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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 19 May 2014

The Malay Dap candidate for Teluk Intan is one of us- a Malaysian.

What else can the mentally-challenged UMNO storm troopers say? Malays who join DAP are DAP’s lapdogs. That kind of statement cannot be answered by a negation such as, no I am not so. It would not be believed anyway. So, we won’t bother to dignify such stupidity.
I am very surprised that UMNO and its adherents cannot understand one simple basic fact- people are free to choose political allegiance. Why is it hard and difficult for UMNO to accept that some people just don’t want to be with and near UMNO? UMNO has to learn to accept that not every Malay wants to join UMNO and not joining UMNO is a perfectly rational choice. Those who don’t want to join UMNO are beyond the judgmental standards of UMNO. Accept this reality.
Semi urban and urban Malays are likely not to vote UMNO. We expect UMNO to come out strong to help its ally Gerakan- its pet poodle. It will spend a lot on money to buy Malay votes to stop the Dap candidate, Dyana Daud. If Dyana Daud wins, she will be an icon among the younger Malay generation to signal that there is a more meaningful life without UMNO.
Tomorrow onwards, my friends and I will be Teluk Intan. We shall be campaigning and doing the ceramah rounds for DAP candidate for Teluk Intan. DAP has chosen a Malaysian Malay, Dyana Mohd Daud as its candidate. She has also been endorsed wholeheartedly by Pakatan Rakyat.
The only party that is utterly shocked is UMNO. They could not imagine that DAP- now at its acme of success has chosen a Malay to contest in Teluk Intan. This is thinking outside the box in action. We have simply out boxed the blue- ocean-strategizing money-dispensing UMNO people.
UMNO which is always boxed in is now at sixes and sevens. Many are rolling on the floor and pulling out their hair. Shahrizat’s wanita army must be rolling up their baju kurung sleeves and jeepers creepers- I hope not disrobing their sarungs. Children will get nightmares dear ladies.
As to pulling out  their hair, I would advise those with balding head, never to do that in your fit of absent mindedness. Otherwise you will be like my colleagues from Segambut and Serdang. If you acquire their intelligence and dexterity, it will be an asset, otherwise your action will all be in vain. Be calm and vote for the DAP candidate. Have a break, have a kit kat.
This is a brilliant move by DAP. What can UMNO and BN make out this move as? It proves that DAP is committed to evolving into a truly multi-racial party. Why should it want to sacrifice a seat which could easily be won by a Chinese candidate but choose a Malay instead? It must have been a very difficult decision.  The DAP leadership has shown it has the foresight and is looking at the big picture. It is out to prove a point. That it is a multiracial party committed to the pursuit of a common destiny.
The best Shahrizat Jalil can do is to heap pity and scorn on Dyana by pointing her out as an ingrate. She can only say that Dyana is just a puppet for DAP.
Elsewhere the person who used to be a supporter of DAP in Penang, stated that Dyana will have difficulties in getting Malay support. Obviously this guy has never been on the ground. Dyana will get Malay support even from die hard UMNO members. I have been told by UMNO friends that they will support Dyana because, however rancid the meat is, it is slowly chewed and eaten in the end.
I say this is the correct attitude. Malays will vote for Dyana because they are Malaysian Malays not UMNO Malays. The UMNO definition of a Malay is that he/she must be an UMNO member. There are 38% Malays in Teluk Intan forming a substantial body of voters. They should go out and support Dyana Daud because they must show they are Malaysian Malays. If the Chinese believe in Dyana, then a priori, Malays have no reason to disbelieve her. Don’t trust UMNO is the first step towards liberation from the UMNO shackles that have bound the Malays for a long time.
We have not seen the full blast of the UMNO machinery yet. We know they will come out in full force. UMNO’s only main and secret weapon is their financial firepower; it will try to simply bribe voters to vote in their candidate.
If the people accede and succumb to UMNO’s bribing ways, they are giving up their dignity by believing that UMNO knows what is best for them. Teluk Intan is an opportunity for the people to show once again to UMNO who is the boss. The future and destiny of this nation, beginning in Teluk Intan lies in your hands and not in UMNO’s.
The question voters must ask themselves, Would you trust your future in Shahrizat, in Najib, in Hishamudin?
People trusted in Shahrizat and she did a cow-gate blowing away RM250 million. UMNO people are whispering to me, that was only the tip of the iceberg- we have yet to unearth bigger financial abuses and downright thievery. The people trusted Najib and he is now implementing GST to collect more money for the government because he has been depleting our treasury. The people trusted Hishamudin and the security of people in Sabah were compromised. Vote for BN and UMMNO means we vote for incompetency. Vote for UMNO and BN means we are sending foxes to look after our chickens.
The majority of the voters in Teluk INtan formerly known as Teluk Anson, are Chinese. Malays formed 38% of the population and Indians around 17-18%. We hope the Chinese voters will continue to support DAP as it means business in its mission to create a just and fair society.  We hope the Malays will vote the DAP candidate to reject the UMNO propaganda that DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party- why would it field a Malay candidate and gamble a possible sure victory? To show that it acknowledges the political reality of this country and to account for the Malay presence. I hope the Malaysian Indians will also support the DAP candidate as they are passionate about fair play and justice.
As the DAP candidate goes campaigning in Malay areas, she should not be worried about the prospects of securing support from them. Socially and politically aware Malays will support Dyana Daud because they will feel it is the right thing to do. How can UMNO reconcile the assertion that it stands for Malay everything but when it comes to Teluk INtan, it is asking the Malays to vote for a non-Malay candidate? It is UMNO which is on trial for its chauvinistic politics. Let us punish UMNO for its duplicity and hypocrisy.
Is getting support from Malays impossible? I can only point out to my own experience. Many journalists have been mistaken in citing Raub as a Chinese majority seat. It is not. Malays constitute 49% of the voters, Chinese 44% and the rest is made up of Indians and Orang Aslis. Raub is a Malay majority seat. If the Malays had not come out to support a Malay opposition candidate on 5th May 2013, I would not have obtained a slightly bigger majority than Ng Yen Yen did in 2008. Malay voters came out to vote and support because they have an affinity with a Malaysian Malay rather than an UMNO Malay.  


