Any high ranking public officer esp if he is a member of the administration ie Ministers who committed bribery and corruption had committed a treacherous act towards the nation and its citizens. They are traitors to the country and must be brought to book and should not be allowed to operate within our system of parliamentary democracy where we have the legislature, executive and judiciary as the organs of government. Those who defend or harbors these traitors are also complicit to the crime and are classes of people who are detrimental to the system of parliamentary democracy where the rule of law should always prevail. The full weight or brunt of the law shld be applied on them.

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 16:15  

In Malaysia, all Chinese businessman and companies who keep audited accounts always camouflaged the payments of bribes to public officials as 'donation', So what is that stupid spin made by iMDB Ministers asbout the RM2.5billion donation received by Najib.

No coy or businessman would record in their payment voucher, or ledger account and journals that the payment to the public officer as 'bribes or corrupt payment to....". Obviously they would record it as "donation made to......". As sect 3 of the Macc explicitly stated, corrupt gratification includes 'donation'.

All these spins by Umno's 1MDB Ministers that the so-called donations is innocuous are hogwash.

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 16:23  

All coys and businessmen in Malaysia when making monthly/regular or one-off bribes to police officers or any public officers, recorded the payments of the bribes in their payment voucher, ledger and journal entry as ' donations to .......'. So it is the same thing with foreign corrupt giver/donor. This is the SOP of corrupt givers not only in Msia but also throughout the world.

No Coy or businessmen with peanuts brain would record the payment as ' bribes/corrupt payment to.......' since such stupidity would lead to their arrest and prosecution for giving bribes to public officials. It is the same with the middle east group which made the payment to Najib. In their accounts and documents, the payment is listed as 'donation to Najib, PM Msia'. Every Angels and satans know that it is corrupt payments and also mankind except the fools in Umno,

Naazar 6 August 2015 at 16:25  

With 47% popular vote najib did lots of jibbies...what say if he got 2/3 MAJORITY ?

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 16:54  

NAA ZAR..u must be joking ya. he is lucky if he can even get 7% pop butt now.

Naazar 6 August 2015 at 17:30  

With 47% popular vote najib did lots of jibbies...what say if he got 2/3 MAJORITY ?

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 19:10  

When even a professor (see FMT) can comment that there is nothing wrong with a donation that big to the most powerful man in the country......something is seriously wrong with our society. An intellect cant even give an intellectual reasoning. I fear for the future.

Anonymous,  6 August 2015 at 21:00  

Najib berucap semasa pentauliahan pegawai integriti..."Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah disertakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan ke dalam akaun parti. " Menerusi akaun yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap tahun kewangan berakhir. " Kerajaan percaya dengan cara itu akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk rasuah dan penyelewengan di peringkat akar umbi dan sumbangan itu dapat disampaikan kepada parti dan rakyat di semua peringkat."

NATO,hipokrit gababng tertinggi seperti Wasatiyyah dan Maqasid Syariah.

TDM dok tanya.. tak jawab.. mana pergi RM42B1MDB? , siapa derma RM2.6B? belanja untuk apa? mana resit?, berapa baki? kenapa TP TMY dan NP Shafie Afdhal tak tahu? Kenapa tak admit awal? Kalau derma kenapa banyak sangat drama, sampai pecat semua orang yang bertanya dan yang menyiasat?

Wanderer 6 August 2015 at 22:49  

I got a better one "pundek mawane "

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 08:55  

Polis. Kau ada pistol. Pegi le tangkap najib tu.
Rakyat bagi anugerah dan pangkat besar pada kau kalau kau berani. Pegilah, rakyat nak tengok ada ke tak anak jantan dalam polis. Kami rakyat akan desak kerajaan beri kau sebesar2 hadiah kalau kau berani tangkap najib.

Cepat tangkap sebelum dia cabut. Dia mesti cabut dan makan besar, tujuh keturunan tak habis. Anak cucu kaulah nanti kena bayar atas kemewahan hidup najib di luar negeri.

Polis, pergilah tangkap najib. Rakyat merayu2 ni, please...

Anonymous,  7 August 2015 at 23:41  

Malaysia truly asia...? NO, make it Malaysia truly CORRUPTED.

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