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Friday 15 November 2013

Arming our Religious Enforcers

Allow me to make some comments on the recent idea to arm religious enforcement officers. Terengganu, the most and firstest Islamic state has actually jumped the gun so to speak. It’s already arming the religious officers.
This is a hare brained idea coming from the former army chaplain who has since become a minister. Religious officers go about doing their jobs- whether to raid hotels, catch people at close proximity, or raiding night clubs- they always go with Police and Municipal council officers. The police already carry guns. So why the necessity of arming religious officers?
If the country is not safe, then allow every citizen to carry arms to defend themselves against manic foreign workers, horny Bangladeshis, gangsterous-looking Myanmarese and Vietnamese. The killing of one religious officer in my hometown of Kuantan is most unfortunate as it is heinous. My prayers go to the surviving family members. Let’s hope the police catch the heinous perpetrators very soon. But let’s not overreact.
If that is the case, then let all bank officers carry guns. They are more exposed to latent dangers of being robbed and killed. They are custodian of money and after listening to Nancy Shukri’s account that in the absence of affirmative action, the Malays will resort to stealing and robbing, I would suggest that she sells the idea to allow bank officers bear arms. Every Malay with a worried look who goes into a bank can now be assumed to have missed the benefits of affirmative action and therefore is a potential robber.
The better alternative is to make everyone acquire firearms more easily.
Lets not use the killing of one religious officer as an excuse to arm religious enforcement officers. Have the government considered the harm that can be caused by overzealous religious enforcement officers? How many people have either died or got hurt while attempting to escape khalwat busters while negotiating on window edges and so forth. Are we then to wait, until one offender gets shot at and killed, we then rethink our idea of arming religious officers?


Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 08:24  

Dato', sorry to say ini mangkok yang berlagak dengan gelaran bekas Major General adalah pembodek of the highest order...tak percaya pergi tanya dengan ramai pegawai KAGAT yang masih berkhidmat. Kalau orang tak tahu mesti mengutuk apa punya mentaliti bekas general ni...kalau latihan ketenteraan pun tak lengkap tak usah lah mencanang kesana sini malahan masa berkhidmat dulu pun tak ada apa yang dibuat sekadar membodek sahaja...alahai Jamil Khir.

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 08:30  

salam dato'

the government will then turn-around and tell dissenters that we would like to see the Islamic enforcers be in harm's way by depriving them of guns.

sadly; they cannot see the problem that moral and religious police are not supposed to be crime-enforcers like the police.

ever wonder why they don't ever call the police as backup since police are to be armed but not religious enforcers.

looks like we have to see cases of khalwat and other petty cases of people getting friendly fire or shot before hare-brained scheme like this ought to be think twice.


Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 09:42  

pistol 1-MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!! terkandung dalam KNRA nanti tuh!!!

rifle 1-MALAYSIA!!

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 11:04  

Do the majority Muslims really want Religious Enforcers or authorities to keep an eye and control over their ordinary life?

Are these religious authorities created because Muslims do not have high moral and principle?

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 14:16  

Aaah, now fugitives from khalwat raids need not worry about dying from falling off window ledges. A few bullets from the armed religious raiders will do the job nicely. And remember don't argue when their guns are waved in front of your face. You are guilty because they say so!

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 15:36  

Dato', Once again our government has shown its ineptness in controlling crime and another harebrained idea has been put forward. Hasn't the government learned anything from the past. What gaurentee is there that some of the religious zealots might not be a potential terrorist, as we have seen as in the cases of Nordin Top, Azahar and others who have gone on murdering sprees all in the name of protecting the religion.
You have given enough reason why the action by the government should not see daylight. But will they listen.

Anonymous,  15 November 2013 at 20:24  

Another dumb and moronic idea from a clown. Sigh. What has our country becoming now?

Anonymous,  16 November 2013 at 10:16  

A***h save us from BN and their supporters.

Anonymous,  16 November 2013 at 15:19  


The BN government knows nothing except for knee jerk reactions which at its best are stupid ideas and at worst are idiotic.

I think all MPs should be armed inside Parliament since the MP for Kinabatangan admitted to having a gun for his own protection. Now I am sure you and your fellow MPs would not want to be in the same August House when you know a BN MP might be ready to open fire with his firearm if he loses control of his own emotions when debating issues of ceiling leaks in the Parliament House. The BN government should not wait until the Kinabatangan MP opens firing at other MPs to announce that all Parliamentarians should be provided with firearms during Parliament sessions.

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