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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 15 December 2011

Post GE13 political scenarios-Part 4

I am surprised to see comments asking where do we put Najib and Muhyidin in this entire wild speculative and kite flying article. If people find this article purely speculative and just a load of rubbish, then UMNO has nothing to worry about. No need to go into sixes and sevens. (by the way- that is an expression of being in a state of disorientation and confusion that neatly describes the recent UMNO GA).
Where do you place Najib and Muhyidin? This article is founded on a belief that UMNO and BN are out in the GE13. Najib will be the opposition leader and Muhyidin will be there too. So what to talk about Najib and Muhyidin? 
We are all entitled to our own political beliefs. Some call it potatoes, others call it pertatoes, portartoes etc.
There is no present or past tense in politics. There’s only relevance. Is Razaleigh relevant? In my mind, given the manic and xenophobic stage of our politics, we urgently need political sanity. How do we achieve that? Through a leadership committed to the rule of law, fair play and inclusiveness, democratic and liberal principles. That leadership I believe can be provided by a person of the stature and standing, experience and man of substance like Tengku Razaleigh.
Relevance comes with the commitment to immutable principles- a sense of fair play, rule of law, good governance, and jealous observation to democratic principles. It’s funny to see judgmental stand on this- Razaleigh is old, yet Mahathir who is in his 80s is waiting in the wings. Because some people think he is relevant. I am old, but Najib and Muhyidin who are older, aren’t classified as old. Hence old, young, or whatever is just management of subjective and very personal numerical perception. It depends on how you want to angle it; hence the managed perception has no universal application. It’s subjective.
A frequent objection to Tengku Razaleigh has been this concerted effort to link him with the infamous BMF affair. As finance Minister at that point in time, he has no involvement at all with the BMF scandal. BBMB was answerable to the PM’s office at the time and the person principally responsible over BBMB affairs was Dr Mahathir. Tengku Razaleigh won many defamation cases against international newspapers which attempted to link him with the BMF affair. Local politics at that time, controlled by Dr Mahathir of course, directed local mainstream newspapers to carry but scant reports about Razaleigh successfully clearing his name from any involvement in the BMF affair.
The urgent matter at hand is for the big 3 in the opposition to sit down and talk about rational seat allocations. The PR parties must sit down and establish the ground rules first. The first I think is to allocate seats. I am more interested in seeing the allocation of parliamentary seats. The starting point should be, each of the big tree is given the same number of seats. There are 222 seats so each party gets 74 seats. That should be the starting point. After that, all sit down to renegotiate and rescale the numbers. DAP and PAS may not have the number so then PKR can get the numbers. If PKR recognizes that it must move beyond inducting camera wielding novices, then it must also adjust its expectations. Between them they must agree on the number of seats. Each party must recognize its limitations. No party should be fielding a candidate where one of the partners has been given a seat. Ideally it should be a 1 to 1 fight with the ‘winnable’ BN candidate.
How does Tengku Razaleigh fit into the scheme of things? At this moment we can only assume Razaleigh commands allegiance from people within UMNO itself. Some of these may not be fielded in the coming elections by UMNO but I would certainly think, they will contest and some of them will go on to win. We must assume there is a number; otherwise the PR parties would not be interested in Tengku Razaleigh. As outsiders, we don’t know the real extent of Razaleigh’s support. The players would know better. Because the PR people are interested in Razaleigh, that in itself suggests that they believe he has support. Again, if this assumption is not tenable, UMNO can dismiss it.  But from the way pro UMNO blogs have started to cast aspersions on Razaleigh, they know he is a significant.
But what if Razaleigh not only has influence within UMNO but also outside UMNO? How does it come to that? That will be in another segment.


Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:25  

you know what they say about samo-samo? it means same same la when someone is in power. Tengku razaleigh ka, Anwar ka, Nik Aziz ka, Lim Guan Eng ka, sapa ka. once you are in position of power all hell break loose. So, i would rather have Mamak Kutty as the Devil rather than Anuwar-Gay, Razaleigh-Prince of Riches, Nik Aziz-Ulamak Terompah, Lim Guan Eng-wannabe Lee Kuan Yew!!

Sam Yap,  15 December 2011 at 09:29  

Dear Sak,

I can understand the reasons why TRH may have a good chance of being PM. But what troubles me is TRH also comes with a whole lot of BN/UMNO baggage including his lack of credibility.

He is an astute and shrewd politician. He knows that "they" (the PR politicians) know he is possibly the only "generally acceptable" Malay candidate with experience at the top.

In other words, the best amongst the worst, but do we or our country deserve second best, especially with testing economic times ahead?

