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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Meeting Tok Guru Nik Aziz

I was in Kelantan the last few days. On Saturday, 3rd May I had the opportunity to meet up Tok Guru Nik Aziz(TGNA). As I wanted to perform the Asar prayers with him, I arrived a little earlier. After performing ablution, I entered his Masjid just as the Asar Azan was called. After performing the optional pre- Asar prayers, I sat myself down.
TGNA was seated in the first row on the far right. I was told he always prayed in the first row and always on the right end. He was deep in contemplation. He looked serene.
After the obligatory asar prayers, I inched myself in a crawling position towards him. I held out my hands and he responded likewise and I kissed his hands in filial respect. A friend, who is also a shariah court judge, informed TGNA that here is the MP from Raub who would like to see him.
I had brought a non-Muslim friend along and the driver of our vehicle. We walked to towards TGNA’s house which is adjacent to the mosque.  A few young children were playing. I assumed they must be his grandchildren. The children greeted TGNA as how young children do when they see their grandfather in a teasing manner whereupon TGNA smiled back in a grandfatherly manner.
We entered the house- it is as other people can attest a simple dwelling. There is a day bed at one end- which Malays often used as a bed for the sick and not so healthy. I assumed TGNA often rests here. I have brought some fruits which I bought earlier at Pangkalan Kubor in Tumpat and mentioned that to TGNA. He thanked me.
My friends and I were motioned to sit in chairs arranged in neat rows indicating that even after retirement; many people still visit the Tok Guru. I sat nearest to him. While we were sitting a few people came in bringing infants to get the blessings from this revered man. TGNA admonished these people- they should come in the morning or after Zuhur payers. Saya duduk lama dalam masjid lepas zuhur. Takde oghe maghi. Masa ini saya nak rehat sikit.
After the people left, he asked the doors to his house closed to signify that he does not want any more visitors.
My son Nik Abduh ( MP for Pasir Mas) told me Dato is coming see me. Is there anything in particular that you seek?
In an almost whispering tone- I answered I am here to pay a courtesy call. I have never met Tok Guru and I thought this is a good chance for me to visit. Tomorrow I am meeting the Kelantan MB.
The first question he asked- how come you join DAP? I must salute DAP-they must have done something right to attract Malays to join DAP. I wish PAS can do something to attract Chinese joining PAS.
I answered- perhaps it was accidental that I joined DAP. After being dropped as candidate by UMNO in the 12th GE, I was reinventing myself as a writer and political commentator. The DAP people approached me and presented their case. I did not make up my mind immediately; it was only after a few months that I was officially inducted into the party.
There is nothing accidental in life said TGN. Everything is finally decided by us. So your joining DAP was not accidental- it was decided by you.
It was touché I thought and was saved further embarrassment when he moved on to other matters.
I narrated the time when I was interviewed by Harakah and an encounter with Tok Gruru Hadi Awang when I was asked the same question. I said if I had joined PAS, I would not be able to carry the burden of such an awesome responsibility to live up to an Islamic image. I cited the examples of a few people carrying the image of Islam but eventually soiling its good name. I said, I am conscious of my moral shortcomings and would only besmirch the image of PAS as an Islamic party. I even joked that if I joined PAS, I am afraid people like Nik Aziz and Haji Hadi will run way.
TGNA speaks in an almost hushed manner that is just audible. He speaks in clear syllables that makes his audience wants to listen attentively.
He says- even I can’t carry the responsibility of carrying the Islamic banner. That should not be an excuse. I held my piece realising that I have overplayed my excuse not to join PAS.
Without waiting for the issue to be raised- TGNA suddenly spoke about hudud. This entire thing about hudud- why are we overly and unduly excited?  PAS was formed in 1951- hudud came with the Quran almost 2000 years ago. This isn’t a hudud by PAS. These are divine laws.
We have laws which hang people. But no one makes noise. Hanging means death. We have amputation where hands are cut off- but the convicted person lives. So which is more barbaric? Hanging or amputating? Difficult for me to counter that logic or I wasn’t mentally agile to shoot back.
The reason why so many are opposed to hudud, is because they were not practised by the colonial masters and the west. If they had been practised by them, I don’t think there will be much opposition.
TGNA read a few Quranic verses. The short meeting was also a chance to preach to someone like me I think.
Tok Guru spoke something about death. You see- he said while reading some verses from the Quran, we must believe in life after death. I was born ( if I remembered and heard correctly what TGNA said) in 1931. Before 1931, there was no Nik Aziz. Nik Aziz was not created by our parents or a firm. It was Allah who created me from nonexistence into existence. We must learn to trust in God. After all Islam is submission to the will of Allah. Like me- I may die tonight, tomorrow or any day. But there is afterlife. Just as I came into existence after nonexistence, there will life after death. I did not exist once, then I came into being; I will cease to exist when I die, and will come into being again.
 And when the day of judgement comes, we will all be brought to account for what we have done. God will ask- I gave you eyes- what did you set eyes upon. I gave you legs- where did you go, I gave you ears, what did you listen to. Such is the supreme greatness of Allah.
If we trust Allah in this way, we must also trust in the laws that he gave us. It is beyond the puny minds of mankind to comprehend the inner meanings of God’s laws.
We sat attentively listening to what this great man had to say. In person, in his jubbah, Nik Aziz is a smallish man. He has a serene face for a man approaching 80.
Finally I summoned up my courage to say- may I trouble him for some doa and blessings. I am hoping to partake some barakah from this encounter.
TGNA responded- let us doa together and I cupped my hands as he recited some doa.
After he has finished I thanked him and kissed his hands. As he alighted from his chair- he said, he has been suffering from prostate problems for some time.
The first time I had this problem was when I was 4 years old. It all started when I ate jering rebus. (The bigger cousin to the petai).
We bid our farewell and took our leave. As we entered our vehicle, Tok Guru was at the door of his house standing using his walking stick and waved us goodbye.
I prayed silently, may Allah confer him long life. I have just left the presence of a great but very humble man. A firm believer and a servant of God.


