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Monday, 17 August 2015

A Dungu Plan.

RPK has written an interesting story in an article. He says PM Najib has more lives than a cat. Is the story true? I will give a different version.

Some things true, sadly most not true. RPK talks about the existence of a Plan D- Plan Dungu. Let us say it is indeed a dungu plan. I find it strange a dungu plan appeals much to UMNO leaders. One of them is the DPM who is fast earning the description as an MP from Bangla Datuk.

The part that is true; as it now stands, the method used by Zambri Kadir the present Perak MB from BN, when toppling the Nizar government is now the law of the land.

An interpretation of the Perak method is told in the article. The MP for Bangla Datuk quickly seized upon it. He made a fiery speech. He told people of an umno leader going around securing statutory declarations and pledges to support a vote of no confidence. The story told by the MP who is also the DPM is along the lines of the RPK story.

And what a fiery speech. He will shed blood to stop people taking power through the back door. But we also know that Zahid is just hot air; much rain little thunder. We are still waiting for his thunder to reveal the identity of the opposition leader/s behind the Lahad Datu invasion. 
I suppose it is beyond the understanding of Zahid Hamidi. Maybe he has not heard of a motion of no confidence. He hasn’t heard that even a democratically elected president can be impeached. He hasn’t heard of provisions in the constitution providing for the dismissal of an errant leader from office.

And what an errant leader Najib is.

You may remember the story. A leader from the opposition, of which Zambry was then, simply presented himself before the Sultan of the State and submitted that he commanded the support of the majority of the ADUNs.
The Sultan was convinced of the pleading and without even calling for the state parliament to come into session, acceded to the pleading. Zambry became MB.

Did the Sultan then inquire into whether the pledges of the alleged majority ADUns submitted through Zambry then were based on a mere belief formed on the basis of lies, innuendoes, insinuations and fabricated allegations supported by doctored evidence?

The answer was no. It was not necessary. The sultan took the pledges presented through Zambry as representing what they were- a message and plea from the ADUNs that they have lost confidence in the then sitting MB. That was it.

By law, Zambri Kadir became the legitimate MB.

Suppose now, the same legitimate means is used by some MPs to dismiss Najib, where is the illegality? It is done by a way provided for by law. 
Some members of his own party are also convinced that Najib is a menace to the country.

We are using the same legally sanctioned means.

Only Zahid and some people refused to hear what is being spoken by UMNO members themselves. Let’s see what is on the political landscape.

The overall feeling in Johore UMNO is that Najib should go. Will that be considered a plot to topple? A wanita UMNO leader from the Pasir Gudang Division presented a memo to Najib asking him to take leave. He must have thought it was the usual submission to help in tenders or businesses. But it was a polite way of asking him to go on permanent leave.

A wanita UMNO leader in Langkawi publicly said Najib urinated on 3.2 million UMNO members- meaning Najib deceives them. The solution is to ask Najib to take medical check on his mental state. It is a polite way of saying Najib is sick in the head.

The Tampin UMNO youth said it most clearly, Najib should resign. Najib’s staunchest sycophant Ahmad Maslan got a dressing down in his own division.

Now- can all these very loud dissent within UMNO itself be categorised as a plot to topple the government?

Accordingly, I want to ask readers this question. Simple one to even a person like Zahid or RPK. They can understand.

If Tengku Razaleigh commands the respect of the majority of the MPs and succeed securing the necessary and sufficient constitutional endorsements- what is wrong with Tengku Razaleigh becoming PM to save the country?

The country now needs saving.

Let’s not even indulge in the term toppling. If we do, then we constraint ourselves to that term. The talk of toppling Najib and all that is boorish. Only the military topple governments.

Democrats use a more polite means-employ the instruments of democracy to remove a government and its leader. Especially one that flouts the law, indulges in corrupt practices, abuse power, embezzle money and becomes a menace just by staying on to power. The right to recall, the right of recall is an intrinsic part of democracy.

As to RPK- a household name among bloggers and who at least dishes out more substance than prepaid bloggers- he is living out an interesting life. More fittingly I see RPK as a public intellectual and pugilist combined. Can’t say that of some well-known bloggers more accustomed to writing articles in the ‘cock teaser’ genre.  You know- begin a sentence, expecting us to finish it.

I have never met him personally and would not want to comment further on the ‘constitution’ of RPK as many friends asked me to.  In any case, I think any attempts like that, i.e. trying to define who or what RPK is, is futile. The man is beyond definition.

He has written an interesting article. Readers can read it here.

I will not hasten to say that Najib has got more lives like a cat. He hasn’t been driven over by a bulldozer yet that’s all. To describe Najib in those terms is just an attempt to mythify the man further.

