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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

2 futher views on the 2011 UMNO General Assembly

My friend Walla has written some pertinent comments. As usual, anyone who knows Walla personally is always impressed with his rapier sharp intellect.  For the benefit of my readers, I reproduced here, Walla’s comments.

I think Sak has written a great piece here - an outpouring from the heart straight from the mind.  His are the things the Umno GA 2011 should have deliberated instead of spewing nonsense and hatred bereft of intelligence, integrity and standard and also insulting on the grace of our Malays.
If anything, Umno has shown not just our rakyat but also the whole world how low-class are their delegates. Just wait for another set of wikileaks to reinforce the conclusion.
Even others with third-world mentalities will be embarrassed - because here we have the extremely well-fed and well-dressed talking cock and expecting the rakyat to agree with them just because they are on stage punching their fists, putting on their false and hawing show, and creating yet another bogeyman to channel attention away from their corruptions and abuse of power that continue to form the bulwark of issues that is destroying the future of the young. Incidentally this deflection tactic is a hallmark of that black mamba cobra.
Just think of it - three thousand empty-headed and self-deluded hyenas and jokers wanting to run this country of 28 million for another five years in the same way they have been running it into the ground all the past years, and then asking to be trusted and supported again so that they can whip up another opiate of spin while ripping off the rakyat who will have to settle for an economy with a rm400 plus Billion debt that will grow unabated because in his calculations Keynes couldn't imagine the rapaciousness and gross stupidity of an animal called Umno.
 Why didn't a single Umno delegate tell Najib that politics is not a game so how can he talk about game-changer?
And if in responding to his call to Umno leaders to "do the right thing" by resigning as unwinnable candidates they were to tell him "you first, show the way", will his answer be any different from that by Mahathir in the twenty-two years he had messed up the institutions while holding on to his seat and spinning about bersih cekap dan amanah?
Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Muhyiddin whether Nazri would have labelled his speech 'racist' eight times and call for his immediate censure in parliament? And if he cannot answer that, why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Muhyiddin about Mohamed Rahmat's exposure that Mahathir's cronies tried to acquire villagers land at 80 sen psf so that they could resell at 1,780 sen psf for the Second Link - in Johor? (
why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Nazri whether he agrees with his PDRM saying the lawyers march to parliament was illegal when the last one checked, lawyers are the ones defining what is legal for the police?
Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Shahrizat how she can wear the tudung and look pious comforting women but evade an explanation how her family can get such a large grant in all but name out of the rakyats' pocket so that they can spend on condos, land, limousine and trips, presumably everything needed to breed cows so that the rakyat won't have to think it's all karma from beheading one cow in Shah Alam?

Why didn't a single Umno delegate ask Khairy why he is still trying to bullshit his way through? Let's not waste any more time on this kid with an attitude unbefitting a youth leader, let alone that of a future prime minister, unless the entry requirements sink below those required to be a juvenile smart alec.
And, why didn't a single Umno delegate ask one Mr. cyber magoo somewhere here what did he mean by saying "Umno's back in business"?
Isn't that revealing too much of the real standard operating procedure of Umno - all for one, but one for money, power, privileges and double standards? Add diamonds, hermes bags, cayennes, lusty travels overseas and what not, and you can say it will be easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle enroute to heaven.

 The frivolities of this recent circus show reveal in no uncertain terms how Umno has been destroying this country. They're not leaders. They're zombies stoned on reckless power-mongering and double standards not only for laws of the land, but also for its policies, procedures and procurements.
In much the same way the Auditor-General's curling report has nuked Najib's feel-good Annual Budget 2012, this Umno General Assembly has completely nuked and debunked Umno's standing before the eyes and ears of all sensible, moderate, thinking and upstanding rakyat of the country.
 We all know why Umno was shocked by the results of the last general elections. It had been overweeningly confident that each race would only vote for its own party. Doesn't that mindset reflect racism in the first place?     And what actually happened? The rakyat voted for other races.
 Now what will Muhyiddin say next were he to find out that many Malays had voted for DAP in GE12?
That they are racists as well by dint of supporting what he has labeled without foundation as a racist party?   If that is not enough, how will he advise his constituents who are gainfully employed by organizations run by people who support DAP? That they should resign from their jobs because he is Umno incarnate?
 The mindset of forgettable jokers like these is locked in some hoary past that remains the only thing they think they can still use to scare the rakyat because they realize without that false scare, the rakyat will immediately see through them and their party as irrelevant.
 Our society is on a painful but healing path away from the racism started by that black mamba cobra.

