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Wednesday 8 July 2015

The Sorry State of the Nation.

The tightening noose.
A few words about the noose that is tightening around PM Najib’s neck. The noose of course is the 1MDB issue. It is now at the stage where money actually flowed from business surrounding or originating with 1MDB, through various stages to finally go into Najibs’ personal accounts.

Today we learn that 6 accounts were frozen and 3 of those belonged to Najib. The IGP, MACC, AG and BNM signed documents to have the banks accounts frozen. Najib can’t suspend all of them.

At the end of the day, these servants to the government cannot fend off the demand by the people. They must eventually surrender to the wishes of the people. As I have said in my earlier article, when a government betrays its trust, it has to prove itself innocent. How? by carrying out acts of redemption. The court of public opinion is not the same as the legal court.

I am glad Saleh Said Keruak responded to the article. I assume he meant the article that appeared in Free Malaysia Today which published a version of my article. 
Obviously he did not read my original article in my blog preferring instead to read the version done by FMT. I am not responsible for that. In my own blog, I reasoned out the circumstances whereby, the government must prove its innocence.  

I say it again, in the court of public opinion, the government must prove it is innocent. Any person out there, will hold the government guilty of a wrong until the government proves otherwise. That is the only time the common man gets even with big and powerful government.  Public opinion is that which keeps the government on an even keel.

But even in a court of law, what’s so strange about reversing the protocol? In French courts, the accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Let the public adopt this attitude. Then the government, any government will know they cannot play play. 

Yes Najib will bring hari raya goodies- first to Pekan.

He has always done that. That is his 'creative' way of solving problems. I am no longer interested to write on his version of pork barrel politics. The people, the Malays especially must have an open mind.

Looks that Najb has can be deceptive. He can appear before the surau congregation and the gathering before breaking fast with a nonplussed demeanor to gain support. That is to his credit. 
But I am asking the people, especially those in Pekan to also act equally stoical by not giving in to Najib’s pretensions. 
He has done a great wrong to the country.Indeed since assuming the office of PM since 2009, what has he accomplished really?

We have made him PM and then he became Finance Minister which caused the man to think he is invincible. More so when he is surrounded as one former finance minister said to me- by a bunch of stupid people.

These stupid people talk down on people because of their position and with the aura of officiousness surrounding them. Neither they nor Najib can arouse conviction in people.  They all become cocky and bullying.

He became greedy. He thinks he can do anything without any censorship on his actions.

An open mind means to accept that the PM is a mortal man capable of doing bad things.  He is greedy and thinks he is unassailable. The freeze on his account shows he is a normal person.

Number two, the people must be open minded enough that when a PM is found guilty he can be sent to jail.

In the past, the late Dato Harun Idris, a powerful politician, ex chief minister and Youth Chief plus ex-officio vice president of UMNO and leader was sent to jail. Anwar Ibrahim a former deputy PM was sent to jail. It’s a progression; after DPM, the PM can also be jailed. Get used to this idea.

When and if he is sent to jail, the Malays do not have to throw themselves on the highways and roads and fight for this man. Accept the possibility of sending him to jail as an object lesson to future PMs. If they commit crimes, they can be sent to jail.

If the crimes committed are the most heinous and gravest such as murder, then even if the perpetrator was once a PM he can be sentenced to the severest of punishment the courts think fit.   

The thieving minds do not understand.

The people with thieving minds still cannot get it. A wrong, corrected after the fact, does not render it annulled. For example, if you buy a property on behalf of MARA for RM100 million, when the actual cost is RM60 million, you have embezzled and stolen money. You are a thief. You have committed theft.

Now, if the price of the property appreciates by 45% to become RM145 million, you have made a profit of RM45 million which also covers the RM40 million you stole. The correction by way of a 45% appreciation covers up your theft as a result of fortuitous market conditions, but does not cancel out the theft. The act of thievery remains.

For to accept the narrative given by the minister in charge of MARA would mean that, every agent acting on behalf of the government can steal money in this way and hope the property market will cover up the theft and he or she is forgiven.

So, it’s not open to Shafie Apdal to now say, never mind if my officers took away RM40 million, that theft is now recovered because the property has appreciated by 45%. This is the kind of weak reasoning you get from a person defending an indefensible wrong.