The blogger Sir Wenger Khairy who has indeed assumed more than the 9 lives of a cat and who now re-emerges as the blogger Spin kings, wrote this article. I think this is a sufficient and necessary answer to what RPK has raised.

That leaves space for me to offer some maybe not so important comments and observations.  Because they are not so important and probably dungu too, I can only beseech readers to read on.

The more interesting public response I think is Zahid’s banshee-like speech about the existence of an UMNO leader making a move with the help of a number of MPs to oust Najib.

What is wrong with that?  Kicking out leaders or powers to recall have been done to many leaders. Those in Sabah are very much aware of this kind of moves. They are legal and provided for by the constitution. A vote of no confidence for example is practised in many countries having an electoral system.

So what is Zahid screaming about? He is fearfully screaming at the prospects of being the shortest –lived TPM and the exit of Najib. Everyone in Malaysia now hates Najib. So what is Zahid talking about?

On a more serious note- if the move to topple Najib is orchestrated by an UMNO man, it means UMNO is still in power. So what’s troubling Zahid?
The UMNO man will certainly retain an UMNO flavour comprising of the brightest among UMNO and the Opposition. It will be a new umno where people like caveman Zahid and his ilk will be missing. That is an UMNO likely to be supported by across the spectrum of people with decent political inclinations.

That Zahid, should welcome. It will still be led by an UMNO man.

So why is Zahid screaming incoherently?  He is making an SOS call trying to save himself. 
We must excuse him for his outbursts.

Doesn’t he know that Najib is not salvageable anymore? The UMNO is ostracising him. Eventually Zahid will be too if he doesn’t use any of the redeemable portion of his doctorate degree.

As to the story about a regent getting a dressing down from the Agong, about Tengku Razaleigh’s contempt of Dr Mahathir and much of the second section of the RPK article- can anyone tell me where is the dustbin?


Old Timer,  17 August 2015 at 12:59  

The worst dungu there is is who else , Najib lah. He was quoted to say that when he was Deputy PM and Deputy President of UMNO he never queried the President (sleep-prone Pak Lah) about UMNO's political fund. Only a dungu person would not make inquiries about your party's fund. And he has got the cheek to tell others in UMNO to be dumgu like him! So if Pak Lah says when he was PM and President he liked to doze off while chairing a meeting, do you expect others to do the same? I think this Najib fellow 'dah kena menderam'. For one thing I wont join any political party which has a culture where members should not ask questions on its money. Boleh jalan dah. Now this second worst dungu in the person of Ahmad Zahid. Every time he opens his mouth he blurts stupidities and ridiculousities (if there is such a word). The university that awards him the PhD must be dungu also going by what goes out of his mouth. Of course the list of dungu leaders in UMNO goes on and on blabbering nonsense,illogicalities (if there is such a word)and incoherencies that only a dungu newspaper like Utusan would pick up and put in the front page.It is about time to remove all these dungus because they are a threat to our country"s security, public safety and parliamentary democracy!pun intended).

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 13:32  

Quote: "I doubt Najib would be so stupid as to place money he had stolen into his personal bank account, especially that large an amount, when he could have used nominees, proxies and overseas banks to cover his tracks. RM2.6 billion is just too large an amount to hide in any Malaysian bank account when even a RM50,000 overseas transfer attracts so many questions from Bank Negara." ~ RPK, Malaysia Today.

Wrong! Malaysia is the SAFEST place for one to place one's ill-gotten monies, especially if one is cocksure that one controls the regulatory, investigatory, prosecutory, judiciary & media establishments!

Too much 'donation' money makes one stupid no? Yes RPK?

~ RPA (Raja Putar Alam)

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 13:43  

My opinion is that nowadays, RPK is writing
propaganda for the regime, and trying to sow
discord amongst those opposing the kleptocratic
1Malaysia regime.

Read his writings with these in mind.
(Actually, I consider his present writings to
belong to the "Not Worth Reading" category).

P.S. Nothing should surprise us in the world of politics.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 14:36  

RPK is a man without an iota of dignity and self respect. No principles. No marua bangsa.
I stopped reading his blog more than 2 years ago.
Remember he ran away after implicating Rosmah is a murder?

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 14:53  

Is the DPM implying the way of UMNO/BN takeover of the Perak state govt is illegal, then the Perak state govt must stand down and fresh elections must be held.

Therefore the wholly constitutional way of replacing Najib is constitutional and no one, not even the DPM and his IGP can say nay.

DPM and IGP should refer back to the constitution firstly, and secondly how the current Perak state govt came about.

After all, UMNO/BN still forms the government. There is absolutely no question of toppling the govt.

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 16:33  

I have met RPK in person, he is intelligent, smart and can speak very effectively, I used to have deep respect for that man, he was our batman, running down alleys with his deep throats to expose the criminal doing of those in power.