Anonymous,  6 May 2014 at 22:16  

Dear Sir,

It is nice to hear that you met him and gave us your story about meeting a great man.
You should have told him that if the law does not apply death sentence , it will be the same as hudud so no need to apply amputation of hands or others.
It is only the making of such death law by human themselves.
It will be even evil to amputate someone hands if they can be corrected.
This is all the making of one govt. to put it into law.
There is alot of people regretful after making such dreadful things due to anger, ill will and hatred.
Something from the past which is good for humans , we can follow.
Something that is wrong, we should not.

Anonymous,  6 May 2014 at 23:30  

Many thanks for this closer look at the life of this great man.

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 06:49  

I bet anyone that had a chance to meet and chat with TGNA would carry home indescribable sentimental value. A true leader with people at heart

nasir,  7 May 2014 at 07:30  

(This is personal, consider NOT to be published)

Salam, Datuk. I read this piece with great interest. I'm sure you believed in Tok Guru's words. I'm sure you know his history, particularly in Pas, especially is respect of initiating the Enactment of Syariah laws (hudud). I'm sure you remember how he had to endure opposition (especially from Mahathir) and ridicule. Now, in the end you said that he was a "great but humble man". I believe he became such, not by small means, due to this effort; don't you? (And wouldn't you like to become one -great but humble- and be remembered as such?)

Tok Guru mentioned about questions in the Hereafter. Being an MP is a tough job, particularly in being honest and fair to all. And with the oncoming of the Bill in the Parliament, I am sure this (questions) should be uppermost in your mind.

The non-Muslims of the Prophet's time (Abu Jahal, etc) spoke of his greatness and humbleness, in the same way as you did of Tok Guru. Despite this, they refused him totally. Would you like to go down in history as one like Abu Jahal and company? Pls [do istikharah and] uphold Islam, in the same way Tok Guru has done.