 Why try to stop the rakyat from healing amongst ourselves so that we can help one another with brotherly goodwill that doesn't have to be propped up by artificial crap policies used by Umno to secretly funnel rakyat funds to the accounts of their own puerile and corrupt putras and puteris?
Want to talk next about keeping our Malay culture and language? Fine - after everyone uses the language exclusively, how does one go about next to acquire the very knowledge to dig all out of the casket-sized hole the young have been deposited in? How will they be able to interact confidently with the rest of the world - on its own terms - so that they can contribute to the world-class standards this country has needed - since at least three decades ago?
 How? By the tail of the Pekan or Pagoh cow? Which one?  OneMalaysian has also written a polished comment which bears careful appreciation.
 5 December 2011 20:15

Here is the comment from OneMalaysian.
Dear Sakmongkol

“What kind of political party and government by extension, that keeps its people on a leash and drumming into them a debilitating dependent mindset?”

Sometimes I find it hard to choose a quotation to focus my comments on. This is one of those times, when your article is so full of quotable quotes. I chose this one because I think it captures the essence of what you wrote.

I have no political quarrel with the so-called Malay agenda if that means an intelligent, well thought-out and honest programme designed to lift the Malays out of economic backwardness so that they are free and capable to compete without crutches not just against their fellow Malaysians, but against the entire world. That was the noble objective of the original NEP promulgated in 1971 by Tun Razak.

40 years later, a “aristocratic” class of UMNO Malays have instead arisen, who have ascended the social and economic ladder not by dint of hard work and enterprise, but by gaming the system of preferential treatment, by stealing economic opportunities reserved for the Malay masses (e.g. the RM250 million NFC project), by granting themselves special licenses and monopolies (e.g. PETRONAS projects/contracts, APs and IPPs), and by buying state properties at prices below market value (e.g. RMAF land at RM74 p.s.f when market price is RM300 – 400 p.s.f).

UMNO has been in power since 1957 without interruption. This is indeed a very long spell by any political standard, except perhaps the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China. If a great many Malays still face a benighted future because they lack language skills, or they lack a competitive spirit because UMNO has falsely made them believe that there is no need to compete because UMNO is the eternal provider, whose fault is it? For the main part we must place the blame right at UMNO’s door because the Malays have put their trust in UMNO’s hands, the hands of their “savior”.

This savior claims it will save the Malays from destitution, from the avaricious Chinese who are out to steal their dinner, and from everyone else who is out to destroy Malay culture and language, and Islam. If UMNO were to count its “successes”, surely their effort at enslaving the Malay mind must count as their greatest achievement. After 54 long years UMNO is still peddling such poisonous drivel to the Malays. The Chinese is easy game at UMNO general assemblies, where the ruling party ritually dishes out racial diatribes of the worst kind against a people who are loyal, have worked hard against great political odds and discrimination, who have contributed to the economic development of the country, and who through their businesses employ more Malays than the government do.

The Malays do need a real savior, but not in the shape of UMNO and its coterie of carpetbaggers, especially those who only a short while ago regarded India as their mother country, but have discovered that it is advantageous to change their race so as to be indistinguishable from the real Malays and Natives that Article 153 was designed to help. It is this particular group that has been most virulent in their attacks against the Chinese, as if to prove their real worth to the indigenous Malays. Oh, how politics have descended into such murky depths!

5 December 2011 13:18


bruno,  6 December 2011 at 03:46  

Dato,first of all Walla's comments.Spewing nonsense and hatred bereft of intellegience, intrigity and standard and also insulting on the grace of our Malays.What more can be expected of politicians corrupted to the core.Low of morals,no principals.

Just look at the batch of speakers.
Low IQ,rowdy and foul mouthed.Talk shit,screaming through their lungs.
Fear mongering,trying to scared the Malays attending the GA.They look well dressed,clothes paid for by money they stole from the rakyat.But smelled and acted like drunkards just being thrown out of a bar.

Screaming on high notes like Shahrizat,their sugar mummy was an angel.Hides much thicker and smells worse than a water kerbau.Low class,no standards,no match to the herd of cows of NFC,which by the way are imported and better bred.

