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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 12 July 2015

Reporting On The Prime MInister

Consider the following. If the task force produces a report, where will it submit it to? To whom will it submit the report? Most likely to the PMO and to the PM.
Let’s not be made silly fools by our PM and the government. Let’s adopt the Napoleonic Code and hold these people who hold power, in the court of public opinion, guilty until they proved themselves innocent. This is the only way we keep them in check and balance.
Answer this. Will the PM approve a report that wrongs him? He will call the 4 individuals and tell then. Mr IGP-here’s a file on you. It’s a thick one. Mr AG you have accumulated so much money. MRS Governor, your husband has been investigated for quite some time and we have these things on him. Mr MACC, these are reports on you and your staff.
These are not necessarily true but are highly possible. Regulatory capture, the theory that explains the hows and whys  any person who has power to regulate, if given a chance, will try to capture some benefits immediately or in future, will do so.
The theory says, it’s possible for the men and women of the highest standard of integrity to do strange things. And these 4 people are of people with the highest integrity in our nation.
When the PM says that, will the 4 people, all with skeletons in the cupboard and beholden to Najib and staying in office at the pleasure of Najib report anything but only that which clears Najib?  Make me appear pristine he says.
The PM says he is confident that the task force will clear him. The DPM, who was just a few weeks ago was all fire and brimstone urging investigation into the Accountsgate scandal, has turned into a pussy cat declaring that he too, is confident in the task force.
Do you think, these people will produce a report and meet up Muhyidin first? Muhyidin then summons enough courage to see the PM and say- look here man- this is a most damning Report which gives you no other choice but to leave office. The PM will merely answer- I haven’t seen the report myself so how can I verify what you say is true? 
What about you yourself. You seek equity, but you must come with clean hands. I see your hands are as black as mine.
Then Muhyidin will beat a hasty retreat with his tails in between his legs.
We just can’t trust the PM and his cabal of ministers.
How can some improprieties directed at a sitting Prime Minister be met up with an insistence that he remain in office while investigations are carried out? He will impede investigation and will use all resources available to defeat the investigations.
Any self-respecting leader with a higher standard of propriety and probity than the ordinary person ought to take leave and allow investigation to take place. The PM can’t be expected to operate on the standard of probity belonging to that of a fishmonger at Pasar Selayang! He is the PM.
USD700 million is a huge sum of money. RM42 million is a big sum of money. There are issues of possible CBT and money laundering involved here. These are grave wrongs.
A leader with strict moral code will resign on lesser wrongs. Mark Harper the cabinet member in UK resigned when he was discovered to have employed an illegal immigrant. Another cabinet member, Chris Huhne resigned for dodging speed limits. Another minister, Denis Macshane resigned for having knowingly submitted numerous false expense claims over a three year period. He was a former Minister for Europe who resigned after the Standards and Privileges Committee concluded he had knowingly submitted 19 false invoices that were “plainly intended to deceive” Parliament's expenses authority.
These non-Muslims are behaving in a more exemplary manner than the PM, whom one former finance minister described as utterly devoid of shame and moral standards.
Here the PM not only refuses to step down and allow investigation but constitute a task force mandating them to probably clean up all evidence linking him with any impropriety.
So we tell the PM and the DPM- unfortunately we shall suspend our judgment on the task farce force.


Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 09:54  

Dato', with respect, we don't live in a country like the UK and the like. Malaysia is a third world country and we never had the "tradition", as it were, of having our politicians resign from office when they have discovered to have committed wrongdoings. From recent memory, I think the only few such people who have done that in Malaysia are Chua Soi Lek and that CEO of the MRT construction conglomerate (I could be wrong though).

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 11:43  


I am very very sad reading the gross abuse of authority in Malaysia. I grew up in Malaysia, still cherished my childhood days. My father was in the police force, highly qualified (Matriculation) in the 50s, he was better off being politician then, alas not given a chance, I had read his complaints about the corruption in Police force, his letters to the OCPD, IGP were never entertained, it was corrupt then, but still functional, but mostly it was about the gross abuse of power by Police Inspectors etc, I guess that was where the corruption was at that time, but now, it looks like it is right up to the IGP.

No learned person will accept that the person being investigated will ultimately be the person who receives the investigation report to be vetted. How any member of parliament can accept this is beyond my comprehension. The world must be laughing at us. It this for REAL? Asking a cat to guard fish!

