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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Walla: Riff-Raffish Tales and Getting Fooked.

I am putting up yet again a brilliantly written comment from my friend Walla. What more can I say other than acknowledging Mr Walla as one of the foremost thinkers to have come out from the laid-waste land of ours.  Enjoy the reading.
U: We'll pull through this crisis. Umno will return unscathed.

B: That's not the point, is it? Umno is just a partial derivative of the political equation. This means there are other options and it is time everyone who can vote sees the crisis as the final indictment of Umno, a party worm-rotted to the core and way past its stale expiry date. And by final, I mean habis-lah cerita.

It must now be completely rejected, jettisoned and put to pasture so that it can take time to honestly review its own reality, relevance and rigmarole- rigged roles.

If you leave it alone to continue holding power, that power will further corrupt its leaders from making honest reviews because the power has already corrupted their hearts and minds until they can say one thing to the rakyat and do another thing behind their backs for all the pretentious public display of holding out both hands in some act of piety before our Almighty.

That's why crises happen again and again all these anguished years. Our Almighty Sees through everything. No accountability for all the stealing. Followed by no transparency so that those insufferable crooks can continue to wipe off the trail of their thievery. And when they fail to do so, they use every trick in their black books to deflect attention and distort facts in order to throw the rakyat off the track. So that when even those fail, the institutions that are supposed to protect the rakyat and the nation are instead used against both in order to protect the miscreants, misfits and maleficents. Enough-lah! (Lightning streaks across darkening sky, thunder peals, tears of rain tumble...)

U: (wipes sweat from nervous brows) I hate to say it but you're right. Just as you were right when you noted we have been using the process of race then religion then royalty to rake communal tension, sweep fawning loyalty and tighten our power control. But..

B: No but's. Just sore butt's. Here are two. One, if you say the rakyat make outrageous statements in the social media and take that as a reason to tighten control over their social media, why can't you just rebut their points one by one as and when they make them? If you next say you have done so, look again at what you had said or twittered, and ask yourself why then must you use twits to arrest the rakyat just because they cannot accept the riff-raffish waffles you advance as excuses?

The rakyat ask where's the money and you and your ilk answer you never used it for personal gain. When they expose wrong-doings, you execute arrests on the well-meaning whistle-blowers instead of going after the wrong-doers in much the same way you arrested those whose goods were flicked and bailed out instead the thieves who stole at that mall.

When the rakyat say the entire cabinet is complicit, your people say they don't know what's going on, a point which is incidentally so telling of how this country has been irresponsibly run all the while. Then they turn around and contradict themselves to say they know a bit more than others because they have fact sheets. Then they turn around again and say they don't understand the deals. You don't even know how to lie logically so what are you all good for? Members of a syndicate running a rogue nation on a mission impossible to achieve? Why not self-destruct in zero seconds right now?

U: Hey that's cute but..

B: I haven't finished. Two, the rakyat are suffering because Umno caused the suffering. You put in a tax that has ballooned inflation while knowing full well the rakyat cannot make more on their own to pay for the hiked prices. And that's retribution for all the Umno years of frivolous excesses and coconut-shell mentality towards real national development. Then you go and steal huge sums of rakyat money that are wired all over the globe to the utter embarrassment of the rakyat before the astonished eyes of the entire world. From those crony accounts, you chew and skim off big parts whose fate is still unknown after years. Now the rakyat are asking whether the desalination plants and coal mines are in Hollywood or Manhattan. While the rakyat are suffering from nenek to cucu, you pompously flaunt a frivolous lifestyle of Marcosian proportions conveyed with the aplomb and gait of a Caesar to the beat of hiltonian gyrations not even originated from middle-eastern belly-dancers, and all presumably while you're on a gazetted salary scale that won't even pay for the leather strap of one handbag. Right, Mr El Presidente, and your hangers-on, free-loaders, bangsa-agama-dan-tanah-air tricksters?

U: (sweat streaks down back) Hey that's not fair. We..

B: Patience. I haven't finished. You ask that the rakyat forget it, put all behind, that it's just politics you can hire and fire, that it's just a game. Well, let me tell you something on their behalf. The kraken has awakened. They realize to every man, woman, child and cow that they have been fooked by crooks. And hey, that's such an apt new word. Fooked.

Just imagine. You have the nerve to ask the rakyat to rally again with and behind you. What for? To smell the unsmellable, defend the indefensible, suffer the insufferables? Fook to you all! I am telling you the rakyat are not just revulsed. They are convulsed with a volcanic anger of explosive climax against all the unta's of Umno.

U: That is so unfair..

B: You are not going to be the only one to ask the rakyat to shut up. Didn't you say we are a democracy? Shan't we take that to mean this is not an animal farm - for if we are, you'll be the first lined up for the abattoir?

You ask for unity and teamship again so that development will be what you had promised. Did you promise the rakyat the fate of 1MDB to follow the fate of Felda, TH, what not else? Incidentally, what does 'D' stand for in 1MDB? It stands for development, doesn't it? So if 1MDB is finito, what is it you are now promising? The rakyat shudder to think if you and your bloody conniving crooks had succeeded in getting to mortgage the terengganu oilfields instead, what would have happened to the whole country's economy. Well, we know. More mansions, movies, shopping sprees and fine champagne for some, and kangkung and satu-ringgit ayam for millions.