These Umnoputras at the general assembly are many times worse than their Mca counterparts.Their Mca counterparts lick asses and get humped from the behind.But these Umnoputras are far worse.They get sat on their faces by likes of Saiful too.

It is a wonder how Najib ended up with these stupid ignorant buffons.
The political gods must be punishing Najib for something bad he did.Or else how come Najib can be so hard down on his lady luck.

Questioning,  6 December 2011 at 07:01  

"Why didn't a single Umno delegate tell Najib that politics is not a game so how can he talk about game-changer?"

Datuk Ariff, weren't you one of the delegates that possibly could have done that?

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 07:15  

Dear Dato,
thank you for highlighting the offerings from Walla and OneMalaysian.
Briliant analysis, both of them.
The outcome of the just recently concluded elections in Russia - despite the heavy power by the incumbents, the results show that the Russian citizens are coming to their senses,they have cut their support for the ruling party to less than 50%.
Food for thought indeed to our Malaysians.

bruno,  6 December 2011 at 07:20  

Dato,just think of it,three thousand tin kosong empty headed good for nothing self deluded hyenas,jokers and circus clowns trying to run our super wonderful, peaceful and prosperous country of 28 million to the ground.Have the cheek of a thick water kerbau's hide to asked the rakyat for a chance for another go of five more years to loot the nation.

Haven't you morons got the message from Umno youth into your brain dead coconut heads yet.Your youth members are telling you fools that candidates of credible characters are only allowed to stand for
elections.Khairy,says the youth members are not of good character so they are saying he is not a winnable candidate.

Mr Moo,the ex "taiko" of Johore Umno thugs and his associates of Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and Yahya Taib was involved in an extortion scheme against Stamford Holdings.And this gangster wants to take Najib's place as PM.Then even the corrupted Umnoputras will be robbed high and left pokkai.

Hishammudin,who got slapped and whacked by Mrs Lembu is a yellow political chicken.So he is not a winnable candidate.Maybe Bung Mokhtar acting as Mr Tough who smacked Mrs Lembu in public can take his place.Najib acting as Mr Flipflopper can lead BN into the next GE doing the flipflopping dance.

nick 6 December 2011 at 07:42  

A rightly two finger salute for the latest nauseating PAU (with the palm facing the inside)! Adding an "up yours" exclamation would be appropriate too since we are dealing with vulgar people who don't have any qualm about spewing obscenities on national TV and media (and proud of it too)!


Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 07:52  

If you hadn't mentioned it, I thought walls is a she- a pretty one at that

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 08:24  

The future of this country is in Malay hand do they want to support UMNO & BE POOR or do they want a change, for the others have made up their mind if not today it is tomorrow.

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 09:35  

You hit the nail right on the head again. Umno AGM is so predictable. Short of wearing hooded white robes, they are not much different from KKK AGM. There seem to be a contest among all the speakers to win the converted price of "Most stupid delegate of the year" title. The question going through one's mind is why are we so stupid by voting them back again and again? If anything, we should be hanging them one by one from a flagpole. No wonder so many professionals and productive Malaysians decide to abandon the country because they see no future in the country.

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 09:44  

No mater what, everyday new suckers by the thousands are born .! Thats why we are called Bolehland ? Just imagine in every umno assemblies you will find the same idiots running the show...its mind boggling that the whole shit house is filled with not an honest soul....All mostly tainted from day one ...
And you will find that these suckers can believe in them....

JUSA Officer,  6 December 2011 at 09:57  

Salam Dato'

I'm an UMNO since 1976 and still am but have not voted for UMNO since the last three previous GEs' . When Pak Lah became PM , I thought he could change UMNO to it's true self of the 1946 spirit . Alas ! Well the rest is history.

My nephews and nieces who will be voting in this coming 13th GE have spoken highly of PAS dan DAP and so are ny children . None seems to be enthuasistic about PKR though , including yours truly and my parents and siblings , who were red blooded UMNO's voters at the last 11th GE .

To the PM , DPM and all those delegates who attended the recently concluded UMNO GA who took the BAI'AH , we say ... GO FLY KITES N KEEP ON DREAMIN !!!

Wsssallam Dato'.

BTW , I'm one of those JUSA Officers in one of the Depts in JPM . Tq for the SBPA but sorry I've joined ABU !

