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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 5 December 2011

The UMNO General Assembly 2011

People called me and asked when will I come up with part two in the article where I wrote about Anwar jumping up and down at the place gates. Where he does a Sivaji the Boss routine and maybe sang a few Hindi songs. I ended that article by suggesting, it’s Tengku Razaleigh who will become the pace setter and the play-maker. That will have to wait a little while more as I analyzed a few things more.

At the moment I am more interested to write about the recently concluded UMNO GA2011. Some people thought I treated the GA as a nonevent. Of course it wasn’t. It wasn’t a congregation of minds meeting to discuss how the real Malay agenda of uplifting them, their economics, and their future are being discussed. It wasn’t that event. It was just an event allowing mediocre and uncultured minds to let out their own frustrations and sense of absolute fear. UMNO fears for its future. It was speaking about the UMNO agenda. Not Malay agenda.

For those reasons- we must do the exact opposite. Deny these so called Malay leaders a chance to concentrate power. Its power which they shall apply to the misfortune of the majority of Malays and to the misfortune of this country. Give us power bellowed Najib because we want to continue with the agenda? Why wasn’t the agenda, whatever it is, debated in that GA? Give us power intoned KJ so that the nikmat or tidings we enjoy with having power is kept. Nikmat to do what? To pillage and plunder?

Instead it’s an event of love fest and blood fest. This delegate loves Najib. That delegate says more about how Najib is the savior and all that. The agenda of the GA was actually to whip delegates into frenzy about how to defend UMNO and defend the life as the leaders and UMNO warlords have always known. It’s the life of the leeching aristocrat feeding off the fears and hopes of the silent Malay majority. It’s a life of living a lie pretending to fight for the interests of the majority and the interests of the nation.

When KJ said that we have to defend UMNO because of tidings ( nikmat) that comes along with having power- that’s the real weltanschauung of UMNO. That’s its real raison-detre. UMNO exists to secure power so that through power they can do all the bad- corruption, pillage and plunder of the nation’s wealth.  As far as the Malay agenda is concerned, yes, the GA2011 is a non-event. It wasn’t worth my mental effort to exert.

Let me ask you why the real big issues are not and never discussed?  Why do UMNO leaders have this self-conceited idea that it is when we, good people like ourselves hold power we can do more good that those evil in DAP, PAS and PKR and whoever else.

The answer to this seeming paradox is this. I find it a pleasure repeating the seminal ideas of Milton Friedman in his preface to Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.  In the passages which I marked with highlighter:-

“It is tempting to believe that social evils arise from the activities of evil men ( UMNO has already identified these evil people) and that if only good men( like ourselves, naturally) wielded power all would be well”.

That describes very well those UMNO delegates recently.  This view is fallacious.

“That view requires only emotion and self-praise-(that’s the orgy of love-fest in the UMNO-GA) – easy to come by and satisfying as well. To understand why it is good men in positions of power will produce evil while the ordinary men without power but able to engage in voluntary cooperation with his neighbors will produce good, requires analysis and thought, subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty.

The argument for collectivism (read concentration of power as demanded by UMNO President and his cohorts) is simple and false. It is an immediate emotional argument. The argument for individualism ( read emancipation of the people especially Malays) is subtle and sophisticated; it’s an indirect rational argument.

I didn’t write about it while the GA was going on. The point is I write when I have something to say about it. I am not a journalist trained in giving run up by the moment takes on events. I have to think it through, being a little slow.  You want to read trash or you want to read something that sets you thinking? You want coffee shop chatter, please visit other blogs.

Let me ask you this question. How does UMNO sustain itself? You get the answer if you analyzed what just went on during the UMNO General Assembly 2011. UMNO gets on by making Malays believed that they being besieged attacked, assaulted and victimized. That’s how UMNO can survive. How does it do that?
By fabricating lies and manufacturing stories. The Chinese are going to eat you up. The Chinese are going to Christianize you. They are going to wipe out the sultans, ban use of Bahasa Malaysia, and abolish Jawi and so forh. You feed on people’s irrational fear. You want to maintain stupid and mute people.

