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Monday 6 July 2015

A Government That Betrays Trust must prove its innocence.

 leaders who betray Trust Must Gulung Tikar!

The AG told the nation the offices of SRC have been raided. Which one- SRC International Sb, ihsan Perdana Sb, Gandingan Mentari Sb? All of them?

Strange, none of the mainstream newspapers covered the raid. Why? No one told them like the arrest of Justo in Thailand? By the way, my sources say- no one media from Malaysia were allowed to see Justo. No media people from Malaysia were allowed to interview Justo. So the pictures about the arrest were borrowed and touched upon. Same like being tampered.

We ask for proof in the form of pictures. Has anyone thought about the possibility of the statement being issued by the AG is to calm people and placate anger?

Where’s the beef? How come the ever vigilant press wasn’t around?  So I wouldn’t rush to hail the action claimed.

No rush on AMbank? Bank Negara? The raid if ever took place, isn’t complete without covering Ambank and Bank Negara. Who took part? PDRM, SPRM, AG, Auditor General’s Office, UTK in ski masks? There’s no tweet from the IGP? Horrors!

I am not sure if raids were actually carrried out on the offices related to SRC. 
The USD700million.
In view of the absence of solid evidence, we must assume that in the month of March 2013, RM2.6 billion were transferred into the PM’s personal account at AMbank. The huge fund was subsequently used to finance BN’s elections.

The question then, what is the status of seats won?

They were won using money. That’s how UMNO won many of its seats anyway. Money was used to pay candidates, bribed voters and maybe greased officials. That would make the government of Najib a government funded by bribery. 
In the outlying polling stations where opposition parties do not have the resources to oversee polling, they have to depend on the officials placed there by the EC. These people can be paid to count every vote as that casted for BN.

Morally this would make Najib’s government an illegitimate government. It also confirms that the Najib government is a corrupt government. Yet, with all the money, BN could not win the popular votes. It won on technicalities. This fact seemed to be lost on the cocky BN legislators. They do not represent the majority of voters in Malaysia.

The government has to cede to the wishes of the people.
Why must the government prove its innocence?  For that is what Najib represents, the government. Because the people demand it. 
In my mind, we cannot look at the nature of the relation between a government and its people from a purely legalistic point of view. The views of lawyers such as Salleh Said Keruak are not always illuminating; in fact they are mostly misleading.

The nature of the relationship between the government and its people is founded on trust. Trust involves, as Fukuyama explained, reciprocity. 
The people elect the government, places their belief in the government, obeys the laws the government makes- expecting as a matter of fact, in return, the government conducts itself rightfully and justly to justify the trust forged between them. Now, when the government does wrongful acts, these destroy the trust built. In order to regain the trust, the government must restore and make good by cleansing itself.

That is the fundamental reason why in this case, Najib representing the government, must prove his innocence.

Unless of course, Najib is prosecuted as an individual where the conventional treatment of accused and prosecution is used; he will be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The government stands before the court of public opinion. Its must prove itself innocent of the wrongful conduct. It is now the people who demand the state prove its innocence.

The court of the people representing the nation enjoys a higher level of rights. It has the moral right to demand the government proves its innocence not dissimilar to the people’s right of recall. The people has the overriding right to recall the government at any anytime and does not have to wait until the government which is accused of wrongful conduct, runs it full tenure.

So Najib cannot use the argument that because he is democratically elected and therefore can only be removed through elections, forgets that the people always has the right of recall at any time. The President of the USA can be impeached and removed at any time even if his tenure subsists.


Anonymous,  6 July 2015 at 17:37  

Regarding this USD700 million scandal, WHAT IF, the news that the WSJ,SR, published has been based on fake information provided by the so called Malaysian investigation authority with the aim of trapping the opposition leaders into accusing the PM wrongly and hence action can later be taken through the court to make them disqualify to stand for the 14th GE.

Hope I am wrong though.

bruno 6 July 2015 at 20:06  

The AG said what?

The money allegedly wired to Najib's account happened in 2013 before GE13th.The money already came and gone after two years and the AG wants to raid offices and investigate now.Who this fool trying to kid.Hundreds of millions cannot be moved around without attracting the attention of Bank Negara,IRS,MACC and of course the sleepyhead AG.Even hundreds of thousands cannot moved around like a tikus without catching any attention.

Does this meant to say that the Malaysian CENTRAL BANK,IRS,MACC,AG OFFICE,BUKIT AMAN,SPECIAL BRANCH,MILITARY INTELLIGENCE,and PDRM have been sleeping all this time.Or do they need the attitude of the IGP who needs a police report before he can start twittering his men into action?

If the latest allegations are true,then the whole cabinet and many heads of government institutions will have to go too.So who is going to govern the country if there is no more ministers in the cabinet?

Edward.abbey 6 July 2015 at 20:20  

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

Anonymous,  6 July 2015 at 21:39  

A comment fromthe post in

Anonymous6 July 2015 at 15:39
AmBank significant events.
March 21st 2013. CheatKor AmBank account received a deposit of USD620millions.
March 22nd 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad reported to Bank Negara Ma laysia that a significant amount of money was deposited into CheatKor personal account.
March 25th 2013. CheatKor AmBank account received a deposit of USD60millions.
March 26th 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad reported to Bank Negara Malaysia that a significant amount of money was deposited into CheatKor personal account.
May 5th 2013. Malaysia General Election.
Every Month AmBank repoted to BNM that sinificant amount of money was withdrawn from the CheatKor account.
28th July 2013. AmBank founder went to file a police report on the matter above due to BNM non action. 29th July 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad was shot dead in a car park.
30th Aug 2013. All CheatKor accounts in AmBank was closed and money transfer overseas.
Sept 2013. At AmBank all IT department heads was sack and replace

Seems like Zeti is involved!

mangku bumi 6 July 2015 at 22:36  

Betul atau salah lain cerita...soalnya performence nya sampai hari ni agak mengecewakan...

