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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Xavier Justo Arrest.

The Justo sham arrest.

I have a simple question to the journalists who wrote who is Xavier Justo in the NST. Can they even pronounce his name correctly?

Please don’t practise the black art of journalism. Last time, when the world was internet-less, you can. You can write down to us, we readers had no recourse to respond and you editors would probably throw our comments into the dustbin. Most of you created a mythic persona because of enforced inaccessibility.

In this age, every one can be a journalist and can even write better than most of the acne-faced stringers. As to the previous mythic figures, most are finally exposed as just paper tigers.

The NST showed a Caucasian naked above the waist- no doubt that raises the temperature in some women journalists; with tattoos all over. Now, a person with tattoos evoke a sense of revulsion among Muslims as tattoos are prohibited on Muslims because they disqualify the Muslim from prayers.

We need to discount and ignore the artwork on his body. This chap is not a Muslim so having tattoos all over, isn’t the concern of the Muslim puritan. Please go away.

A person having tattoos is not necessarily a bad person. The ibans and dayaks all have tattoos yet they are good people. If you were to take a picture of Najib above the waist, he has no tattoos but he is now reviled as an untrustworthy and a serial liar leading the country to destruction. The picture of Justo, naked over his torso was calculated to elicit revulsion and abhorrence and an irrational prejudgement.

It’s a rank amateurish stunt.

The voluminous expose by Sarawak report and The Edge aren’t going to be overridden by one-liner concoctions attempting to discredit the root of the matter- the odious wrongs undertaken through 1MDB.

When Justo was arrested, journalists from NST were already there. Did they know beforehand or were they flown over there to do a coverage?

The manner the arrest was seized upon and hailed as evidence, indication, or whatever term the Najib PR people chooses to use or the director of Najib’s back operations wants to call it- the arrest only serve to heighten suspicions that it was carried out to clean Najib.

It will require much more than a staged arrest to clean Najib’s Aegean stable of lies and deceit.

The director of Najib’s black operations needs to remember that when Hercules completed the task, he was not appreciated. The same fate probably awaits this fellow.

The arrest only serves to reinforce everyone’s belief that Najib will do anything to claim innocence. Like presently appearing before TV on a nightly basis, talking piously about solving all the problems regarding 1MDB. The holy month ought not to be desecrated by Najib’s pious pretences and deceitfulness.

He can’t- he has been in the thick of things right from the beginning. I was informed that only when matters got out of hand, did Najib share his misadventure with the cabinet. He made a secret project with Petro Saudi through the agency of Jho Low.

That is why Dr Mahathir says the arrest was suspicious.

Why don’t we just say it out in the open? This must be an act commissioned by Najib’s PR people to save Najib. If that is so, then this is an amateurish attempt.

They must have spent a lot of money to commission the arrest to match the money spent by the fraudster PSI. This fellow got pad a few million USD as a parting of ways or whatever, then he got greedy to blackmail the former company of a lesser amount?

How can a person blackmail using falsified documents? And I must repeat this; only if the party actually did something wrong, is it opened to blackmail. If you have done nothing wrong, what is it that you can be blackmailed on?

Now it’s out in the open. PGI the firm hired by PSI- won’t confirm whether documents used by Justo were tampered. It has to wait for permission from PSI. So, it dances to the pied piper’s tune.

Do we lend credence to PSI who lied right from the beginning? It lied to 1MDB about the oil and gas assets and induced or conspired with people in 1MDB to pay USD1.5 billion as its share in the bogus enterprise.

Upon receipt of the money, USD700 million was used to pay and outstanding debt. Remember this before accepting the Justo red herring- 1MDB paid USD1.5 billion without actually knowing whether the assets actually existed and where they were. Or couldn’t care less whether the assets existed and then willingly transferred USD700 into another account.

What kind of incentives were able to induce a temporary lapse of memory on the part of the executives at 1MDB and then things made worse with the endorsement by the bald incompetence of the finance Minister?

All the while you are dealing with PSI as the other party, then you pay one who wasn’t a party to the contract. What kind of businessmen were running 1mdb at that time? Shahrol Helmi, the BOD and even the adviser to the BOD whose imprimatur on all transactions is mandatory, should be lynched for this.

