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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 28 May 2014

DAP and The Malay Voters of Teluk Intan.

DAP is much envied.
Today DAP is a much envied party. Its political ideals and more important, the resolute leadership qualities have gained new adherents. Young and open minded Malays are not easily taken by the simple labelling of DAP as a racist and chauvinist party. It is seen as a champion for the underdog, champion for rule of law, for good governance, for the pursuit of policies that are fair and just. It is fully committed to making changes through the ballot box. It is not a militant group. These are causes that gain traction among Malaysians of all races.
A practical and strategic choice.
The choice of Dyana Daud as its candidate for Teluk Intan is both practical and strategic. It was not a choice that went down easily among the DAP grassroots initially. Eventually as I have noticed over and over again, the wisdom by the DAP’s CEC prevailed.
 As Teluk Intan is a majority Chinese seat, it was logical to put up a Chinese DAP candidate. It is also an incumbent seat held previously by the late Seah Leong Peng- a DAP MP. Putting up a Chinese candidate would have definitely secured Chinese support in any circumstances; but the political impact would just be that- DAP once again would have confirmed its legitimacy as the preferred choice by Chinese. It would only reaffirmed DAP’s Chineseness as the expense of improving its image as a party working on a bigger national presence. A bigger national presence that can be gained by promoting a Malay candidate.
DAP cannot confine itself as a perpetual opposition as it is usually seen as, but it can be an important part of government. As I always say in my ceramahs, kita semua mahu naik Roket, pergi ke BUlan mahu dapatkan Keadilan.
Support from the Chinese in Teluk Intan is just an academic point. If the Chinese had voted for Mah Siew Keong, he would have won on the last two previous occasions. The fact that he did not, showed that he has no powerbase among the Chinese. He cannot get Chinese support and he is contesting against a Malay who will get Malay support- how can Mah wins?
Can he hope to gain from the Chinese this time? He will not because there have been no changes in the political climate of which he can leverage on. The people are angry at many issues- increasing cost of living, worsening race relations seen as being created by UMNO Bully boys- aggression can only come from the big boys; political bullying by UMNO and its surrogates.
Mah is seen as impotent to stand up against these issues. So, what positive points are there in Teluk Intan now which could reverse Chinese thinking which did not on the last two occasions when Mah Siew Keong lost? Nothing. So by logic alone, how can he hope to secure Chinese support?
For DAP, the Chinese in Teluk INtan is already its vote bank and its own fixed deposit. The battle ground is the Malay heartland and to a lesser extent, the Indian vote.
Malay factor a bigger national presence and national interests.
The decision to field Dyana Daud confirms that DAP acknowledges the Malay factor as a reality in Malaysia politics. Putting up a Malay candidate has the immediate effect of breaking up the UMNO stranglehold on the Malay mind-set. It is indisputable proof that DAP is committed to strengthening its Malaysian ideal of inclsusiveess- something that UMNO is afraid to do. Teluk INtan Malays will see this move as a much sacrificed concession on the part of the DAP and this goodwill can only invite reciprocal goodwill. It will attract more Malay support in Teluk Intan.
DAP makes no pretentions that it wants to attract more Malay support. There is nothing wrong with this. Choosing a Malay candidate is a move that takes out the thunder from UMNO. It is now UMNO that is caught out with its Malay-first in everything cause. It is now having difficulties in explaining why it, as a champion for Malay first in everything is asking Malays in Teluk Intan to vote for a non-Malay? UMNO unlike DAP is a monolithic bloc comprising of Malays only, real or adopted or made honorary. Their founding principle does not include it being a multi-racial party. While I concede that UMNO may say it wants a multi-racial nation and its 1 Malaysia this and that, DAP has more positivity because it is itself a multi-racial party and is committed to a Multi-racial nation.
The practical thing is, it breaks down the mental block among Malay voters and steals the thunder from UMNO.


bruno 28 May 2014 at 06:48  

The DAP is much envied because it is a multi racial party and its leaders and members are very disclipined.The Umno,MCA and Mic cannot call themselves multi racial because they catered to one race only,and is known as race based political parties.