Can you sustain whole people like that? - turning people into xenophobes? I say this, this is a recipe for destroying Malays, not cultivating them to become self-confident people. What kind of political party and government by extension, that keeps its people on a leash and drumming into them a debilitating dependent mindset? I say this is a party not interested in cultivating people.


Busuk Punya Olang!,  5 December 2011 at 09:46  

"You want to read trash or you want to read something that sets you thinking? You want coffee shop chatter, please visit other blogs."

Spot On!

Antony,  5 December 2011 at 10:27  

You couldn't have been more right, sir. it has been a long time that i had this very impression of umno and its leaders. going back a few AGMs ago, umno while not being this nasty in their proclamations during the AGM as in this last, did at least discuss issues relating to the upliftment of the poor malays, at least in words , although in real fcat we all know how they used that malay support to pilfer further. my observation was that why, oh why did not a single delegate expressed umno's disapproval of the follys, murder, corruption, etc that has continued on in umno govt while proclaiming Transformation / openness, the latter which never happened. all transformation stayed at the talk level for public consumption.we believe that if the govt helps the poor malays, and perhaps even poorer chinese and indians, which are a fact, the country economic pie will grow for all including those in power within umno to benefit. but the stark fact and reality is that umno leaders and their wivws/families have become so avaricious that they have become immune to public views and with the support of govt agencies lackeys, these umno leaders have become confident that they own this country and are untouchable. as this Writer says, these umno leaders have damaged the malay race with the fear factors based on economy, race, religion, sultanate, etc holding them in bondage and poverty. the umno agm in the next decade , if umno continues in power that is, will be even more of the same as in 2011, if not worse. simply becuase their strategy worked alright. it is time to put umno in the opposition for 2 or 3 terms to learn what public service is all about in a democracy, clean up Judiciary, Police, AG, MACC, NRD, Immigration, etc befor eumno finds a leadership group that fights for the people, malay they may be, and the people alone. we cant find that now in any level of this current umno organistaion.

bruno,  5 December 2011 at 10:42  

Dato,as far as the ordinary guys are concerned,this year's Umno GA is a non event.Non event in a sense that all that came out of the delegated speakers mouths are screaming,cursing and fear mongering.What the peace loving rakyat would like to hear is,are the Umno leaders taking the country up the path of Singapore or down the path of Myanmar or Zimbabwe.

Screaming,cursing and fear mongering are not going to take care of the rakyat's pocket books.Of course these are of no concern to the Umnoputras,because the money they have stolen from the rakyat are safely parked in foreign bank accounts.

Najib and Khairy wants more power for what.Haven't these guys already suck the rakyat dry.What more they still want.To suck the leeches at the padi fields dry too.

Doesn't Khairy get it yet into his brain dead stupid brain.That is if he has one.His own Umno youth assistant secretary Mejat Firnaus Megat Junid has said that Umno youth will not support candidates tainted with money politics.

That is a direct slap to the face of Khairy,the Umno uouth leader.And from his underling in Umno youth too.And he still doesn't get it.Khairy must have come from the cow's population of NFC.Another lembu of lembus.Courtesy of the lady he tried to defend,the cow's lady minister.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 10:44  

Good analysis of the event. TQ. UMNO is asking Putrajaya for whom? Its the people rights whom they want to leads. Asking them to defend is like using the pheasant to protect the aristocrats.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 10:51  

Let's say UMNO wins big in the next GE and becomes the dominant (dominating?) coalition partner that forms the government.

How will it respond to the challenges elevating the livelihood of the Malays, in the absence of any clearly oulined Malay agenda in the recently held UMNO GA? How will it respond to the interest of the Chinese after they have been run down in the same Assembly?

These will be the real challenges facing UMNO after a strategy of instilling fear and desperation in the mind of the Malays, only designed for its short term objective i.e to win the ge. The rest in the Assembly are mere rhetorics and a competition who can shout the loudest.

In the end, the old UMNO culture of putting self interset above every thing else will rule the day. More will be driving posh cars and living in mansions perhaps similar to the one owned by one Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept.

Bai'ah? What bai'ah?

Different Thoughts 5 December 2011 at 11:05  

What more can I say with such a PM?

I have never felt so embarrassed;I dont even know how to explain to my son WTF is all this!