His position changed when he got into an argument with DSAI, and took it too personally. If one is not happy with DSAI, I am ok with that, but remain steadfast to the objective, contribute in a different manner to save Malaysia. The opposition has done a great job in Selangor and Penang, not perfect, we know, but much better than the corrupt present government. This is where he lost big time, his readership dwindled, he started getting personal with comments on his MT, and start whacking everyone who called him a turncoat. Finally he disallowed anonymous comments. Then there were hardly any comments on his blog.

Now coming to present situation in Malaysia. The spin is that if we change the Govt, it only must be done through election. How can one do that when:

1) The Police know Tows to the Govt
2) The Royalty (most) are in the pocket of UMNO
3) EC is working hand in glove with UMNO for so many years

But, I believe all is not lost, if UMNO does not remove Najib, then Penang, Selangor and Johore will be in the hands of Opposition, You can also expect Kedah and Perlis to follow suit albeit with smaller majority.

Perak will be 50 - 50

Kelantan and Terrenganu will be with PAS

NS - 50 - 50

Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak will be ruled by Govt.

Let Najib continue to be the emperor...the fall will come, 9 lives or not, the fall will happen..

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 18:04  

Zahid knew that such a 'plot' is constitutional. Nevertheless, he is crying loud to sound it 'unconstitutional' to get his underling or his 'doggie'-Khalid Twit in the police force to stifle the attempt to pass a vote of no confidence against Najib. To pass a vote of no confidence, you don't have to have a special sitting of Parliament. That was already decided by the 'Goons' sitting in the Federal Court in the Nizar-Zambery case. All you have to do is to get a sworn statutory declaration from 122+ MPs that they have lost confidence on Najib and presented it to Agong or the Conference of Rulers is the Agong hesitated to act.

Anyone knows why Zahid is so protective of Najib????? If Najib goes or is arrested or charged, he will still be DPM if another Umno man takes over.

Donplaypuks® 17 August 2015 at 19:08  

Like so many leaders of banana republics and tplad's (tin pot latin american dictatorships) of the past, PM Najib has become a recluse within Putridjaya, welcome only by his cohort Ministers and party thieves who have nowhere else to go. They will have have to sink or swim with him.

In the meantime, we must do everything to hasten the departure of this regime from Putridjaya to theie reserved cells in Bamboo River complex.

Each day they continue in office, the more is the damage to the economy and country.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 20:55  

The rakyat is waiting with bated breath for the IGP to arrest Dahlan for claiming that Najib interfered with the ongoing investigationof 1MDB.

Anonymous,  17 August 2015 at 23:28  


If we had read Agatha Christie's murder mysteries, sometimes the murdered victim turns out to the murderer himself to avoid suspicion cast on him at the beginning of the mystery. After all how can someone who had died be the murderer right? In this "UMNO leader plotting to topple the government" mystery vigorously claimed by the tough guy DPM cum Home Minister, how sure are we that the tough guy himself is not the plotter or conspirator? If Najib is successfully dethroned, who will be the next PM if not the DPM himself?

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 06:16  

Well, he and 8.35 said it - who would dumb enough to put rm 2.6 billion in his own personal account. Dumb and dumber also thinks that who would be dumb enough not to believe him when he says that it is a donation. The yempee from Bangla datuk is like when he was a ketua pemudi then, fill with hot air to amplify his so-called fiery speech yet, in the end - made a fool of himself. Tahulah nak sangat jawatan and an eye for the pmship. But then, soriiii bro, no substance, no pmship qualities.

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 12:25  

Just wondering some new cabinet members where they get their proxy writer....One that I know
who cannot even write well and speak well today being able to write so well .....One gain
from someone effort......Money can change one weakness to serve the nation...So long he is
a bye product from some proxy writer.

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 13:08  

Ah RPK, the man who thought he could walk on water but later found to be drowning. I'm surprised he is still spinning because he lost his touch a long time ago. His "fans" have mostly abandoned him after his spins turned the opposite direction. Don't waste your time reading his articles.

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 13:54  

His son was not sent to prison and guess who is funding RPK holidays in UK?
Hmm... at present he is writing for Rosemah.

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 16:25  

Najib is right. Cash is king. Even RPK can be bought.

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 17:14  

RPK is already a no-show, why Rosemah and company could fall in love again with him?
Like begets like?

