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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 24 December 2011

FGV listing and the interests of settlers

In this contentious issue of FGV listing, this question has never been answered. Do FELDA settlers have any standing whatsoever to dispute the listing of businesses run by FELDA at all? FELDA Holdings is managed by FELDA employees. FELDA global is operated by FELDA professionals. So why should FELDA settlers and others siding with settlers be irksome busybodies?
So, we have to establish whether settlers have a standing in the first place to even question the listing. If they don’t, they should shut up for as long as they get free benefits and are taken care of.
If we do indeed establish that settlers have standing and deemed interests, then we move on to ask, is the FGV listing a sellout to FELDA? So the second of our attention should be directed to the question whether the listing is a sellout.  
Let’s face it- the interest of settlers is indirect here and is of little consequence. It should be a non-issue. As long as they get whatever form of benefits- bonuses, end of year cash handouts, futsal fields, indoor stadiums, hockey turfs, MRSM College, FELDA University- they should be thankful. Just on account of being a settler- they get all these. Where else can they get this kind of preferential treatment of being cared for from cradle to grave?
FELDA can continue giving all these, if it makes money as a whole. If it has the reserves from which they appropriate and apply as in the above examples we gave. And FELDA does indeed have the reserves. They even sued those who accused FELDA of being bankrupt. At its height, its reserves were RM 40 billion, then RM 4 billion and today- we don’t know how much. Maybe this listing will top up the depleting reserves. We don’t really know.
Hence the government which owns FELDA is greatly disturbed when people question the proposed listing of FELDA’s businesses not directly owned by settlers nor operated by them. Settlers tend their 10 acre lots- that are all they do. It’s FELDA- through FELDA Holdings and FGV that does business. Settlers have no business to interfere in these organizations run professionally.
Settlers derive direct benefits via ownership of the FELDA plots they have on which they worked on. They get benefits when they sell their FFB at FELDA owned mills at specific price level. Their interests are looked after better if they get good price for FFB, if the extraction rate of the oil is done truthfully, if their planting operations costs have been good. Their interests are better off, if the output per hectare is as good as estates operated by United Plantations, KLK, IOI and so forth.
Otherwise, the other benefits derived from being automatic members of FELDA Cooperative, or other extension organizations are indirect. Settlers are excluded from the management of these organizations. FELDA places professionals to run Koperasi Peermodalan FELDA for example, professional managers run FELDA Holdings and so forth. Settlers benefit by virtue of being settlers and are recipient of gratuitous benefits arising from businesses run by FELDA employees. In other words, they get free benefits, so why bother?
Do settlers even have a standing even to question the listing?
The answer is an emphatic yes. They do have standing because they are the real stakeholders in any of the businesses run by FELDA. Because they are the real stakeholders- because the businesses that are run by FELDA and the assets FELDA acquires, all spring and are derived from property rights of FELDA settlers. They are derived from the land owned by FELDA settlers or should have been owned by FELDA settlers. More important, because that was the reason why FELDA came into being in the first place. States gave FELDA the authority land- to be given to settlers. FELDA was only an authority vested with specific duties. It has no business withholding the land with which they were entrusted to give out. If the land was supposed to be given out to settlers and FELDA did not, then it has always been under an implied duty to operate the land for the benefits of the settlers.


Anonymous,  24 December 2011 at 09:28  

the point of this posting - the sore point actually - Felda have since stop giving out the land title to settlers, since they taken task to to replanting settlers land by Felda plantation. Felda now hold the land title as a ransom or bargaining chip in case settlers opting to run the newly replanted 10 acres land by themselves.
And this land title will be offered as sweetener or gula-gula during election season., every election pm will come and promise the title.. to be given.. given., well election come and go., but the title.. still a dream to lot of settlers.

So that's why this listing issue jitter all settlers. It's not the windfall money that they care more.., but for those who still didn't get their land title.. it's all looks like getting farther away..

anak peneroka 3.

pak yeh 24 December 2011 at 11:37  

Tun Razak vission to enrich the poor Malayus is being destroyed by Najib son of Tun Razak. Instead of enriching rakyat, kronis are acting as parasites to suck all the profits from the real workers.
Poor Tun Razak must be turning in his grave every day that Najib is PM.

bruno,  24 December 2011 at 11:52  

Dato,the Felda settlers have a standing to dispute the listings of businesses run by Felda.But the problem is that Felda is placed directly under the PM's department and the PM's dept has the last say and can over ride any objections the settlers have.Say for example the appointment of Isa Samad.