The DAP have good generals and strategists.It is these people that win elections for the party.And it has many young talented educated professionals to field in elections.That is the reason the Umno/BN is very afraid of the DAP.The DAP is the strongest link in the PR.

The BN candidate Mah Siew Keong is on cruise control to his third straight defeat.He has already been rejected twice and should have declined to be the BN candidate.But these old horses from BN,who have outlived their welcome just will never make way for the younger members.Their greed for positions of power is like Buang's lust for younger sexier women.

Dyana Soyfa has the characteristics of Rafidah,is strong,a fighter and is no pushover.That is the reason Umno leaders are going all out to discredit and attack her.Umno leaders have an inferiority complex against strong Malay women.Because they feel very ashamed to be like minnows always looking out for the kois to avoid been gobbled up.

Mah,already branding himself the underdog,is now actually dropping drastically to be the real underdog.With Muhyiddin and Zahid out offending voters who usually vote BN,it will be no surprise if Mah goe off at post time at odds of 30-1.

Mah's Gerakan boys are already SOS'ings for Ridzuan Tee and the spiritual Raja Bomoh's help.In desperate times desperate measures are needed.

With the setting loose of the mat rempits and Umno Youth samsengs against Dyana and the DAP,this disgraceful actions will only help increased Dyana's winning majority.Her mother Sammi's membership with Perkasa will have no effect on her as she and not her mother is running.

Looking at her popularity,she will be gaining many Malay votes.Umno will be shocked as even Changkat Jong will be going DAP for the first time.Dyana's winning majority will be over 10k,maybe as high as 15-20k.Good luck to this young lady.

the mean machine,  28 May 2014 at 07:31  

Dato,why is Sharizat,Zahid and Muhyiddin still hanging around.Najb should have give them the broomsticks a long time ago.With these jokers around him,it is just a matter of time before Najib himself is shown the door.

Hishamuddin is turning up to be the smart guy,keeping his mouth shup and his distance from Teluk Intan.Let Muhyiddin and Zahid be the scrape goats after the big loss this May 31.

the gaffe guy who know's,  28 May 2014 at 09:16  

When the DAP is moving forward,trying very hard to be a party for all Malaysians,Umno as usual is moving backwards.Umno leaders like to take refuge when they have their tails between the legs and like to hide under the tempurung.That is the Umno mentality.

It is time the Malays distance themselves from this corrupted party.It is good that this Dyana mania hit Teluk Intan like thunder,awakening the Malays from the Umno trance.Malays are proud people and can stand on their own two feet and compete with others on a level playing field.They do not need the tongkats or walking sticks or crumbs from Umno to put
three meals on the table.

The three amigos,  28 May 2014 at 09:28  

Malays will vote Dyana (DAP) and Chinese will vote Dyana (DAP).Indians also will vote for Dyana(DAP).So who will vote for Mah (Gerakan).Muhyiddin,Zahid,Khairy and Shahrizat will vote for Mah.

maestro's worse nightmare.,  28 May 2014 at 09:56  

The DAP made all the right moves with the fielding of Dyana Sofya.It has ruffled Umno leaders getting them steamed up and sending in the samsangs.Now Malaysians can see the trouble makers and gang leaders who are top Umno leaders.Are the Malays going to say enough is enough.Tell Umno,do not disgrace us and vote Dyana to win big and teach Umno a good lesson.Or else they will create troubles and disturb the peace again in the near future.

Anonymous,  28 May 2014 at 10:43  

I boil it down this way. Its a choice between a modern Malay or eunuch of UMNO lord. Between a young promising Malay fighting for ideals and old proxy of their master, the main Malay voters will be at least conflicted. Otherwise, they would not be so crazy about it. Just like in Gelang Patah Malays voted for LKS, its even easier for them to vote for Dyana..

Its going to be embarassing for Mah if you ask me.

master of umno,  28 May 2014 at 10:48  

This time the Malays of Teluk Intan will make their mark,helping the DAP's Dyana Sofya to a convincing victory.They will reject Umno's candidate flat,leaving him with his handlers with tails between the legs.Hehehe.

Anonymous,  28 May 2014 at 11:30  

Choosing Dyana Sofya as the DAP candidate in this by-election is indeed a very strategic move, and the immediate reaction from Dr.M is enough to tell us of the significance of this move, it can lead to the demise of UMNO.

