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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 11 July 2015

How it will all end.

Several events took place which ought to give us comfort and hope, but they did not. Like they say, it’s too good to be true.
Consider for instance, the much ballyhooed action by the fab four. It was a sensational promotion of publicity. I was hoping to see more than what meets the eye.
The task force comprising 4 of the top leadership of democracy- supporting institutions has become a farce and the object of public cynicism and derision.
People are saying they went in not to uncover but to clean up house. So that at the end of the day, they can come out to say we did not see anything that is out of the ordinary. The PM is clean. NFA.
The conflicting statements by the AG and the IGP do no help save the situation. The other two come-alongs chose to remain quiet.
The problem is this. Every allegation is met with warnings, intimidation and the most common response of discrediting the messenger. Hence, instead of investigating the crime, the police are more interested in finding the person or persons who leaked information. The standard of thinking is the same as the UMNO operatives’ mind-set. 
If exposing a crime is considered criminal, then we have a government comprising of criminals. 
It’s the end of Najib.
You know when Najib is finished. When people like Musa Hitam is frustrated with him. Tun Musa as I know him is a staunch supporter of Najib. Najib even asked his advice on how to handle the old man. Musa has first-hand experience in dealing with the old man- aka the man who can walk on water.
By saying what he did, Musa differentiates himself with Shahrir Samad- his onetime protégé, now chief apologist for Najib. Many people say Shahrir is a faithful lieutenant of Musa. But on many occasions, Tun Musa told me- Shahrir would just get away from him refusing to listen to his explanations of grim realities of Malaysian politics. That’s the irrational part of Shahrir Samad. He hates Mahathir. He wants to defend Najib maybe because they are related.
Obviously shahrir prefers to stay in his own dream world where Najib is seen as the eternal provider of glad tidings. That’s a world where Najib is infallible. My response- like AR Tompel says- impossible!
People still don’t seem to understand. It’s the end for Najib. All he can do now is appear to be brave and collected. He is not brave. He cannot give a straight answer on 1MDB. He does not dare appear before parliament preferring instead to explain to a congregation of pliant UMNO division heads and division committee members. They came not to listen to Najib but were eager for him to end whatever explanation and just hand over the cash to them.
The retort that says the PM can’t be stupid to use government money or hes not that stupid to use the funds for private purposes. Until anyone can prove that he uses the money, then we will be well advised that no has accused him of doing so.
Like the Malays say- there’s no thunder and no rain, Najib rushed forward to say he did not use the funds for pirate private purposes. This exuberant response only served to confirm that the accounts cited by WSJ are indeed his and that money actually went into his account.
He cannot give a straight answer to say whether the accounts were his. All he is doing is huffing and puffing, to-ing and fro-ing.  His lawyers who is represented by the lawyer who will always strike last minute out of court settlements can’t even write a proper letter.
A legal firm which ( not who has, yes) has to ask what a potential adversary is saying and mean, must surely be a half past six legal firm. I would urge Najib to spare the people his melodramatic conduct and just leave office. You know, the signboard at many suraus and masjids that say, pray before you are being prayed for.
Sembahyanglah kamu sebelum kamu disembahyangkan. That’s what Musa Hitam’s advice that Najib go on leave mean.
So brada man- go on leave. Temporary then permanently. You better beware when you find your security details are changed. Suddenly you find yourself with new bodyguards and new scary security escort. That means the police are about to arrest you.


Unknown 11 July 2015 at 12:09  

But it is without doubt that Najib is stupid! He indirectly admitted that the accounts were his, and that the money did get remitted into his accounts when he proclaimed that the money was not used for "personal gain"! How much more do the Fantastic Four Stooges need in a confession?
A confession... and no reaction?
The issue that's unaddressed is, "Why is public money IN Najib's account"?
What it's for is not the question, in fact, that has not even been asked for, but Najib, in his haste and being his insecure self, blurted out that "he didn't use the money for personal gain", a reactionary response just like that of a small boy's when caught with his hand in the cookie jar, immediately blurting out justification to offset the transgression!
A poker player this guy is certainly not, yet makes a pretense at leading a nation, dreaming that he's a big fish in a small pond, when he's actually the small fry in a very large pond!
Just a little kid in a grown up body, living in a toy house.