Quiet Despair,  5 December 2011 at 11:11  

Let's face it. For Malays, including you and me, UMNO is the best thing that ever happened to us.
It is our anchor for security, for protection. It's here to stay until something better comes along.
It's like our wife or husband. They suck sometimes but we love them all the same. For better or for worse, warts and all. We want to grow old together.
And some have grown old with UMNO, good memories and bad.
You are UMNO's best known critic. But you are still in UMNO right?
It's because you know, we don't have a choice. We have what's best for us.
It's between a devil and the deep blue sea cliche.
Let's be frank, if the Chinese are in our position, they too will stick together with UMNO.
People want a party that looks after and fight for your interest.
That is why the Chinese are for DAP. They are championing everything Chinese, similar to UMNO's fight for the Malays.
And Indians know that only UMNO can provide for their welfare, not the chauvinistic DAP.
The Chinese especially tycoons and the mandarins know that they profit the most with whatever riches the Malays get from UMNO.
Regular Chinese too ride along with any gains the Malays get. They get the most, in fact.
So this self-perpetuating interests will go on ad infinitum.
The idealists with windmills of the mind are still looking for Sir Galahad to rescue them.
Maybe Ku Li is the one. But we are still waiting for him to take the plunge. When?
But with being so long entrenched in GOP, he will be another UMNO man, maybe in a new package.
So the same thing right.
And of course, we can't depend on a gay monkey who wants to knock down the palace gates, to be the PM.
Who wants to break down the prison wall, or failing which rule from prison.
That is totally absurd which will have the world laughing at us.
Do we have to believe in a stark, staring, raving mad man whose only choice to the people is go to prison or be the PM.
Yes to be PM to seek revenge and not for the betterment of Malaysians.
The conclusion: No choice. UMNO is numero uno.
And that is the essence of the recently concluded UMNO PAU.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 11:19  

Well said and understood, so when is your next part 2 coming?

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 11:19  

Actually, what you've written is already well understood by all the Chinese....
Seriously, the problems and the answers all lie with the Malay populace

All this while, the Malay intellectual class is dozing or have sold out.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 11:26  


A brilliant take on the UMNO general glory/food/blood fest. You forgot to mention that the 2,500+ delegates went home happy after being well fed and well accommodated over the last few days. Just looked at how obese and overweight the UMNO delegates were before the start of the glory fest and how much more obese and overweight they became at the end of the blood fest. It's surprising that none of the delegates suffered heart attacks brought on by their obesity and brain and physical inactivity during the glory/food/blood fest.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 11:28  


I doubt UMNO leaders understand your commentary. And even if they do, they don't care a damn! Their ears are being 'moo-ed' by NFC scandal, their eyes being ' horse-blinkered' !

Their 50 over years of Govt rule have made them impervious to reality over good governance and proprietary. But the forces of evolution and natural law will not allow them to plunder the nation's well being as the Arab Spring event has evidenced.

You must continue to share your critical thoughts and wisdom without fear or favour.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 11:59  

Just to add. UMNO sustains itself through an education system that continue to brainwash the Malay to have the siege mentality and inferiority complex coupled with a grand illusion of grandeur.

Jong 5 December 2011 at 12:20  

Another excellent observation, Dato Sak!

This Umno General Assembly looks more like a gathering out to create lies, more lies and confusion for the people.

It's so clear, their bunch of dirty corrupt leaders are desperate to stay in power to further enrich themselves, not for country nor its people, definitely not in the best interest of Melayus!

Too many of their creations for Umno Malays have gone terribly wrong, and are being exposed by opposition Pakatan Rakyat. They just can't handle it!

Singha,  5 December 2011 at 12:22  

We will wait patiently for part 2, but please don't make us wait too long.

We miss your information conduit through the Oracle.... let us have more and know more.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 12:44  

Fully agreed. UMNO GA2011 had devoted on the only issue, i.e the dire need to win the forthcoming election. By right they should deliberate on how UMNO-led BN would do next to improve the government shortcomings in the running of this country.

Tell us what is the government concrete plan to stimulate economic growth, perhaps by offering more prime land to Jho Low under 1MDP, or to approve additional fund for Shahrizat's family to purchase more unit of condos under the NFC Project, or the move to allow Isa Samad a free hand to manage Felda's asset,announcing proposed ways to facilitate Tony Fernandez's taking over of Malaysian Airlines and last but not lease promising us that the First lady would make sacrifices by reduce her collection of diamond rings, shoes and handbags.........