This only means one thing, we have a dysfunctional Government, any change in leadership of the present Govt is not going to improve anything.

We really need a new Govt, a new coalition, and a new political system in Place. In Thailand, the King took an active role to reset the whole democracy to ensure that politicians don't bugger up the country. I wish in Malaysia the same would happen.

It also saddens to think that certain Sultans still like to create fear mongering about Malays fighting Malays which will result in loss of power. A better statement would have been that we need Good Malays, we already have the power, we are not going to loose it, the constitution guarantees that. Looks like corruption goes all the way...

The problems with the corrupt Chinese is that they know they cannot continue to make money if the kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, it is still wrong to be corrupt but they know very well that you have to keep the goose alive.

The problem with the Malay corruption is that the want to slaugther the goose to get all the eggs out in one go. At the end there will be no goose and no eggs, what to do then, blame the other races.

The only way to improve Malaysia is to change the Government, period.

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 11:56  

In the end, we the Rakyat will decide in the next GE and will insist on the firing squad for the wrongdoers and those who help to cover up the wrongs.

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 11:59  

.....demikianlah, bagaimana tanggapan agama Islam dipandang rendah adalah disebabkan mempunyai penganut yang berakhlak rendah.....

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 12:40  

We have leaders with all hopeless characters not worth even one cent. These corrupted leaders are untouchable because no law can be enforced against them without their consent .Only intelligent persons can think intelligently but we have hopeless and useless and corrupted leaders.
They we appointed by 2000 plus UMNO members which have been bribed so what choice do we have .Lets boycott all their functions so that they know they are no longer needed.These leaders if you study in details all have problem and the worst part they were elected by the malays in traditional villages who knows nothing about politics .
If we can dissolve UMNO branches this may make them shaken but which UMNO branch can initiate this....all umno branch chairman have certain benifits where they will never support any move to discredit or motion to offend Najib...

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 12:57  

Dato, your predictions will come true.

In the Altatunya case everyone connected from Shafee Abdullah, AG, IGP, CJ, Trial Judge, defense lawyers UM, NST, TV3 was to make sure Najib and Rosmah are not implicated otherwise where in the world can you find the following circus to coverup these two:-
1. Judge ruled murder motives important but not relevant
2. Direct boss of UTKs/murderers, Musa Safri not called
3. Razak Baginda's acquital not appealed by AG
4. Both AG and defense lawyers were united to protest at the mention of Najib, Rosmah or government of Malaysia during the trial or even after the trial as
until today Sirul's lawyers, most probably appointed by Shafee Abdullah and dictated by Shafee Abdullah to protect Najib and Rosmah has agressively denied any Sirul's slip of tongue from Australia about who ordered him to kill Altantuya. Remember, Zul Nordin resigned as Sirul's first lawyer bacuse he did not liked being asked to follow a game plan scripted by others on how to defend Sirul in court
5. Who paid Bala to change his first SD implicating Najib and Altantuya then change story and immediately left the country? Came back, start talking soon after dead, heart attack.. too convenient?
6. Deepak start talking about Bala, Rosmah and Najib's role... suddenly Boustead agreed to buy him out and we now heard Hassan Malik under someone's instruction has agreed to extend gold VIP treatment and good deals for Deepak's loan with Bank Rakyat. When Deepak cough BIJAN and BLACK ROSE, someone quickly pay him to shut up. We will wait for Deepak's next cough when money's dried up or he's gone stiff, whichever comes first!
7. Somebody should connect to Sirul and Azilah backdoor without their lawyers, they can be millionaire quick if they know how to squeal ala Deepak especially Sirul who is protected in Australia.

You are right Dato, this is the state of our country when the PM is on the verge of criminal acts he can be blackmailed easily and for him cash is king to buy out support and "silence".

So it is no rocket science, when Shafee Abdullah once sounded DSAI can be impeached as a sitting Ketua Pembankang because of moral grounds, likewise Najib can be impeached as PM on criminal grounds.

Anonymous,  12 July 2015 at 15:23  

Dato, please do not insult the fishmonger from Selayang. He may be poorer than Najib but he makes an honest living, unlike Najib.

And you should also draw comparison with the samurai days in Japan or even the Japanese troops durng WW2.