No matter how good the strategy may be, it may not lead to DAP winning this election if the constant UMNO bashing by the chinese DAP politicians goes overboard. As you have mentioned in this writeup, DAP needs the support of the Malays to win this election. It is a common knowledge that a big section of the Malays still think that UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO, a myth that you have been trying so hard to dispel.

I noticed that many of the speeches by DAP politicians in ceramah held in chinese majority areas is still very race centric, even though putting Dyana as the candidate is suppose to reflect the multiracial nature of DAP.

Since DAP has done a survey that indicates that high cost of living, corruption, mismanagement, and high rate of crime is the major concern of the people in Teluk Intan, these concerns should be emphasized in the speeches in the ceramah.

The next few days will be very critical, any party which is not careful will be the one that lose the election.

Anonymous,  28 May 2014 at 12:04  

I have supported the DAP since the 1960s and have voted for the party in 9 general elections, not because I an anti-BN but because I believed and still believe in DAP's ideologies.
Any matured and rational thinking Malaysian will give his vote to the DAP. Though a Pakatan supporter, DAP is my first choice. That's why I am a DAP member.
UMNO and BN is an archaic entiry that belong to the age of the dinosaurs. They will be extinct soon.
I have great respect for Malays who join the DAP. These are the progressive Malays who will save Malaysia from the ravaging wolves in UMNO, Perkasa and Isma.

elizabeth 28 May 2014 at 12:30  

I have watched Dyana's interviews and ceramahs.. I must say, she is getting better and stronger. One year of mentorship under LKS has certainly prepared her well for the new stage that she stands on now.

Alina,  28 May 2014 at 13:07  

Yes. Bro.
Fully agree with your anaysis.
Either way UMNO got F.
Najib want to change UMNO to be more liberal but w
He was caught with the doom mentality of UMNO member.
Malay supermacy.
Like Ku Klux Khan fighting for White supermacy in US or Nation of Islam for black supermacy.

Anonymous,  28 May 2014 at 16:17  

DAP's ideology is Social Democracy.With affirmative action to help poor Malaysians of all creeds and colours.

What is Mahathirist UMNO Baru's
ideology ? Racial supremacy and racialdomination (with half-crazed, neo-fascist Indian and Chinese "converts" to "Islam" in its ranks).

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  28 May 2014 at 19:03  

Gerakan is a hopeless party. They have no intergrity & likes to talk nonsense. They are a big disgraced to our chinese community as they are UMNO lapdogs.

OneMalaysian,  28 May 2014 at 20:02  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The decision to field Dyana Daud confirms that DAP acknowledges the Malay factor as a reality in Malaysia politics. Putting up a Malay candidate has the immediate effect of breaking up the UMNO stranglehold on the Malay mind-set.”

Yes, the DAP has made a very smart move by fielding Dyana Daud. It could easily have put up a Chinese candidate and win hands down, not quite a victory like in Bukit Gelugor, but a comfortable one. But it chose a riskier path in pursuit of its political principles. And those principles are meeting political reality, which is, the Malays must feature prominently in DAP if it ever seriously aspires to federal power. And this is what is frightening the daylights out of UMNO.

So long as UMNO can pigeonhole the DAP by labeling it a Chinese chauvinistic party the DAP cannot grow any bigger than the urban Chinese can support it. Hence it will be merely a fringe party. UMNO can live with that. But if DAP can spread its appeal to a broad section of the Malays, UMNO will have to reckon its days are numbered. UMNO does not fear PAS or PKR as much as it fears the DAP because it knows the DAP is a highly cohesive and principled party fighting for universal values, as against PAS fighting predominantly on an Islamic platform, or PKR which seems so fragile and dependent on the charisma of one man.

