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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 9 May 2014

Dig in and Fight!

There is an opinion that in the face of growing racial polarisation, the Chinese- the rich ones and the highly educated, the tax payers should leave this country. This is a defeatist attitude. The ones promoting racial bigotry are those in UMNO and pro UMNO groups. These people are using hate culture to hide their own shortomings. What umno is doing, is something eerily similat to what Hitler and his Nazis did in Germany. Blame the ills Germany faced then, on the Jews. 
The ills faced by Malays according to the hate narratives of the umno brownshirts, are all caused mainly by the Chinese. That psycological conditioning especially foisted onto the receptive minds of socially retarded Malays could signal the onset of right wing and hawkish policies by desperate umno. The chinese spectre that is haunting the country will be used to justify the oppressive policies umno may be planning to adopt. 
What would people from ISMA propose us do? round up all the trespassers and herd them into concentration camps? that appears to be the final solution to counter the threat and competition from other races. And the easy counter solution, is to refuse fighting and leave? That simply would be a betrayal to the values which made you successful in the first place. 
If the proponents of leave Malaysia subscribe to the trafficking of that intoxicating quick fix pedaled by UMNO and the racial bigots, what about the rest of the Chinese? 
You do that, that is exactly what the UMNO right-wingers and brown-shirts want you to do.
What about, the farmers in Cameron highlands, the odd jobbers in Raub, the many more Chinese who don’t have that choice? I say, you rich Chinese, educated Chinese, upward mobile Chinese, deep-pocketed Chinese who are self-made and those who made it in life through your merits- don’t leave. Just withdraw support from BN- reject UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and those who side with the oppressors. Help organize the masses to reject BN. so that together we form a new government structured on the principles that bring us the best prosperity and security. We are all in the same boat.
We all have to make a stand; to be on the side of the oppressive kleptocratic clique or on the side of the oppressed and voiceless?
You do that, it will only serve to make all non-Malays believe that all Malays subscribe to the right-wing UMNO ideology. You will only make people believe that all Malays are closet  ISMAs, closet perkasa people. The truth is UMNO hasn’t got traction among the better off Malays and the bright and competitive Malays who are fed-up with the feudal structure of Malay society. And we are merely stating the facts.
The fact of the matter is Najib got his head start because his surname is Razak. Hishamudin got his head start because the father is Hussein Onn. Mukhriz got his head start  because the father is the man who can walk on water. The fact of the matter is UMNO is the government because of technicalities.
I myself have been on the receiving end. I took the blows convinced that UMNO just cannot accept that there are Malays who simply don’t want to have anything to do with them. Why is it so difficult for UMNO to accept that it (UMNO)  is so easy to dislike? Don’t bemoan those who refuse to accept you.
A favourite weapon among UMNO people and Najib’s brown-shirts is to insinuate that I benefited from the days I was in UMNO. I only ask them to show where I have benefited. If have taken anything while in UMNO illegally, don’t you think the UMNO leaders would have gone to town and reveal all those things? The MB of Pahang who knows me personally and knows what I did during my tour of duty as an UMNO assemblyman would have released all the juicy information that would have stopped in my tracks. Najib Razak who was my ketua bahagian whom I knew since he was Minister of Defence twice, an education minister, deputy PM and briefly before I joined DAP was already the PM would have a jolly good time to expose my wrongdoings. The fact of the matter is- what UMNO people have got on me are all based on insidious whispers whose truth can never be verified. Pure old wives tales that are what they are. When Najib came to Raub on the eve of the 13th GE, all he could say was don’t elect me because when I served as his ADUN I was always fighting against the ketua kampungs. Indeed I have- I wanted to replace all the corrupt and useless ones with bright Malays who can lead the kampong. But Najib wanted to retain the thieves, the fornicators, the ones who de-flower the young girls etc. Najib likes to retain all the crooks.
That is what is fundamentally wrong with him. He is gutless when it comes to reigning in the extremists within and beyond his party. His elegant silence is a cover up for inelegant incompetence.


Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 16:57  

Dont expect those who became rich -Chinese, Malays, Indian, Sarawakian or Sabahan by plundering the country to dig and fight when the going is tough. How many billion of those loots have been moved out o the country already, incase. I bet Mahathir has some of the loot stashed in Africa by Daim.

Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 16:58  

Rest assured that none of us who left for yonder shores did so at the prompting of UMNO, no siree. We each have other reasons and we have not forgotten our roots nor those whom we left behind. We now put our new experience to fight for a better future ourselves in our adopted homelands and also, bantai BN kau kau for overstaying their tenancy. In fact our missiles launched from overseas have more firepower as BN cannot touch us no more. UMNO elites are docile when overseas as the hypocrites are all ashamed of their racist legacy.

Krishna 9 May 2014 at 18:02  


You need to keep referring to Najib as the weakest PM this country has ever had. Use it until everyone will refer to him as being one. Under his leadership things are just getting worse.

Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 21:25  

Dato is absolutely right. Personally I had the opportunity to migrate having spent a few years in New Zealand to get a technical education and working there for a couple of years. I came back because I'm a forth generation Malaysian and I wanted to contribute to built a nation where all are treated equally. It's time like recent happenings when one regrets somehow but at the end of the day, we still hope that sanity will prevail and a better government is on the horizon, if not for us then for the future generations. Like you say, we cannot take the easy way out. I respect you deeply and your writings give me and others hope and courage to fight on.

Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 21:43  

Well said. I hate racists, bigots in whatever color they are. I am 63 and can safely say that we never encountered such racist remarks, acts and attacks even around may 13 1969. I have not resented the Chinese or Indians nor did they resent me. Why do the powers that be want me to resent my friends and neighbors now?

Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 22:13  

Yes, WE, MALAYSIAN, stand and build the nation together !

bruno 9 May 2014 at 22:19  

Dato,all the Umno and their Ngo goons and apes can scream till their lungs burst are the Chinese this and the Chinese that.And the Christians this and the Christians that.

What they do not understand or just play dumb stupid morons with brains of coconuts is not all Chinese are filthy rich.Many Chinese are middle or working class.Many Chinese are living under the poverty class and some are homeless too.

Why don't these ball carriers ask their political masters or honey papas how many Malays are among the top 10-15 richest people in Malaysia.They will be surprised or maybe have a heart attack if their political masters or honey papas told them the true numbers.

Christians consist of people of many races,and they do not go around bothering people of other faiths.But they do assist people of other faiths who needed help with assistance and shelter.

Maybe our leaders should teach their paid goons how to behave like civilized people and not go around yelping because their political masters or honey papas told them to do so.But first our leaders have to learn from their counterparts in Indonesia,the largest Muslim nation on this planet.The Indonesians do not bother their Christian brothers and sisters for political gains.

Many Malays,Umno and non Umno members are not happy with Umno/BN.But until the PKR and PAS can come out with capable Malay leaders that can appeal to these Umno/BN supporters,they have no other alternatives but to continue to support Umno/BN.As we all know Chinese and Indians cannot hold the top positions in Malaysia.

the mean machine,  9 May 2014 at 23:18  

Pakatan Rakyat has to educate the Malays not to be afraid of the Chinese.The Chinese are not out to take away the rice bowls of the Malays.In fact the Chinese needs the the Malays more than the Malays needed the Chinese.Because without the Malays,Indians and others working for them,the Chinese are nothing.Besides not all the Chinese are towkays.Many Chinese are middle and working class,just the same as many Malays,Indians and other races.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 01:12  

What is UMNO famous for? It's race & religion. Dato, i think you will have discovered it. People are overcomed by greed & will turn into cowards if you asked them to make a stand against this useless UMNO/BN government.

the gaffe guy who know's,  10 May 2014 at 01:31  

If the rich Chinese,Indians and the un-corrupted Malays were to to leave this country what will happen?

