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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 18 November 2013

An Islamic State of Mind

I see UMNO mouthpieces and those aligned to it- especially the articles written by that Jezebel of a journalist from the Star( I hear some UMNO people who are English Language-challenged, get multiple orgasms when quoting her) are tripping over one another saying the ulamaks are good for PAS.
Why are UMNO and its mouthpieces interested in seeing that ulamaks win all the PAS leadership positions? Are we to believe that they are motivated with the purest of intentions? Of course not.  They are interested in furthering their own agenda and to stay in power. UMNO wants to add another Uncle Tom party under its wings just as it treats MIC and MCA and 12 other BN janitor boys.
Of course the ulamaks have always dominated PAS- after all PAS is a religion-based party whose core values are guarded jealously by the Islamic clerics. The only reason why UMNO and its allies want the ulamaks to win all is because they know how easy it is to run circles around these ulamaks. Should PAS ever teamed up with UMNO, all Najib will do is give PAS two cabinet posts and that’s the end of PAS. It will be a repeat of what PAS went through when it joined BN a long time ago. The foremost ulamak, TG Nik Aziz will never sanction PAS sleeping with UMNO.
If PAS revere theTok Guru they will ensure that PAS never teams up with UMNO. What use is teaming up with UMNO? For what purpose? So that the right wingers in both parties can stay under one roof and become racists?  A Progressive PAS can replace UMNO and lead Malays. Why should it want to extend a life line to a sick UMNO?  
A sick party like UMNO can control the minds of Malays with sick policies and agenda. There must be something wrong in this arrangement. It can only do this because PAS limits its own potential. If PAS becomes a progressive party, UMNO is finished!
PAS has to play the game intelligently. As my friend Walla perceptively observed,  GE12 was Hindraf. GE13 was DAP. So that GE14 will be PAS.  Now take the earlier statement that in this country our Malays can be the most globally-attuned community member and graft it onto the role that PAS can play towards total success in GE14, and we have immediately a new transformation wave for this tired land.
PAS can also do the same to dignify all life again. People should not be corrupted about their needs. They can be helped by earnest and honest community work extended to all who suffer regardless of race or religion.     It's not about forming an Islamic state. It's all about forming and living an Islamic state of mind.  And that has to be globally attuned in nature. After all, isn't He global?
So what must PAS do? First of all dismiss and ignore UMNO. There is no need for Malays to unite under UMNO if a progressive PAS is available.
It is more important for PAS to have an Islamic state of mind instead of an Islamic state. That way it can build up its image as a progressive and inclusive party – something that UMNO can never achieve. In order to do that, the progressive image must be reflected in a corresponding leadership. The clerics can still be in command to ensure that the Islamic state of mind persists and lives but take an acceptable temporal and practical image. This is where people like Mat Sabu and the other labelled progressives have a role to play. They are after all still bearers of the Islamic state of mind.


Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 07:15  

Dato, dewan ulamak pimpinan Harun Taib kerap cetuskan kontroversi. Hal ini menyebabkn penyokong PAS jadi keliru. PAS banyak menghimpunkan golongan profesional muda. Sebaiknya mereka ini digilap menjadi pelapis. PAS jgn terikut perangai umno. Dah berzaman jadi pemimpin masih tamak pegang jawatan. PAS byak ruang perkemas diri ketika umno leka merebut harta....!!!!

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 08:19  

well articulated, sak47

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 09:18  


UMNO tiba-tiba melihat parti yang dipimpin oleh ulamak bagus? Ini satu lawak jenaka yang orang tak akan gelak. Kalau bagus mengapa UMNO tidak berpresiden ulamak?

Seperti Dato katakanlah, bila PAS diterajui oleh ulamak kualiti Ustaz Harun Taib, senanglah untuk menipu PAS hidup-hidup tanpa di sedari PAS .Senanglah untuk diajak bergabung dan dijadikan macai UMNO seperti MCA,MIC dll.

Keperluan membawa PAS duduk dibawah ketiak UMNO adalah satu keperluan mendesak untuk menyelamatkan kerusi-kerusi yang dimenangi oleh UMNO di Semenanjung Malaysia didalam PRU 13 lalu. Kerusi-kerusi ini dimenangi dengan majoriti yang tidak besar dan dengan p3lbagai helah kotor.

Kerusi-kerusi ini terletak di kawasan luar bandar dimana terdapat ramai ahli-ahli PAS tinggal. UMNO tak konfiden mereka boleh mengekalkan sebahagian besar kerusi-kerusi ini dengan bergantung kepada undi-undi yang diperolehi dalam PRU 13 lalu.