bruno 19 May 2014 at 07:49  

Dato,I have been following Malaysian politics for over four decades.What I am going to say is that we have a young lady pol sec to an opposition veteran,who is going against a Gerakan president who also happens to be a political veteran.

The beauty of this is that this young lady who is a first timer as a candidate is being attacked by the most powerful party in the country,the Umno even before her name was announced as the official candidate.

Why is the Umno,the most powerful political party in Malaysia and the 'taikor' of BN so scared of this young lady when it had a veteran who was once a two time MP? Because Umno knows that their candidate is going to have a hard time in winning this by election,even with the help of the powerful spiritual Raja Bomoh.

Umno knows that if Dyana becomes the next MP of Teluk Intan,many Malays will be lining up to be and filling application forms to be members of DAP.So it is a no brainer that Umno is scared,very very scared.

misynolomist,  19 May 2014 at 07:58  

Teluk Intan is a Chinese majority constituency which had many Chinese and also Indian MP's.Soon it is going to make history by having one of the youngest lady MP in Malaysian history,Dyana Soyfa.Way to go,Teluk Intan voters.

the mean machine,  19 May 2014 at 08:15  

Dyana Soyfa's mother is an Umno member.Her aunties and uncles are also Umno members and some have served in the government.This makes more sense for Umno members to support her as the next female MP of TI.What say you Shahrizat.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 08:29  

You are absolutely right in your analysis. We had been in UMNO for the last 40 years cannot recognise the party that we knew. It is now corrupt through and through. Let the fate of the Indian Congress be an eye opener to the present self serving leaders who pretend to fight for race religion and country.

Taikohtai 19 May 2014 at 09:07  

Good morning Dato,

Dynamite Dyana is taking Teluk Intan by storm and sending shock waves through the ranks of BN. What a breath of fresh air. She represents the third battalion of PAKATAN shoring and soaking up strong support from the next generation of young and old voters. No wonder cowdung tainted c**ts like Sharizat are feeling their used by dates.


Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 09:18  

UMNO Malays should not be accepting a person who betrays his race. Why do they love Ridhuan Tee?
If they really condemn RTee but find him a useful idiot, then RTee is caught in the deathly racial embrace of UMNOlites.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 09:18  

A few months back, I met a Malay taxi driver. He said that UMNo now do not care for the Rakyat. What they care about is stealing money.
Yes, voting for UMNO (not Mah) is like voting for thieves.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 09:27  

They are in great fear of losing for various reasons. One is that the BN is fielding a giant candidate against a young upstart and losing would signal that Gerakan/BN dynasty is losing stream. Secondly, DAP fielding a Malay means their usual attack of race politics against DAP would sound very hollow this time round. And Dayana gaining Malay support is a sign that Umno can no longer rely on Malay vote bank. Indeed as you say, DAP outside-the-box strategy this time around is nothing short of brilliant. And we wish Dyana the best. She's our investment in the future where Malaysians can live as one.

Ahmad Tajuddin 19 May 2014 at 09:55  

Anyway Dato', your comment on Serdang and Segambut was utterly acceptable hahahahah! :) OK I'm kidding!

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 10:12  

Dato,tell the rural Malays that they had been conned by UNMO for 56 years.Their wealth had been siphoned of by billions into UNMO pockets of UNMO and its cronies.especially the cowgate woman.Tell them how corrupt UNMO is and abuse of power to the worst kind.

the gaffe guy who know's,  19 May 2014 at 10:15  

It takes a lot of courage for Dyana's mum,a long time Umno member to be standing alongside her daughter when she was nominated to be the DAP's candidate for Teluk Intan.It must be her mother's proudest moment to show her whole hearted support for her daughter in public for all eyes to see.Her Umno comrades must be very proud of her too.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 10:16  

Way to go Sir.........those who in the way of History will be swept away by the tidal waves of change, and UMNO is the BEST example......

maestro's worse nightmare.,  19 May 2014 at 10:41  

When rumours were swirling around that the DAP might be fielding LKS's protege as the Teluk Intan's by election candidate,Umno felt hit by a mini tsunami or rather a round house hook to the chin.That is the reason for the harsh and gutteral reaction.To have a young lady newbie candidate against their Gerakan old horse.If this young lass were to beat the Umno's old horse and by a huge margin,where are these shamed Umno big boys going to hide their blurdy red faces.

The three amigos,  19 May 2014 at 10:55  

I would labelled it the biggest martial arts event of the year.
"The roaring beauty vs the Beast".

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 11:53  

This is wisest decision made by the DAP. And wise decisions make UMNO crazy.
Mighty UMNO has been threatened by a 27-year old Malay lawyer!! What irony?
First it was Islam threatened by the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.
Christians and Jews were threatening Malaysia.
Now a Malay girl is making UMNO run helter-skelter like a headless chicken.
Teluk Intan can once and for all debunk the racist trash hurled by Isma, Perkasa, Reduan Tee and UMNO.
Please Dato, campaign for Dyana till polling Day. That you were a former UMNO man will stand in good stead.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 13:08  

As usual these UMNO idiots & fools are using race & religion to attack Dyana. What a pathetic method to use. My advice to these UMNO idiots, look at yourselves before judging others & repent while you still can & alive. You all will never can escape God judgment

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 13:27  

The three amigos, correction. It should be "The roaring beauty vs the beasts".

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 15:28  

Regardless of whether Dyana win or lose, Pakatan Rakyat has won a major battle to take Putrajaya in future.

Why? Because its leaders have the guts, foresight and maturity to take this unprecedented step that will win the hearts of many Malaysians.

1. Dyana is a cross-cultural candidate. Not question of Melayu vs Cina.

2. She is only in her 20's. Malaysians her age or younger identifies with her.

3. She's a lady and this resonates with women in Malaysia

4. She is another one of the group of young Pakatan leaders who is coming out of the shadows of the old guards. This will be the death knell of BN. Imagine what Pakatan will look like 10 years from now with this bunch of young leaders growing into their roles ...

