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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 21 November 2013

Limiting the Age of Cars: wait for the money making Agenda.

I am jumping the gun so to speak. Instead of having to lap up to the government's self-congratulatory claim of benevolence and goodness of heart, that it is a caring government when they come out with a compromise later, I am asking the government to dismantle the monopoly given to PUSPAKOM. Instead give out licenses to as many independent garages as possible which can certify the fitness of cars and vehicles on the road. Set the inspection at a reasonable interval- 3 to 5 years. In the UK there are more than 20,000 independent garages set up which can issue eligibility and safety certificates.
I am staring as a possible deft and disingenuous move by the government and the only beneficiary of an idea to eventually reject the proposal to limit the age of cars and vehicles, who will instead  come out on a compromise scheme of mandatory inspection and fitness-certification on all vehicles. And the only body given the monopoly to issue MOT tests- is PUSPAKOM.
PUSPAKOM and its owners will make mountains of money and the BN politicians will come before parliament and declare piously, in the name of 30% Malay equity, it is all right to grant the monopoly to PUSPAKOM.
The government is now studying the idea to limit the lifespan of a car to 12 years. To support the idea, it relies on the findings of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research’s (Miros). MIROS reported its findings that cars more than 12 years old are unsafe and should be taken off the roads.
At the moment it is an idea. but it contains a money making scheme. Lots of it. 
Used car dealers and others are saying the safety of a car depends on a number of things. Usage intensity is one. A 3- year old car if trashed and unchecked can be more of a  danger and menace than a 15 year old car lovingly taken care of. 
Politicians say if the idea is implemented, it would cause households to incur more household debt. The household debt of Malaysians is already one of the highest in the region. Most car purchasers buy cars on a long term car-loan of 9 years.
Old cars are widely used for commercial purposes. Pasar malam traders ferry their goods in beat-up junks. They will probably be hard hit when they are forced to abandon their old workhorses and in turn forced to buy vehicles of not more than 12 years old.
But there is another aspect that one must not forget. What if the government says, because they are a government which listens to its people and who takes the interest of the people as priority, then comes out with a new proposal. It says, we will not set an age limit on cars, but now cars must go for vehicle inspection every 3 years. Who will benefit from that? Naturally PUSPAKOM will be the only beneficiary of such government munificence. 
PUSKAKOM is the privatised vehicle inspection business outfit. Imagine now all cars must be inspected every 3 years and be certified safe before the can get road taxes and other permits. Imagine that each day 20,000 cars are checked and pay RM50 per inspection. PUSPAKOM will earn RM1 million a day, RM365 million a year and makes RM100 million profit annually. 
Imagine further the hardships that car owners will have to endure. PUSKOM testing centres will be flooded  with cars. Owners wanting to get speedy certification may even have to resort to bribing puspakom testers to get their cars approved. Being a monopolist in vehicle testing and certification, puspakom is free to set its testing fee after consultation wit the government especially the transport minister or the approving authorities.
Instead of agreeing to a new benevolent compromise, the people must agitate for the dismantling of the monopoly given to PUSPAKOM. The public must demand the government to issue licenses for vehicle inspection to any independent garages with the necessary qualifications and required instruments and machinery. The same inspection process must be followed exactly by the certified garages.
As the regulator, the government is free to ensure that 30% of the garage owners are bumiputera operators. Now is the chance for the government to put the money where their mouth is- those youths trained at IKM, IKBNs, vocational colleges in automotive sciences to finance these trained youths to set vehicle testing garages. Why limit it to PUSPAKOM?
In the UK, there are more than 20,000 garages certified to give out the MOT tests on vehicles. Car owners have their cars inspected at these garages, issued eligibility certificates by which they can renew car permits. The garages use the same inspection process, inspect and certify the safety of a car on several crucial aspects.
You see, we must now be wary about government proposals. We must have an in-built suspicion now that whatever kite-flying idea the government sets free, must invariably contain some commercial and money making agenda for its appointed concessionaire.
The policies of this government are no longer that of the 20%, by the 20% for the 20%. After looking at the ideas bandied around in parliament, I am now convinced this is a government of the 5%, by the 5% for the 5%. Only 5% controls the money making agenda government.


hari,  21 November 2013 at 10:02  

Dato' you have nailed it.

bumi-non-malay 21 November 2013 at 10:11  

Set UMNO-BN rule in 12 more days....EVEN BETTER VIA ...CITIZEN ARREST OF ALL UMNO - BN & CRONIES....we celebrate on the 13th day....a Christmas present...