May God bless you (and show you THE way) Datuk.

walla 7 May 2014 at 08:01

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 08:22  

Bila seseorang itu bukan mangsa, dia boleh cakap apa saja. Human right?. Adil?.
Tannya mangsa rogol atau bunuh. Adakah hukuman 5 tahun penjara itu adil?. Atau adakah dia gembira dirogol?.
Jangan penting diri sendiri. Ingat apabila kita dipihak mangsa juga. Adakah kita akan kata ini adil.

Unknown 7 May 2014 at 08:43  

#anon. In assuming you're a Muslim, you are missing what TGNA means by `trusting in Allah and his Laws (Hukum2),about his existence n non-existence, as well as afterlife.
From what Dato Saks written, he had a choice but he preferred DAP.
Then `total submission to Allah...puny human minds! I read that too long ago fr the Quran.
Bttom line, no Muslims can object/reject Hudud. Nxy obstacle (of the mind) which meaning (translation/tafsir) of the quran can a Muslim truly accept as the whole truth notning but the truth!
I just tweeted, which primary kesejahteraan Ummah, akedah economy, discharging one moral obligations `amanah?' To champion Muslims economic well-being first or in tandem with Hukum-hakam syariah (of which Hudud is just a segment)?
Hope Dato had a Barakah trip that I have yearned to do. I too keep(a fervent prayer)for him to colour PAS.
To me, Hudud as presented by PAS today (w UMNO humbugs joining the band wagon), is down right Political survival and relevancy and emotional roller-coaster decisions! Its should be `well-trashed out and an educated en mass exercise by `alim & ariff' Islamic clerics NOT laymen nor non-Muslim politcos.
Life is after all, just a temp time-line passage OTR to Jannahtu waNaim!

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 09:31  

With due respect to Tok Guru, we do make noise about hanging. Just because its allowed now, does not mean we are all comfortable with it. No one has been allowed to look at the records and cases of wrongful hanging and death cases in this country.

TGNA is a great man by personal character, but there is nothing that says he is a great ruler. Kelantan's achievement is not terrible but is nothing to be proud of.

I can mathematically proof to TGNA he is simply wrong USING HIS OWN LOGIC.

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 09:34  

Semoga pertemuan Dato' dgn TGNA akan memberikan lagi kekuatan dan semangat utk Dato' terus berjuang demi rakyat.

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 10:34  

The hudud in its current form (stoning) is inconsistent with the Holy Quran. While we must obey Allah's commandments in implementing hudud, we must ensure whatever we implement must be His commandments or else we will injure our souls.

No man is infallible. This is why we have the infallible Holy Quran to guide us.

In reality, hudud in its current form will always remain.

As such, it would be better to focus on being an agent of change by upholding justice, kindness, compassion (all Islamic values) in your current work as a DAP MP which, Insha' Allah, will bring a new light to non-Muslims.

Tiger 7 May 2014 at 11:27  

If other MBs were as humble as him

Unknown 7 May 2014 at 12:12  

hanging or amputation...

Amputation is worse than Death...
Everyone will die... But living life in poverty and disability is Worse than dying...

When someone steals, he or she get hands chopped off... after that, how they going to eat and wash their ass??

How they going to work?? Tiada peluang untuk insaf... Put robbers in jail and let them repent, not chopping anyone's hand....

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 12:18  

If Hudud is about imposing Allah's Laws then how can it stand side by side with GST which is a consumption tax? Islamic Law imposes only tax on earnings.
Will hudud laws be enforced on UMNO VIPs or Royalties? They do all sorts of sinful things which are known to all but spoken quietly.
How many VIP have mini-bars in their homes? How many have mistresses?
Hudud is justice is half measures.
What about corruption?
What about hate speeches?
What about lavish leaving?