Similarly when Isa Samad bought properties in the UK on behalf of FGV at an inflated price. The inflated portion represented the sum embezzled. When the price of the property later appreciated as a result of again, fortuitous market development, the embezzlement still remains a wrong.People will just tiu you.

In the case of government’s money (because it all started as 1MDB) being laundered through a few stages to finally end up in Najib’s account, a crime has already been committed. It’s not cancelled out, later when the accused in this case, the PM says the money wasn’t used for private purposes. That is irrelevant. It does not matter because a wrong has been committed ab initio.


bruno 8 July 2015 at 06:59  

These last few months,Malaysia has had so many gates.First we have 1MDBgate,FGVgate,MARAgate and now NAJIBgate.Eventually we will have BNgate,because BN has failed to take action against money laundering by big fishes from Putrajaya.

It is a very sad day for Malaysia to be brought to it's knees by greedy politicians.Najib will not be the last of the big fishes to be caught.He was over confident and got sloppy in the end.

But all said and done,all the allegations towards Najib have to be proven that he is indeed guilty of all charges.My assumptions of the above are that Najib is guilty in the court of public opinion and public perception,till the courts prove him innocent.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 07:05  

Dato, don't forget the murder of Altantunya. Remember, later the immigration records showed no such person entered the country., meaning records can disappear. So, how sure are you that records seized won't disappear and things done can be undone and who is to verify the records other then the bodies entrusted to freeze them now. I am still sceptical that anything would come out of this. All you know the operation in motion is to straighten the 'crooked' accounts.

bruno 8 July 2015 at 08:05  

The sorry state of the nation will soon become the "sick old man of Asia".

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 08:16  

BNM, MACC, PDRM and AG have finally decided to "act together" (four against 1) because they believe that Najib is finished. They have no choice as covering it up would let Najib drag them along to prison. This 1 Malaysia Declare Bankrupt fiasco cannot to be covered up anymore - the worms have all crawled out in the open and gone pandemic internationally.

It is not surprising that UMNO leaders are all quiet (some even try to defend Najib) over this 1MDB embezzlement simply because they also received part of the loot. The whole UMNO hierarchy is corrupt to the core and they are aptly called the Pirates of Putrajaya.

The people involved in the 1MDB cover-up (Finance Ministry, 1MDB and others) are now shivering. They deserved what they are going to get.

This 1MDB exposure is only the beginning and I expect more scandals (some are grievous crimes)to be exposed which will sink the pirate ship for good. I guess Malaysia have to build more prisons to cater for these special DUMNOputras inmates.

Hadi & co will then have to turn their sails back to Kelantan and stay there for good.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 08:17  

By now, if there is any mistake in WSJ's repotting, the whole gang comprising these 4 big guard dogs would have come down like tons of bricks on WSJ, flanking Najib in an international press conference.
Instead, they have taken enforcement actions like seizing more documents and freezing of bank accounts.
AND YET, there are still many idiots who are giving reasons bordering on insanity to "defend " the culprit, and these are not limited to UMNO big guns only, but also include PAS's Hadi and Haron Din.
This is sad, real sad.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 08:49  

Again and again Malaysian politicians, in this case, Najib and cohorts, have proven that absolute power corrupts absolutely. GE14 voters must understand this and vote to give bigger bites to the opposition like DAP and PKR.

If everytime a corrupt action is done on a property deal with the expectation that rising values will cover the embezzled amount, then every property transaction carried out by Putrajaya and its agencies are already suspect. Even the "clean" ones are tarnished by the black brush.