That question is simply rhetorical because we don't have a choice at present. Unless of course some people think Muhyiddin is a better candidate. God forbid that should ever happen.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:30  

I'm sure the haram UMNO will be ready with their cash to buy over PR newly elected Parliamentarians if they lose the GE. For the sake of the nation, I hope TR can help to counter balance this when the time comes. This is the battle between the people and thieves.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:32  

the raayat has this critical choice in the 13th GE and ku li has a pivotal role either to both umno/bn or/and pakatan ignore ku li would be at their own peril....and for ku li this is his final go for the pm seat .....very exiting......

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:43  

If UMNO wants to win this election hands down, then the leadership must change. Tengku must take over that leadership and within one year completely overhaul the judiciary, police, macc and the civil service. Also MCA, MIC, GERAKAN,PPP and all the parties connected must start to feel the pulse of the people.I know its like asking for a miracle but not impossible if Barisan wants to survive. Otherwise be prepared for the worst scenario that is to be the opposition.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:45  

If UMNO wants to win this election hands down, then the leadership must change. Tengku must take over that leadership and within one year completely overhaul the judiciary, police, macc and the civil service. Also MCA, MIC, GERAKAN,PPP and all the parties connected must start to feel the pulse of the people.I know its like asking for a miracle but not impossible if Barisan wants to survive. Otherwise be prepared for the worst scenario that is to be the opposition.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 09:53  

Dato, I believe your last paragraph is an absolute truth. The rakyat are waiting for a good leader to lead this country which is now at the edge of a clift,another term of UMNO/BN rule would topple this country.

Many people are a bit suspicious of DSAI and not very comfortable with him. So in PR, other than DSAI, who else can be the PM ?I can see none. TRH is the best choice, and this country owe it to him to give him the chance that has eveded him for so many years, despite his capability.

OneMalaysian,  15 December 2011 at 10:21  

Dear Sakmongkol

OK, let’s talk a bit about Tengku Razaleigh’s candidacy in the GE. First, will he be contesting as an UMNO candidate or a PR candidate? I rule out an independent candidacy because he can’t win without party support.

One vital factor would be the outcome of Anwar’s case. If Anwar goes to Sungai Buloh before the GE, this will boost TR’s chances of making headway in PR. So it would be advantageous for him and AMANAH to disband and join PR. (There may not be time to convert Amanah into a political party). If we see this, it is clear that TR has indeed touched base with the PR leaders and some tacit understanding on basic issues must have been agreed. This may not include the question of making TR PM in place of Anwar. Such talk before the GE would tantamount to betrayal, and we know that both PAS and DAP are principled parties. But TR could be PM under extraordinary circumstances, which I have discussed in my previous posting. In politics nothing is permanent because circumstances are always changing, so positions and reactions must change to cope. Politicians are pragmatic people. That’s why they sometimes come across as double dealing or unreliable.

Would TR be happy with such a loose understanding, that he might not be PM under PR? This is hard to say at this point, and no one can really claim they know the answer. I suspect even TR himself does not know. A lot will depend on what UMNO might do with TR. Will they offer him another chance to defend Gua Musang? And when would they let him know? If we make the reasonable assumption that UMNO sees TR as some sort of enigma, or perhaps as unreliable, they might decide that the best way to neutralize his influence is to keep him guessing about his UMNO candidacy. By only letting TR know at the last possible moment, UMNO will achieve 2 objectives. First, it would put TR in a limbo. If his game plan is to join PR if UMNO denies him a candidacy, then this delay will work against his entry into PR. Second, if UMNO thinks it is better to contain TR within UMNO rather than have him attack them from a PR base, then by delaying his candidacy to the last possible moment would signal to TR that UMNO does not view his position within UMNO as critical. So, if I were TR I would not want to decide base on UMNO’s timing. I would rather decide for myself based on my own timing. And the earlier my decision, the better my bargaining position.

Suci Dalam Debu 15 December 2011 at 10:29  

Kopi O kao satu for you Sir. Please keep on writing. I hope your keyboard is well designed and comfortable for your fingers.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 10:37  


"DAP and PAS may not have the number so then PKR can get the numbers. If PKR recognizes that it must move beyond inducting camera wielding novices, then it must also adjust its expectations".

I believe PKR/DAP/PAS shud also consider candidates who are not the members of their party to contest under their banner. Influential public figures from civil societies and NGO's such as Ambiga, Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and other personalities.

Pas did that when they support Ibrahim Ali in Pasir Mas against BN in. But Pas was wrong then. Ibrahim Ali is a traitor or lalang. But he is rich like many other UMNO warlords. Many people say, money mainly comes from the big Chinese towkey. This is standard operating procedures for UMNO thieves as they do not have the ability to make money through knowledge, hard work and perseverance. This is common knowledge among the people.