The settlers consider Isa Samad as an outsider and therefore should not helm Felda,but Najib did push Isa's appointment through.And the senior guy at Felda who objected at the FGV listing is on forced leave.If Najib and Isa's people have their way,this poor chap once back from his forced vacation will be chased away by Rela goons or Umno youth's mat rempits.

Umnoputras only have the final say in Felda or any GLC'S.Where is any GLC free from political or Umno's interference.Even our public institutions are puppets of these carniverous humans.The only way Felda settlers can have a voice in their own house is to chase out this man eating Umnoputras before they are eaten up by them.

Anonymous,  24 December 2011 at 19:49  

Thanks for clarifying the very point I wanted clarified all these years. My question got nowhere simply because I don't have the right man in the right place.

My question pertains as to how Felda came to own such a large acreage of plantations when Felda is supposed to be merely the managers and administrators of the settlers. If the schemes were meant to have been developed for the settlers and whatever funds needed for the development were borrowed for them, surely every inch of the plantation so developed should belong to them. The fact that they have paid all their debts, thru labour and toil that they endured and deductions effected on their sales, doubly legitimise their rights over everything in a given scheme. Felda should remain merely Managers and Administrators, but never owners of any part of the scheme(s): ALIAS DASUKI.

Planter Yang Azali,  25 December 2011 at 07:29  

Thank you Dato for the understanding of the importance of identifying the real stakeholder in Felda or as a whole the right of a single ownership along the path of the planting industry. Any attempt to multiply the ownership along this path will create a conflict of interest which is detrimental to the norm of the normal plantation industry. Summary of this episode simply means the real stakeholders have been deprived from maximizing their profit. At the present stage of accomplishment Felda settlers should be having their own mills,refineries and marketing arms for their down streams activities. The managements of these chores could be easily hired at a reasonable rates compared to the one-off, once in a while payment plus the here and there amenities provided as a token compared with the huge profit seized and ventured into a spending sprees of wimp and fancies of the headless and brainless policy mongers. What is most disgusting, painful and sickening is that the settlers has to fork out their own financial means for replanting to maintain another round of spending spree of these suckers. If it were to be consider this term as contract of partnership it is clearly seem to be lopsided just like the highways and ipp. Now lets examine the prospects and reality of listing FGV. We don't have to go to New York to see the RM500 M loss by FGV in 2010. Let's see the results of listing of plantation companies in the PM's home state. Fareast Holding Berhad, Kurnia Setia Sdn Bhd and. Astral Asia Sdn Bhd which was wholly owned by the state agriculture agency was listed during the 80s as a means for economic back up for the settlers of flood rehabilitation schemes. As to my knowledge now none of them are the shareholders of these company. According to websites informations the financially secured state agriculture agency only holds 25 per cent shares of Fareast holding and a minority shares holder in Astral Asia. As for Kurnia Setia Sdn Bhd it was a buy over and it is a private owned company now. Thus, demonstrates the sustainability of poor ignorance settlers in the open market. This will be the similar ending of the shares to be offered to Felda settlers and those scumbags are just waiting to grab this opportunity. As I am only watching and gathering from a distance I would be very much obliged if Dato could enlightenment the updated status of the three listed companies for public information especially Felda settlers.

Krishna 25 December 2011 at 08:33  

Case of UMNO tipu Melayu and they claim only they can protect the Malays!

Anonymous,  25 December 2011 at 11:44  

This was posted in the bio-data of Rafizi Ramli. To those who want to read the bio-data, just google search "Rafizi Ramli".

"NFC DEBACLE- I am the original proposer of the the paper that was hijacked by Sharizat and gang , it was modified and used practically 100% to get the NFC project.

Original value was only 25m and the Jelai gemas DVS station together with the forest reserve were identified as the site. Contact me , I may have some useful info tht will help you hang these crooks faster. I have names and dates and a copy of the paper for you to see.