Yes! We want to know how are you going to run this country after this, the same way or through the same rhetoric reform with a greater democracy by introduction of new bills such us the recent Akta Perhimpunan Aman.

UMNO GA 2011 told us that if BN lost the election,the Malays would be oppressed, lose their language, Islam would suffer....betui ka ni....

Barangkali orang tua-tua di pendalaman Kuala Nerang atau Ulu Tembeling yang masih percaya bahawa wujudnya jalanraya dan air paip kerana UMNO masih boleh percaya akan cerita dongeng di atas. Tapi ingatlah hakikat bahawa golongan ini bak kata Mat Sabu celupar tu "gigit mee pun dah tak putus"......maknanya penyokong setia ini sedang menghadapi hari-hari terakhir barangkali senasib partinya juga.

My appeal to you UMNO goons, I mean leaders, please don't exploit and mislead those loyal supporters of yours just because you are desperate to cling on your power.

By Bangchaq

Mr Padedoh,  5 December 2011 at 12:45  

Hi Dato',
I'm watching Najib's speech. The url is

I suggest people skip right up to minute 21.

The best portion was between the 21 st minute-22 nd minute when Najib starting to attack Anwar. Mentioned "telur dia satu je, kadang2 tak bertelur" and rising with the crescendo "main sini main sana.".

Half way thru, it was clear that those folk who had half a brain was already turned off. You should see the reaction on Idris Jusoh's face. He was completely non-plussed, in contrast with Rais Yatim's eager beaver face. I guess Idris Jusof had nothing left to lose and thus could offer an honest assessment.

Najib dedicated mins 21 - mins 35 of his speech just attacking Anwar. And another 4 mins attacking PAS. I think all in he spent 40% of his time attacking Anwar and PAS.

Najib's speech writer should be fired. His speech is now being heckled and booed as being the hallmark of a leader in desperation. His attempt to "dumb down" has backfired spectacularly. In contrast, Muhyiddin's speech was direct to the point and had a more effective exhortation compared to Najib.

Najib's speech laying bare UMNO's total lack of any strategic encompassing direction, a point u have elaborated in your post. It also characterizes someone who is in two minds about who he really is. TSMY on the other hand is not at all confused on his identity. The end result I would think it also gives us a clear reason for Najibs eventual removal as President. Najib's reign has been

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 12:49  

Correct,correct,correct......are the Malays going to think through this blatant attempt by UNMO leaders to continue to keep them " bawah tempurung" forever.Rise up and kick these plunderers out come GE13or forever suffer this seigh mentality.

Futile,  5 December 2011 at 13:03  

Dato Sabri, your analysis on UMNO-GA is spot on..can you do the same for the recent Keadilan's Congress? Back to your analysis, when I visit the still masses of poor, low-educated Malays esp women in the kampong, unfortunately, they do believe the fear-mongerings fed to them..its futile because their mind is so ingrained..this is how Umno keeps its power and will continue to win hands down in next GE.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 13:08  

How much of Syed Mohtar's assets belongs to Muhyideen Yasin? That is the golden question.

The Stamford Holdings case where Syed Mohtar and Muhyideen threatened the coy's directors to surrender their lands in a JV enterprise where Syed Mohtar was to hold 70% equity is one of a few lucrative but fraudulent business interest that these two rogues had collaborated. No wonder most of Johor's prize public assets went to S.Mohtar who was only then a rice wholesaler from Alor Star.

So, you see there is nobody in Umno's apex leadership who is not a rogue and who doesn't have the instict of a pirate, ie to pillage and plunder.

Beats me why malays are still so bloody stupid to vote them to power; these bloody pirates.

OneMalaysian,  5 December 2011 at 13:18  

Dear Sakmongkol

“What kind of political party and government by extension, that keeps its people on a leash and drumming into them a debilitating dependent mindset?”

Sometimes I find it hard to choose a quotation to focus my comments on. This is one of those times, when your article is so full of quotable quotes. I chose this one because I think it captures the essence of what you wrote.