Dah barang naik.....nak paksa awak beli...walaupun tak perlu....

Semua Longkang dan jalanraya akan rosak dalam 12 bulan......Rakyat perlu bayar cukai + GST untuk keselamatan........

Lebih baik kita semua jalan kaki dan kayuh basikal..... Bangsat betul semua cadagan UMNO Hina Islam ni.... Rosmah naik jet Exklusive dengan wang rakyat $4 Juta.....tak ape.... Rumah Najib Bil Elektrik $7,000,0000....rakyat Ubah cara hidup??? @#$%!#$%^

jangan lagi kita jadi Romantik kepada Kegilaan dan Kezaliman UMNO-BN.....Ayuh Jom Tangkap...namakan hari itu!!

nick 21 November 2013 at 10:38  

Ahh...yet another "skim mencuri duit dalam poket rakyat" in the guise of UMNO hypocritical concern for the welfare, well being and safety of the people. Got to handed it to UMNO leaders, they wasted no time after the GE to start stealing the rakyat's money.

After PKFZ, NFC and AES, UMNO is using another dubious acronym to yet confuse the Malaysian especially the Malays before stealing their money and this time it's MIROS (whose existence is solely to offer useless hindsight instead of foresight into Malaysian high traffic accident), previously an unknown and most importantly unrecognized entity, now hoisted unto the national stage to provide legitimacy and credibility to UMNO's "I'm stealing the rakyat's money but the rakyat should thank me because if I didn't steal it then you will have a traffic accident .... the me!"

The question in my mind is why 12 years? With the quality of Proton cars they are forcing the people to buy, they should make it a law to replace every Proton car after 5 years! Or better yet, following the reasoning used by the PM when he abolish the subsidy of sugar, raise the price of Proton cars so that it will be on par with foreign make which in turn will reduce the number of traffic accidents on federal road and the highways (because only a handful of people can afford to buy a car).

And to make it super effective, hike up the petrol prices and the toll rate so that even less Malaysian could afford to use a car and thus dramatically reduce the number of cars on the road and of course fatalities from traffic accidents. On second thought just ban the use of cars, buses and taxis and force the rakyat to walk and run. It will prove a great benefit to the people and the country because it will 1) reduce pollution from vehicle emission, better environment 2)produce healthier and slimmer citizen who doesn't need to use private jets to fly (less jet fuel used means lees money spent on traveling and more left to be stolen) and last but not least, Kl and Klang Valley will no longer experience traffic jams and UMNO politician can show off their expensive cars and huge entourage to the amazement and bewilderment of their "car less" and pedestrian Malay citizen (reinforcing the idea that UMNO own this country and not the rakyat and especially not the Malays or in simpler terms, UMNO is master, rakyat are slaves)

What do you think about my proposal Mr Pee Em? My suggestion are at least on par with all of your "vice ministers" (pun intended)! So, can I be one of your CONsultan and be paid in millions of RM if not Billions? Even Hassan Malek couldn't surpass the sheer intelligence of my idea, except of course, your own genius idea of "raise sugar prices to reduce fat wives ..err..diabetes"!


Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 10:44  

PUSPAKOM ,being the sole benefactor , has been up to monkey business. Ask any taxi driver and he will tell you.
RM80 is the standard token for special attention to pass the so called inspection. I have my personal experience as well after upgraded a 1.3 engine to 1.6 one. The mechanic advise me to use a runner and pay a fee of RM 300 . Being an ex government servant I abhore corruption and therefore I declined. Despite fitted 4 disc brakes and new tyres, The car fail the road gripping test. I finally relent and give the mechanic RM300 reluctantly. The car passed the inspection even without being there.