So that you don't think the rest of you are absolved just because everyone is now going after N only, let me ask you and you and you and... - how the fook did you afford those expensive wristwatches beyond your payscales ( Aren't you afraid of hudud?

U: We inherited them.

B: So what's keeping you from declaring your assets? Too shy or too sly?

U: Hey that's not...

B: Fair? You want to talk about fair. Let me goreng your telur right now. The pagoh cow said he asked N about that large sum. One, did he ask about the interest earned on it? Two, if he had known about that sum, why the deafening silence all those weeks before when the storm was brewing? Three, what was his role in cow-gate? And four, what has happened to cow-gate?

U: You're asking me? I haven't received the fact sheet yet...

B: Fact sheet. Charge sheet. All just shit. Now, this umno puteri girl with the memorandum of a hundred over branch signatures. She wears this shiny uniform. Maybe she should go back to sekolah first because she has only engaged a heart that is misplaced since the akal was left behind in the bilik darjah. Why she never asked about cowgate after she had said she loves Umno and bangsa and what not? That's the problem with our Umno malays. Seeing what we only want to see for the convenience of our own self-appointed myths. Lying to ourselves in order to lie to the rakyat of Malaysia. Racializing problems to only serve our own community exclusively even when those problems are suffered by all communities that pay the taxes which are the money needed to solve the problems, what more buy her shiny uniform. What's that word? Munafiq? Better use the money to help single mothers abandoned by their husbands under the influence of male-supremacized beliefs of camel vintage. no? no? no?

 U: But..

B: All must go lah. Buang lah semua. If N is out, who's next? Baganlatuk? Beer-drinker? M's Baldie? If what I had predicted about the PAC being toothless is true until its head can be seduced by just a dep seat, what is it that can still make Umno so much the saving grace for the twenty percent of Malay voters who still cling onto the unclingable, the telfonized, the screwed-up racists and crooked hypocrites of the century? M can trace for himself the Umno of his creation after he reads again his own post:

 So remember this. We are no longer churlish to conclude Umno is just a partial derivative or curly. For the twits and uber-troopers, that doesn't necessarily imply curs. But they already know that, don't they?

U: Actually, I too sometimes think they don't. And, B, all your points are well-taken.

B: So, it remains for me to ceremonially hand over this pink mop. Clean out completely your own party. It's not just a national and international embarrassment. By His Standards, it's a cosmic revulsion. Go join Pakatan and help it transform into the new saviour of Malaysia. You already know all the bad things that must be avoided. After all, you had so many years doing them.


Anonymous,  11 August 2015 at 10:51  

salam Dato, agree with you, it is a good reading material.
But I don't agree with the last statement. Why should I join Pakatan? What for? There is no diff between BN and Pakatan, just diff in name and both aren't 'clean'.
Actually what I want is a completely revamped democratic system, similar to one used in the US. Let the rakyat elect their PM so that that elected PM can declare to whole world that he is a democratically elected PM. Then empower the Dewan Negara just like the Senate in the US, not acting merely as rubber stamping department. Separate power of all these institutions to ensure check and balance. Let YDP Agung be the real Agung in term of authority and power. Bestow him with certain powers to ensure each of these institution act within their 'vested' powers. For judiciary, let the appointed judges vote their Chief of Justice, their vote say worth 50% of total vote, the rest let the rakyat to vote as well. The whole idea is to empower the rakyat to make their choice wrt to PM, Chief of Justice, elected reps and also certain high profile posts in the government if that is possible and practical. Limit the budget approval power of the post holders say PM can only approve max sum of RM500m, above that require approval from the Dewans. The YDP Agung shall be empowered to remove the elected PM upon advice by the rakyat through their rep, also apply to any of the posts mentioned above i.e. YDP Dewan, IGP, AG, CoJ, of course when advised by the rakyat to do so.

BTW Dato, please forgive me for bad grammar, for my bad choice of words too. Saya tak pernah bagus dalam karangan samada dalam BM or English, sebab masa sekolah rendah dulu, saya tak ada guru English dan juga guru Bahasa, English pun belajar masa saya mula2 kerja pada umur yang dah lewat. dato boleh edit komen saya ni, delete perenggan yang ni.

king 11 August 2015 at 11:41  

Malaysia becomes Land of SUDDENLY…….
1 Suddenly … Jho Low cannot be found
2 Suddenly … Justo nobody wanted
3 Suddenly … DPM got sacked
4 Suddenly … AG replaced
5 Suddenly … Special Brach Director replace
6 Suddenly … the loudest defender of Najib become Ministers
7 Suddenly … PAC chairman appointed to the cabinet
8 Suddenly … old Bukit Aman burned down
9 Suddenly … 2.6 billion become Donation
10 Suddenly … pieces of MAS fight was found
11 Suddenly ... Two MACC director no transfer
12 Suddenly ... We Merdaka from Umno

Anonymous,  11 August 2015 at 15:54  

Walla, hats off to you, brilliant, brilliant and brilliant.