I have no political quarrel with the so-called Malay agenda if that means an intelligent, well thought-out and honest programme designed to lift the Malays out of economic backwardness so that they are free and capable to compete without crutches not just against their fellow Malaysians, but against the entire world. That was the noble objective of the original NEP promulgated in 1971 by Tun Razak.

40 years later, a “aristocratic” class of UMNO Malays have instead arisen, who have ascended the social and economic ladder not by dint of hard work and enterprise, but by gaming the system of preferential treatment, by stealing economic opportunities reserved for the Malay masses (e.g. the RM250 million NFC project), by granting themselves special licences and monopolies (e.g. Petronas projects/contracts, APs and IPPs), and by buying state properties at prices below market value (e.g. RMAF land at RM74 p.s.f when market price is RM300 – 400 p.s.f).

UMNO has been in power since 1957 without interruption. This is indeed a very long spell by any political standard, except perhaps the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China. If a great many Malays still face a benighted future because they lack language skills, or they lack a competitive spirit because UMNO has falsely made them believe that there is no need to compete because UMNO is the eternal provider, whose fault is it? For the main part we must place the blame right at UMNO’s door because the Malays have put their trust in UMNO’s hands, the hands of their “saviour”.

This saviour claims it will save the Malays from destitution, from the avaricious Chinese who are out to steal their dinner, and from everyone else who is out to destroy Malay culture and language, and Islam. If UMNO were to count its “successes”, surely their effort at enslaving the Malay mind must count as their greatest achievement. After 54 long years UMNO is still peddling such poisonous drivel to the Malays. The Chinese is easy game at UMNO general assemblies, where the ruling party ritually dishes out racial diatribes of the worst kind against a people who are loyal, have worked hard against great political odds and discrimination, who have contributed to the economic development of the country, and who through their businesses employ more Malays than the government do.

The Malays do need a real saviour, but not in the shape of UMNO and its coterie of carpetbaggers, especially those who only a short while ago regarded India as their mother country, but have discovered that it is advantageous to change their race so as to be indistinguishable from the real Malays and Natives that Article 153 was designed to help. It is this particular group that has been most virulent in their attacks against the Chinese, as if to prove their real worth to the indigenous Malays. Oh, how politics have descended into such murky depths!

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 13:29  

Salam Dato Sak,

Tiada paragraf yang di tulis tidak boleh kita tidak bersetuju. Pengalaman menyatakan cakap lain buat pula lain. Macam hujah di utarakan untuk menjustifikasikan. siapa yang terlibat tahu lah, kombinasikan tender terhad kemudian runding, samalah negotiated, matlamat sama dan tercapai. Cuma satu perkara baru aku belajar.. dalam PAU 2011 orang baca doa atau minta tolong daripada ALLH seperti menjerit dan suara keras....kenapa jadi begitu.

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 13:37  

PAU.....It's look like a lie,talk like a lie, sound like a lie. The chances are, it's a damn lie....

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 14:05  

Datok, spot on. But, there is one part which I think you should have mentioned - you certainly do not get to see Shahrizat going on stage like Kak Fidah to embrace the UMNO president, shedding a few crocodile tears!

Flyonthewall,  5 December 2011 at 14:18  

Brilliantly written, Dato!
This is a govt that has successfully enslaved the Malays for the last 5 decades. Wake up!

loveMyKris,  5 December 2011 at 16:02  

PAU. kita pau sume ok! dorang bukan tau pape pun.


Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 16:07  

somehow spot on with this statement from Wikipedia about Negative selection theory;

'Negative selection is a political process that occurs especially in rigid hierarchies, most notably dictatorships, but also to lesser degrees in such settings as corporations or electoral politics.

The person on the top of the hierarchy, wishing to remain in power forever, chooses his associates with the prime criterion of incompetence – they must not be competent enough to remove him from power. The associates do the same with those below them in the hierarchy, and the hierarchy is progressively filled with more and more incompetent people.