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 10:47  

I am convinced beyond any doubt the government will NOT enforce the 12- year rule. It's a red herring to make PUSPAKOM rich.
Come on lah most the owners of old cars are those from the superior race.
By the way has any study been done to see if there is any correlation between age of car and accidents.
Each time I see any accident, it is always a 'new' car.

NanoNano,  21 November 2013 at 11:18  

I was thinking along the same lines as you, Sak. I knew there was a catch to it. Because they have Korekted the gold mines dry, they've to come out with all these money churning schemes including the DBKL increase in assessment rates, GST, redustion in subsidies, etc.

These S***heads/A***holes are really the scum of the earth.

Another one to watch is the reduction of subsidy to the IPPs. Just wait and see.

Tiger 21 November 2013 at 11:39  

This government is so concerned with making money they don't care who and how they make it from

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 13:23  

Dato, as usual you are one step ahead of their ruse. I was talking to some friends on the subject at a dinner function two nights ago and one of us mentioned that in countries like New Zealand there is a mandatory annual inspection and certification after a vehicle attained certain age. One gentlemen mentioned that that was probably the origin of the idea, for some BN cronies to set up such a venture to screw us for our money eventually. It was a bait to pull wool over our eyes. Let's see how far they are going on this one. Don't be fooled yet in spite of them saying they had no intention to implement the idea. But let's all stand up to another crooked scam by the Umnoputras.

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 13:39  

No matter how one looks at the whole issue, whether a 12-year vehicle life, or a annual/biannual/3 yearly MANDATORY inspection, there is only one common factor = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lots and lots of it for Syed Mokhtar and theother top 5%. Who will be the suckers? You, I, and everyone that are "fortunate" enough to fall under bottom 40% who incidentally include not just PR supporters but substantial number of BN people. To these fortunate 47% BN supporters, you must be "grateful" as all of your DREAMS are coming true.........

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 17:41  

Dato' Sak, I totally agree with you. I frequently visited the UK and was in the insurance industry before. As such what you have articulated is very logical and provides the much needed avenues implement the alternative measures that would benefit the masses. It is so easy to do the MOT inspection in the UK. Most of the certified garages with proper testing equipment & machinery is just around the corner. This suggestion would break the monopoly that has provide problems and benefited the cronies for so long. Let the people decide for the people that is paying the taxes. Why do we leave it to theiving money grabbing politicians that oppress tge rakyat..!!! I totally agree and could this be legislated by the people for the people!!!!!

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 18:35  

Dear YB Dato
I have two comments on this subjects:
1.0 Linking safety to cars age is ha hearsay. Not based on facts.

2.0 If one were to generalise it is the so called "national" cars: The Protons, Produa and Naza cars that are basically unsafe when reaching 3/5 years of age. Whay Malaysian continue to made to bear the burden f the blunders by Mahatir? Proton is after all privately owned by the Arab baron. It cannot and by no means be classified as "National Car". So is the cars re badged by Naza.



Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 19:39  


This is an effective old money-making scheme that effectively squeezes out more bucks from the pockets of the rakyat. Dismantling monopolies is the way forward, and there is no two-way about it.

Anonymous,  21 November 2013 at 23:10  

Melayu drantau
Dato UMNO memeng parti cari untung sentiasa, buka mulut/cadang apa saja untuk utamakan rakyat tentu ada pulangan besar, ramai orang Malaysia dah tahu, tapi malang Melayu-UMNO-kampung dan penyokong UMNO yang miskin yang masih buta hati dan akal mengundi wakil UMNO dlm PRU. Saya tinggal diUK sekarang, keliling rumah sewa saya ada berpuluh garaj untuk test MOT, kerajaan UK nak senangkan rakyatnya dan cegah monopoly.
Di Malaysia PUSPAKOM untuk isi poket orang2 UMNO.

walla 22 November 2013 at 06:09  

As predicted, Umno is making hay while sun still shines.

