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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 15 November 2013

Trained in the Land of The Spycatcher.

It’s a black day for our parliament. Yesterday, our colleague the MP for Padang Serai( corrected- I always state Bagan) was suspended for 6 months. Presently there is a growing agitation for parliament to censure Nurulizzah, MP for Lembah Pantai.
Our public’s attention is diverted by side issues strategically timed to be aired by UMNO warlords. The nation ought to be engrossed over the 2014 Budget as it explains how the government wants to use the RM264-billion outlay. How it’s going to handle almost RM700 billion public debt (including contingent liabilities and guarantees to GLCs). We must not lose sight of the BN salivating over the prospects of having more money through GST. A second our attention is diverted, their thieving hands are on the dough.
Instead, UMNO warlords are calling for Nurulizzah’s censure because she exposed that our PDRM stationed 30 special branch officers in London. The business of government lies within the purview of parliament. As a Member of Parliament, Nurulizzah has the right to question the business of government- in this case, the placement of 30 SB officers in London. In response, the government ought to explain the reason and purpose for stationing the intelligence officers there; is it for the purpose of learning new skills in counter intelligence, are they there for reason of compassionate leave for a much deserved R&R after spying diligently over opposition MPs or what?
Nurulizzah speaks in her capacity as MP and her freedom to speak should be left unfettered unless parliament says otherwise. Other busybodies such as the UMNO warlords have no business to interfere in any MP discharging his or her duties. Parliament, after all is the legislative body in the country.
Maybe Shadihan Kassim, the affable but bungling fool of an MP has not read the written answers given to MPs. And other public documents. He thinks parliamentary sessions are political ceramahs where you can bullshit your way out. Well, he has found out that it’s not easy to fool 89 inquisitive opposition minds.
The story about the placement of 30 intelligence officers is contained in these documents which are public in nature. MP Nurulizzah is asking the purpose of stationing the officers there and may we add, the cost of putting them up there. It is borne by taxpayer’s money and any money spent ought to be questioned by parliament. Maybe it’s all right to BN parliamentarians because as Shahidan said, once the money is approved, the government can use it as it pleases. This is the quality of a BN minister.
Our special branch officers presently number more than 8000 personnel and are mainly used to spy on opposition politicians. When I hold meet- the-people sessions in Raub (not campaigning at all) a method I use to hear people out and offering solutions to their myriad of problems, a number of SB officers will be on hand. I welcome them because I am there to help the people and I want them to report to UMNO what their reps are not doing what they should be doing. It would be a waste of our resources if any of these field officers were trained in UK but find themselves assigned to cover a nondescript politician such as I. No need to be trained in UK to cover Raub.


ordinary malaysian 15 November 2013 at 17:58  

Datuk, but without the training in London, how to rub off in Raub?

Jedi,  15 November 2013 at 18:44  

Datuk, it should read Padang Serai. Otherwise excellent write up.

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 20:29  

These UMNO warlords are a bunch of fools,idiots,clowns & morons. The sooner they vanish from earth, our country will be a better place to live in.

bumi-non-malay 16 November 2013 at 04:38  

Itu perangai UMNO...Bazir dan guna wang rakyat secara Bodoh....

SB patut dihantar ke Sabah di mana UMNO-Sayaf dan UMNO-Sulu terrorist sedang buat rancangan serang Sabah/Sarawak ... Disinilah Rakyat perlu MULA sedar MASA Depan awak ditangan AWAK sendiri......Bangkit..SEDAR...PECAT Terrorist UMNO -Sulu-Abu Sayaf....Pahatkan ERA Baru tanpa Terrorist UMNO-BN!!

Rakyat Sabah/sarawak pun perlu buat rancangan mepertahankan Negara awak di sana TANPA pertolongan Sultan UMNO-BN.....

Anonymous,  16 November 2013 at 05:41  

How it’s going to handle almost RM700 billion public debt (including contingent liabilities and guarantees to GLCs). We must not lose sight of the BN salivating over the prospects of having more money through GST. A second our attention is diverted, their thieving hands are on the dough - Sak

Hence be assured of the GST at 6 percent will escalate each passing year, new notes will be printed out, the high cost of living increases, more SMEs will fold up, the y gen and future gens inheriting generational debts caused by the umno elites,
But UMNO- BN leaders, their uber wealthy families and capitalist business associates continue to makan duit haram from their extentions in loggging, gas and oil, receiving millions of ringgits in commission from headhunting, propping up swanky offices in endless invisible sandiwara, hiring foreign consultants at the rate of RM 7.2 billion : RM 7,200,000,000 (!) In bad times, loan interests might be lowered, but only the ROGUES will have access to these future low interest bank loans, as from the decades, they have been having unlimited access to unsolicited bank loans without collaterals; their conglomerates inclusive of Ali & foreigners Sdn Bhd enjoy bailouts using tax payers money,

The Greater KL, Iskandar developments, all interests are dominated by UMNO Baru puteras putris; the Damned Dam built on land invasion, enslaving the natives in poverty into infinity, whilst enriching the known plunderers and cronies from here to Canada to Monaco, back to the recent days Najib has been dreaming to turn Langkawi into Monaco;

When our own Malaysian experts brain drain, attracted back but drain out again after two three years ( why ? check it out the work culture is outdated, unproductive - the angguk - ing, the ampu - ing is real bad, the internal politics is alarming, ones will be bewildered ) many of our present graduates are unemployed, employed but show an alarming lack of fluency of international language skills due to many fears - Malays speaking fluent English and lack fluency and accent in Bahasa Malaysia is unpatrotic; mingling, socializing or taking an interest and respecting others faith and cultures are unIslamic instilled by extremists which is in found installed in every sector whilst the UMNO elites, the members of the upper class are free to do so, the list of disasters takes up stacks of paper, the inherited sins and debts, it is real yet so pessimistic.

Anonymous,  16 November 2013 at 05:48  


The nice houses ( in cool clean line glossy brochures ) built in gated community take up vast land, hence prices are marked up to the stratosphere, it also deprives the masses their rights to owning their first house, even eliminates the affordability to rent a comfortable abode in the range of RM 1500 per month, as all are marked up portionally to the big bucks of rich / wealthy foreigners from developed nations or instant citizens many squatting in one address.

No new contractors are allowed due to corruption and cronyism though these developers are less inclined to be greedy blood suckers ; the new mid -range and high-end condominiums are all beyond the reach of young honest professionals whilst the aging citizens have their needs for medical care unmet.

For the private sector to be able to afford a comfortable abode, ones have to put in extra long hours of hard productive mental work including forgoing the occasional Saturdays or take up consultancy jobs as well.

There must be a renewed very strong awareness and intolerance towards BN starting from the interiors, to the rural areas, to the urbans simultaneously to remember these issues, to totally ignore their diversions and vote Barisan National out in GE 14. In the meantime, Pakatan leaders and their communities colleagues should intensify their efforts to endear themselves to the voters and beyond - reaching out to provide services ( like YBerkidmat Sak does ) to real cases of BN voters neglected by UMNO - BN after the salivating and kissing hands, the endless daily selfies and elite mascots talking down at us, with believable big datas, the outdated dance and dangdoots, jom yehyeh, jom big bikes convoys stop, we snap back Cut 3 X Out !!

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