Well,if the rich and educated Chinese were to be the only ones to leave this country,a mini tsumani will be felt across the economy.If the rich and educated Malays and Indians were to joined in this exodus of unhappy campers,the whole economy of the country will fall apart.Then how or who is going to finance the corrupted who walk in the corridors of power?Stupid fools these moronic idiots who called themselves "The Favored Ruling Elites".

misynolomist,  10 May 2014 at 02:18  

The powers that be from Umno/BN has protected rapists,murderers,bigots and the corrupted.Yet,they are voted into power come every elections.

The rakyat has no other choices as the opposition lacks good politicians with leadership capabilities,so they are stuck with the least of the two evils called Umnoputras.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 05:38  

I truly agree with your findings Dato. UMNO's only selling product is racisim and religious fanaticism. It's made to known to the Malays by the UMNO groomed NGO's that life will be disastrous for the Malays if UMNO lost power. They have given fertile conditions to prosper to PERKASA, PEKIDA, ISMA and all other alikes of these NGO's to keep on fanning the spam that UMNO dars not utter through it's own mouth out of fear of losing support of all BN component parties.
The problem with the component parties, they know whats going on but yet they prefer to stay on under BN flagship for their own survival. The party leaders make good of the hay that's produced under this regimeand the various benefits obtained by the leaders and it isn't harsh to say these leaders have sold their soul to UMNO. look at the behaviour of the Malaysian Parliament speakers. All are from the East and all are behaving in such manner that gives clear indication that they are saying to the opposition leaders and Parliamentarians, bring up people's issue 'over my dead body'. Till today there is no opposition linked resolution allowed to pass through the Parliament House to be debated. There will never be an issue allowed to go through as long as these apes control this house. THere is one ,monkey from Kinabatangan that only knows how to shout and make noise so as to disallow the voices of the opposition be heard in Parliament. I pity the lady from Kuantan, who had brought a fantastic resolution asking the Dewan to pass an emergency motion on the issue of floods in Kuantan and Kemaman, only to be belittled by this monkey and a few others from BN. At the end of the day the people and the flood victims suffered and the sufferings continue till the next floods.
Yes, the floods will carry on as thats not only natural disaster but the people who bought properties there are the Victims. They are UMNO victims. Victims because they were cheated by UMNO linked companies that developed those areas. I know of one Pahang state linked company that developed a piece of land there for housing development and the directors of these companies were in cahoots with the contractors. The land refill for the development did not meet the requirements and due to corruption everything was shoddy beggining from the land refill to construction. So, my point is the floods will keep on overflowing till the Kuantan river itself has a pity on the residents. Only Allah can save these residents from future floods.
So, Dato you keep up the pressure on these bastards and the people will do their part to free this country from corrupt leaders. But we got to wait till all the pakciks and makciks grow up.

The three amigos,  10 May 2014 at 08:37  

If reasoning,scolding and spanking cannot wake up the sleepyheads blindly and sleepily supporting Umno/BN,then maybe Hudud will wake them up from their trance.Bring it on,hudud hudud and hudud.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 08:41  

That's the price we have to pay for abolishing ISA. If mahathir is still PM, none of this will hapoen. He will put all this racist and those who like to provoke in kemunting. Say what ever you like. Mahathir era is peacefull.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 08:44  

Nope we ain't going anywhere. We were born here , educated here , work here, pay our tax here, raise our family here, all our relatives and friends are here. We will die and be buried here. ISMA, PERKASA or PEKIDA can bark all they want. Nope we ain't going anywhere!