WSJ has reported that the specific accounts in their expose are not the ones frozen by the task force? If this is true, is there going to be another white-wash? Getting "clean" accounts frozen and then later declaring that no fraud has been found? We demand that the task force explain this, especially Bank Negara and Zeti who have lots to explain.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 10:30  

Interesting! All these thievery, murder and corruption are being committed by the very same people who claim to be defenders of their religion, who only consume halal food, raid churches to protect their religion, seize Bible and bar other from calling God Allah.
They impose dress code. Arrest people for not fasting or close proximity.
They build their places of worship for million of ringgit and tell the people how they glorify the greatness of their religion.
On yes, and they give lofty sermons and act like prophets who talk about purity, morality and righteousness.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 11:50  

Well said Dato, well said. Thievery by those in power is now considered a norm by too many stupid people. They think it's their birthright and we Malaysians have to just accept it. They are now so blatant as Najib has demonstrated by openly displaying their arrogance and disdain towards the rakyat. It's like they are throwing a challenge to us to bring them to justice if we dare. The good thing about 1MDB debacle, if it can be described like so, is that it opened up the BN cupboard of skeletons which showed how complaints and greedy BN legislators and top civil servants are. Hopefully, it also encourages us to make a concerted effort to change the government with a better one truly dedicated to the welfare of all Malaysians.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 12:49  

Salam Dato'

Soalan yang selama ini berlegar, dimana duit itu pergi, sudah terjawap. Dan nampak macam dah tahu jawapan oleh Dr M bila dia bertanya. Kah kah kah

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 19:12  

You should do more reading. Altantuya had several passports using various names.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 23:09  

IGP and the A-G has already "confirmed" that the documents released by WSJ are genuine because they now want to find the parties responsible for leaking them.
If the documents were not genuine, wouldn't they have blared it out by now, and PM would have already sent his lawyers letter to sue WSJ right and left.
Look at how evasive PM's answers are, left and right, back and front, but never straight to the point - which is, do the account numbers belong to Najib?

It also seems strange that the CIMB Islamic Bank chief executive officer Badlisyah Abdul Ghani attacked WSJ for falling prey to "fraudulent" documents by a hasty inaccurate analysis of the swift codes and address, and now he has admitted he was wrong and has to eat his words. In the first place, why did he suddenly jump into the fracas? Something or someone poked him? And as CEO, he had no business interfering.

Anonymous,  8 July 2015 at 23:55  

Najib's accounts not frozen - what kind of Special Task Force? Who appoints them?? Bank Negara is also in the wrong in this 2013 money movement.

Anonymous,  9 July 2015 at 10:19  

"Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said the scope of the special task force investigating The Wall Street Journal's claims against him, were whether he used 1MDB funds for his personal interest."

How can the suspect dictates terms to the task force investigating him (PM).
That is why Najib must take leave of absence or resign from his PM post immediately in order not to invalidate the integrity of the task force.
What are the 4 Tan Sris on the task force doing? Why are they not "advising" Najib to leave?

The task force must investigate why the funds were deposited in Najib's personal accounts in the first place. There is already no question about this, that the funds were deposited in his personal accounts.

If they were deposited mistakenly by the bank, why didn’t he inform the bank immediately to rectify the mistake?

Otherwise, he is fully aware of the deposits and he must explain specifically where the funds came from. Till now he has not provided any information on these funds.

Isn’t this not an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering Act? His claim that no funds were used for personal gain is totally irrelevant.

Najib, please answer this simple question first: Did the money go into your account? Yes or no? Why do you keep saying "no money was used for your personal gain?" YOu have never denied that the money was deposited into your private accounts.

No one has accused directly him of using the money as if it was his, and/or for his benefit. Thirdly, who did the money belong to and what was it used for, and by whom?

Why was the funds transferred into Najib's personal accounts if it was not for his use?

Why did Bank Negara not do anything about such huge transfers since 2013?

Anonymous,  9 July 2015 at 12:11  

Orang kampung tak dapat bayangkan berapa banyak wang 2.6 billion.
Cuba bayangkan macam ni, jika akaun bank ada 2.6 billion.
Pemilik boleh keluarkan RM 10,000.00 SEHARI, selama 712 tahun.

Anonymous,  9 July 2015 at 13:11  

Same show....everyday for 60 the end of it Sirul the Altantuya Murderer still manage to get bail and escape to Australia....goes to show Malaysia Must be Crushed Economically ...and Disbanded as Malaysia!!

Anonymous,  9 July 2015 at 13:40  

Never mind lah! Forgive Najib. Just ask him to give back all the money (not just US$700 million. He did not use the it must be somewhere. If he hasn't got it all, he can ask UMNO billionaires and millionaires for a donation to put bak all the money. Then we can forget everything. Even let him retire. He is a "Malay Muslim" PM - different from being a plain PM. He will no doubt want to protect the good name of Islam during this holy month.