Disinilah perlunya PAS bekerjasama dengan UMNO. UMNO mahu memastikan mereka dapat mengekalkan kerusi-kerusi di luar bandar ini dengan bantuan undi-undi daripada ahli-ahli PAS. Dengan populariti yang dinikamati oleh PAS sekarang,undi-undi PAS terutama dikawasan luar bandar,di kawasan malay belt adalah besar. Kelantan pun boleh jatuh ketangan UMNO dengan cara ini.

Dalam PRU 14 nanti, UMNO menang risau dengan kemampuannya di Semena jung. UMNO tidak risau dengan kerusi-kerusi di Malaysia Timur kerana semuanya dah dalam kocek.

Jadi,camportangan UMNO dan kuncu-kuncunya dalam pemilihan PAS kali ini adalah untuk su4vivalnya dalam PRU 14. Jika UMNO bol3h m3numpang undi-undi PAS nanti, UMNO tak perlulah berbelanja sebesar dalam PRU 13 lalu dan melakukan p3nipuan bersistematik skala mega seperti yang kita lihat dalam PRU 13.


Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 09:22  

PAS will see its eventual and inevitable disintegration if it joins UMNO.
It would be 'most stupidest' thing to do.
Why would a religious based party join one which is irreligious, corrupted, immoral and unethical.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 09:37  


This is an old, try-&-tested trick of playing the fear of Islamic hudud laws among the Non-Muslim, especially the Chinese M'sians.

Like it or not, deep down umno NEEDS the Nons to hold on to power, as more Malay M'sians starting to become self aware by combing through the wools weaved by umno over the years. Umno's strong grip on the Melayu populace is weakening fast.

The Indians vote could only contribute little comfort due their insignificant counts & distributions throughout the electorates.

The East M'sians can be handled easily due to the large poverty gap & info distribution.

All these groups COULD be easily bought via money politics.

The Chinese M'sians, as proven is TOTALLY different. They r the king-maker of the future govt & they know how to play the game better than those mastered by umno.

The ONLY weapon to shift their alliance is their fear of Islamization of the govt administration. & the right-winger Pas ulamas play right into this role as an indispensable tools.

With the liberal Pas memebers modulating the path of Pas political direction, there is little chance for this game to make much in-road with the Chinese M'sians. The presence of Tok Nik Aziz as the head of the ulama council also helps to temper this fear.

Now with Tok Guru retires, & the right-wingers looking for a hardline approach to islamization, umno sees an opportunity to play the old tune again. Thus the support of the new ulama-lead Pas.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 09:42  

Dato is perceptive as usual. I believe what you say about PAS dominating the 14th GE is correct. However it will depend on PAS being seen as progressive but staying true to their Islamic philosophy at the same time. PAS should take a leaf from countries like Turkey which is transforming and projecting itself into the next century in a modern Islamic fashion. PAS could only self-destruct if they allow the radicals from within have their way. As you indicated, the worst that could happen is for them to merge with Umno. They will be swallowed up totally similar to MIC, MCA or Gerakan.

KT Wong,  18 November 2013 at 09:58  

"Jezebel of a journalist"? Hmmmmm....

A wannabe-journalist notorious for fawning, trash propaganda and gratuitous gushing of "drop-dead gorgeous" to try to add oooomph to her empty articles about a certain politician's new wife comes to mind.

One wonders just how many pieces of silver she adds to her horde every month and what other juicy carrots she may have dangling in front of her.

As for PAS, I hope that integrity, backone and wisdom prevail. It is a pivotal party in Pakatan without doubt, though PKR and DAP are also indispensible.

Certainly it is not above the corrupting and polluting influence of certain UMNO-BN personalities. "Parasites" like Hasan Ali may have been exorcised, but it would be foolish to expect that no other parasites still lurk in PAS. And perhaps in cohorts with the enmy.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 11:10  

Sometimes the young turks in Pas get carried along the way and becoming too demanding....
Being islamic is one thing...but being smart we have'nt seen any bright chaps yet!
Pas cannot even handle their own Public group being painted as Endrogen and the other older wise Ulamaks as conservative....Can they really have that Islamic state of mind.?..They failed to realise that mana doe'nt fall from the heavens...and running the country is not like running a mosque or a madrasah....They have the next election to go so are they prepared?
Did they ever realised why they lost Kedah...and cannot even come as close in Trengganu?

Krishna 18 November 2013 at 11:47  

PAS has been given 2 valuable lessons. They could not hold on to Trengganu and Kedah for more than 1 term only. That is bad for their CV. Putrajaya can never be theirs with this standard.