Lobby for projects and pass it over to others and get a cut. Then go in and lobby again. And the leaders are glad to give as long as these thieves support them. I know because I mix a lot with UMNO people. Seribu tahun lagi pun Melayu tak boleh maju.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 11:15  

I wouldn't want to dismiss it as a load of rubbish. I would prefer it to be speculative - to enable to speculate one must base it on certain premises which in turn are based on the political trend and development in the country as well as within all the political parties. In other words, one does not speculate out of nothing.

Hence, I would strongly advise UMNO/BN not to simply rubbish the speculation. Take it as something challenging and worth considering ahead of the 13th General Election.

Whilst there are those who wish to see PR forms the next government, there are many more who are still placing their hope that BN will continue to be in power.

Orang N9

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 11:24  

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Saya rasa ramai orang yang tidak tahu penubuhan dan penyeliaan BBMB adalah di bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

We're exposed to "half truth" or some "versions" of truth from those who were in power at that time.

What about MAMINCO, Kobena, Perwaja (which cost us billions for a mere 1,000 jobs, 1 mil per job)?

I wish the truth will come out. Sooner.

- Ahmad

rahim mad,  15 December 2011 at 11:50  


All public companies by Guarantees, now known as GLCs are under the Prime Minister and that includes BBNB and BMF.

This government companies have nothing to do with the Finance Minister and this issue has been the issue to demonize TR political carrier.

Sak, please read the AG's report on this issue.

TR had won all court cases all over the world when he booked everyone with malicious intentions against him to court and TR had made a bit some when he won those cases.

He came out clean but still unfortunate for him that the local media did not want to print the statements of apology from everyone who lost the case against TR because TR was then in the opposition side (S46).

Only when 46 was disbanded that the local media reluctantly printed those statements.

Sak I suggest you find the statements of public apology and print that in your blog.


Quiet Despair,  15 December 2011 at 11:59  

Thank you Sak for replying to me. Now I get the picture.
So Najib is opposition leader? I say not. But I respect your opinion. I give you benefit of the doubt.
Like the Malays are fond of saying: "Nak Terbaik. Kita tunggu dan lihat."
(Terbaik is a fave word now in all live and reality shows on TV).
I am all for Ku Li as PM. He should have been one after Mahathir if the revered old man did not scuttle his plans.
Mahathir made a grave, grave mistake in choosing Musang Musa and Serigala (a-Bontoti) as his Deputy.
Bolehlah Ku Li pejam mata bila meninggal.Mahathir lagi banyak pejam mata as all his dreams are fulfilled.
Anyways, Ku Li is president of which party? PKR? PAS? DAP?
Or Amanah?
Eee, Amanah not registered as political entity yet. Please remind him to hurry up.
And tell Ku Li, he must ensure Pakatan's registration like the BN. Or else they have to contest under their own banners.
But I am worried will Anu-War, LGE or Nicky the sage accept him as the PM?
What will be the rallying call: Negara Islam, Negara Kebajikan, Malaysia for Malaysians or new tagline.
I just don't understand why Ku li is sending feelers to people like you that he will lead the country, after the GE?
Why not go public like I said earlier.
Sak, I do pray you will be a candidate. Pahang MB okay? Economics or Finance portfolio?
If I am Ku Li. I will barter trade with UMNO. I will insist I will lead the Kelantan elections. No outsiders allowed to campaign.
And if I win, I will be in Putra Jaya. Fair deal I think since it's next to impossible to wrest Kelante.
As a normal citizen, I am worried of this deal. I see bickerings in seat allocation and IF they win, bickering on who is the DPM.
You suggested 74 seats each. Bagi Keadilan 50 sahaja cukup. Itupun beat untuk menang.
Aduhai, not one of the parties have that many winnable candidates.
State seats maybe they can.
All I can say is God bless Malaysia.
For me Anything But Anu-War.
Right now I see the marriage of PAS, Keadilan and DAP as an orgy and a salsa and a shindig.
They are together for a common purpose to rid UMNO. But if they win, each will want their party leader to be PM and DPM.
These people are not civil as MCA or Gerakan.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 13:13  

History tells us that an authocratic rulers or governments never get defeated at the polls.

TheMoLe,  15 December 2011 at 13:52  

I agree on your take on 'rational' seat allocation. PR should be realistic and give some seats to PSM, KITA, SAPP and SNAP, (mostly from PKR seats by the way)to be more efficent and shows goodwill. This is important especially in Sabah and Sarawak. Unless and only if there is a sort of coalition of parties as above, a hope to see a new Malaysia will only remain as a dream.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 14:58  

As regards the BMFL affairs, both TRH and the kutty can deny involvements. They were not lying since none has connected the fiasco to UMNO. Or, to be specific, to the PWTC building ???