Jong 6 December 2011 at 10:51  

Yes, as usual Walla's comments are always very well articulated and I particularly like this ..LOL!!

#And if in responding to his call to Umno leaders to "do the right thing" by resigning as unwinnable candidates they were to tell him "you first, show the way"...#

Bruno 03:46 - Agree with your comments on the quality of their 'speakers' at the GA, so very true - bereft of intelligence, no class!

Those fouled mouth samsengs/thugs obviously came for their kodak moment, bursting their vocal cords for attention, just as that jalang-like Cow-woman chest beating and rolling up her sleeves to some more defy, that she had done nothing wrong morally and to attack her means to attack Wanita Umno too! ..Huh?

The GA rightly should be an opportunity for their top leaders to lay out their long-range plans for party and society, and to allow Q&A session for delegates attending.

workinprogress 6 December 2011 at 11:00  

These Umno miscreants are not only spreading lies and untrue propaganda concerning other races at the GA. Their cyber troopers does the same dirty work on the internet especially at YouTube where they sometimes impersonate other races and lambast their own Malay race with crude insults and rascist statements. These actions creates animosity among those who are easily fooled. At the AG,Alwi Che Mat blatantly lied about how the Chinese premier,during his recent visit,had expressed his gratitude to for Tun Razak's visit to China back in the 70s at a time when China,according to Alwi,was an outcast nation in the eyes of the international community.He said this as a form of insinuation to the Chinese community for their lack of acceptance and love for Umno/BN. Listening to him screaming lies like a wailing banshee really jolt me up from my seat. No,these are not the type of 'leaders'that I would want to run the country of my birth and which I would willingly lay down my life for.

Patrick 6 December 2011 at 11:30  

As usual, Walla is spot on; fiery and focused. The question is, are the common malay folks still dozing off on the PR opium distributed by UMNO and how do people like Walla, you and the other like-minded ABU folks, wake them up instantly? Are we getting our messages across to the critical audience that can effect the ABU change?

Its downright ironical and insulting to the chinese that UMNO spent 4 days nauseating racial Hitler-hate, but thrives on the Chinese hard earned taxes, only to spit on them at every opportunity, in public. UMNO can forget the chinese voters as the practical Chinese will just walk on by.

But the herd mentality of the common Malays is something of an enigma. How will Walla's fiery outcry reach the common malay folks, even after translation into simpler malay semantics for consumption, effect the change we need yesterday?

We are too close to D-Day to continue this fire-and-brimstone against UMNO's fire-and-brimstone act. What solid, actionable and effective measures are being drawn up and taken for the opposition and common folks to oust UMNO? More fiery fire-and-brimstone rhetoric?

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 11:39  

UMNO has clamped the minds of the Malays has the Chinese of old use to clamp the feet of their women.

While the rakyat study BM, UMNO leaders children are studying English overseas, discarding the tudungs, havig homes with bars stocked with the finest wines.
And they come home to lead UMNO, preach about the pride of the national language, race and religion.
While the UMNo putras are drunk with excesses the poor are drunk with stupidity.

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 12:08  


Walla's comment:

"Why didn't a single Umno delegate tell Najib that politics is not a game so how can he talk about game-changer?"

Yes, to Najib, its all a game.. typical of the Pedigreed Lot. These lot have nothing to lose for they have gained all through the years...So, now its all a game to them.

The game is for the Aristocrats(they have somehow bred and increased their numbers in the Pemuda and Putri's) to play against the people.

The Assembly is about maintaining the Status Quo and keeping betrayal by members (who have the people at heart) be kept at bay.

Beware Dato' for they will soon be at your front door screaming for your blood.


Red Alfa 6 December 2011 at 12:31  

Salam Dato'

The delegates at the 2011 UMNO GA had projected the meeting of like minds that of the low herd mentality and behaviour when it should project the rounded intellect and mature leadership culture as befitting an organization of 65 years.

That UMNO now thinks and behaves like the desperate fascist, it would not be beneath itself it will steal the election any way it must or it will do the darndest to destroy the country rather than handing it over whole and peaceful should somehow it loses the election.

What UMNO has become today is having the touch of the desperateness it will be facing the total of sometime early next year when we may see UMNO will be causing the conditions that may quickly turn Malaysia into a Rwanda and the Malays into Hutu-type monsters.

We must all be worrying of UMNO stealing the undeserved victory and UMNO suffering the epoch defeat.

