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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 16 May 2014

The State of our Nation 2014

 Najib is leader of the 47%

 The problems in our country:-
1.   Weak and insouciant leadership.
2.   Weakened economy- credit ratings down, spending more than we earn, bad spending habits. Plagued with corruption, false pricing, monopoly,
3.   Worsening security situation
4.   Religious ferment
5.   Worsening race relations.
Let us begin with Najib’s leadership.
In a conversation with one of his brothers a few years back- I told the gentleman that Najib is like the Hindu God with several heads. Hindus may view that as all-seeing quality, but in Najib’s case, it means multi-faced. It’s not even double faced. He speaks different things to different groups. In simple terms, Najib lies all the time to different people.
Insouciant leadership.
That is how we can describe Najib’s leadership personality. It means being totally unaffected. It’s as though Najib has self-hypnotised himself to be blank and blur. When ISMA issued incendiary statements- he kept quiet. He makes don’t know. When Perkasa came out with belligerent and coarse remarks- Najib played a mute at the UMNO-friendly group’s quarrelsomeness. UMNO spin masters described that as Najib’s statesmanship. If that IS what you want to call stupidity, we have a bright future then.
The apologists will use words like elegant silence; nonchalance, stoical. I prefer to be less restraining. The less inhibited will use descriptions like empty-headed, vacuous. I think the most appropriate is Najib has Mad’s Alfred what me worry persona.Its Alfred R.Najib.
In Kuantan, just the other day, Najib has issued the latest of the potentially repressive edicts- that human rightism is a threat to Islam. Now what kind of PM speaks to his people like this- using some imaginary dragons to strike as imaginary foes? Instead of stopping religious rightwingism from spreading its tentacles, Najib chose to fan the flames of religious ferment. And he spoke during Quran Recital competition.  What a contradiction in terms.
I am a native of Pekan. My ancestors hailed from Temau, Raub and Pulau Tawar Jerantut. They fought in the Pahang Civil War, fought in the Pahang Rebellion, fought in the Selangor War- fought for king and country then. At the end, they were betrayed. We didn’t come from a line of fat assed feudal chiefs who became rich on the back of toiling peasants. We didn’t bordello or set up knocking shops in the palaces while others fought the people’s war for us. We understand human rights better that those who imagined they do.
I served on Najib’s UMNO divisional Committee for a long time; I served as UMNO Pekan’s Information Chief for 4 years. I served as Najib’s ADUN. Najib became a born again Muslim only these recent years. When he came back from England still full of alcoholic substances in the body, he can’t even pronounce Islamic terms correctly. So I must repeat what I have said in my early speeches- listening to Ayatollah Najib, I am falling off my chair!
The right of people to a decent life, to be treated as a human being with dignity, the right to assemble, the right to speak, the right to choose the type of government, the right to disagree are threats to Islam?
The foundation of a government is that it must be ruled by good mean that rule and govern by the rule of law, enjoins people to do good and persevere to fight evil. There is no clearer enunciation of human rightism that what Islam promotes. Let me quickly add that loyalty and allegiance to any government is a qualified one. It is not absolute just because its name is UMNO. It’s always qualified by insisting that loyalty and allegiance for the rulers is mandatory as long as the government is just and fair.
Instead of setting the vaguest of political agenda, Najib should be clear unless he was muddle headed that day. With Mat Said syndrome spreading around, with some MPs in Sarawak abandoning ship, it was clear Najib was not thinking clear. What are the threats to Islam? Now we know there is an Islam-type UMNO being bandied around by Najib with him as the chief Ayatollah.
By Najib’s admission, the Muslims in Malaysia are timorous souls whose religiosity is ephemeral and can be easily converted. Then he speaks for himself.
What kind of leader is this Najib? The PM is silent on the incendiary remarks made by ISMA. What kind of Islam is ISMA promoting? Najib kept quiet when ISMA made the notorious remarks on trespassers. Najib’s elegant silence encouraged Isma to come out with the clichéd warning about world Jewish conspiracy to destroy Muslim countries. That would have us believe all the problems in Muslim countries where Muslim dictators oppressed Muslim citizens are so because they are indoctrinated by Jewish conspiracy. That would have us further believe, that all the miseries, oppression, tyranny carried out by Muslim dictators are sufferable in order to prevent Jewish conspirators taking over the Muslim nations. That would eventually lead us to believe that Najib will now justify oppressive measures to prevent Jewish imperialism from taking over Malaysia.
Liberalism, NGO-activism, are all Jewish sponsored activities and therefore must be suppressed. What kind of leadership do we have which keeps quiet when things go miserably wrong around us? The PM is fanning the flames of religious extremism by siding with one side. We have the PM championing the rise of Islamic militancy by declaring that Islam is besieged. If so, identify the attackers. 
Christian missionaries? The shadowy Jewish conspirators? The football coaches who are surreptitiously preaching to convert our football players? The missionaries converting the orang aslis and the Sarawak and Sabah pribumis? Why do we care if missionaries convert orang aslis? The latter are not Muslims and Muslim missionaries are averse to roughing it out in orang asli villages. Allow Christian missionaries to do their work among the orang Aslis- if Muslim missionaries are not keen to convert orang Aslis, don’t be envious but give freedom for Christian missionaries to do their work. Just who are attacking Muslims in this country? How is Islam under siege?
The PM has all the intelligence and legal resources. Identify the mischief makers and bring them to book in accordance to the laws of the land. Don’t allow imaginary siege to provide the hawkish elements in the government excuses to justify extra-legal responses. The availability of legal and legitimate coercive resources demand the PM and his government to act responsibly.
Be the PM for Malaysia, not for UMNO and certainly not for Pekan people only. 
Be the PM of Malaysia while you still can.


Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 09:47  

Same goes to other party leaders. Anuuar, hadi, kit siang and guang are the same. Looking for opportunity.
Today they say 1+1 =2
But next day 1+1 = 3.
Why?.They look at whom they are speaking to.
Example voting: What they said 10 years ago are different from today.
Previously fatwa from pas : it is haram to
vote for non muslim. But today it is ok.
Why?. For power. Is that means islam is lower thab politics?
Today pr is talking about human right. For whom?. For all or a few persons?.
To me all political party are the same.

bruno 16 May 2014 at 10:46  

A lady DAP MP makes a funny,stupid but clownish video about our political clowns as she will be charge in our kangaroo courts.It is a crime to make fun of our stupid bolaless leaders.

But when bigots aligned to the Umno gomen are runnung loose like horny mongrels chasing after bitches on heat,the gomen leaders cheered them on.Bigots if they are Malay rightwingers are immuned from the kangaroo laws.

The AG is just a puppet will no bolas.He will do whatever is ordered by his political masters.Or else he will makan kuah curry nasi in lockup for accepting free trips to Mecca.Or have his bank accounts and safe deposit boxes raided by the Filipino rag tags.

It is time for the DAP to let the lioness Dyana loose.When she roars the political clowns with their gangs of bigots will trembled and their bolas will fall like dominoes.

Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 11:45  

"The PM has all the intelligence and legal resources."
I beg to disagree on this one term - "intelligence".
I don't think Najib is intelligent? He is dull and colourless politician who is there because of family ties and Malay feudalistic mentality. And because he is UMNO president.
He is not even a thinker or a problem solver.
Tell me, what university degree has he got? If so, is it a third class degree?
I think there a few hundred Malaysian who will make a better PM.
Aeon years ago, prophets and priests were propagating and defending religion. Now we have liars, riff-raffs, nincompoops, brigands,scoundrels and politicians, and UMNO propagating religion and defining religion.
Is world about to end????

Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 12:01  

Basically, Najib is morally unfit to hold the post of PM of Malaysia

All the 1Malaysia stuff is just insincere propaganda

Phua Kai Lit

the gaffe guy who know's,  16 May 2014 at 12:06  

In Malaysia elderly nuns and women are not safe from robbers and hard liners.The police said that the brutal beating of two elderly nuns is not a hate crime.

One need not beat up two elderly women averaging 74 yrs of age to rob them.All the animal has to do is just take whatever they have and be done and gone.He went beating up the elderly nuns without any intention of robbing.Even a moron would know that it is a hate crime.The police officer do not know? Apa jadi buat officer,lagi baik jadi konstable lah.

OneMalaysian,  16 May 2014 at 13:04  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Let me quickly add that loyalty and allegiance to any government is a qualified one. It is not absolute just because its name is UMNO.”

Most Malays are extremely tolerant. They can tolerate a corrupt UMNO, an incompetent government so long as it is Malay controlled, an underperforming economy, and certainly a weak, clueless leader like Najib. The recent Trengganu brouhaha about Ahmad Said and the 2 other clowns shows how weak Najib is. One day he is firm (for once) – Ahmad Said, you resign; your one year is up – and next day he apologies to the ex-MB, they kiss up, and then he agrees to even attend Ahmad Said’s daughter’s wedding. If small fries like Ahmad Said can run rings around the PM, what does this say about his leadership, resolve and standing? And what future has Malaysia got with such a fool at the helm?

That is why all and sundry worms are coming out of the woodwork to play havoc with the political system – PERKASA, ISMA, and now even the timid Sarawakian BN state assemblymen. Malaysia is like a boat with a broken rudder, drifting aimlessly with sharks circling. Dangerous times lie ahead.

Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 14:51  

The threat to Islam in Malaysia is actually UMNO, with their unjust and evil practices.

As for Najib, he is more like a Chinese Emperor rather than a PM. I never heard of any PM in the world (past or present) who keeps totally quiet when contentious issues arise!

Coffewhisky anyone?

Sumpitan Emas,  16 May 2014 at 15:03  

“How is Islam under siege?”

It is under siege not by attackers from outside Islam, but from within, and from the most unexpected quarters ranging from pious ulamaks to young probing politicians, both characterised by a fearless disposition to obtain the truth, nothing but the truth, for the ultimate realisation of a prosperous, just and equitable Malaysia.

It was NEVER under siege, at least there was no palpable sense of a siege taking place among those who NOW feel so besieged, when billions changed hands for purchases of software, hardware and leather ware, because these very same people then, unbesieged, unfettered and equally fearless, knew precisely they were heading somewhere. And now, suddenly feeling that they are going nowhere as awkward questions are being thrown in every other day, lo and behold, Islam is under threat! Islam is under siege from the boots of a group of infidel soccer players? Surely Najib and his henchmen can do better than this. Does he and his friends think Muslims here have pea-sized brains? As a non-Muslim, I feel vicariously insulted!

I will give example why UMNO Malays now feel Islam is under siege – a highly educated ulamak recently asked a very simple question, “What has happened to the one billion Ringgit collected (over the years) from zakat/religious tithes?” The people are still waiting for a reasonable answer or explanation.

Who is under siege? The ordinary citizens are – by an unconscionable government which is shamelessly pitting Muslims against non-Muslims in every way it can. But, that May 13 has just passed by us without incident is proof enough that the almost all our Muslim compatriots, even including those from UMNO, will NOT dance to Najib’s tune.

Another reason why UMNO is feeling the heat:

PowerAds 16 May 2014 at 15:30  

I think most of the top leadership of the UMNO BN is a kind of thick-skinned face. They are not responsive enough, never feel shame and guilty of their leadership even questioned by the majority people. BN clearly been rejected by the majority of rakyat in the peninsula. Obviously this party is no longer the dominant party compared to the past. If BN still arrogant and not responsive to the voice of the majority, the party is booking their death penalty. It's good for opposition.

Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 15:33  


Please do not be a jaguh kampung like the UMNO fellas, talk, talk talk; write, write, write behind people's back.

If you really have the guts, confront Najib in a public arena (not in the Parliament) and ask him those questions point blank, openly and for all those present to hear. Better still openly ask him those questions in an international public arena attended by global media and other global leaders.

Let him answer you in front of the audience. Give him his right to defend himself of the accusations that you have made.

What you accused him of in this article, they are issues of national importance. No longer a question of being polite and saving Najib from any public embarassment by refraining from asking him these questions in person.

Do you have the guts to do that? Does anyone in Pakatan have the guts to do that?

If none of you or the Pakatan people have the guts to even ask Najib legitimate questions openly and to him in person, then you Pakatan folks should just bungkus and go play with marbles.

Anonymous,  16 May 2014 at 20:31  

Anonymous 16 May 2014 15:33

A good leader will not avoid or run away with important issues!!! He does not need any one to confront him to say anything!

Najib is just too weak and scare to face Perkasa/ISMA people!

Najib is always hiding and no way to be seen when important issues come out! How to confront him??? He will always run away when face with important issues!!!!

Mr Bojangles 16 May 2014 at 22:03  

Anon 15:33.
Many people would like to debate Najib.
Trouble is he scurries away from any such potential encounter.
Did he stay back to answer any questions after uttering that rubbish at the MH370 press conference? Not once but twice Malaysians were shamed to see their PM scuttling away like a burnt rat in front of the world's eyes.
Has Najib stayed back even in Parliament to debate the
National Budget he presented?
No. Even that he could not do, the coward that he is. The Agong should have screwed him right and proper for showing such disrespect to what is after all His Majesty's budget.
So dont hold any hopes for that idiot to dialog with anyone above 15.
He is only good at smiling happily when he imposes the GST and now the electric tariff increade as a means to revenge himself on the majority of Malaysians who didn't vote for him.
A spineless spiteful character.

onecuriousdude 17 May 2014 at 02:14  

Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri you have my absolute respect for a MP. My only wish is that more like minded people like you will speak up and join the opposition to defeat BN in the next GE.

Sumpitan Emas,  17 May 2014 at 09:22  


Mr Bojangles is spot on about the King's Budget last year. That was scurrilous conduct in time and place. And it wasn't even a crisis situation, unless of course he perceived it as such. Prior briefings by key technocrats — selfless souls undermined so comprehensively in recent years by the long reach of the legislative arms — have two effects: a) glad tidings of more money in the pocket through giveaways to a select elite few, provoking fiery storms in Parliament in the process — hence the need to scuttle away like a BBQ tikus; b) red flags flying in the turbulent winds in the financial journey throughout the financial year — the reason to scuttle away double fast.

My friends, as we wait for the next King's Budget, soothe our sore souls by welcoming the strong turbulent winds blowing from the north to OUR Nusantara through the magical voice of Koes Hendratmo as he takes us in his Indonesian junk “BAHTERA LADJU” to 'taman firdausi'/firdaws/pairidaeza/PARADISE!

Here's to a MALAYSIA for ALL led by "the (real) PM of Malaysia."

Anonymous,  17 May 2014 at 15:43  

The reason why Najib is there as PM is because he was CHOSEN by that other reason. So, we all have to bear the pain of this mamak's decision on whom we should have as our leader.

If bolehland was a true democracy and we were given the ability to decide whom our top honcho should be, things might have turned out so much differently.

Speaking about democracy, I marvel at India. Turns out they decided to kick out their Congress party after so many years. As for bolehland, I'm keeping my faith that we will do the same to our present bn in the near future.

Anonymous,  18 May 2014 at 20:54  

Najib has long past his shelf life date. He has already expired but he keeps himself on the shelf, gathering dust on his outer packaging (skin) while his body is turning moldy inside. It will not be too long when the maggots start coming out from his body.

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