If the dictator sees that he is threatened nonetheless, he will remove those that threaten him from their positions – "purge" the hierarchy. Emptied positions in the hierarchy are normally filled with people from below – those who were less competent than their previous masters. So, over the course of time, the hierarchy becomes less and less effective. As this happens relatively often, once the dictator dies, or is removed by some external influence, what remains is a grossly ineffective hierarchy'

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 18:23  

I like Hainan chicken rice. Being Malaysian and a non-Malay, when I go for lunch with my Malay friend, we go for Malay chicken rice. That is generally how ordinary non-Malays understand and interact with their Malay friends. (The first thought that comes to the mind of the non-Malay is to go to a shop that sells food the Malay friend can eat, ie halal). On the ground there are no problems among ordinary Malaysians of all races.

Politics ...... and this is where all problems set in as Dato so correct mentioned. All for UMNO's leaders' self interests .... and the ordinary Malays are left behind and suffers.

walla 5 December 2011 at 20:14  

I think Sak has written a great piece here - an outpouring from the heart straight from the mind.

His are the things the Umno GA 2011 should have deliberated instead of spewing nonsense and hatred bereft of intelligence, integrity and standard and also insulting on the grace of our Malays.

If anything, Umno has shown not just our rakyat but also the whole world how low-class are their delegates. Just wait for another set of wikileaks to reinforce the conclusion.

Even others with third-world mentalities will be embarrassed - because here we have the extremely well-fed and well-dressed talking cock and expecting the rakyat to agree with them just because they are on stage punching their fists, putting on their false and hawing show, and creating yet another bogeyman to channel attention away from their corruptions and abuse of power that continue to form the bulwark of issues that is destroying the future of the young. Incidentally this deflection tactic is a hallmark of that black mamba cobra.

Just think of it - three thousand empty-headed and self-deluded hyenas and jokers wanting to run this country of 28 million for another five years in the same way they have been running it into the ground all the past years, and then asking to be trusted and supported again so that they can whip up another opiate of spin while ripping off the rakyat who will have to settle for an economy with a rm400 plus Billion debt that will grow unabated because in his calculations Keynes couldn't imagine the rapaciousness and gross stupidity of an animal called Umno.

Why didn't a single Umno delegate tell Najib that politics is not a game so how can he talk about game-changer?

And if in responding to his call to Umno leaders to "do the right thing" by resigning as unwinnable candidates they were to tell him "you first, show the way", will his answer be any different from that by Mahathir in the twenty-two years he had messed up the institutions while holding on to his seat and spinning about bersih cekap dan amanah?

Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Muhyiddin whether Nazri would have labelled his speech 'racist' eight times and call for his immediate censure in parliament?

And if he cannot answer that, why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Muhyiddin about Mohamed Rahmat's exposure that Mahathir's cronies tried to acquire villagers land at 80 sen psf so that they could resell at 1,780 sen psf for the Second Link - in Johor? (

Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Nazri whether he agrees with his PDRM saying the lawyers march to parliament was illegal when the last one checked, lawyers are the ones defining what is legal for the police?

Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Shahrizat how she can wear the tudung and look pious comforting women but evade an explanation how her family can get such a large grant in all but name out of the rakyats' pocket so that they can spend on condos, land, limousine and trips, presumably everything needed to breed cows so that the rakyat won't have to think it's all karma from beheading one cow in Shah Alam?

Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Khairy why he is still trying to bullshit his way through? Let's not waste anymore time on this kid with an attitude unbefitting a youth leader, let alone that of a future prime minister, unless the entry requirements sink below those required to be a juvenile smart alec.

walla 5 December 2011 at 20:15  


And, why didn't a single Umno delegate ask one mr cyber magoo somewhere here what did he mean by saying "Umno's back in business"?

Isn't that revealing too much of the real standard operating procedure of Umno - all for one, but one for money, power, privileges and double standards? Add diamonds, hermes bags, cayennes, lusty travels overseas and what not, and you can say it will be easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle enroute to heaven.

The frivolities of this recent circus show reveal in no uncertain terms how Umno has been destroying this country.

They're not leaders. They're zombies stoned on reckless power-mongering and double standards not only for laws of the land, but also for its policies, procedures and procurements.

In much the same way the Auditor-General's curling report has nuked Najib's feel-good Annual Budget 2012, this Umno General Assembly has completely nuked and debunked Umno's standing before the eyes and ears of all sensible, moderate, thinking and upstanding rakyat of the country.