Red Alfa 15 December 2011 at 15:19  

Salam Dato'

We are reminded ever again this time courtesy of anon 13:13 autocrats and despots have never been removed by polls.

Your political scenarios are to some of us just hopefully the happy news of a possible peaceful power transition.

If to the UMNO power incumbents, losing power are not an option, are not acceptable, fate worse than death, etc, shouldn't we be thinking with shudders on the scenarios that would be more plausible?

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 15:25  

All these speculative discourse is great. But post GE 13 PKR pack will only be clinging on PENANG post GE 13 at the best.

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 15:55  


Let me make it short. If UMNO/BN cannot get a simple majority to form a govt.,instead of Najib loosing power,he will coax the DYMM Agong to declare a state of emergency. 'Mageran'will take over the running of the country with Najib its head.

So just forget Ku Li,Anwar or anybody,because the power crazy UMNO goons will never let power slip away!!!

Even now they are manipulating the electoral rolls with the help from EC,JPN & PDRM. Now any Indon,
Bangala or Myanmar can collect their Mycards at designated places.

Aku tak heran nanti,kalau2 yang keluar mengundi di sesuatu kawasan itu melebihi daripada jumlah yang tersenarai dalam daftar pemilih. Fenomena iniakan berlaku di Selangor,KL,Kedah,Penang dan Kelantan!


bruno,  15 December 2011 at 19:53  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,the rallying call?Haven't you heard the new rallying call.All but 'ALBU'(anything lembu but Umno).

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 20:26  

Do you think Najib or Muhyiddin would make way for Tengku Razaleigh to become PM. I would not think so, so how can TR becomes PM unless he joined PAS and if opposition wins, Anwar is jailed, then TR can become PM. He can never be PM as an independent with not enough support. If TR joined PAS, PR can win the election. And PAS will have an image change instead of always religion and conservative or not progressive label attached.

Tinta Hitam 15 December 2011 at 20:43  

Datuk Arif,

If PR win the GE13 election,I am very sure that Ku Li or any UMNO or any non PR leaders will not be the next PM.There are differneces between the component party but they could sort it out.They had done it before in Perak.Mohd NIzar was elected as an MB despite having less DUN reps.I am certain that a chinese will not be a prime minister unless he is a muslim.

bruno,  15 December 2011 at 21:43  

Dato,whatever you wrote in the last few articles will become a political reality and a self fufilling phophecy,will be known on or after Jan 9th,2012.

Anwar,whom many assumed will be found guilty and sent to jail. That will be the last straw to break the camel's back,and will be the demise of Umno.

Quiet Despair,  15 December 2011 at 22:09  


Hahaha, buddy. Good one, that. But our aunty may think you are for her. Tonight she's smiling on TV, still non-committal about quitting.Thick-skined, yah.

Anon 09.25

My sentiments exactly. It will be same old, same old.
Ku Li is so entrenched in UMNO. He will be another UMNO man PM- hopeful (unsure he's next PM) except modify a wee bit to suit his new allies.
Jiwa raga dia UMNO. Dah melekat macam daki, sental macam manapun tak boleh hilang.
But he's got a Chinese wife which may notch him up with the Chings.
That ass-lover parachuted to UMNO, once a waif-like Paki peddling batu akib or agate and baju Bollywood to Felda schemes has morphed to Zegna clothes-horse.
LGE, wow drastic make-over. Must be at the behest of Betty. Complete make-over at Madame Juju in Komtar. Gone are the Ah Beng Brylcreem extra-hold wet look coiffure.
Colour rambut lagi like his compatriots Anu-war and Chua Jui Meng.
Now he's looking like my foreman.
Money and power can change you, even if you professed to be clean.
Bukan orang UMNO sahaja tau. PASpun sama. Semutar dan jubahpun dah hi-tech. Tak semerigh (Pahang word for unkempt) lagi.

Studio 61 16 December 2011 at 01:07  

put Anwar in jail, he will be, by default vacate his seat and Wan Azizah will in turn win it back in GE13. Wan Azizah!...ever think of her to be the next/new PM? I think DAP and PAS will accept the idea and so does the large majority of the population. Remember Corazon Aquino, a perceived weak character in the beginning but she did well, well enough to turn around the dirty political environment of the Philippines and set the momentum for a more democratic reform, thus the result that the Philipinos savours today.

penangite*,  16 December 2011 at 01:30  

''But what if Razaleigh not only has influence within UMNO but also outside UMNO?''

So far Ku Li is not seen to have influence within UMNO. Would he has more influence outside UMNO? Well, possible yes ........... only if he resigns from UMNO and joins Pakatan.

