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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 4 July 2015

What if the origin of the story was like this....

Abu Dhabi Commercial bank transferred RM2.6 billion into Najib’s personal account. SRC International, formerly a subsidiary of 1MDB which later was given up for free to MOF, transferred RM42 million into Najib’s account.
News about the payments were carried by Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Sarawak Report. These publications are serious outfits not easily given to publishing bitchy stuff so liked by the PM. 

The monies (not fund units yes) were paid into account numbers 2112022011880 and 2112022011906. The owner of both accounts is said to be of Najib Tun Razak's. Prime candidate as serial liar and plunderer.
But we need to verify the owner of these accounts. The banks involved can deny if these accounts are invalid or not Najib's. So far they have been no denials from these organisations.
But we have detected what amounted to as mere denials and they say that, we say this riposte. But a riposte is a knee jerk and instinctive response. Such as a mere refutation from the PM on his tweeter, I think. It amounts to nothing as it is just a mere denial. What can he say other than that?  The manner he said- let me be clear sounded to me similar as to when Clinton said, i did not have sex with that intern.
Some ministers have come up with some feeble counters such as treating the reports as gutter journalism and unsubstantiated reports. How do you know that? Mere verbal jousting meant nothing.
So, in the absence of robust and rigorous defenses, the rakyat will accept that PM has done all those things. There was a report that carried the stupid response by one of Najib's aide that the money paid into the account was not used for personal purposes. This amounted to an admission, that indeed money was paid into the boss's accounts. if that truly took place, even if the money were not used for personal purposes, the placement of government's money into a personal account is bloody wrong!
I hope UMNO leaders won't excuse this conduct because it was done by a Malay. The sense of entitlement has gone too far. 

But before that....what if the story began like this:-

Some years ago, a young Chinese with deep pockets managed to meet up with HRH Sultan of Terengganu. The meeting was probably arranged by a sister of the Sultan for Jho Low. For that was his name.

Jho low talked about the formation of a sovereign fund for Terengganu. He even suggested a name for it. Terengganu Investment Authority. TIA was to be the custodian of Terengganu’s oil royalties and revenues. It would invest wisely. The Sultan of Terengganu liked the idea. It was a smart idea. Only he didn’t know the fee Jho Low had in mind.

But the Sultan was not a slacker either. He sought advice from some of the country’s wisest business and political leaders. The advice given to HRH the Sultan was- if the fund were to work, it must NOT be placed under the control of politicians. It must be under the direct supervision of HRH the Sultan himself and his appointed executives.

TIA came into being. RM 5 billion bond was razed raised. More funds later were to come the stream of oil revenues.

But when the bill for services and idea was submitted to the tune of RM500 million, the Sultan refused.  Even the Sultan felt it was humongous. TIA came to a halt. No monies were taken out. A bill in the Terengganu state assembly to move for the conferment of authority to the Sultan, never came to life.

So what did Jho Low do? He called or WhatsApp or sms good buddy and fellow fun lover by the name of Najib Tun Razak, telling that HRH Sultan wants to meet up for dinner. He of course told the Sultan, Najib wanted to have dinner with the Sultan. Jho low arranged everything. Like Najib he runs with the hare and hunts with the dog.

What’s arranging a dinner like? It was a snap. He can order the elite of the entertainment world to drink and make merry at his party  so arranging a dinner for wheeling and dealing Najib is a cinch.

From the dinner, emerged the idea of the formation of 1MDB. 1MDB paid TIA RM1 million for the takeover. The liability over the bond issuance was taken up by 1MDB. Jho low got his consulting fee of RM500 million.

You see, the whole thing about this 1MDB has got Najib’s finger, foot and body prints all over 1MDB right from the beginning.

Jho low drew up the whole business and organizational structure of 1MDB.

Can a business structure drawn up by Jho low benefit anyone other than he and Najib?


bruno 4 July 2015 at 01:03  

What if WSJ f*cked up big time?

If WSJ did not do their own homework and relied on SR,then they are screwed.If they did their own investigation,then Najib is screwed.