Donplaypuks® 12 July 2015 at 16:58  

When Najib has been booted out (very soon), the law must be changed so that no PM can ever again hold two portfolios. More than that, the offices of the Attorney General, BNM, MACC and Chief Justice must all be made to report direct to Parliament, and not the PM, and their chiefs appointed by a concensus of a select committee of Parliament, comprising fair across-the-board representation from all political parties. Similarly, while the IGP must be clearly warned that he takes orders from and reports to the Home Minister, who can fire him/her if necessary, his appointment must be also approved by a select committee from Parliament.

It's time for a government of the PEOPLE in Malaysia, and not a government of BUMNO/SCUMNO mafia, gangsters and thugs.

It may be a bit of a Utopian wish, but better to head in that direction than for the Rakyat to be held ransom by a government of thieves and mafia heads!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  13 July 2015 at 10:11  

Unfortunately Dato, the score on the big picture is now 2-0 if favor of Najib. No need to wait for the final AG report Dec, as it is already made rrelevant by an anti-climatic Jazlan. Another UMNO-wolf masquerading and misleading us?

We can bet from now on, in addition to "currently being investigated by the lawful authorities", "can't rely on sources from forged documents by a person under international custody", "undermine a democratically-elect leader", Paul Stadler can add and repeat "Interim AG report has found no irregularities in the accounts as announced by PAC Chairman" in all messages and responses from Najib and 1MDB.

It is a matter of the Big 4 Task Force to return an expected NFA-verdict. Then, bingo!!

It will be a very good Hari Raya for Najib as so far all his predictions of the truth and no- wrongdoings in 1MDB has turned out well. After, off he goes in the new jet.. yatching and frolicking with 1MDB buddies in the summer mediterranean. He can stop being pious too.

It is game-over to SR, WSJ, TDM, LKS, Tony Pua, Rafizi, Sakmongkol, Kadir, Zam, Dino, Apanama, Outside Box, Donplay. You guys need to start a new ball-game and with a different game-plan, maybe a solid SD to start with, hehehehehe!!!

Anonymous,  13 July 2015 at 11:09  

Do you realize the Chinese government in Singapore is more honest than the Corrupted Malay government we have. The Chinese never talk about religion or their holiness but the Malays jump around to exhibit and proclaim their holiness and even give sermons of honesty.

Anonymous,  13 July 2015 at 14:20  

Are the Singapore authorities "spying" on Najib's detractors and passing such information on? How shameful if it is true. We now wait for the Singapore authorities to confirm or deny Utusan's article.

Utusan Malaysia reported today.
Thai police have confirmed that former PetroSaudi executive Xavier Andre Justo had a “secret meeting” with several opposition leaders and owner of a pro-opposition media, Umno mouthpiece.
The report said Thai police received the confirmation from its counterpart in Singapore.

Quoting sources, it said the meeting was held at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, although no mention was made of the individuals involved and when it took place.

"Thai police have received confirmation on the existence of a secret meeting between Justo and a few individuals from the opposition and the owner of a media group.
- See more at:

Is it any wonder SR had this to say in their latest feedback:

"A very interesting allegation is now being passed around the UMNO blogosphere.

They say their ‘sources have learned’ that the Singapore authorities have informed the Thai police that Swiss captive, Xavier Justo, met with the Sarawak Report writer and others in Singapore.

This information (reported inaccurately in many respects) was procured by spies, apparently, who saw fit to sleuth around after the female journalist when she visited the city state.

Justo has now been held in Bangkok for several weeks on the very thin charge that he sent an angry email (while in Thailand) to his former fellow Directors of PetroSaudi, threatening to expose them for criminal behaviour. "

Anonymous,  14 July 2015 at 08:03  

Aiya Anonymous 11:09

The government of 1Malaysia is not a "Malay government".
It is a kleptocratic multi-racial regime of crooks and thieves from
UMNO Baru (with many Indian Muslims in it. Pretending to be Malays but
their faces give them away), MCA (those who benefit from the
system of corruption i.e. the 20% of Chinese who continue to
support the regime), MIC (remember the chair-throwers?), SUPP, etc.

Anonymous,  14 July 2015 at 08:32  

Sorry, forgot to sign my name
to the posting of 14 July 8:03

I don't believe in anonymous postings.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  19 July 2015 at 19:20  

It is not easy to change the government last election shows how stupid are the kedah malays and shamefully declare themself muslim whom as a muslim they must be clever thus should be equiptly be literate as quran teach them to read pity the majority are illiterate to much extend both the pas and umno party are playing words on this people in the contexts of malay nasionalism and religion

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