Anonymous,  16 December 2011 at 02:54  

In this coming GE13, whether Pakatan can capture Putrajaya or not depends largely on PKR. Unfortunately, PKR is one that who lacks vision and direction and more importantly principle.
PKR needs to see beyond Anwar and be a force of its own. Anwar at best is just a legacy. Anwar alone will not bring down BN. Though without doubt Anwar is the factor that brings Pakatan closer to Putrajaya. Now it is PKR turn to make its principle known especially to the heartland Malays.

Malaysian,  16 December 2011 at 06:50  

"But if they win, each will want their party leader to be PM and DPM."

QD, many of us are realistic and accept the fact that the PM and DPM posts will go to the Malay. All we, non-Malay, want is good goverance to reform and overhaul our rotten Institutions. Is that too much to ask?

"These people are not civil as MCA or Gerakan." Civil you say of MCA and Gerakan??? That's a joke! Let me tell you this, there is so much anger amongst the Chinese to teach these eunuchs, lapdogs, good-for-nothing ***-licking .... (I'm just being kind here for not filling up the dots) for not standing up to UMNO's bullying! Civil, my foot!

I think the only way out to save our country from this mess is to have someone who is acceptable to both sides - TRH. Saving face for both sides too.

Now it's up to TRH to prove to those ABU that he does not have UMNO's DNA.

Anonymous,  16 December 2011 at 09:06  

I am sure you all know the saying, MAN PROPOSES GOD DISPOSES

Quiet Despair,  16 December 2011 at 09:48  

Anon 06.50

Yes I know that. That is why I admire the Chinese for their realism and pragmatism.
Truthfully, I like LGE. He looks reliable and dependable, if only he tones down his racism. But I understand where he's coming from.
He reminds of my class-mate who made me enjoy algebra when we have group study.
But puleeze, why the new look iike MCA men. If he has one long fingernail (to dig nose)and wears gold chain and bracelet, he fits in the MCA mould. LOL.
Ah well, if you can't beat them, join them, right.
Actually why do people want to become PM.
Be a billionaire. You can have mistresses, can sodomize, be adulterous, jet-set with bimbos and have fun. No one cares. Infact an object of admiration.
That is why I think Anu-War is so stupid to crave for it when he knows he cannot get it!

P.S. I am free until after Friday prayers. So can play devil's advocate on a holy day.
After that will have nasi kandar and gossip about UMNO leaders. Syoklah spinning tales about them.

Anonymous,  16 December 2011 at 09:52  


since you agree with anon 09:25 on the same old-same old, wtf are we talking about then? its all academic really. its just a matter about choosing which devils?
so for all the comments regards our candidates are houlier than thou is just full of shit really!

Anonymous,  16 December 2011 at 10:31  

I think the scenario you are describing will not happen because by hook or crook BN/UMNO will not lose. DR M has the same opinion, hasn't he?

Malaysian,  16 December 2011 at 16:26  


Where Anwar is concern, your leaders make a big mistake that make many fence-sitters disgusted.

The way he is being "crusified" with scandals after scandals (whether real or imagine) just make us sympathize with him and why not our votes. For many of us, Chinese, what he did in his private life is PRIVATE. FULL STOP. Who haven't heard of "We know what you did in Port Dickson" episode? Heck! Even MCA has a "porn" president. Like you said, we are practical. I even lost count of the no# of BN leaders with scandals and yet still being elected, some even through the back-door!

Now your leaders got more than it can handle. A Catch-22 situation. To jail him again that will send many many more votes to Pakatan. If otherwise, he will be the force that will help Pakatan to cause more damage to BN in the next GE.

I wish that I share the optimism of Dato about Pakatan taking over Putrajaya in the next GE. It's an open secret that if past elections have been clean, fair and transparent, many of your leaders would have been in prison - instead of Anwar.

Your leaders have made Anwar a martyr in the eyes of public opinion.

Anonymous,  17 December 2011 at 08:03  

The fact that Razaleigh (and you, Dato) still stick to UMNO despite all the treasonous things that the UMNO leaders are doing is a testimony of his (and your conviction) to serve the country.

If PR needs Razaleigh as a conduit to take over the government from BN, so be it. Better the lesser evil than the devil himself.

By GE14, another generation of new voters will only see Razaleigh as a grand old man, suited to spend his days with his great grandchildren.