Very quickly, do a nationwide survey on how bumiputera monopolies under Umno have raised cost of business, therefore price of things, thus suffering of all rakyat. Do it now and blast the findings across cyberspace. Juxtapose the conclusions with all the new taxes that Umno is raising. At the same time, pictorialize how the Umno bigwigs have been living it up quietly on their own with funds they could not possibly have earned on their own.

In addition, directly ask people like the black mamba to explain how the NEP has helped other Malays more than one of his sons who remains the sole shipper for palm oil in one of the most important locales in the country.

So much for race and religion. No?

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 07:31  

Dear Datuk Sak and blog readers:

Political scientist Robert Rotberg on failed and collapsing Third World states (sounds increasingly like Malaysia, doesn’t it?) :

“Failed states offer unparalleled economic opportunity—but only for a privileged few. Those around the ruler or the ruling oligarchy grow richer while their less fortunate brethren starve. Immense profits are available from an awareness of regulatory advantages and currency speculation and arbitrage. But the privilege of making real money when everything else is deteriorating is confined to clients of the ruling elite or to especially favored external entrepreneurs. The nation-state’s responsibility to maximize the well-being and personal prosperity of all of its citizens is conspicuously absent, if it ever existed.

Corruption flourishes in many states, but in failed states it often does so on an unusually destructive scale. There is widespread petty or lubricating corruption as a matter of course, but escalating levels of venal corruption mark failed states: kickbacks on anything that can be put out to fake tender (medical supplies, textbooks, bridges, roads, and tourism concessions); unnecessarily wasteful construction projects arranged so as to maximize the rents that they generate; licenses for existing and nonexistent activities; and persistent and generalized extortion. In such situations, corrupt ruling elites mostly invest their gains overseas, not at home, making the economic failure of their states that much more acute. Or they dip directly into the coffers of the shrinking state to pay for external aggressions, lavish residences and palaces, extensive overseas travel, and privileges and perquisites that feed their greed.”

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 07:36  

The hustle and bustle, the long queues, the endless phone calls left unattended, tempered with some long restrained sighs drowned by much flares from all models of drivers as all the numbers for car inspection have already been taken ( ? ) What an absolute waste of leave and time at the redundant PUSPAKOM !

As the norm, non brainers in suits are too busy attending to the whims and fancies of their fat selfies, kissing hands at official functions so the staffs at PUSPAKOM have their free for all games on the super highway of gross inefficiency, apathy and arrogance as little rebranded napoleons or cleopatras faking as rania.

The point is at whose expense and at what degree of wastage ? Then out of the blues, they hallucinated another new sophisticated Ponzi scheme dished out as a genuine investment. Next they might even stand on the proposed bridge to nowhere and seduce through the social hailers, “ Buy one and free one new brand car and an auctioned off jet.” Mind boggling. Make a quick exit to the mamak chetties.

The fact is as long as a car is well maintained and backed up with reference of regular maintenance, that is it. The monopoly of PUSPAKOM has to go; shall we ? ; we shall vote out the regime, it is a well thought out yes.

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 08:42  

Two friends had their cars stolen. Repeated attempts to seek permission to use the old number were denied by JPJ saying that this was not allowed. A letter was written to the Ministry of Transport to seek clarification and permission, and in one case, a reply came from PDRM, one year later, to say permission was granted, provided that a new car was purchased, not a used one

In the second case, the 'new' car was a re-conditioned luxury car.

This is how the government works its way to support the showroom industry. To those who can afford, a second-hand luxury car is OK, but to the ordinary wage earner, you must pay good money if you want to be a sentimental fool. This friend chose not to be a fool.

Agree with Anon 21Nov 10:44 - every layer of inspection, certification, approval, etc by any agency today creates its a new network of runners, a support industry so to speak.

Heard of the chap who brought in an AP approved used-car from the UK, for having worked there for ten years, and not using any runners - he did the running around himself but gave up later and paid up. Cheaper to use runners in.

The country is rotten to the core.