This arrest of Justo is a fiendish ruse by Najib and his black operations team. The work carried out by the Edge and Sarawak Report and the endeavours of people like Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli, cannot be the labour based on falsified reports.


KT Wong,  1 July 2015 at 11:12  

"Rank amateurish stunt" from NST? Biasalah. But not to be outdone, along came Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi, who proclaimed:

"It's very simple, the person arrested was
Xavier and the documents seems to be from him.

"So, we cannot assume anything else than he
had tampered with the documents."

With superior logic like that it is no wonder so many of Najib's XXL Cabinet are rapidly rising up the rankings of comedians extraordinaire. Aiyoh... malunya negara...

bruno 1 July 2015 at 11:12  

When Xavier Justo left PSI,he could have gone anywhere.He could have gone back to Switzerland,Europe or anywhere else safe.Why the heck he went over to Thailand.Maybe he went to check on the hen houses.But where ever he went,how can his ex-employers knew his whereabouts.Unless they planned the whole thing.When billions of dollars are involved,nothing is impossible.Just look at Altantuya.For five hundred thousand,she was C4ed.

bruno 1 July 2015 at 11:25  

MARAgate's scandal just broke recently and even before Malaysian officials have gotten over their shell shock,the twitter happy IGP had declared that no CBT was committed.Maybe the IGP had a premature ejaculation?

GEORGE CHOO,  1 July 2015 at 11:59  

Dato Sak,Sealamat Datang ke Malaysia DARUL CURI.



Do not worry as the SWISS EMBASSY in BANGKOK will provide protection to JUSTO and at the end it will be "BUANG CASE".

Currently,this is what is happening in the govt of Malaysia.


Selamat hariraya and dan harap TUHAN SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA.

Anonymous,  1 July 2015 at 13:04  

This arrest drama is directed by Najib's PR team and produced by none other than Reza Aziz of Red Granite Pictures Production House. Lowly directed, trying to do a cover up for these looters i.e. Jho Low, Najib and Rosmah. Who's buying??

Anonymous,  1 July 2015 at 14:19  

PSI pays the Thai police. PSA alerts the NST of the impending arrest. Najib gives the OK to his chichaks to play up the arrest. They quickly exonerate 1MDB and Najib. Home Ministry warns The Edge.
On the other hand when MARA is caught with its pants down, Najib says they are innocent until proven guilty.
In any case, Najib days are numbered. He is fast using up all his bullets.

Firestone 1 July 2015 at 16:14  

The new Airbus jet flew into Bangkok twice.... once from Kazakhtan and once from KUL... suspicious...

Firestone 1 July 2015 at 16:16  

At the end of the day, these questions still remain unanswered:

* 1MDB borrowed RM42B, purchased assets worth RM14B, where are the balance RM28B?
* where are the desalination plants?
* where are the O&G concessions?

So why all the fuss about Xavier Justo's arrest? Answer these questions first....

Anonymous,  1 July 2015 at 16:26  

Dato, It's always how funny things turn out for Najib. It's like watching one of those slap-stick comedy shows like The Three Stooges or Hogan's Hero. Even all his obscenely expensive rakyat-paid-for consultants and sycophant journalists have no match for us semi-educated commentators who always managed to expose their lies and deceits. That doesn't say much for for intelligence does it? Practically every lie they had been churning out has been exposed and at the end, Najib only dug himself a bigger hole. Some people may credit divine intervention for all his woes. And some think it is the "Mongolian curse".

bruno 1 July 2015 at 21:20  

Since Rafizi has asked for Dr Mahathir's help in sueing EPF and other GLC'S,can he please go and ask the Dr for his help again.This is an much easier task for the Dr.To chase the happy go lucky twittering,good for nothing IGP all the way to Zimbabwe.

Anonymous,  1 July 2015 at 21:24  

Najib created a lie (tampered docs) he usually does, to go after The Edge and his critics. We Malaysians know what he did to 1MDB and his many other escapades. It is just our institutions have no balls to go after him. They are only merciless against small fry.

Do a survey and we Malaysians will tell you who is the big thief.