All the Malays must prevail the Malays in UMNO and PERKASA not in our Malay name and race whatever will happen should UMNO somehow wins or loses GE 13.

Salbiah Buang,  6 December 2011 at 12:45  

Datuk SAk :

I honestly believe you should just bid goodbye Umno which prove to be a party that can no longer be of any good use for the country except to plunder and divide the country so that umno can be "business" as usual.

By joining PR you can contribute more to the nation than by barking outside even though your barking is actually making a lot of better sense than the delegates and the PM and DPM.

If you dislike PKR, you may join DAP which needs a recognisable malay face very badly. By no strecth of imagination and the governing records in Selangor and Penang can DAP be branded as racist. It is only the umno propaganda and i am sure you are smart enogh not to fall for it.

Love this beatiful country and leave umno and this shall be the greatest service you can do for the country and most of all, the malays.

I feel very ashamed and cannot hold my head high because i am told over and over again year in and year out that i am a stupid malay who cannot compete and will surely lose out to the ever greedy chinese. This is what umno has achieved in undermining the minds of the malays so that umno can continue to exploit this sentimen and stay in power so that "business" can be as usual for them.

You will end up like Ku Li when historic moment presented itself to him, he had neither the courage nor wisdom to seize it. He has now become a voice that nobody listens to anymore, Amanah or no Amanah. He will be lucky if he gets to be a candidate for Gua musang at all.

Tha malays need a mind like yours, so please follow that up with wisdom and courage that is so lacking in Ku Li.

As Nike says, just do it.

CYC,  6 December 2011 at 13:13  

UMNOputras will ask you "berapa duit sekilo agaknya "moral" sekarang. Baik aku korup dan shiok sekarang. Buat apa nak peduli pasal moral. Tuhan tak peduli pun bos-bos aku yang lebih korup dan jahil".

Anonymous,  6 December 2011 at 18:45  

Love your thoughts.We want you to consult with your crystal ball and tell us what will happen to umno if they lose this time?will they join other party?will they be big reform?can they bounce back big?Im sure it would make an interesting subject for you to ponder upon.Tq dato

bruno,  7 December 2011 at 01:10  

Dato,comments by Onemalaysian,what kind of a political party and government kept its people on a leash and drumming into them a debelitating dependent mindset.Of course it is the Umno GOM and its buddy CM Taib.

Umno has been trying to keep the kampong Malays,estate Indians and to a lesser extent some poorer Chinese and Seranis etc.Taib has been doing the same thing in Sarawak too.

They like to keep these people as illiterate as possible,so that they can be easily manipulated with one or two fifty ringgit bills come election time.That is how they can stay in power,no matter how corrupted the GOM is.

To have the dependency mentality embedded into the heads of these easily manipulated people.So that these Umnoputras and their cronies can maintain a life of luxury.That is how far these Umno GOM will go.

amin,  7 December 2011 at 09:03  

UMNO the saviour of the MALAYS since it's birth in 1946. HHahaha. They only talk abouot saving the malays each time there is a general asembly. After that the malays take care of their own backside while UMNO putras and putris go on to enjoy the wealth accumulated under the Malay banner. The worst thing is they strategies with the chinese for their personal benefits. The higher the ranking the higher the bidding. Look at xPM Mahadey and Paklah. See how they are enjoying life till today. After all the blunders they did to the country they are still given recognition by the present PM. Guess, that's part of the game. Once you are out, you support me and I will take care of you. Guess, this is what the new PM will say to the outgoing PM. hehehe.
UMNO is rotten to the core and this is a fact. It all starts from the time Mahadey became PM. Beggining his rein of terror, UMNO was turned into a corporate body. You come in only on invitation and get out 'kicked'. I can go on...but its nauseating to say too much.
My advice to my people, please look after your own backside. Vote for the party that has shown it's guts to change things from wrong to right. In Selangor, Pakatan govt has proved a point and in Penang, DAP the member of pakatan also has proved a point. So, despite what the UMNO putras and putris have to say about DAP, DON'T TRUST THEM. We shall vote DAP, PAS and PKR for the future of this country's youth. Today, we have almost 80,000 non employed graduates and wonder how many million drop-outs.The only chance for them to be employed is the country change horses and put the house in order. Pakatan has many good candidates. Insyallah, we can make it.