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 11:15  

Dato,I suppect Najib is not deaf and dump after all.It was UNMO planners toinstigate and allow ther racistNGO and extremists to stir fears to Rural Malays on 2 grounds.1.To incite the Malays fears on Chinese to rob all the wealth of this country (Most of the national wealth are in the hands of UNMO cronies or UNMO nomintee is in fact UNMO company.It gets billions of contract from Najib by direct awards.)so that UNMO is the protector of poor Malays.Actually now UNMO Malays are blood rich.They drive BMW,Bens, live in big houses.2.To incite fears that the Christines will turn Malaysia into a Christine nation if DAP is voted in.These dirty tricks are working and many ignorant Malays believe UNMO tricks.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 12:43  

It would be a disaster for PAS if UMNO were to hijack the hudud issue and sink PAS in the process. Then, we would see that the Muslims who would lose their hands will be mainly from PAS, PR, their supporters, and the young university Malay students who oppose UMNO; but the thieves from UMNO would be left unmolested. Hudud under UMNO would be expanded from its original intention to incorporate other matters: Criticising UMNO would be justification to chop off the hands of PAS/PR Muslims because it would be considered an abomination to go against the keeper (UMNO) of Allah's "law". Hudud could be the absolute weapon wielded by the abusers of religion to silence their critics. Who can question them when this "law" is claimed to be from Allah and they are the appointed custodians? Look at the Spanish Inquisition when appointed religious authorities abused Christianity for their own selfish interests. Consequently, Europe was plunged into an Age of Darkness.

PAS will regret the day when it let UMNO usurp it on the hudud question. PAS had not learnt from its bitter experience when it conveniently hopped into bed with UMNO in 1973–1978.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 13:21  

I can understand why many people choose to migrate. They are worried that a similar situation to that of Indonesia many years back when many Chinese were killed, might happen here too. Certain parties are intentionally fanning anti Chinese and anti Christian sentiments so the worst might just happen!

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 13:23  

Krishna, you are right. People used to say his predecessor was weak but this is really the pits. Makes Abdullah Badawi seem so efficient.

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 14:59  

Malaysians who emigrate can continue to bring about change. How?

1. Speak up even more boldly since you are residing in free countries such as Australia,
New Zealand, UK, etc For example, like Dr Bakri Musa in the USA.
2. With your stronger foreign currencies, your financial contributions to progressive
Malaysian political parties and NGOs are MAGNIFIED!
3. You can contribute in terms of foreign investment in Malaysia, using your technical skills etc
4. You can return to vote, like the Singapore-based Malaysians who came home and voted in the GE13 in Johor, giving political blackeyes to the UMNO Baru-BN regime
4. You can always come home again, after a regime change at the federal level
5. Etc Etc

UMNO Baru-BN fellows and pseudo-intellectuals think that if critics emigrate, they will have less of a problem. It’s up to Overseas Malaysians and ex-Malaysians to show them how wrong they are !!

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  10 May 2014 at 15:02  

Dear Datuk Sak

We are with you.

"We" includes those who are staying, those who were overseas and have returned home to our
Tanah Air, and those who have left but are contributing in various to the non-violent movement to oust the Mahathirist
UMNO Baru-BN regime of crooks, racists and thieves.

Phua Kai Lit

anti syaitan,  10 May 2014 at 17:53  

Dear anon 8:41,

Mahathir would not arrest those racist bcoz he is the chief of racist @syaitan yg dikenali...

OneMalaysian,  10 May 2014 at 22:47  

Dear Sakmongkol

“He (Najib) is gutless when it comes to reigning in the extremists within and beyond his party.”

The comments by Perkasa and by ISMA are a direct result of Najib’s lack of leadership. Because he dare not speak up to defend what is right, because he dare not defend what is fair and decent, and dare not defend the minorities for which he is obligated to do as PM, he has emboldened ultra-right wing groups to step forward to pursue their agenda. What is that agenda?

Do these ultra Malays really believe that they can force all the Chinese to leave? Or if this merely a ploy to effectively turn this country away from its founding ideology of a tolerant multi-racial, multi-religious country where all Malaysians have equal rights under the Constitution into a Malay-Muslim country where everyone who is not Malay-Muslim is tolerated only if they accept second class status?