We all know why Umno was shocked by the results of the last general elections. It had been overweeningly confident that each race would only vote for its own party.

Doesn't that mindset reflect racism in the first place?

And what actually happened? The rakyat voted for other races.

Now what will Muhyiddin say next were he to find out that many Malays had voted for DAP in GE12?

That they are racists as well by dint of supporting what he has labelled without foundation as a racist party?

If that is not enough, how will he advise his constituents who are gainfully employed by organizations run by people who support DAP?

That they should resign from their jobs because he is Umno incarnate?

The mindset of forgettable jokers like these is locked in some hoary past that remains the only thing they think they can still use to scare the rakyat because they realize without that false scare, the rakyat will immediately see through them and their party as irrelevant.

Our society is on a painful but healing path away from the racism started by that black mamba cobra.

Why try to stop the rakyat from healing amongst ourselves so that we can help one another with brotherly goodwill that doesn't have to be propped up by artificial crap policies used by Umno to secretly funnel rakyat funds to the accounts of their own puerile and corrupt putras and puteris?

Want to talk next about keeping our Malay culture and language? Fine - after everyone uses the language exclusively, how does one go about next to acquire the very knowledge to dig all out of the casket-sized hole the young have been deposited in? How will they be able to interact confidently with the rest of the world - on its own terms - so that they can contribute to the world-class standards this country has needed - since at least three decades ago?

How? By the tail of the Pekan or Pagoh cow? Which one?

OneMalaysian has also written a polished comment which bears careful appreciation.

Jong 5 December 2011 at 21:44  

Muhyiddin's created lies that the DAP wants to set up a Replublic, to instigate and confuse the people is a total disgrace! It goes to show the kind of lies he's capable of and a low class politician that he is!

Even the ketua kampong I know was put in a spot, embarrassed by such lies coming from a dPM, couldn't help but let fly his 'carut'!

Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 21:53  

By fabricating lies and manufacturing stories. The Chinese are going to eat you up. The Chinese are going to Christianize you. They are going to wipe out the sultans, ban use of Bahasa Malaysia, and abolish Jawi and so forh. You feed on people’s irrational fear. You want to maintain stupid and mute people...




Anonymous,  5 December 2011 at 22:02  

Anon 5 Dec 11.19 said the problems and the anwers all lie on the Malay populace.

Perhaps Malays should shoulder the bigger share of the blame and by logic, the solution. The Malays do have an option in DAP. But DAP must also admit they are part of the problem. Read to get some idea on what some educated Malays feel the DAP could do to make it happen.


bruno,  5 December 2011 at 22:37  

Quite Despair,

Hi buddy,the last time I talk to you thought that maybe you went into hibernation.But to my surprise you were stiil very in touch with civilisation.I was thinking that when the cows scandal broke maybe you were mountain climbing in Mongolia or having chit chat with the monks in Tibet.

For your information,the Chinese have been giving MCA chances after chances,hoping that these spineless jackassess of Mca leaders would change for the better.But once the leaders have tasted a piece of the corruption pie,lick asses and got humped from the behind it is very difficult not to go back for more.

So the Chinese and their community leaders got together and decided that enough is enough.So the Chinese community came to a conclusion that Mca has to be taught a lesson.That is why the Chinese has given up and abandoned the Mca.That is the reason Mca is sure going to get a spanking and humilated this coming GE.

But what we cannot understand is what diehard supporters like you see in Umno that ordinary honest and peace loving Malaysians don't.You guy's pretend and hoodwinked yourselves that Shahrizat's cow scandal never happened.All the bigots and fear mongerers in Umno never exists.Umno is corruption free.

Since you are very still in touch with civilisation,have you heard the latest about your uncle Din.Not the Din that you dislike,but the one that moos.Like I said before if he was not promoted to federal minister,he would have been chased out by Umno Johore.

Why is Umnoputras and sworned supporters like you guys always about the Malay these and Malay that.Is it that unsecured or inferior feelings inside that is stopping you guys from taking the alternative choice.Why not try looking for an alternate tunnel. Surely after many tries there has to be at least one that has light at the end.You will never know if you never try.

The Chinese know that they can survived and stand on their own,with or without Mca.There are lots of Malays who are thinking the same thing too.That they don't need handouts of leftover crumbs after a hefty meal by Umnoputras at Meatworks.That is why there are as many if not more Malays in PR than Umno.