I am a nobody rakyat with no political links tht is still very sore about what happened to my project after the huge effort I put into it with honest intentions to actually do somehing for my country. I have no self interest , just want justice served.

I have been trying to get yr contact number but it seems unavailable so I,m leaving you this email with the hopes that we can meet up".

OneMalaysian,  25 December 2011 at 15:50  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Do settlers even have a standing even to question the listing? The answer is an emphatic yes.”

I want to ask you to go back 5o years when Tun Razak first mooted the idea of forming Felda and giving each settler 10 acres. Today, the settler (not the original, but some descendant) still owns 10 acres. Now, fast-forward 50 years. If the attitude of government is that each settler will forever more own 10 acres on which he will toil for 25 years, then hand over to a descendent for another planting cycle of 25 years just to sell FFB (the lowest level product) to Felda CPO mills, which add some value, and the Felda mills then sell the CPO further downstream to be turned into cooking oil, and even further downstream to be made into soap noodles and other oleo-chemicals products the settler cannot even pronounce – and all the while adding more value to the humble bunch of FFB that the settler had hand harvested – and the settler can only get the rewards up to the FFB stage and no more, is this fair?

Felda Corporation and Felda Global Venture’s existence depend almost entirely on the sweat of those settlers. Surely, it must be the aim of government to enrich the settlers not to enslave generations to toil on just 10 acres producing the fruits from which so many sophisticated food and oleo products are churned out to feed and nourish millions. But we cannot enrich the settlers if we just confine generations of them to producing FFB on a small plot of land that cannot be enlarged.

Let’s imagine that all the Felda estates are not owned by 200,000 settlers, but by just 20 private individuals. What would they have done? They would have started with FFB, then started CPO mills, and later into all manner of downstream production, in the process employing all sorts of professionals. That was indeed the route that led to KLK, IOI and United Plantations. And owners of those companies got extremely wealthy. That is the natural route that all planters take from the field to the end consumer. So it seems reasonable that these settlers should given the same opportunity through Felda Corp and FGV. Of curse each would only own a tiny portion of the shares of FGV. None of them will ever be Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng or Tan Sri Bek Nielsen. But they don’t need to be. By participating in downstream profits they will be richer than being mere producers of FFB. All the professionals in Felda and FGV owe their living to the humble settler, and not the other way around. The settler is the ultimate stakeholder, not the professionals who live off the fruits of their labour.

Anonymous,  26 December 2011 at 00:50  


Thank you for trying to cover up on behalf of Isa Samad. Now,the REAL GOLDEN question is,if it is soo damn good proposal for the sake of settler's interest,why did Isa Samad DID NOT try to make the settler's leader in JKPP (Settler's Leaders Association) understand all this first by calling them up?Isa Samad keep telling the settlers about windfall and after the listing is done then FGV will explain everything.Even the settler's national leader was insulted openly for questioning.Is it the right attitude of Najib's picked person to chair Felda?By treating the settlers leaders like bunch of idiots,they are now teaming with Tan Sri Rozali to demand the government involve them fully in the process,not just give cock and bulls regarding windfall and some tiny shares in return for billions, assets and 99 years lease on state land.Of course they will never be Tan Sri Lee Loy Sen or Tan Sri Bek Nielsen you racist fagot.Why dont you mentioned they will never be Shahrizat NFC,Khir Toyo,Tajuddin Ramli,Halim Yahya and many more crooks just because they dont know who's who and out of umno shitty politics circle?

You avoided Datuk Sak fact that the reason why the 360,000 hectares land existed in the first thing is because to create settlers.Who gave Felda Global rights to lease the land for 99 years as the land belong to the respective state and should be given back to the state for the use of its own people rather than put up for sale in the Bursa to be owned by umnoputras?

You are most probably from APCO, the PR company who is behind the 1Malaysia and 1Isreal slogan,and has been identified undertaking Felda Global's listing project in order to make the settlers believe that the one behind this project want the best for the settlers.

Coming from the same people who destroy MAS, Proton, Sime Darby and many more, do we have to see the same shit Ethos Consulting now bringing to Felda? we the rakyat will show the exit door towards you and Dato Sak will expose more of this scam to the settlers and their kins.

Asalkan Bukan UMNO!Anything But UMNO! ABU!ABU!ABU!

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