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 08:50  

Dato Sak, your analysis is 100% spot-on. Dato is becoming the new Umno mind-reader. No need to gaze through the crystal ball-100% accurate or money back.
On another note, Najib is acting and sounding more and more presidential-like and Rosmah of course the indisputable first lady. Aren't president suppose to keep quiet most times and open their mouth only during official functions on trivial matters only?
You cannot be President and Prime Minister on one go. No wonder Zahid the Hulk plays the PM role for 3 months and now it is Hishamudin H2O 's turn. Next, Shafie Apdal's after H2O's 3 months' tenure are over- smart and interesting move, I presume.
Then, where does the royalty fits in this supposedly new model?

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 11:44  

This is my observation. Most ( if not all ) vehicle owners of 5yr-old or more purchase used motor parts for replacements. The reason is simple, they cannot afford to pay for skyrocketed prices of genuine parts. They are mindful of the dangers posed by these unreliable parts to their vehicle and its passengers. But lets face it, genuine parts are beyond their reach. Everything is so expensive that people have to compromise, even their life. Have a heart and make life less miserable for these people.

wongty robert 22 November 2013 at 17:24  

Yes, what you said is 110% correct! It was a con-job, conning everyone to focus on "limitation" whereas the whole idea is to create more business for endless stream of money flowing into the pockets of the UMNO crony. Remove the monopoly instead. Increase the 30% to 50%, with the balance to be shared amongst other minorities.

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 20:28  

If the dismantlement of PUSPAKOM happens ( which is most unlikely ), it is back to the basics that is retaining the skillful old timer mechanics and the present mechanics plus creating new employment for those with certificates. Taking away small people’s rice bowls is injustice and brutal. Too much dependence on using sophisticated and complex machinery will inflate the cost of vehicle maintenance which is passed down to us and even deny the workers from getting the wages they deserve.

Nonetheless, by all means luxury vehicle owners have the liberty to service their cars at their exclusive workshops. The real concern is the old timer mechanics with years of hands-on training, skills and work experiences should be left to continue doing their trades - in a win - win situation in providing new employment to those with training and paper certification.

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 21:03  

anon 20:28

sorry- what are you talking about. puspakon inspects cars not repair them. to repair car owners go anywhere they please. for inspection of tyres, engines, brake system- ordinary garrages can do it. dismantle puspakon. UMNO is deceiving Malays in the name of 30% equity

Anonymous,  22 November 2013 at 23:55  

The monopolization of the inspection of cars by PuspaCon then cons our deserving Malays without the political connections to UMNoo Baru Puteras Putris.

bruno 23 November 2013 at 02:13  

Dato,in the US,cars new and old are required for inspections,mandatory time limit is no more than one month after registration.And after that on a yearly basis.No excuses.

Like you said,cars new if handled by morons can be more dangerous than a twenty year's old jalopy which is well maintained.

Anonymous,  23 November 2013 at 20:49  

Bruno, good you are happy and not throwing away your TV set just yet.

bruno 23 November 2013 at 23:13  

Anonymous,23 Nov 2012 20:49

I am just waiting to enjoying a very sumptous meal of Kobe beef or Chinese cuisine,courtesy of the bulls.Hehe.Wait till Fat Mama sings because I have very good intentions of keeping my well utilised and loyal money making tv and computer for a very very long times.Cheers.

Anonymous,  24 November 2013 at 00:13  

hello ak.
don't have to wait further. now you gotta pay if you want to fast track ok from puspakom. else, you line up at 6am and hope to get it inspected and cleared by afternoon on same day.
typical UMNO leeching.

Anonymous,  24 November 2013 at 13:58  

got no time to waste lah, better pay reliable runner to do whatever needed fast and furious.

right, good thinking, make more $$ and belanja us here, sak, scrummy halal chinese cuisines ?

why do you keep spoiling our fresh dreams by reminding us of the horizontally stretched shorty ?

Anonymous,  24 November 2013 at 15:30  

It has gotten so bad now. One need to pay a runner to get a successful inspection. Can something be done for the sake of Malaysia.

Dato, please help us ordinary Malaysians who are trying to earn a living.

Anonymous,  25 November 2013 at 04:50  

the whole idea is just like giving the monkeys a banana plantation.

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