I once thought that it PAS and DAP which will eventually rule Malaysia but that thought has faded away. PAS leaders keep making statements which frighten the non-Muslims. PAS has to decide what they want. Islamic state or a good government in partnership with parties who will not support an Islamic government.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 12:11  

Hahahaha! Jezebel! Hahahaha! Jocelyn may get a heart attack when she hears of this. Hahahaha!

Cahaya Qalbu,  18 November 2013 at 16:16  

Non-Muslims should have no problem or be worried by the Islamic values champion by PAS as we all believe that there is a DIVINE need for a better management of the country as PAS will definitely practices universal values that can be accepted by ALL.

The racial quandary today was created by the so called Islamic party UMNO, which doesn’t practiced and preached neither Islamic values nor universal values, but on the contrary openly propagates un-Islamic values, that is abused of power, endemic corruption and cronyism to only enrich themselves, their families and cronies which all religion forbid..

These UMNO leaders uncured diseases are further confirmed when none in UMNO leadership dared to reprimand the soiled CSL and MCA for openly insulting Muslims and Islam! And this non-elegant silence of UMNO leaders clearly proved that UMNO is just using and manipulating religion, out-sourced to MCA to try to frighten the non-Muslims voters of voting PR!

The sandiwara of UMNO and MCA is destined to fail as non-Muslims today are not afraid of the universal good values in Islam! In fact they should embrace such values as it can only serve to bring down the corrupt leaders of UMNO and BN! By not having the guts to defend Islam from MCA attacked, many Malays also perceived UMNO as hypocritical proclaiming they are defenders of Islam.

Rakyat should realize by now UMNO is only interested to cling on to power and continue being in power at whatever cost so that they can continue plundering the wealth of the country, all at the expense of the rakyat !!

In truth humans are all brothers and sisters. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and to those believers of the DIVINE power, let's build a nation for ALL, living in peace and harmony.

All right-thinking Malaysians must turn out in full force in the next GE to vote PR to replace UMNO and BN for a better Msia, simultaneously entrenching a 2-party system that can only be good for the RAKYAT!!!



Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 18:37  

hahhahhaa Jezebel Jocelyn deserves the title for piling praises on the fake beauty of the the "superman" in the rolls and complementing this that chap in PAS, UMNO baru handsome, she should write for a fashion tabloid.

سومڤيتن امس,  18 November 2013 at 23:33  


Walla was being extremely generous when he wrote, “People should not be corrupted about their needs.” I thought he should have said, “People should not be corrupted above their needs,” given what we see happening right in front of our eyes every day. That said, I would be remiss not to acknowledge his elegiac prayer, “ … a new transformation wave for this tired land.”

Still by Walla: “PAS can also do the same to dignify all life again… They can be helped by earnest and honest community work extended to all who suffer regardless of race or religion. It's not about forming an Islamic state. It's all about forming and living an Islamic state of mind. And that has to be globally attuned in nature. After all, isn't He global?.”

Isn’t this argument by Walla exactly an example of ‘wasatha’ and ‘wasatiyyah’, the living state of an Islamic state of mind – always acting moderately, fairly and in an exemplary manner to create the biggest number possible of people of the golden mean - the ‘umat pertengahan yang menjadi contoh teladan oleh kaum lain’; four strands of ‘wasatiyyah’ have been articulated by one Abdul Mu’izz bin Muhammad in “Fahami Wasatiyyah sebenar” (

I shall now quote just two examples of how the search for people of the golden mean has been made futile in ways which defy logic and good sense. This denial of ‘wasatiyyah’ or lack of the Islamic state of mind is intimately connected with waste, high-handedness, and financial and administrative chicanery. The first is more specific, while the second, more general.

First, from The Edge 23 Sep 2013, “The truth about government spending”, pg 85, by Ho Kay Tat:

“Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department…argued passionately for the rationalisation of subsidies in a national daily and on a website.

In ‘The Truth About Subsidies’, he slammed what he described as ‘not just mere oversimplification’, but incorrect criticism of subsidy rationalisation.

And in ‘Celebrate, Grantrepreneurs’ in the same daily, Wan Saiful Wan Jan, CEO of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, voiced his concerns about the government continuing to provide crutches to those who may not deserve them and may in fact be milking taxpayers’ money.

He cited his own experience with a printer approved by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) whose quotation was three times that of another not on the ministry’s list to do the same job. But because the people who funded the book required him to use an approved printer, he had no choice. The book, ironically, was on combatting corruption!

Wan Saiful said the job he gave was small compared with typical government contracts, ‘but it makes me wonder how much more taxpayers’ money has been wasted by paying these MoF-registered, overcharging contractors’”.


