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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 17 November 2013

Racism and Inequality

Government leaders preach inclusiveness and togetherness. At the very least they pretend to want that. The idea of togetherness and inclusiveness can be summed up in the powerful idea of unity. Something of that nature cannot be sold like an advertising product and commoditised- it must be secured by living out that experience. It must be practised as an everyday life experience. Something of that nature too must be formed on the basis of earning and giving trust. The government has neither earned our trust and they have never trusted the people.
PM Najib paid a lot of money to consulting firms to come up with slogans to reflect the idea. He has actually paid RM7.2 billion to a number of consultants since 2009. Over a 5 year period, the fee is like RM3.945 million a day.
We won’t know how much PM Najib paid consultants who came out with slogans and follow through plans of 1Malaysia and now Endless Possibilities. What seems truly endless is the rapacious appetite to gobble up taxpayers’ money. Judging up by Najib’s addiction to top market branding, the fees must have run into billions too.
After 5 years- it appears that slogan such as 1Malaysia is actually an advertisement product. We have all been suckered and our brains drugged. We have been intravenously injected with hallucinating ideas by marketing consulting firms. Najib is the 1Malaysia Junkie. For Najib to get high and knocked off means nothing because he does it with taxpayers money. Since it has not worked out, another political advertisement product is introduced into the market. It is called endless possibilities. That’s an even screwier one since whatever possible outcome can never be defined or finite.
It ALL now appears that these two ideas are just products ingeniously created by a marketing consulting firm or firms. Instead of selling definite products, they are selling an incorporeal idea. Which is even bloodier expensive. They all have a finite life span.
With so much money and hype as all great advertisements got and create; we expect the outcome desired to have been achieved. In the conduct of its business, government leaders who must first believe in their own hype would have all preached and practised a life of inclusiveness and togetherness.
In reality, this government is utterly irresponsible, racist and divisive. One can be a racialist in the sense one can’t separate one’s ethnicity. We can be hostile towards one another because of a given construct. But the hostility ceases when we interact and play down our natural differences and operate on similarities and cultivated trust. The natural given can be moderated by awareness and understanding and trust.
But being a racist suggests the presence of overwhelming hatefulness towards the others not belonging to one’s race. The hatred is reflected in a variety of forms- attributing blameworthiness, presupposing guilt, or simply suspecting the other being the cause of one’s shortcomings and failings.
This is what Najib and his government is doing. Blaming others for his government’s failings and shortcomings serves a self-serving political purpose- blaming others deflects blame that ought to go to them. Blaming others shields those in power. So it must be done even at the expense of civility, inclusiveness and togetherness and moving forward as one nation one Malaysian race equal before the law.
Look at the 2012 Household Income Survey. I am not producing the data here. These are government figures. Since 1970 to 2012, the top 20% of the population has always cornered on average, 52% of the country’s income. The bottom feeders- the bottom 40% has always shared on the average about 12.5% of the income. The bottom feeders are members of the Sad Class- 80% of whom are Malays. Why is that?  Why this consistent inequality?
Let me ask you some simple questions. the members of the administration, the leadership of the civil service, the leaders of industry, the professionals, the top flight bankers and lawyers- which category do they belong? They belong as you rightly answer to the top 20%. Now who makes the policies that supports the current version of the market system in Malaysia? The same people in the top 20% group.
The point is this. Much of the inequality that has persisted over almost 50 years is the result of this government’s policies. The inequality exists because of government policy. Because the government has the power to move money from the top to the middle and to the bottom. It has the power to make sure money, the bulk of it stays among the top 20%, move a little in the middle 40% and move even littler in the bottom 40%.
Now, look at the figures in the Table below. All data are from the same 2012 Household Income Survey.

The most improved lot among the races in terms of household per capita income appears to be the Malays whose mean monthly income has increased 1.87 times. This was the same figure used by Najib Razak to gloriously announce when launching his Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Plan.
Here is the strike. If Malay income has improved best, don’t the BN leaders especially UMNO leaders have no shame blaming others especially Chinese for this achievement? Or are they concealing something and blaming others for their own shortcomings and failings?
Things like the Malay member of the top 20% earns an average monthly income of RM 10,666 while the Malay member of the sad class earns an average monthly income of less than RM1700?


bruno 17 November 2013 at 10:23  

Dato,what is the point for having high paid consultants if what they can put out the best are morons screaming like tin kosongs.In other words tin kosongs are a dulplicate products of their master,bigger tin kosongs.