Anonymous,  7 May 2014 at 14:55  

hudud is often
misunderstood. hudud is just a part of islamic jurisprudence. the others are takzir, qisas and diyat. hudud applies to these crimes only i.e. apostacy, robbery,theft,consuming liquor, adultery and false acusation (of people committing adultery. takzir is for smaller crimes such as exceeding stipulated speed limits, running red lights, building without permissions etc. Qisas is for voluntarily hurting others to the point of inflicting injury, loss of limbs and life. Maximum punishment is death.
Diyat is compensating others for involuntarily causing hurt, loss of limbs, or death. its an eye for an eye or compensation agreed upon the parties.

in prosecuting couples for adultery it is required to bring four fair and just witnessess. same thing for qazaf. Cant simply accuse others of committing adultery or sodomy without having fair and just witnessess.

to sentence a thief in case of theft, it has to go through a very rigorous process to ensure fairness in sentencing. If its the case of stealing a can of baby formula for the baby due to poorness or incapaciation, then the village head, or the residents association committee, the local welfare officer, even state reps, and even the welfare minister need to be hauled up and made aware of the issue and to be reprimanded for letting a member of their community go hungry. Help must be rendered. the whole concept is to educate and to safeguard.

why people are so scared of it could be due to ignorance. Ask any muslim on the street, probably only 1 out 10 can give an educated answer. to ask a non-muslim and expect them to understand? that is expecting too much. So get educated first, take care of welfare of the people, then sit down and talk. implementation however gradual still needs to be implemented. Application only to muslims, so why mca and dap are jumping like mad horses is incomprehensible. must not take the way of GST and hike in utility tariffs, forcing down the peoples' throat despite the general populace are on dai;y struggle to make ends meet.

Anonymous,  8 May 2014 at 01:32  

Wajib menuntut ilmu.

Undang undang jenayah dalam Islam ada 4 jenis :

a. Qisas
b. Hudud
c. Diyat
d. Ta'zir

Qisas melibatkan 3 kes, iaitu :

a. Bunuh dengan sengaja

b. Melukakan dengan sengaja

c. Mencederakan sehingga hilang anggota (mencacatkan) dengan sengaja

Hudud pula melibatkan 6 kes :

a. Murtad

b. Merompak

c. Minum arak

d. Berzina

e. Mencuri

f. Tuduh zina (qazaf)

Diyat (pampasan) pula melibatkan 2 kes :

a. Bunuh dengan tak sengaja atau seolah olah sengaja

b. Cederakan atau cacatkan dengan tak sengaja atau seolah olah sengaja.

Ta'zir pula ialah hukuman hukuman lain bagi kes kes lain yang ditetapkan oleh pemerintah dalam bentuk mendidik. Contohnya saman, ia tidak sesuai dijatuhkan kepada orang yang kaya kerana ia tidak mendidik orang kaya tersebut untuk mengubah sikapnya yang sengaja melanggar lampu isyarat misalannya.

Secara mudahnya, hukuman yang digariskan hanyalah bagi 9 kes sahaja, iaitu mencuri, berzina, minum arak, tuduh zina, merompak, murtad, membunuh, mencacatkan dan melukakan.

Ini sahaja yang wajib dilaksanakan mengikut ketetapan syarak. Manakala selebihnya seperti langgar lampu isyarat, hack komputer orang, membakar sampah sarap di kawasan terbuka dan lain lain terletak di bawah ta'zir yang mana hukumannya diputuskan oleh pemerintah mengikut kesesuaian dan bertujuan mendidik.

Sila share

Sumpitan Emas,  8 May 2014 at 09:15  

Thank you for the two excellent links; appreciate this very much.

Any chance of links to Zahid Hamidi and Ridhuan Tee's PhD theses? I am slowly running out of reading materials especially by our leading lights.

Two men, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS) and Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah (UMNO, provide a welcome change in current political discourse; you would make my day if I could skim through the two theses.

Thanks again.

Anonymous,  8 May 2014 at 16:01  

Why corruption, abuse of power and fitnah not on the list?

So the cronies can get more commission to enrich themselve and the poor rakyat get the punishment.

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