Kampong man,  17 December 2011 at 11:26  

Let us all be realisticstic for once.As i have said TR will not leave UMNO/BN and of course he has to leave UMNO now if he aspire to be the next PM conditional to PR accept him as one.Knowing the power craze PR why should they choose an alien as their PM ?, after all the power is in their hand,if ever the CHANGE happen which i honestly doubt .To be blunt and frank none of the PR leaders are PM material at all,naive and inexperience.Let them go through the learning curve in Penang,Kedah,Selangor and Kelantan first.
What a shame the current PAKATAN coalition is slowly disintegrating with the DAP Godfathers-Warlords woes ,the PAS Hasan Ali and Nasharuddin at odd with the top leaders and Lim Boo Chang leaving PKR .What are all these ? If these are all indicators prior PRU 123 all your assumptions and speculations will come to nothing Sak.As a voter I wish to be assured NOT these uncertainties in the PR coalition.Thanks

Anonymous,  17 December 2011 at 13:17  

You are flogging TR everywhere it seems. Isn't he is a spent force.Could not even manage to secure more than one nomination to contest in UMNO. Doubtful if UMNO Baru will allow him to remain in his Fox's Cave comes GE13.

walla 17 December 2011 at 16:44  

A: 'Sir, what do you think?'

B: 'Seriously, Sofea? I think our rakyat can relieve their own misery if they will just do the simplest of things - initiate the ghost protocol and disavow the entire Umno team completely by branding them as global nuclear terrorists. Kekeke.'

A: 'Sir! can you be serious for one minute? It's important! We are talking about the politics of our country at the start of this 21st century.'

B: '(grins sheepishly) Sofea, Umno is still mucking around with their moo-moo mindset of the seventies which as you will note was when that tarantula spider first came into the scene, spinning his deadly web on simple minds.'

A: 'But i thought you said he was an anaconda?'

B: 'Sofea, if he can change his terms of usage, why can't i? jejeje..'

A: '(coughs), ermm, back to more important matters, Sir. Are you hinting the rakyat have an impossible mission ahead?'

B: 'Of course, anything's possible. Didn't we learn that from the party? If cannot breed cows, buy condos. If caught, bang the table, get someone to pre-announce no prima facie case, blame those who brought the matter to public light, create out of the thinnest air a business case even the mafia's will scoff.

And if a person like Nurul Izzah is popular, saturate her constituency with new postal voters generated by the EC database populated by the NRD under the absolute control of Umno.

See, piece of cake. It's not like i just man the computer and you have to climb up to the 103rd floor of Dubai's Al-Burj from the outside to reach its server room while a sand storm is coming, you know.'

A: 'Ah, i sense you're already dismayed the electoral reforms are being snailed before GE13. Umno is trying to nip the bud on electoral reforms so that it can continue to cheat at the polls while snuffing out Bersih 3.0 from pushing reforms through.'

B: 'Sofea, dismayed? I'm not dismayed. I'm livid with rage. They're just playing taiqi with the rakyat. Say one thing, do another thing. Say one thing in KL, say another thing in Perth. Oh, don't ever think the rakyat don't notice!

And, game-changing? They're just delaying to their advantage. It's bloody unfair. What kind of democracy is this? Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian, Martian?

No, Sofea. They're stinking themselves as bipolar, self-serving, self-syioking, schizophrenics.'

A: 'Wow! Can i offer to light your kretek now, Sir?'

B: 'Careful, cupcake. I'm on a short fuse these days.

Take it any way you want. Umno is just bullying the rakyat so that it can win at all costs. For what? A bracelet costing lima puluh lima ribu dolar amerika syarikat bought on a premier's salary of a forever emerging third-world economy?'

A: 'Sir, do you think TRH can helm a new government to clean up the barn, wipe the slate clean, give this country a new and fresh start on a better footing?'

B: '(smoothens misai...) Sofea, i can understand our blogger's take on TRH being the second coming of TAR.

Tuan Sakmongol has got the pulse on our silent majority, especially the segment of our fence-sitting Malays. Note that many of them are actually Umno members. In GE12, they either spoiled their own votes or stayed home. With all the malfeasance and evil deeds sprouting like toadstools this time, one can only conclude they will come storming into GE13 to vote for the Opposition instead. They too have had enough.'

A: 'Why do you say that, Sir?'

walla 17 December 2011 at 16:45  


B: 'Because they can see for themselves that they've been had. Screwed, sodomized and sacrificed. Our Malay minds are not that plastic. Fair means fair. Wrong means wrong. Even the simplest have a sense of fairness, justice and principles. Otherwise, why did so many of them vote for Anwar's black-eye the last round? Note that everything our Umno strategists have been doing since GE12 has been to try and go around this feature of our Malay minds in order to dilute their stand on principles while raking them with fear of others, drugging them with spin of handouts, and burying facts of the party's misappropriations of public funds.

Take this matter of Mahathir's Muhyiddin's Albukry's Malakoff getting the new power plant contract fast-tracked just because Petronas said its natural gas plants needed maintenance and so gas supply for power generation will be erratic.