Anonymous,  1 July 2015 at 23:20  

Salam Dato. Ini guna modus operandi yang sama dalam kes lembu kondo. Suami sharizat dan keluarganya kebas duit, shamsul sahabat mereka yang kena tangkap.Sudahlah berbohong.Mengapa sampai sekarang Sharizat dan suaminya Saleh Budu masih belum ditangkap?Tak lupa juga dengan kes Khir anak Toyol tu.Bekas menteri besar selangor cap penyapu buruk.

Anonymous,  3 July 2015 at 06:32  

Maaf datuk. Ini soalan paling bodoh dari rakyat paling bodoh.

Pencuri2 miskin yang mencuri telur ayam untuk makan anak2 di rumah telah menerima hukuman. Kena sepak terajang, sakit jangan ceritalah..

Kenapa pula orang yang mencuri berkapal2 duit masih belum ditangkap? Malah pencuri2 itu senyum sahaja bersalaman dengan polis2 kita. Eh dapat pula bermacam2 kemudahan lagi. Diiring ke sana sini dengan penuh kehormatan dan selesa membuat kerja2 mencuri tidak kira masa.

Kenapa duit negara yang berjumlah berkapal2 itu tidak boleh diagih2kan kepada semua rakyat. Sekurang2nya seorang rakyat tiap2 bulan mendapat rm500 seorang dari yang kecil sampai dewasa. Tak ada dah rakyat nak mencuri telur ayam untuk makan. Kalau dia masih nak mencuri juga wajarlah dihukum.

Bagi sahajalah duit itu kepada setiap rakyat. Apa yang nak didengkinya. Ini hasil tanah air kita juga. Kalau sebulan hasil negara rm20 billion, keluarkan rm5 billion untuk rakyat. Kerajaan kutip balik rm4 billion tiap bulan kerana tak ada orang simpan duit bawah bantal melainkan mereka akan simpan di bank juga.

Tak boleh ke kerajaan beli mesin proses minyak untuk kegunaan rakyat sendiri. Juallah untuk rakyat dengan harga 90 sen seliter? Tak boleh ke ha? Ini minyak dari bumi kita sendiri. Selebihnya juallah kepada dunia mengikut harga pasaran semasa.

Alahai kenapa pula nak kena bayar untuk jalan, sekolah, hospital dan macam2 lagi. Beri sahajalah dengan percuma. Jangan terasa rugilah..

Rakyat sanggup bayar gaji rm1 juta ringgit sebulan kepada tiap2 orang menteri kabinet supaya mereka tidak rasa kecil hati rakyat dapat rm500 sebulan. Negara hanya habiskan rm1 billion sahaja sebulan untuk gaji ahli2 kabinet ini. Masih ada lagi berbillion lg kan? Rakyat tak dengki kalau anak beranak pak menteri nak berniaga secara jujur dan ikhlas. Berilah mereka peluang hidup selesa juga. Apa ertinya jadi kerabat pak menteri bergaji rm1 juta sebulan kalau adik beradik dia merempat.

Ini bukan cadangan bodoh. Ini cadangan paling jujur agar semua manusia yang memegang ic biru rasa bertuah dapat jadi rakyat di bumi bertuah yang sebenarnya sangat kaya raya. Tersangat2 banyak harta kekayaan di bumi malaysia ini.

Demikian ulasan bodoh dari rakyat bodoh.

Anonymous,  3 July 2015 at 07:53  

Augean, not Aegean.

Anonymous,  5 July 2015 at 10:21  

Hi All, what is this country called Malaysia coming to? The corrupt practices permeat all levels of government including the so-called MARA body. This corrupt practice of inflating the prices the government of Malaysia pays for properties and then the difference between the actual price asked and the inflated price is then funnel back to the seller is as old as the hill. It is the same with the Scorpene submarine case and someone had to die as a result of threatening to reveal it all. When the Opposition wins government, a near impossible task without the genuine desire of the rakyat to change, these culprits must be brought to account and given punitive sentences to act as an example to potential and future corrupt officials.
Especially, Najib Razak, who should specially given the same treatment given to all the other dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi. No mercy for such bastards.

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