Cahaya Qalbu,  17 November 2013 at 11:00  

UMNO/BN leaders’ real faces and behaviors are nothing short populated by self serving hypocrites. They are nothing but an organized lynch mob of swindlers banding together for the explicit purpose of fulfilling their own individual selfish aim, lust and greed.

For 3 decades or more, Malaysia is NOT administered by a collection of decent law abiding citizens adhered to the rule of law, following the strict path of constitutional government and above all, conscientiously observing the rights of humanity and citizens but are ruled by licensed crooks that is unprincipled, untrustworthy and above all loyal to no one but themselves only.

That is the true meaning of hypocrites and Msia has the misfortune of having a government managed by a group of people committed and are firm believer of the hypocrite way of life. In other words, those who voted UMNO/BN have elected a mob who cares little for the nation but more for the power to rule and the wealth that comes with absolute power.

Nothing last forever, not the darkness of unconsciousness and not the bliss of ignorance. The dawn of realization and comprehension of consciousness, though it shines slowly and reluctantly, eventually an inescapable fact and a basic element of sentient existence.

After decades of darkness and comatose, those Msians who are still asleep must wake up from their coma and embraced the truth of existence and being; to finally realize that they are not like UMNO/BN.

Their conscience must be different from UMNO/BN and most importantly, to comprehend that those who do not share the rakyat aspiration, principle and conscience cannot be Msian’s leaders; cannot be the government and of course cannot be true Malaysians.

And from that realization and comprehension, they have no choice but to dethrone UMNO from power for their families and generations’future,to get back their purpose in life and to live as united Msian.

It is a new beginning that must not include UMNO/BN…

And any beginning that doesn't include UMNO/BN is a good beginning !!!

ABCD = New Malaysia !!!



Anonymous,  17 November 2013 at 13:54  

The 2012 Household Income Survey ? All the gomen kinds of data can be self - generated, recycled at the price you are willing to pay them and the " agents " only survey minimal selected people, survey easily accessible places and the survey is done during the hours convenient to them. Those people who are in the needs are left out. If their data on poverty level is valid, how is it there are millions receiving BRM ? And what is the point of the non credible big volume of data ?

The other day, a good Chinese doctor friend gave me a lift, and in front of his car, there was this vehicle with a tag (?) what are they called cos too many cars and mine don't display any except the mandatory. It says, Be nice or leave ! with an UITM tag displayed next to it. If a road accident were to happen, how is the driver, late 20s going to receive help, cos a lot of people are not nice and they leave. How stupid certain people can be. Or what if a group of mafias in another car are behind that " bigot" vehicle. Asking for hell to break loose. Melayu jaguh UMNO Baru yang buat Melayu lain malu aje.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 00:10  

YB Sak, will DAP give you an allowance to purchase a software to translate your posts into voice texts on this blog ?

Perhaps some amongst us could volunteer reading them to our elderly family members, relatives or neigbhors who need the extra little help or help them to type out their views and post them on this blog. Wouldn’t it be nice to discover the wise’s unsaid thoughts and their perspectives after their listening. Here the ubat batuk, cough drops sure bring the much needed relief and smiles ;D The positive transformation and the renewal of the mind can happen faster and more effectively, i reckon.

Navigating from the above, many young adults at colleges - universities in the nation are not/ reading minimal, but again the introverts – the thinker, they are ardent readers of a wide range of genres, whilst we need to understand others learn from audio - visual – tactile(experiencing) these styles of learning which translates to young employees and young voters who need more effective techniques to relate the many critical issues to them in preparation for GE 14.

YBerkhidmat Dato Sak your blog, Dato Din Merican's are truly thought provoking in many good ways, perhaps there could also be a simplied version - the core facts - in satirical comics for the young adults who can't focus to read beyond smses and textings ? Thank you.

p/s oh yes naiz vi. movie recommendation, the producer could have had the newly discovered song kaulah segalanya and the nice german song from Dato Din Merican & his lovely wife's song list for the recent weekend listening as its soundtracks. Gamsahabnida W :D Sak never allows contemporary songs thru, paham2 lah and respected.

Anonymous,  18 November 2013 at 12:32  

Dear Datuk Sak

The foreign Con-sultants conned us by selling the SAME slogans etc which they have been selling to OTHER repressive Third World regimes.

It would be very interesting to see how many other Third World regimes are using "1This" and
"1That" and slogans which bear "uncanny resemblance" to Endless Possibilities !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  19 November 2013 at 09:03  

Dear Datuk Sak

Here is an expose of the
propaganda-in-support-of-repressive-regimes industry:

Phua Kai Lit

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