You puzzle how come people don't know in advance and enough the schedular maintenance of a gas refinery to plan for future power generation needs? You also puzzle how come with all the IPP surplus paid by TNB but not used, two new power plants have to be built pronto?

And here we have the TNB asking for a change in its revenue model otherwise its debt will balloon.

Just like how it had been predicted that Ahmad Jauhari would be saying in his first meeting that his new portfolio was in deep crisis, TNB's situation is also a microcosm of this country's economic situation. Important, but laden with debt and utterly unsustainable.

So if TNB and other GLCs are in financial straits and can't get out of their debts, how will our country with half a trillion ringgit of debts find a way out to avoid the same problems those GLCs are facing? Different scale? Print her way out? Like USA? Borrow like Greece? Try again another tack.'

A: 'Shall we...'

B: 'Yes, Sofea. Back to TRH (and grins). You know, i am a royalist. I believe our Malay Rulers can be emblematic of something good for the rakyat, especially where politics fail them when articulating the spirit of directions to take.

But this statement is conditional upon their not falling for the machinations of Umno. Have they recently been in that dire strait? They themselves will have to, and independent of their own advisors in their midst, take cognizance of the rakyats' thought processes just as the rakyat have already intuited their orientation.

As i have said before, both can draw wisdom from each other. Then we will have a process where something symbolic of this country's heritage can be an anchor of real conscience for the future. Not wishy-washy, spin-dry conscience of the day but real, principled, rakyat-centric conscience. Betul, no?

Because (crooking an eyebrow with a glint in the eyes) it is the loss of our national conscience which has enabled parties like Umno to ride rough-shot over the rakyat, yes?

In other words, Sofea, our Highnesses must abide by good and common-sensical principles towards all rakyat of the realm and you know, those principles cannot be found in the domain of form. Only in the domain of substance.

So that perhaps TRH being a prince of men and former founder of an alternative movement within Umno itself can spearhead the connection between symbolic existence and principled governance, thereby swinging the last batch of fence-sitters towards real reform of this nation, all to come to a head at GE13. Yes, Sofea?

But i would also agree with some of our other commentators who are obviously seasoned observers of human nature. TRH must break with Umno. Otherwise, what is to prevent him from making a u-turn after? If he can't, be a mentor advisor instead. After all, what's any position in form compared to action in substance? Contribution to the larger good should be independent of personal preferences, no?'

walla 17 December 2011 at 16:46  


A: 'What about Hasan Ali, then, Sir?'

B: 'What's his motive? Is he really dreaming of muslim unity across political boundaries or is there some tyrannosaurus rex sebalik batu?'

A: 'Hahaha! Sir! You're a riot!'

B: 'I'm too impatient to give ten day notice in this time and age of instant electronics, Sofea.

And with regards that guy, it's very simple. Just throw him a simple question. Like "why are you trying to bring PAS closer towards Umno, a political party that has spawned and protected people like Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, Ib'ali, Rahim Thamby Chik, Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Noh Omar, Bung Mokhtar, Megat Junid, Ali Rustam, Mohamad Hassan, Musa Aman?"

Now, if he answers it's for faith unity, then ask him how he would want PAS to react to the NPC and other mega-bleeding projects under Umno. And watch the eyes when the reply comes out.'

A: 'So, what about TAR?'

B: 'To me, he was the personification of the true emblem of what our Royalty can be. To create at a very high level a heritage of real goodness that all our rakyat can look up to for inspiration.

TAR wasn't rich. I know that personally. And he was kind. I know that too because one day ages ago i received a letter on his royal letterhead. He signed it personally. In that letter, the first prime minister of this country asked me to see if i could help one young rakyat. Actually, i had already done so before the letter came. Because it was the right thing to do. We should always help the poor and needy. In any case, you can imagine how touching it was to receive a gentle request by such a royal personage to help a common rakyat. He had the peoples touch.

What more, he was humble and thrifty with the rakyats' money (sucks tooth..).

A: 'But..'

B: 'You're sharp, Sofea! But of course i would disagree with him segregating off Singapore. I may not like that kiasu banana with a double first from Cambridge but he did achieve global state-building eminence, something we would have also achieved if he had been given a larger role in Malaya undivided.

You know, as OneMalaysian has so sharply noted, that their Malay citizens are economically better off than our Chinese citizens must surely say our assumptions about relative wealth distribution without recourse to absolute state development have gone awry.

Now, with the present group of Umno jokers, those assumptions are only being enlarged, and all for their own 9Bio's, not for the globally indexed performances of thriving nation-states of the world.'

A: '9Bio's, Sir? What's that?'

B: '(long sigh, cold look in the eyes, shake of the head, stroke of the janggut). A dua bilion ringgit Umno scandal, it seems. Even bigger than NPC.