Just imagine if WSJ screwed up.A win in US courts for libel and trying to fix the PM of Malaysia into a financial scandal would amount to hundreds of millions if not billions in punitive fines.With a win in court and such a humongous lump sum of payment,1MDB's problems are solved and over overnight

bruno 4 July 2015 at 01:20  

It is time for Najib to show that he is the man wearing pants in the house.He has to show and prove to Malaysians that he rightfully deserve the chance to rule Malaysia for the next twenty years.Najib will therefore ended up as the longest serving PM of Malaysia.

But first,Najib got to get Shafee to readied a fine team of lawyers ready to leave at the word go,for the Olde US of A.To expedite a court case the earliest as possible against the WSJ.A win and Najib and 1MDB's problems are over.And the Malaysian Ringgit?Overnight it will be traded at RM 3.20-3.40 to the Usd.Najib,it is time to get your Umno's and Malaysia's beat lawyer to rock and roll.

Donplaypuks® 4 July 2015 at 02:56  

Firstly, the lies and selective amnesia syndrome continue unabated. PM said Taxpayer money was not used to bailout 1MDB. Yet, only a couple of months ago MoF extended $950 million credit line utilised by 1MDB to service debt interest, without which it would have been in serious default.

Much, much earlier, Taxpayer money was used to give 1MDB $1 billion "grant" to finance its army camp-Sg Besi land contra deal. Without our money, there's no way 1MDB could have proceeded. This is serial lying when you take into account also his lies vis-a-vis Saiful.

The PMO statement today that the money was not used for PM's personal purpose is as damning an admission as it comes that $700 million was laundered through PM's personal bank account. What is PM going to say as to the source of this money? That it was, like the case of $40 million laundered for BUMNO/SCUMNO by Michael Chia, a "donation", this time from Arab friends? %700 million of "donations"

This is blatant money laundering, at best! That alone is enough for the MACC and BNM to take Najib to court.

It's time for a Conference of Rulers to be convened to send Najib and his government of thieves packing off to Kamunting. Has that man no sense of shame and honour at all?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Unknown 4 July 2015 at 08:10  

Are you sure? The 1mdb saga is full of twists, turns and dramas. From the script that we know so far, it was run not based on a good corporate governance.

bruno 4 July 2015 at 11:00  

It has been over 24 hrs and there is not a sound out of Shafee that he has been instructed by Najib and 1MDB to sue the WSJ.To silent their critics and enemies,once and for all,Najib and 1MDB got to sue the WSJ into bankruptcy for libel.

Or maybe Najib is having second thoughts about Shafee's capabilities to win cases outside Malaysia.Maybe this Shafee dude is in reality the Umno lawyer good only for winning cases in the kangaroo courts in 'BOLEHLAND".Other than that,outside 'BOLEHLAND' he is a useless,good for nothing loser.

Anonymous,  4 July 2015 at 11:14  

Go,go Bugis Warrior! Sue the WSJ. Make us proud.. ha2

Fairuz Lee,  4 July 2015 at 13:19  

The silence from both Bank Negara and Am Bank is deafening. We must look further than just Najib in this particular humongous plundering. Looks like the "said" banking institution are in prior knowledge and a band of cohorts in their unashamed actions. Did any of the opposition MPs radar on the Bank Negara Governor on the lackadaisical attitude and a pretension of ignorance on the glaring "Big Malaysian Heist" by a obnoxious character placed on a high office by his own claim that he is democratically elected.( I am wondering if it is the joke of the year!!!! and the "devil" who enthroned him are now sparing no less efforts to dethrone him).

In all honesty most of the rakyats believe that Umno should be thoroughly annihilated from the political scene as we can observe that the party leaders and war lords and even any institution under their wings are taking "no actions" not only to this particular concerns but letting as many other issues going by without a blink of an eye . They are bidding their time to ensure their survival for their own interest. Their token support in off shots remarks to defend the indefensible Bugis Lord makes a mockery of the party and entrenched the beliefs that only morons and retards are capable to be Ministers in "Malaysia Truly Asia".