... one may say that BN should be pooing in their pants and sarongs ...

... but we may be wrong. BN's philosophy is 'carma'. Once in office, take as much as you can. Let whoever come in later worry about things in the futre.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 17:12  


The best way to destroy the Islamic credentials of UMNO is to expose its fraud. UMNO subsists mainly on power and money. It hijacked Islam to instill fear among the Malays. Any religion worth its salt will not spread hatred and lies knowingly against the adherents of other faith. Lately what I heard from these so-called "knowledgeable" UMNO Muslims are just hate, lies, fear and a besieged mentality which I believe Islam abhors. UMNO Muslims do not know what Islam is about.

It is said that Satan also can quote the scriptures, but with a twist and totally against what Islam is teaching. What these UMNO Muslims are learning about Islam came directly from Satan himself. Satan was the most powerful angel and was very ambitious that he went against God. Imagine with such a superior intellect would it not be impossible that Satan can tempt mere mortals to stray from the right path? Instead of following the essence of Islam these UMNO Muslims are worshipping superficiality to corrupt Islam.

Datok, I hope, you as a Muslim and a politician will have more weight and credentials to articulate against the chicanery of UMNO Muslims.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 17:36  

"It matters not whether it is a white cat or a black cat. If it catches mice, it is a good cat" (Deng Xiao Ping, late ex-Premier of PRC)

tebing tinggi,  19 May 2014 at 18:10  

It's Malaysian all right , hope she could transform her party she represent ,to looks more Malaysian.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 18:54  

Many are hoping Dyna to win. But be realistic. The racial divide is deeper in 2014 post PRU 13. PKR is in disarray.There is a deep mistrust for PAS.DAP has to battle it alone in Bukit Gelugor as it is in Teluk Intan.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 21:40  


I heard from a MCA veteren that Datuk Mah has got no chance at all to win.

Whatever good work he has done before will be forgotten as people know that Dato' Najib & his party/allies could not keep to their promises.


Call a spade, a spade 19 May 2014 at 22:09  

"David will surely slay Goliath." Well done DAP. You have shown your party to be a truly Malaysian identity. May more true blue Malay Malaysians stand up and join the party. It will indeed raise up Malaysia better then the former glory. May God continue to bless our beloved country.

gua melayu beb,  19 May 2014 at 22:24  

To us in Perak,a Malay stands for DAP in elections is not something new.Before this,there's Fadzlan Yahya who has been a DAP rep in Pasir Berdamar for years.Pasir Berdamar is a state constituency under Teluk Intan parliment constituency.

Anonymous,  19 May 2014 at 22:53  

Sharizat warned Dyana not to become a traitor. This woman must be joking or having a permanent head damage. Most of us knows she's the real traitor to her own race. The RM 250 million she stole is meant for poor farmers & cow rearing people. My advice to you Sharizat,look at yourself first before judging other people Repent before it's too late. You can hide,deny or lied about you & your family sins from us but you cannot hide from God.

Unknown 20 May 2014 at 01:22  

dato kita kena perkuat undi kita di raub juga...tambah undi di dun batu talam dan pertahan undi di dun dong...moga kita menang lagi next pru.

Greenbug 20 May 2014 at 03:27  

Suddenly we have Sharizat Jalil talking about credibility, loyalty and good governance... I believe this strange behaviour about-turn must be because this young Dyana Sofya actually caused a helluva knock on UMNO's psyche... until everyone kelamkabut and lintang pukang... just look at the UMNO bigwigs at the nomination against a young Malay lady...,  20 May 2014 at 05:32  

its gerakan vs dap , nothing to do with umno. sometimes old does not equate wise.

Anonymous,  20 May 2014 at 10:11  

Not surprised at all the noise from UMNO. It still does not want to accept that people will hold it accountable for the way it has misgoverned Malaysia. Now UMNO is in a state of denial. Hopefully, next will come acceptance of the evil UMNO has done to our fair land.