Unknown 6 July 2015 at 23:37  

Media yang mengambil pendekatan munafik akan menjadi rujukan dan tumpuan para munafik dan musuh Islam jua..

bruno 7 July 2015 at 01:00  

Nazri and now Jibby's brother is going to advise him not to sue the WSJ.

Okay,maybe these guys do know something.They are not called insiders for nothing.Since it is the right of the innocent party to sue,it is also their right not to sue.That is if they have something to hide.

Okay,assuming that the alleged money did find it's way into Najib's bank account.Najib has said that he did not used the money for his personal benefits.So,we have to give Najib the benefit of doubt,that he did not used the money for personal uses.But the money is gone,every last single cent.Used up for GE13th?Can?Boleh lah?And we are know that Najib is not brave enough to decide on USD700 million alone.So he decides to hold a cabinet meeting with his ministers and Umno warlords,and all agreed to use 1MDB's money.

Since 2013,the money was in Najib's personal account.Nobody from the cabinet said anything.Not a sound from Bank Negara,IRS,Bukit Aman or anybody else.So if those in the know have no complains,then is it right to say that they are all into this together?So if Najib wears blue striped pajamas,is it fair to say that his partners in crime need all do the same?Surely no special treatments or special preferences for anybody?Right?

bruno 7 July 2015 at 05:38  

Najib's inner circle of confidantes have their tails between their legs,even before the bell for the 1st round rang.Samseng Nazri and Jibby's younger brother have raised the white flag.The mention of sueing the WSJ into submission have them wetting their pants.Why so very afraid of the WSJ.It is only an orang putih financial daily.Of course they have a reputation of a responsible publication.But they could also be playing poker too.As long as the cards are face down,how do we know that they are not bluffing?Maybe makan chilli mesti pedas lah.

In this case,keeping quite is no longer an option.But,Najib and his people are still quite as a church mouse.If they behave in this cowardly manner,there is no more hope of this useless gang giving the WSJ a run for their money.It is better this cowardly gang take off their pants and head for the hills stark naked.It is a shameless cowardly act of not giving out a good fight and going off with a big bang.Shame,real f*cking shame.

Anonymous,  7 July 2015 at 05:55  

Adik Najib, Nizam Ingat kalau Bersuara sekarang bermakna Harta dan Nyawa Dia akan Selamat bila Rakyat yang Marah dan Lapar datang cari ketua2 Kroni UMNO-BN yang sudah Bankruptkan Malaysia.... Jangan ingat rakyat yang duit hilang kerana Malaysia Bankrupt dan Bank2 Malaysia runtuh macam kat Greece, akan duduk managis dan termenung aje.....Mereka datang cari nyawa ketua IS UMNO-BN!!

Tinta Hitam,  7 July 2015 at 14:27  

Siapakah yg sebenarnya bersalah? Jawapan saya ialah majoriti bangsa melayu+bumiputerayg menyokong BN pd PRU13 dulu..Kaum ini sebenarnya korup,tu sbb sgt mengundi parti yg korup.Bagi beras 5 kilo,minyak masak setengah kilo,habis hati sgt lah dgn sogokan sebegitu.FGV rugi takpa,wang 1MDB kena rembat takpa,kos hidupnaik takpa asalkan dapat beras murah 5kg yg diberi 5 thn sekali..Bila saya melihat skandal ini saya tidak bygkan mereka yg terlibat.Saya bygkan pengundi dikampung dan felda .Mereka lah golongan yg sebrnarnya bersalah dan.mereka tidak akan terlepas dari kesalahan ini.

bruno 7 July 2015 at 23:23  

It is always good to be the the Prime Minister of Malaysia.The Malaysian Prime Minister is considered one of the most powerful of all the PM's of this small planet.

The Malaysian PM have all the public institutions under his thumb.In other words he is the boss of all the bosses.

Now that his critics and enemies have him on the defensive,he is getting on the offensive.And what better ways to shore up one's defend than going back to the hinterlands.That is what Najib is trying to do.Going back to his father's territory.And what better ways to do it than by bringing truckloads of suitcases of cash to the Felda settlers.

Unknown 8 July 2015 at 19:19  

Let's cut all this crap and get straight to the chase.
Bottom line, Malays are corruptible! They are easily appeased with a "kain pelikat" and a "kain batek"! Just those were what it took UMNO BARU to have the Malays hand the Government over to them!
And Malay concensus will remain with Najib with some more 5-kilo rice bags and a few spoonfuls of cooking oil!
And so UMNO BARU remains invincible, perpetually shored up by well-trained hordes of stupid and corruptible Malays. And they will wear this label gladly into the future, borned out of the 'fear' of the "mata sepet" Chinese mentality that has been drummed into their hollow skulls by their "ever caring and ever defending Big Brother", shitty UMNO BARU!
This is the crux that has brought us our current state! And many a Chinese isn't helping to eradicate this perception either! Looking down on and talking down to the Malays will only compound the perception. The Chinese have got to accept the Malays and their insecurities for what they are and help them debunk that belief! Sometimes, there is no other way!
Maybe then, a change in mindset will emerge to help us get to that yet so far elusive oneness and a better Malaysia for our future generations.

Unknown 10 July 2015 at 00:43  

That's twice he played the coward. And we ...

Anonymous,  10 July 2015 at 10:30  

Agak mengecewakan je?

Anonymous,  10 July 2015 at 11:41  

In a parliamentary democracy, the House of Representatives has the right to elect or sack a PM. Simple. The people elected Najib as a mere MP. If Najib loses the confidence of the House, someone else who commands its confidence must be called upon to form the government OR new elections are called instead.

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