Do you suppose Putrajaya, Pee Emm, second Pee Emm, the dahlans, the this and the that over there including the twits and hatchet men will have read this article? Maybe their level of English standard not up here yet.

Anonymous,  11 August 2015 at 16:01  

will you formally introduce us to Walla? It's really an honour to read such articles from him.

Righteous anger under a cool, calm discerning mind and intellect.
The grapes of wrath begins with despair and hope.

ZakiahSaffiya 11 August 2015 at 17:18  

Agree with Anon 10:51. Lepas pilihanraya, tak ada lagi INI PROJEK DEMOKRAT atau INI SATU LAGI PROJEK REPUBLIKAN. Kalau di Malaysia, lepas pilihanraya, tolong jangan sebut nama parti lag, semua bekerja sebagai orang Malaysia. Perdana Menteri yang dipilih rakyat untuk semua rakyat, suka atau tak suka itu kena lakukan. Ini tak, hari2 cerita UMNO, cerita PAS, cerita DAP, ini bentuk perkauman juga, perkauman politik.

Anonymous,  11 August 2015 at 20:58  

pkr learning about 1MDB. come pkr there will br 2MDB. and then 3MDB. the people know what pkr is after. 2x5.

Cahaya Qalbu,  11 August 2015 at 23:21  

The majority of rakyat are indeed sidelined in favor of the BN’s elites & preferred few. If we total all the wealth of all BN leaders past and present, with their families, plus the wealth held in trust by their cronies which will run into hundreds of billions, it could well amounts to a mammoth wealth than what is currently held by all ordinary Msians combined!

At this moment, in this economic time of recession, most Msians are just scraping by in term of livelihood much less having enough left for saving. (PTPTN, house loan, car loan, personal loan, credit card, etc are all debts necessary to keep most of us fed and clothed) which mean the majority are net negative in savings and in value (financial wise).

So, in reality, the majority ordinary Msians are poor, when compared to BN leaders who are by comparison very rich, filthy rich with so much money to open overseas saving accounts; enjoying luxurious vacations abroad several times annually; owning huge mansions home & abroad, with numerous servants and fleets of luxury vehicles and of course enough leftover pennies to throw away as "voting incentives" to the poor masses. That alone would be a very compelling evidence of how life under BN is appalling and not even remotely good, much less prosper, as BN would like the rakyat to believe.

We are in fact just like the "slave" caste in ancient Warlord’s kingdom and BN’s elites are the perennial masters and lords. The only difference is that many are still unintelligent to recognize the slavery, held in bondage by debts and in servitude by blind stupid loyalty to BN when compared to those "slaves-proper" in ancient time when at least they know they are slaves.

Well, maybe ignorance is ecstasy to those ignorant rakyat.!!!


Firestone 12 August 2015 at 03:56  

Direct election for PM - one man one vote - like how Indonesia elects its President.... that's how Joko Widodo a carpenter from Solo became President!

Anonymous,  12 August 2015 at 07:50  

UMNO has turned from a nationalist party to party FULL OF CROOKS, CHEATS and THIEVES. Their leaders have ZERO CONSCIENCE and NO SENSE OF SHAME. They are now so brave that they, in broad daylight stole from the people, abused the country's institutions to cover their thievery tracks. They continue to lie and burden the people. To them, wrong has become right.

Despite all these, they and their asshol.lickers continue to TOKOK to justify their wrongdoings.

To me, they are the scums of the Earth.

Suci Dalam Debu 12 August 2015 at 10:39  

Walla, I am so humbled by your articles. Always brilliant. It should be compulsory reading for all students in our schools.

I extend my handshake to you via this virtual space. Don't have a clue who you are, but that's the good part.

Keep the ink flowing Sirs.

Anonymous,  12 August 2015 at 20:52  

Might as well adopt France's presidential style.

Merdeka from UMNO.......Impossible unless we hit the road

Anonymous,  13 August 2015 at 14:19  

any confirmation of the article in Asia Sentinel ?
Posted on August 12, 2015 By John Bertthelsen under the title, Malaysia’s Mahathir & Razaleigh Teaming Up to Sink Najib

Anonymous,  13 August 2015 at 22:40  

Hi Dato, going by the latest "news" in the Asia Sentinel, everyone will support a government led by Tengku Razaleigh, and with the support of the Tun, get our country back in good shape. Zahid the current DPM don't have yet the global respect and presence, he has lots to do to rebuild himself for the rakyat to accept him. Right now, he is known as Najib's man.

Anonymous,  14 August 2015 at 00:35  

Dato, would fully agree with Finance Twitter that Zeti has revealed herself as the Taichi Queen, read between the lines for what she said and left unsaid and we should expect no further action against those she was tasked to investigate. If she has betrayed the rakyat, then the rakyat will never forgive her to her dying day. Does she have any credibility and integrity left if there has been a betrayal?
Watch out Zeti, what goes around comes around, the shame and the disgrace to you and your family.

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