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 18:43  

Personally with respect to RPK,I do not think I have the moral right to criticise him. i tend to agree with wenger. I felt he has given quite a bit for the cause and look where it got him. I too use to lap up what he says(corridors of power is quite good read then), bought some of his books but I haven't done much apart from that. I say he has earned the right for some payback from the Rosmajibs. Can't say its right though. Zahid on the other hand looked like a gangster, behave like a gangster, have gangsters as friend and probably is a home-grown gangster himself. Look where it got him today. Marriage of convenience, i scratch you, you scratch me kind of politics. very indicative of the type of mentality the ruling class have. if he is installed as the PM then its gonna be like out from the frying pan into whatever hole he is going to make for Malaysia. JC

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 20:08  

For wrongly accusing his own BN/Umno reps of staging a 'plot' to bring down the govt, what should be done about this culprit?
Is the police going to investigate this wild accusation and this culprit?

And by the way, getting friendly parties together, signing SDs is not a crime, removing a leader using constitutional means is not a crime, asking for the removal of any leader is not a crime, none of these threatens parliamentary democracy!
No one is indispensable, leader, sycophant or servant. Asking them to resign or to leave is not a crime either.

There's no crime, no criminal intent, no threat to parliamentary democracy.
Only, as one UMNO leader puts it succinctly, these baseless accusations made and wildly bandied about in speeches has created a great deal of distrust among their own UMNO leaders and reps. What is the real intention? Is there a Trojan horse here?

Anonymous,  18 August 2015 at 22:32  

Hi Dato
Thanks fo the mention. Hope you are keeping well.

Firestone 19 August 2015 at 01:28  

Dato Sak,

My take of the situation now is that the newly-minted DPM is extremely jittery and nervous - not about the safety of his boss as PM - but rather his own position as DPM> It seems to me he is doing lots of things - including some stupid moves - to reassure himself and his new post - and I think he is conducting a purge of any pretenders to the throne and to his position as crown prince...

Thus the DPM made accusations of plots and subplots and komplots and whatever plot and I think he could be the one who might start the trimming of the lallang rather than the No.1... and if No. 1 not careful, he might even be a victim of the purge by No.2....

Just my 2 sen (USD0.004878) worth....

Anonymous,  19 August 2015 at 04:46  

Kau aku ada peluang pergi london, aku nak cari RPK ni dan titik dia cukup2 dengan hujah dan dialog yang terbaik pernah aku ada. Walaupun aku adalah pemidato terbaik malaysia 1983, aku pura2 guna ayat bodoh sahaja kat sini. Aku akan buat siaran langsung di alam maya. Biar dunia tahu duit tidak boleh membeli segala2nya. Siapa nak sponsor saya ke london? Beritahu datok.

Anonymous,  19 August 2015 at 11:10  

Shahrir wants action against those who spread rumours of the alleged plotters to topple the govt. Is he reffering to Zahid who went on and on about this alleged plot and alleged plotters, and in the end this DPM said none of the 20 mentioned in the "list" were involved, and that the "old man" had repented? Isn't this spreading gossip and rumourmongering? So Shahrir, do you know where to start?

Anonymous,  19 August 2015 at 11:28  

the moral of the story is everyone has a can be money or something else..
nowadays if u write a comment he doesn't like he will call u a dap red bean army or an anwarista..
sometimes even marina gets in the maybe it's not the money, it can be something else..
but don't blame him la..he has always been full of shit..
many years back when he was still at the 'right' side he bragged on how he built his business sometimes by bribing officers to undercut competitors..
that was then i stopped taking him seriously because this is a man who is doing this to feed his ego, if not his pockets..
for those who wants to debate him, please don't bother because you will give him more materials to write about..
just accept the fact that nothing u say will fill his pockets, if not his ego..

Anonymous,  19 August 2015 at 13:27  

Any person preventing a "vote of no confidence" in Parliament is obstructing parliamentary democracy.

At this moment, Ku Li is the most qualified, suitable and appropriate Umno MP amongst all existing BN MPs to be replacement PM. It is high time for him to step forward to openly announce to all Malaysians that he is prepared to take over the PM post to save Malaysia. He will definately be supported by all Malaysians.

Unknown 20 August 2015 at 13:05  

Hah! Ph.D!
Have wondered and had posed on the alternative media: "which University bestowed upon him that Ph.D?"
Can someone enlighten me, please?

Unknown 20 August 2015 at 13:31  

Idiot he may be, but his sounding off that Najib's parliamentary-vote removal as "unconstitutional" is just a desperate attempt at disinforming a stupid UMNO BARU membership that has always been blind for want of even reading the country's Constitution, displaying the very lazy trait of "not wanting to find out" that they possessed since in their primary school days!
Of course, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi could be expressing veiled threats to all Malaysians as well.
This "not so bright" thuggy chap is so uncouth and unlearned that he can only act and react bullishly.
He needs to be gotten rid off, pronto, before more damage is done to our beloved country!
Let's not have a xxxxxx-71-xxxx govern Malaysia!

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