Shit in the Script,  7 December 2011 at 10:06  

"..The Malays do need a real savior..."

That's the least the Malays need.

They need themselves and as soon as they rediscover the dignity and self-respect endowed in them, there will be no more bull-shit in their heads.

The majority of UMNO members seem to have some very fatal scripts in their bios and Kapersky is the least that can help although they got some major UMNO contracts.

What Malays and Malaysia need is Open Source Software!

Busuk Punya Olang!,  7 December 2011 at 13:31  

"JUSA Officer said...

Salam Dato'

I'm an UMNO since 1976 and still am but have not voted for UMNO since the last three previous GEs' . When Pak Lah became PM , I thought he could change UMNO to it's true self of the 1946 spirit . Alas ! Well the rest is history.

My nephews and nieces who will be voting in this coming 13th GE have spoken highly of PAS dan DAP and so are ny children . None seems to be enthuasistic about PKR though , including yours truly and my parents and siblings , who were red blooded UMNO's voters at the last 11th GE .

To the PM , DPM and all those delegates who attended the recently concluded UMNO GA who took the BAI'AH , we say ... GO FLY KITES N KEEP ON DREAMIN !!!

Wsssallam Dato'.

BTW , I'm one of those JUSA Officers in one of the Depts in JPM . Tq for the SBPA but sorry I've joined ABU !"

---> Spot on! I'm also born in a highly spirited 1946-UMNO family. But I started voting PR in the last GE ('08). I'm still thinking to vote PR in the coming election, inshaA. It's time to throw UMNO out of their throne!


Anonymous,  7 December 2011 at 13:55  

I soooo like Salbiah Buang's comment. Just do it!!!

- Abdullah

kampong man,  7 December 2011 at 23:27  

You can continue with your analysis and " Shiook sendiri "to please yourself that you will be there at Putrajaya.In 2008 DAP secured 28 Parliamentary seats which is hardly 17% of the total seats .BN with 140 seats were denied of the two third majority with PKR (44 i thought) doing better than DAP.MCA and Gerakan were badly bashed.My analysis is that the decline of Malay support for DSAI PKR for reasons you know why, PR will be struggling to even maintain the 2008 results overalllet alone capturing Putrajaya in my view.DAP may improve its seat slightly but not sicnificantly due to most chinese will go for DAP.It is the PKR that will be the weakest of all and they will loose many seats in favour of BN.UMNO/BN will not be caught offguard this time around.BN shall continue to dominate regardless.Now all the hurrah of capturing PUTRAJAYA will just be a WISHFUL THINKING and iam wondering who is really dreaming.??
Its all very nice bashing UMNO left and right like bruno did the fence sitter like me who is no UMNO member has made up my mind where my single vote will go because you lots enjoy belittling Malays.Good luck to you PR.

Anonymous,  8 December 2011 at 13:16  

Kampong Man,

Then you have no worries. Situation normal, semuanya OK. UMNO will win the next GE and the Malays will live happily ever after.

Kampong man,  12 December 2011 at 17:16  

Anon 13.06
Whilst I enjoy the differing views in this blog ,I observed the one-sided comment hitting the BN and of UMNO especially nothing good at all and it seems as though there is no major problem in DAP/PR .
Look at that silly DAP Penang annual convention the squabbles between the duo ,Karpal Singh and Dr Ramasamy .Both are key leaders compare that with that of UMNO convention .These are the DAP leaders that we expect to manage Malaysia. ! .That is the same of PKR meetings squabbles , disagreement ,cronies on their leaders at strategic positions.
I am happy that my business never need any Govt or political support,not a sen ! Hence I can speak my mind without fear or favour.
I am not saying that BN is perfect either.Between the two I will go for the better of the two .The one that has a long streak of track record against one that has ZERO track record for my generation.Yes,UMNO/BN must get rid of those corrupt politicians to remain relevant and must continue to fight corruptions.
Without the slightest doubt UMNO / BN will still be there at Putrajaya no matter how much you don't like it.I think they are better prepared this time around than the 2008. PR is just not ready as yet.

Dato Anwar Badcock,  13 December 2011 at 11:51  

Sakmongkol ni cemburu pasal tak dpt jadi calon BN. Pasal tu la dia kutuk UMNO. Cemburu & dengki. Kalu tak sampai sekarang dok jilat bontot Rosmah & najib...

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