And Umno is saying opposition-run states have not discharged their debts. Those debts were already accumulated long before the opposition had taken over those states. Now with scams from projects like 9Bio and NPC, what do you think the rakyat will conclude?'

A: 'The last ###@% straw?!'

B: 'You have the launch codes, Sofea?'

GoldTrex 17 December 2011 at 16:58  

Dato Sak

I think Quiet Despair raised many valid issues that TR and his team (including you?) must consider.

I would like to add to his long list of issues the following 3 issues,

1. Pakatan (and now by TR, based on your 4 recent articles) have a common objective -- to remove UMNO from Putrajaya. But before we, the 20% (based on your estimate) voters who are classified as UNDECIDED can consider voting for you - I think they want to know how TR and team proposes to govern Malaysia.

DO you expect us just to take TR's words that it is going to be better. As a matter of fact - TR had not spoken yet. We were expecting something substantial after Amanah. SO far -- quiet. WHEN?

2. In many countries with credible opposition -- they have their shadow cabinet to critique the Government of the day. SO who is going to be our ministers once Pakatan-TR takes over the country?

We need to gauge how they would perform in the future - by witnessing how they perform today. FOr example - the Government (TPM) had just announced a brand new committee to improve / revamp our education system.

The brand new committee comprises of 2 VCs. The other members are Air Asia Tony, Securities Commission Zarinah, and a few others. Is this OK for you and your team? We want to know.

Since there is no comments from the opposition (you and your team) do we the 20% undecided voters take it that you approve, think is is an excellent idea. Or do you think this is -- as Ed Milliband thought of David Cameron's action - an moronic action of disastrous proportions! WHICH? WHAT?

We need a functioning shadow cabinet to critique the Government actions (good and bad). Only then can we the 20% undecideds, form our opinions as to wether Pakatan-TR team is better the Najib Team!. With the LEMBU as their problem, i do not think your team will have to try very hard.

We saw on TV how Ed Milliband, Leader of Opposition in England tore into Dave Cameron, until Cameron's face was red hot. This is what we want to see in the opposition today. In fact since 2008. Even if you perform 25% of that -- cukuplah.

Regrettably, the work of the opposition is being done by independents such as YB Wee Choo Keong, and YB Zahrain.

We need to have the shadow cabinet. WHEN?

3. The scenarios you described in your articles, if it happens, would be akin to seeing a fifth column in UMNO, deserting the party, just after the election. How about the voters that voted for them. Would they have voted for these YBs if they had not been UMNO/BN candidates? Is this legitimate?

This fifth column operation would not only be immoral, it would also lacked legitimacy.

Empires had disappeared from the face of the earth the moment they begin to lose their legitimacy to rule.

The pharoahs of Egypt comes to mind. Similarly Mubarak, Ben Ali, Ghadafi and many others will soon follow -- because their people no longer think these despots have the legitimacy to rule over them.

SO -- if what you are suggesting in your articles were to be taken seriously the by 20% of us -- let us see the line up of the shadow cabinet NOW.

Thank you.

Rauf Hakim 17 December 2011 at 21:10  

Dato',I'm just curious who are these TRH men or are they just phantom UMNO leaders who are living the history of their yore years.The rulers are of no significance since the royal crisis of 1983 and 1993 except that their existence are more felt in the business world by their proxies of course.TRH and his royal connections are not relevant now and are just spent force good only for ritual Malay cultural activities.The only difference is if they can mobilise the armed forces to their camp but then the ultra indifferent armed forces would be more of a liability than advantage.So where are we now?I believe the king maker will be the East Malaysian this time and they who will decide who should be the PM.Sorry to say your theory doesn't work Dato'.

zorro 18 December 2011 at 16:22  

Dato Sak....just a recap:

Anonymous,  18 December 2011 at 19:19  


Rauf is right...

BN is going to totally depend on the Sarawakians and Sabahans for their survival..

Who knows, if the BN wins, the PM will be an East Malaysian..

A Dayak maybe?


Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 22:28  

The time has come. To continue with the current set of people is a crime that we will pay and our children will not be given a choice and they and their children will pay. Not in the name of Allah and the Malay race which they have over played to the tunes of billions that have been siphoned off the face of Malaysia. The true Patriots of this country, in the name of God Almighty and the race of Malaysian, rise! rise! Rise!!!! The truth will always prevail and pay they must for all the malice, murder, Ill gottengains and multitude of crimes committed while in power. Patriots will shall overrcome!

Anonymous,  26 December 2011 at 18:30  

Hai People,

We at this late point should not be unduely concerned with individual candidates. From the point of the voters, we are voting for the party, so long as it is not Barisan and so long as it is not UMNO. We want an end to UMNO, which is responsibe for all the mess.

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