Firestone 9 July 2015 at 16:01  

The twist is here again...

Now the Gang of Four ie the MACC Chief, Bank Negara Governor, Attorney General and the IGP have said their scope of responsible is only to check that the Prime Minister did not use any of the funds for his personal gains! What the fish! They were supposed to find out if the WSJ allegations were true and the WSJ allegations were very clear and precise - did the money flow into bank accounts belonging to the Prime Minister...

So why are they now saying that they are only checking to see if the PM had used the money for personal gains....

And why is the PM making a statement about the role and scope of the Gang of Four? Isn't this so-called Special Task Force formed as an independent panel and decides on its own the scope of responsibility? Why is the target of investigation decide for the investigators what they can and cannot do?

Firestone 9 July 2015 at 16:06  

On Monday, an official statement from the Special Task Force announced that 6 bank accounts were frozen and 3 of these belonged to the PM Najib Razak

On Monday itself some bloggers and Twitter members asked aloud how could accounts which WSJ claimed have been closed be frozen? No logic whatsoever....

WSJ made a mention on Wednesday that the 3 accounts were different and not the same as the accounts mentioned in the WSJ report..

Then yesterday, Attorney-General said none of these 6 accounts belonged to Najib Razak... and they were not frozen...

What the fish is going on, Dato?

Navi 10 July 2015 at 09:46  

Dato, I cannot fathom the gall of the PM and his cabinet in denying the obvious. The PM has indirectly agreed that such a sum of money had been baked into his personal & private account. What difference does it make if it was for his personal use or used by UMNO to win elections?Are all these BN MPs' closing their eyes and playing deaf just to stay on in power or their palms too have been greased with the billions received. Shooting Najib would mean that the whole BN ship would sink with the Captain. Save the captain and the BN chappies have a fair chance of staying afloat.

Anonymous,  10 July 2015 at 13:41  

Today from Mahfuz Omar PAS MP:

Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar has been urged to step down from the special task force investigating the 1MDB scandal, in the interest of preserving impartiality.

This, said PAS Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar, arises because the IGP has called to investigate US financial daily The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for unauthorised access to information.

“The IGP’s statement that the police will investigate whoever had leaked the information and how WSJ had obtained it, does not help to rescue our country’s reputation,” said Mahfuz according to an article in PAS’ official Facebook today.

"The IGP is in fact worsening the country's image and increases the distrust the international community has towards Malaysia, when the police that are supposed to protect the interests of the people and the country are seen trying to protect the crimes allegedly committed by the heads of state,” he was quoted saying.

Earlier yesterday from PAS Deputy President:

PAS said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was wrong when explaining the scope of the special task force set up to investigate claims that funds had been channelled into his personal accounts.

Party deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that by doing so, Najib as the person accused in the probe had invited the perception that the special task force was not an independent entity.

"He made a mistake when he himself explained the scope of the investigations of the special task force.

"His statement invites the perception that the special task force is not independent, under orders or reporting the investigations to him... This is not right and not good for Najib's efforts in clearing his name.

"This action is even worse than the fact that the four individuals heading the probe – Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chairman Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed and Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz – are working under him," the PAS leader said in a statement.

He said that PAS once again urged Najib to go on leave pending investigations, to ensure that the probe currently underway would be seen as "clean".

And now from The Straits Times Singapore :
Datuk Seri Najib Razak owes a duty to Malaysians to unequivocally disprove allegations of corruption against him and must not leave this to investigators probing 1Malaysia Development Bhd, said Singapore’s Business Times today.

In an opinion piece on the current scandal gripping Malaysia, the business daily said that while 1MB could allow investigations into the firm to take their course, Najib does not have the luxury of waiting for — as he last night proclaimed — “the truth to emerge in the end”.
“More than any other high office in the country, it is the top executive who owes his duty and loyalty — and the truth — to the Malaysian people.

“Unlike troubled 1Malaysia Development Bhd and the characters at the centre of the controversy who are not answerable to the people and whose fate lies squarely on the outcome of an ongoing probe, Mr Najib should be held to a higher standard,” said the Business Times.
- See more at:

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