Now the ball is in the court of the rural Malays of Teluk Intan.

sanizabrinee 28 May 2014 at 22:22  

Dyana represent the future of Malaysian politics...! As a Malay voter in Teluk Intan I welcome her candidancy and look forward for more Malays joining politicals parties other than UMNO n PAS . Just for the record Dyana was not the first malay to become an MP under DAP in Teluk Intan if she won this coming bi election was En Fadzlan Yahya who won DUN Pasir Bedamar with 80% chinese voters ....If i"m not mistaken he held the contituency for 3 terms.....So Miss Dyana Sofea Teluk Intan people used to have malay representing them under Dap is Umno who create this chaos for your nominations. The hidup Melayu slogans were not heard during campaigning in teluk intan . Overall the impact of your nominations ......all cabinet ministers were seen making their rounds in Teluk Intan.....whatever the outcome of this bi election .....Miss dyana Sofea .......I salute you and my vote is for you.....!!!

walla 28 May 2014 at 22:28  

To grow a tree to bear more fruit, one must put fertilizers.

To put fertilizers, one must put herbicides to remove the weeds which feed on the fertilizers.

However, frequent putting of herbicides around the tree kills its roots that absorb the fertilizers.

(bear with me; i'm coming to it)

So one asks, 'where is the one place where the roots are still healthy?'

This is an important question whose answer determines the future health of the tree.

Because roots are photophobic, they will thrive under shades.

(ok, i'm almost there)

The one place where the shade is strongest is when the branches of adjacent trees touch one another and even overlap to increase shade.

(i've arrived)

Each of us is a tree of this earth we call Malaysia. We live to grow to do our darnest best for ourselves, our families and friends, our community, our common society, our single country.

And our common vision and dream.

With only a few days more to go before the big day in Teluk Intan (Anson), Dyana Sofya is the youngest trailblazer for that common vision and dream - of a new Malaysia.

Dyana Sofya reminds you as much me the Sofea you and I have learned to cherish for so many years. Yes, Dyana is as sweet, earnest, committed and intelligent as Sofea. Both are brave and sincere. Both represent the best of our Malay race.

I want to tell you now because i already know - there are thousands more Dyana's and Sofea's out there waiting for the first shattering of the Umno myth that our Malays must be moulded by Umno to be like the Umno characters we all have become too painfully acquainted with these past thirty over years.

I want to tell you now because i already know - there are thousands more young Malay men out there waiting to work hand in hand with the thousands of our Dyana's to crystallize a new Malaysia that will be emptied of all the tyrannies, hypocrisies, double standards, lies, corruptions and antisocial behaviors that have not only antagonized all of us but also made this country the laughing stock of the free and progressive world.

We can be proud of Malaysia again. But she has to be a new Malaysia in which all the branches of all the races touch one another again to create the best shade for the roots of the land to grow healthy again so that the tree of our lives - this earth from which we all came and to which we shall inevitably one day return - will grow healthy for the first in a long, long while. For your future generations.

Wherever you are, vote and root for Dyana. It's not so much the politics. It's the future of Malaysia.

You know you will be doing the right thing - because Umno has been throwing all it got on her. Even pampers.

Did Pakatan throw anything on Khairy during his 'ascension' into the depth of Umno-excuses? Instead, people had hoped he would groom up to be a good man. Which was sadly expecting too much of the young opportunist. Instead, what did Dyana's party get? A mute apology after the acts and threats.

Gender aside, Dyana is a smarter and braver person with a stronger maturity to achieve a higher potential as a national leader inasmuch Teluk Intan's new MP. Make a stand and give her your support.

She stands with Dato' Ariff Sabri as the trailblazers of a new Malaysia where our enlightened, intelligent, culturally refined and moderate Malays can become what Umno has never enabled them to be - primus inter pares - first amongst equals - on this, our common land - with all the other brothers and sisters - trees of this earth - providing the shade away from the heat of all the pains we have together experienced and felt deep in our hearts and minds for too long.

Do the right thing again. Vote Dyana into Parliament.

You know, there is a road in Teluk Intan. On both sides of the road are cemeteries of the Chinese and our Muslims. The road is so narrow it's like both cemeteries are adjacent.

In the end we are together, no matter what race we are. So why not in a new beginning as well?

Thanks, Sak.

bruno 29 May 2014 at 00:43  

Is is very stupid and idiotic to say that Malays and Indians buy from Chinese traders and they got rich,be ingrates and voted for DAP.Especially when it is coming out from mouths of morons who hold cabinet positions.With leaders like this it is no surprise the country is moving backwards.