How can Umno fight for the Malays as you said.After 54 years at the steering wheel and what has Umno really done for the Malays.Umno has robbed the Malays blind.Money meant for the Malays were used to build mansions,buy high end cars,keep mistresses and money in foreign banks.

Kampong man,  6 December 2011 at 01:01  

Well UMNO has gone through many crisis in the last seven decades or so and each time they came out strong and remains dominant.The current challenges is just one of the many.They have shown time and time again that they care for all Malaysians and of course their Malay voters who support them.They are willing to share power and shall continue to share power with their coalition partners in good and bad time.That is The sincerity that UMNO has.The chinese may turn their back on MCA this time around but let it be if that is what their community choose to be.

Without doubt UMNO/BN shall hang on to Putrajaya because the PAKATAN too has its fair share of problems and weaknesses.The urban and the rural communities have their own sets of issues and problems that need to be addressed.The Malay voters will come out strong for UMNO this time unlike in the 2008 political tsunami in my view .It was not the strength of the opposition that change the scenario it was the protest votes for UMNO /BN by their own supporters themselves and that was true with MCA and MIC supporters as well.
The PRU 13 will be about UMNO/BN and DAP.It will be along racial lines as I see it.The only difference is UMNO despite being a Malay party shall continue to be responsible for other communities as well and it is never a short term objective as has been proven in the last 54 years.I cannot say for a DAP .
It will be a new challenge and it will be interesting to finally know the final outcome

dahserikngankeris 6 December 2011 at 01:02  

i do not see any difference between this PAU and the previous ones except for the dwindiling quality of the speaking candidates.

Remember when pak sheikh took the stage, rotflmao.

so whats the difference? lets not talk about this anymore, what happend in kajang dato?

Lok1,  6 December 2011 at 01:17  

Dear Bruno,you must forgive quite despair,coz he couldn't really understand what Dato Sak was writting about,that's the result of our education system n him trying to be a good muslim,it actually shows how shallow his thinking was ,is n still will be,he's the kind of Malay that is actually killing other Malays,looking down on them,his ego is just too big for him.I pray for Muslims like him to realize what kind of animalistic self(Saf) that he has become,just ask him to look at himself in the mirror,really look,perhaps he will see his true self.insha allah,perhaps.

flyer168 6 December 2011 at 08:03  

“The UMNO General Assembly 2011”

“What kind of political party and government by extension, that keeps its people on a leash and drumming into them a debilitating dependent mindset?”


Yes indeed.

The 2011 UMNOputra General Assembly was a total sham & showed to the nation the subtle "Anarchy" within their fold...from top to bottom.

Jibby had lost the plot completely...even within his own cabinet.

Nazree had said...

“You know, it is a perennial problem whenever we approach the election, there is always going to be problems about candidates.

“In the election, if the opposition wins the seat, it is not them winning but Barisan Nasional losing. Meaning, there is no unity among us...

there is sabotage and the party machinery cannot run properly and then we lose,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

“So Umno members “need to be reminded again and again and again and again” because they have no qualms at all to ensure that a candidate loses if it is not them,” he said.

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 08:34  

We Chinese or rather the non Malays do not mind allowing the Malays to have some special opportunities but to overdo it to the extent of humiliating us is over the hill. Ibrahim Ali, the Nazi of Malaysia, said that non Malays should ask for donations from the richer non Malays for scholarships while the Malays get it from the government. Who pays more taxes? Should we start counting pennies and whoever contributed more to the economy should get a larger share of the pie? What about funds from the government towards building of places of worship and markets etc... I have read somewhere that less than 3% of the spending is allocated to non-Muslims... and my place, essentially a majority Chinese area has been without a proper market (always along the road) for the last 40 years... while a shining mosque stands in its midst...Am I able to stand up and comment? Or will I be arrested for instigating? How can I be a proud Malaysian, and identify with my motherland (or is it really my motherland?)Will someone tell me what to do? Pledge undying support for a ruling party that has repeatedly kicked me in the groins and still show love for the government or what? The ruling party wants each race to hate the others so that they continue to rule forever and ever.

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