The sad fact is that outward migration has been a reality for decades. Go to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Singapore. See the ex-Malaysian Chinese, and also Malays, there. They took with them talent and wealth, two of four factors of economic production that this country so desperately needs to become a developed nation. Early economics only recognized three factors – land, labour and money as factors of production. But now we know that the most important is the fourth factor: talent/entrepreneurship. It is this last factor that makes the world change and move forward. This is what every country, at least the advanced ones like US and Singapore, seek. But this is what ISMA and PERKASA drives away. Land and menial labour we have plenty, and capital is easy to attract. Talent is hard to nurture but is easily lost. Do these ultra Malays know what they are doing? Or is it they don’t really care? In other words, in their book, so what if Malaysia never attains developed status, and so what if it is backward so long this country is Malay-Muslim?

If Najib allows things to develop along this path it might lead to several bad outcomes. The Chinese emigration will intensify, retarding this country economically, and that can only be bad for most Malays, because the taxpayers are running away. They are also the biggest employers besides the government. Secondly, Sabah and Sarawak will not stand idly by as these ultra Malay-Muslim tear the country apart. They just might leave, breaking this country up for good. It would be foolish to bet against that happening. So Najib had better wake up, lest he be remembered as the PM who watched over the breakup of this country.

the mean machine,  11 May 2014 at 06:35  

Maybe the PR should set up shop of an affordable college or university of higher standards for the poorer students who cannot afford an higher education.By higher standards,I meant better quality education than our existing ones.Or else why bother and just join the crowd.

The poorer students who cannot afford an higher education are the ones that needed to be better educated.Better educated means that they will have an advantage over their peers.They will be smarter and intelligent,and will be able to think and know how to use their brains.

To be able to get a better job and have a higher standard of living.And when they go back to the kampongs to visit their parents and relatives on festivities and holidays,they will be able to advise and tell their family members and relatives that voting for Umno/BN is bad for their country,education,racial and religious harmony,their own personal finances,pocketbook wise.

Anonymous,  11 May 2014 at 08:44  

@08:41: Peaceful at what cost and he now comes back trying to tutor Najib on good governance. Half of Najib's problems came from him, and Najib was either stupid enough or just couldn't care less to do the rest to complete the other half.

OneMalaysian is spot on when he says,"But now we know that the most important is the fourth factor: talent/entrepreneurship. It is this last factor that makes the world change and move forward." The success of the infidel West and infidel Japan, which provide us with almost all the necessities and technological wonders is proof enough that UMNO can use PERKASA and ISMA cannot stop the world from moving forward.

Thieves, fornicators and monkeys CANNOT stop the tide of change, not here, not in Indonesia, not in the Philippines, not in Vietnam and now, not in Myanmar. Even Cuba is showing signs of being seduced by the capitalist imperative - full use of individual talent and entrepreneurship.

A close friend was speculating, in the context of current demagogues, frothing in the mouth, about what a barking dog think of its barks directed at the people inside a passing car. Did the humans feel threatened while sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned car, or was it the silly dog making a complete fool of itself, venting its fury for losing the fight to 'dig it in' to a rival for a bitch in heat?

Ah, never mind. When we came out from a shop to the car, one of the species was happily irrigating one of his tyres!

Frothing humans and pissing ...

Anonymous,  11 May 2014 at 14:07  

Dato, Najib Razak is neither deaf nor coward. It's part of his game plan to stay in power. He allows racial tension so to divert from real issues. It's no secret he is good in only two, unintelligent reserved & diversion!

Anonymous,  11 May 2014 at 14:52  

UMNO knows that they are going to lose GE14. Their only hope is to create racial hatred and ultimately declare emergency powers.

They are goading PR and the Rakyat towards this end.

As I see it, they only way to defeat UMNO is thru very dirty means (not mass demonstrations - this will play into their hands as mentioned earlier)like getting MCA, MIC or even their MPs to abandon them. Using the democratic process route will be useless as they control all the institutions.

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