But again the loud and blurred vocal war lords should not be mistaken for their sincerity of working for the rakyats. Their agenda is very blatant as they are also tainted and very heavy in their baggages. Even the wishful thinking of having Umno as leading the opposition post GE14 is a recipe for disaster. Allowing the remnants of such party to germinate and fester is looking for recurrence concerns. Malaysia need new young leaders free from the old and set political parties. I believe that the rakyat affirmative actions will lead the way and choose their leaders from the new party.

Anonymous,  4 July 2015 at 20:18  

This is pathetic. Najib is now a sitting duck, hoisted up naked for all to see and to be shot at and still no one dares to shoot the first arrow. They are still circling around the juicy target.

Our so-called leaders have no balls and have no sense of duty to the country and Rakyat. How to do big things then? All of them better resign and open a kindergarten.

bruno 4 July 2015 at 20:19  

The WSJ.

From those hibernating in the Mongolian mountains to the Eskimos in Alaska,that is how far the readership of WSJ goes.Even people in Somalia and Zimbabwe,countries with no economies read the WSJ.This is an international reputable financial newspaper,not a supermarket gossip tabloids like The Star or Enquirer.Even the supermarket tabloids have been sued and have been made to pay hefty fines before.

By not initiating legal action against the WSJ,and keeping quite as before is no more the right of excuse.Even as PM,not only as the chairman of 1MDB,keeping dumb is no longer an option.Najib and 1MDB cannot blame local and international perception of judging them guilty before charged.Allegations by an international reputable newspaper must be taken seriously,very very seriously.The Malaysian government,Najib and 1MDB must chased the WSJ to whichever corner of this planet they are hiding,hunt them down and sue them till they are left with no underpants.This is the right of an innocent party.

Anonymous,  4 July 2015 at 21:09  

it is so easy to
totally destroy the credibility of
WSJ,SR and Tun M .Najib just has to show his bank statement
if the money that was alleged to hv be
credited to his account is not there.then
Najib will come out of this mess as a true victim.

bruno 4 July 2015 at 21:42  

Whatever action/investigations being taken by the AG's office,PDRM and MACC against Najib and 1MDB related companies is irrelevant and will be deemed as a wayang or cover up.

What Malaysians are interested is to have the good name of the Malaysian government and the PM Najib restored and cleared of any wrongdoings.The only way to do that is to sue the WSJ and win the case in a US court.Other that that,nothing counts.

bruno 4 July 2015 at 22:12  

Seeing is believing.Until the case or game is finally over and settled in court and WSJ is brought to it's knees,there is no closure to this case of allegations against Najib.

If Najib really have the funds sent or wired to his personal accounts in Malaysia,he must be the most stupidest man on earth.But hey,one may never know.Especially when Malaysia is well know internationally as the "Land of the Bolehs".

Anonymous,  5 July 2015 at 04:23  

Money was meant (to buy votes?) for PRU13. Since SBs reports all pointed to BN loosing power, monies was meant for their survival. ..... my 2 cents

Anonymous,  5 July 2015 at 14:45  

Questions arise why PM Najib in this latest exposure was quiet even after being shown the documents, investigation papers and the banking transaction reports? Why? These allegations are so serious to warrant his immediate response, why wait until after WSJ and SR expose?

Anonymous,  5 July 2015 at 20:29  

Bruno's remarks seems to be leaning for Najib, read carefully his remarks.
Is he the Trojan horse in your blog?

Anonymous,  5 July 2015 at 22:28  

Why was Najib silent after he had been given copies of the investigation papers? His problems wont go away if he buries his head in the sand, maybe he couldn't say anything?

bruno 6 July 2015 at 00:46  

What the f^ck lah,Nazri?

Nazri,you gone bonkers,nuts or what?You going to advice your boss Najib,not to sue the WSJ,because of selective what?I thought that your are a samseng or at least a street brawler.Well,now you have shown us that you are a big kampong chicken.In Malay,it is called pengakut.Orang putih lingo,coward lah.

bruno 6 July 2015 at 05:23  

Anon 5 July,2015

Trojan pula.Always remember traffic flows two ways.No such thing as one way street only.

Whether Najib is guilty or not is not for me to judge.But I think most Malaysians,at least I do,and would want Najib to go down fighting.Claws,fingernails and anything that goes.Maybe you are the wayang cinta or watching girl softball kaki?

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