سومڤيتن امس,  18 November 2013 at 23:34  


Second, and this will be in Malay for obvious reason. The passage, “Sumpah-Sumpah”, is extracted is from the book, ‘Bicara Buat Pemimpin Dan Rakyat’, pg 100-101, by Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, one-time Mufti of Perlis (published by Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd in 2010):

“Pendirian pemimpin-pemimpin dalam negara ini pun ada yang bagaikan sumpah-sumpah yang boleh merubah warna kulit berdasarkan keperluan majlis. Ada yang bercakap tentang rakyat jangan membazir, tetapi jika dilihat dalam majlis yang lain dia mengepalai pembaziran. Ada yang bercakap jangan rasuah dan amanah terhadap harta negara, tetapi dalam majlis yang lain merekalah juga yang menganugerahkan projeck-projek kepada anak-pinak dan rakan taulan dengan cara yang di pertikaikan. Ada yang merasmikan musabaqah bacaan Al-Quran dan orang yang sama juga akan menolak prinsip-prinsip Al-Quran di majlis yang lain. Maka tidak hairanlah jika kita melihat wajah yang amat-amat berbeza antara bidang pendidikan, industry hiburan, perindustrian dan pelbagai lagi. Sekejap macam nak ikut Islam, sekejap macam tidak mahu ikut langsung dan pelbagai lagi.

Hari ini, beras dan barangan mula naik. Nanti akan kedengaran dalam forum-forum perdana atau ustaz-ustaz TV berceramah; jangan membazir, jimat cermat, belanja berhemat dan pelbagai lagi. Seakan agama ini hanya diperlukan ketika susah semata-mata, tetapi ditinggalkan ketika senang. Atau seakan agama ini untuk mak cik-mak cik di kampung, sedangkan yang di atas tiada kena-mengena. Negara ini cukup kaya, jika diuruskan dengan penuh amanah sejak dulu, semua rakyat akan menikmati kekayaannya. Khalifah Umar bin Abdul Aziz memerintah hanya tiga puluh bulan, tetapi kesemua rakyat berasa tidak layak menerima zakat di bawah pemerintahannya. Kewajipan adil dalam pengagihan kekayaan itu yang wajib diforumkan di tv dan radio dahulu, kemudian barulah disuruh rakyat berjimat cermat. Memang selama ini pun, mereka yang kekurangan itu telah pun berjimat cermat. Janganlah agama hanya alat untuk kepentingan tertentu, bukan dijadikan prinsip yang memandu perjalanan negara”.

Cantik dan padat sekali.

Kepada Dr MAZA, saya ucapkan ribuan terima kasih.


Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 09:42  

PAS joined PR to fight injustice, abuse of power, mismanagement and rampant corruption destroying the country.

Some of their politicians are seriously considering uniting with UMNO???

These politicians have no basic political and moral principles.

Sam,  19 November 2013 at 11:50  

Salam Dato',

This is an awesome article. I hope as many PAS leaders and supporters could read it. Perhaps you have a way to have it published in The Harakah?
That would be the best way.


Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 12:12  

A Progressive and globally aware Malay race is the way forward. And the party that can lead us in an ethical and just manner is PAS. We can be an example of a modern Islam value guided nation.

Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 12:50  

I am in agreement with what anon@19 November 2013 09:42 said, that those PAS members who are mulling a "unity" government with BN are lacking in basic political and moral principles.

And that is what which makes it doubly sad for people like me who are non-bumiputras but 3rd generation true blue IC Malaysians, being treated as second class citizens just so an elite class of UMNO BN bastards can remain in power. To drive the knife deeper, 50% or maybe more, of bumiputras actually purchase the racial sentiments of UMNO BN. The racism in our country is so bad that even Pakatan Rakyat has to tread carefully among the races although Pakatan likes to believe that their supporters are free of racial bias.

I don't hold out much hope that we can bring any change to our country soon, not within our lifetime. The racism is so deep that it may take more than a generation to undo it. I guess what we have left is to curse the ex-PM whose legacy it is - the racism.

Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 18:40  

Ramai sudah tidak berdaya untuk berjimat - cermat lagi sedangkan ustaz - ustaz TV adalah agen kerajaan BN. Masihkah ceramah - ceramah berjimat cermat, jangan membazir relevan pada rakyat ? Berfikiran Islam secara progresif, terbuka, jujur, benci korupsi, benci membazir, benci menfitnah, syak wasangka tetapi bersikap adil, accountable, suka bantu- membantu, hormat - menghormati, lebih pengasih kepada semua tanpa mengira kaum serta agama sebagai amalan hidup, etika kerja, pentadbiran dan pergaulan seharian dalam komuniti-komuniti.

Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 21:50  

Why everyone in this country is so worried that PAS will join umno/barisan??? All this talk about PAS joinning umno is been said by the rejected people or x people from PAS or umno themself. I believe that leaders in PAS are not stupid nor power hungry. Have a little bit of faith. Even harun taib never mentioned joinning umno.

Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 23:03  

Maksud saya berfikiran terbuka untuk menimba ilmu pengetahuan yang konsisten dengan kemajuan global dalam semua bidang dan pengetahuan agama menjadi kompas diri of Global His Attributes. Berfikiran terbuka untuk mencerminkan nilai - nilai budi pekerti yang mulia, sanggup membuang segala kegagalan yang lepas, sering meminta kritikan / pandangan membina untuk kemajuan diri supaya output akan memanfaatkan diri serta semua masyarakat Malaysia secara lateral serta diagonal di mana ia akan melahirkan Malaysia as a new nation to be reckoned with.

Berfikiran terbuka untuk menyemai perhubungan muhibbah yang erat dengan semua masyarakat Malaysia di mana duduk semeja untuk menjamu selera; bersukan, sama - sama berkhidmat untuk negara, membuat research serta inovasi, membanteras penyelewengan, keborosan, menjalani kerja - kerja amal, perniagaan dan pelbagai aktiviti membina yang inklusif adalah amalan hidup keserderhanaan.Ianya seharusnya melibatkan semua bangsa Malaysia where multi - faceted common aspirations are achieved bermula dari sekolah rendah kebangsaan hinggalah ke peringkat universiti dan jabatan –jabatan kerajaan.

I sincerely apologize for breaking the conventions of writing on this post due to having been away for a while. Salam.

Anonymous,  20 November 2013 at 00:23  


Your analysis is spot on. Of course UMNO wants PAS not to be progressive. A progressive PAS will hapuskan UMNO just like using a finger to flick off a nuisance fly. So UMNO puts a lot of spin doctors to work to make it seem as if everybody wants PAS ulamas to win. Whereas even PAS people are not even sure they want that. If they spin enough, PAS members will get confused.

The trouble is that PAS leaders are honest. They are an Islamic party and they want an Islamic government. Even if people tell them they will not vote for PAS if PAS continues this way, PAS will still continue this way. It is in their DNA to be honest. But does it mean that they are doomed?

Firstly all Malaysians want honest people to be their leaders. PAS has passed this test. Secondly they do not want habitual liars, who say one thing to one group and the opposite to another group. PAS has never done that. Thirdly Malaysians want leaders who are consistent and not change their minds all the time. I think I am right that they also pass this test.

So how can PAS win the hearts of all Malaysians and still be honest? Dato, you have the right answer. YM RPK also wrote often that a religious organization is different from a political organization. A religious organization does not have to win votes. A political party has to, or else they would never get to lead. Your answer, that PAS leaders, as politicians must never forget that they have an Islamic state of mind, and be progressive for the good of the country. Then people would vote for them because they can be trusted. Just like LKS of the DAP. He said Malaysian Malaysia decades ago. UMNO tried to commandeer it as 1Malaysia and lied through their teeth to all Malaysians. If PAS only preach but do not bring about a fair, equitable a progressive society, they would dig their own graves. No one wants two UMNOs in Malaysia.

And for PAS to show its honest and religious face, PAS must be progressive, and let the progressives lead as you say.

All we want is a great Malaysia, and PAS has a very strong role to play. If they go to bed with UMNO as they did before, they will be decimated, wiped out. You cannot co-exist, one completely corrupt, and the other always trying to be honest.

So Dato, please continue to write and use whatever influence to communicate to the whole country that a progressive PAS is badly needed in Malaysia, and warrants their support. No. I am not a Muslim, in case you are wondering.


ordinary malaysian 21 November 2013 at 01:51  

Sorry Datuk, Pas as it is currently constituted, won't be the toast of the party, GE14. Look how fast they are coming publicly at even their DAP Pakatan partner in the Pearl of the Orient, acting and behaving no different from DUMBno & Co. Sorry, as things stand, it is better that Pas sleep again with DUMBno and let Pakatan sans Pas, go for it. The earlier the pseudo marriage between a wannabe Islamic party and one whose sole rationale for existence is the establishment of an Islamic state (discerning Malaysians would much prefer the establishment of state of Islam instead, as opposed to an Islamic state)the better placed might DAP and Keadilan be to work out their strategies.

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 18:40  

YB Dato
The best part is PAS is falling for this UNMO Baru's Zionist inspired divisive tricks.

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 18:42  

YB Dato
PAKATAN shhould just kick PAS out of the pact before it is too late

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