Anonymous,  11 July 2015 at 12:22  


How can Najib kena tangkap.IGP,AG,Governor and MACC semua dia punya orang.

I would not be surprised if u Dato Sak KENA TANGKAP esok for doing nothing.

Shahrir Samad is useless because Najib give him many benefits.Shahrir samad is like


I would like to congratulate Deputy GOV Nurshamsiah Yunus,Shamsuddin Mahayiddin and


Malaysia Today said that they committed treason but the real people who committed

treason in this country is Najib,IGP,Governor,AG,MACC AND UMNO.

Jangan caya dengan ZETI.I am very sorry for ROYAL PROFEESOR UNGKU AZIZ,a man of


THEY ARE a lot of civil who is angry at Najib AND Umno and this will continue.


Anonymous,  11 July 2015 at 13:16  


The special task force is actually a "TASK FARCE". It is set up to find ways to clear Najib, that is the only term of reference of this task farce.

And, we would not accept a simple resignation from Najib. We want him to cough out ALL the money that he and his wife and cronies have stolen from Malaysia. That money is important for the future development of Malaysia and its people. For building a future Malaysia for people like the young law graduate, Zahra and many more Malaysian youths. These criminals MUST never be allowed to cut a deal to keep the money.

Once the money is returned, we want to see Najib and his wife serve the appropriate prison sentence.

Any ordinary person caught in this situation would have been punished according to the law, including jail terms. Najib and his wife should not be treated differently.

Anonymous,  11 July 2015 at 13:21  

Tuan, bagaimana rakyat hendak hormat dan percaya kepada institusi parlimen jika mereka yg mengubal dasar, undang-undang serta peraturan itu sendiri yg memijaknya?

Anonymous,  11 July 2015 at 13:27  

"All he is doing is huffing and puffing, to-ing and fro-ing."
And of late our beloved pm has been dishing out religious utterances in spades.....
"PM: Perform religious duties beyond Ramadan"
Putrajay policies will be quranic-based
"Hentikan fitnah, bla-bla

My, he going strong on these preachings.

ZakiahSaffiya 11 July 2015 at 13:30  

Ambank conventional fd rate = 3.35%/annum. rm2.6 billion will earn rm87.1m per annum / rm238,630 per day / rm9,942 per hour / rm165 per minute / rm2.76 per sec.......

Firestone 11 July 2015 at 16:10  

Dato Sak... if you remember some years back, a money-changer was caught and charged for money-laundering RM10 million to UK? That was announced by Bank Negara Malaysia. The money was alleged to have belonged to the Menteri Besar of NS.... the money-changer was fined heavily and his money-changing licence was revoked.

But why MB of NS still MB of NS today?

Mns 11 July 2015 at 19:08  

MT UMNO dianggotai oleh orang MELAYU beragama ISLAM, adakah hati mereka telah dibekukan sehingga seorang pun tidak curiga dgn Najib. Saya rasa sangsi adakah mereka pun terlibat sama. Tidak ada seorang pun membuat cadangan supaya Najib ambil cuti semasa siasatan dilakukan. Siasatan tidak akan telus jika Najib masih bertugas walaupun dikatakan telus.
Jika begini tidak guna kita mempunyai MT UMNO yang ramai hanya ikut saja apa PM cakap walaupun ada keraguan yg boleh dipersoalkan.
Kita sebagai ahli UMNO hendak mereka berbahas dan berbincang kenapa ini belaku.
Data data d dlm komputer boleh d ubah dan pinda jika siasatan d lambatkan.
Kita tidak percaya dgn WSJ tetapi akuan milik PM wajib disiasat utk membersihkan nama PM kita.
Masa untuk semak akaun PM boleh d ambil dlm masa 10 minit saja. Itu pun susah ke...

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 04:58  

Shariff, MT UMNO semuanya nak jaga periuk nasi....itu pun hang tak tahu ke?

hoffmeister 12 July 2015 at 08:46  

Dato' Sak...

Now I really understand what "menegakkan benang basah" means... Wishing you and family Ramada Kareem and an early Eid Mubarak!

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