These frogs have been living under the tempurungs for so long that they didn't even realised what is happening in the real world.They are so blind and biased that they see no Malays and Indians doing business except working as labourers for the Chinese.

Many ordinary Malays without political connections have been very successful in businesses,as professionals and in the coporate sectors.But these ordinary Malays are not Umno members,so they are not counted as Malay businessmen.

Many Chinese frequented Malay, Indian Muslims,Indians,Thai and other restaurents and businesses.One of the better known frequented ones,knocking shoulders with the rich and famous is the carpetman Deepak's store.Chinese also wear saris and sarongs,and even songkoks too.Where do these Chinese buy these wares from,the orang putihs?

These Umno leaders only wants to belittled the ordinary Malays and Indians to make them angry and go against the Chinese.They do not want to see harmony among the various races,because they will lose their Malay vote base.That is the reason they set loose the Umno Youth's samsengs in Penang,Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan.

Teluk Intan must show the way by voting in DAP/PR's Dyana Sofya this Saturday by a huge majority.Teluk Intan must sent a very strong message to the arrogant Umno leaders that samsengs have no right of place in government.

the mean machine,  29 May 2014 at 06:12  

The traitor Helen Ang has surfaced again.She has changed politiocal masters too many times to be trusted and is just a sour grapes.Like the saying goes "the mouth of a woman scorned is worse than a thousand scorpian's bite".

Anonymous,  29 May 2014 at 16:13  

Salam Dato,

Kalau orang Melayu pakcik makcik di kampung mendengar drama Bahasa Arab dalam radio, sudah tentu mereka anggap drama itu kisah agama Islam dan dakwah. (Walhal kisah cinta asmara...kak...kah)

Apa tidaknya, orang kita Melayu sebahagiannya masih taksub sangat dengan bahasa Arab, sehingga ada yang kata bahasa English bahasa orang kafir.

Nabi Muhammad orang Arab. Abu Jahal??? pun......orang Arab!!

Dyana Sofea orang Melayu. Budak samseng UMNO pun ... orang Melayu.

Jadi apa masalahnya Dyna Sofea masuk wakil DAP (yang ada Cina, Melayu, India, Iban dsb)???

Apa masalahnya Dyna Sofea meninggalkan UMNO (yang hanya ada hanya khusus untuk orang Melayu .... dan sedikit mamak sesat)?

Antara Dyna Sofea dengan budak samseng UMNO, jauh panggang dari api.

Siapa sangka pimpinan rasis UMNO berusaha untuk merasiskan minda budak Melayu di UITM, nampaknya tak kesampaian, apabila hasil produk UITM tiba-tiba mewakili DAP.

Sebenarnya ada beribu-ribu Dyna Sofea di UITM luar sana dan juga IPTA yang lain. Ini pimpinan UMNO tak sedar.

Pak Najib sekarang hanya di buai mimpi-mimnpin indah, sedangkan orang bawah dia semua macam cacing kerawit bila muncul insan bernama Dyna Sofea dalam arena politik abad ke-21 ini, bukan kerana masuk PAS atau PKR, tapi masuk DAP.

Bagi makcik-makcik gedempol bergincu tebal UMNO yang mengkritik ibu kepada Dyna Sofea, janganlah sombong sangat. Ingat, anak-anak anda semua banyak sudah befikiran macam Dyna Sofea. (Cuba check dalam bilik mereka, entah-tah ada risalah PKR, PAS atau DAP...kak-..kah..)

the gaffe guy who know's,  30 May 2014 at 00:07  

Chinese are pendatangs,are ingrates are......blah,blah and blah.

Najib: If Mah wins Teluk Intan he will be made a minister.

Pendatangs and ingrates:Who cares if Mah is made a minister either by the front,side or revolving door.He will have to tow the line and be a yesman.Or else he will be labelled a traitor and sacked.

SiangMalam 30 May 2014 at 02:13  

I pray the people of Telok Intan will wake up and hand UMNO and the BN people a clear message not to fool around with them!

SiangMalam 30 May 2014 at 02:20  

All DAP political secretaries under LKS have done well and proved they are worthy parliamentarians - YB Teresa Kok, YB Ean Yong, YB Chow Kon Yeow and now Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud!

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