This young candidate is a Malaysian first and we should all applaud her!

Anonymous,  20 May 2014 at 16:34  

Base on just her looks appeal, I will vote for her. Couple with her credentials I will definitley vote for her. Add in with her brevity to face the bricks anf bats and false character assisanation from her competitors, I will surely and definitely voye for her. I am sick of hyppocrites, thieves and liars running this country.

Anonymous,  20 May 2014 at 16:36  

if we use all our talent instead of driving them away Malaysia will be the best with its ethnic contribution

Anti GST,  20 May 2014 at 21:17  

"its gerakan vs dap , nothing to do with umno."

Nothing to do with UMNO? Whose is behind the money & machinery of GERAKAN? Who attacks Dyana relentless since day 1?
Even Dr M has come lashed out

Anonymous,  20 May 2014 at 21:28  


May God be with you and your DAP colleagues in Teluk Intan to campaign for Dyana. We need honest and credible people like you and Dyana to convince our Malay brothers and sisters that we are all Malaysians under the same sun and that UMNO is out to destroy the fabric of our once harmonious multi-racial country.

amin,  22 May 2014 at 07:59  

Dato, I have been your reader for as long as you have been writing in this blog. From the time you left UMNO and began to criticize Najib and sometimes even to the extent of you telling Najib through your blog where he is wrong etc. There were many instances you were like seen to be more iinterested in reforming UMNO and finally you FAILED.
I have on many occasions written in your blog condemming you for refusing to let go UMNO go and u join the opposition and fight UMNO that you had labelled as 'gonner'.
Its fresh in my mind that in one of my comments I had written that you kick UMNO and join DAP. I could see and always believed that if you join DAP, you will be nominated as their candidate for the Raub constituency. Finally, it happened and my thoughts turned into reality. Tq for that Dato.
I have known you for as long as you were the ADUN in Pulau Manis till you left for not being renominated. I admired you for your stand. In fact we are from the same place where your late parents lived but you do not know me but I do.
Anyway, talking about Malays in DAP, there were many Malays in DAP, some who were sincere were in the DAP till they departed iternally. There were some who were bought over and these were the traitors to DAP who would read scripts that was written by UMNO and they would without shame read it aloud to condemn DAP and Kit Siang as anti malay etc. But, I have confidence in you because you have a strong background of Islamic values and would not desert DAP, instead recruit more and more Malays into DAP. Lim Kit Siang is not going to be there forever but this party and its ideals laid by Kit Siang should not die. How can I forget Guan Eng who stood up among all the MALAYS for a 15 year old girl who was raped by a UMNO leader from Malacca. Did any UMNO Malay rise to fight for justice for that poor orphaned Malay girl. None. Yet they can shout ''Hidup Melayu'' and do 5 times a day prayer, IF THEY REALLY DO. How can I not support DAP. A party that is truying to unite this country under one banner known as MALAYSIAN. Is that wrong? Look at America. It's citizens are from all over the world East Europeans, Europeans, Africans etc and today it's a strong nation. It has ideals. Today Obama and African can be a President. Has he sold off the country to his African ancestors. No, he can't because the country has strong Institutions that are answerable only to the American people.
Ok, ok, I come back to my point.
Malays have come and gone and some stayed till death do part them. I pray you will be there forever.
But Dyna Sofya is a history in the making. A woman, daughter of an UMNO, ex UITM student. So, everything has gone wrong for UMNO and they are losing their sleep and thats the reason they are making uncalled for statements.
Dyna Sofya is the new bridge to bring in more Malays to DAP and this worries UMNO.
I salute Dyna Sofya for her decision to join DAP. This lady has strong personality. She takes things slow and steady without losing sleep. This is the kind of leader DAP needs to fill its Malayness in DAP and not people like Aziz who abondoned ship for personal interest.

TraderJoe 23 May 2014 at 10:04  

This is the Malaysia we all dream. A racial barrier has been cross and can you believe it. It is by a young inexperience Malay girl barely out of college. This is a history in making!

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