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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sailing into a sea of corruption

In one of my conversations with The Oracle of Syed Putera- we talked about the subject of corruption. Corruption is the number one problem of our country. When leaders are corrupt, they can’t transform the country. It sends the wrong signals to society. It says you can get rich easily and crooked ways are rewarding. In the longer run- it destroys the one important ingredient that makes for a progressive society- the acquisitive mindset through hard and honest work. With corruption, people can cut corners. It turns our society into marauding groups of shysters and hustlers. Already we are now experiencing some sort of a perverted Stockholm syndrome. Kidnapped victims get syok with the kidnappers. In our case, captive minds get captivated with our captors through their hustles.
We get enamored with crooks and hustlers. We induct into the committee on education celebrities and all that. Where are the serious academics and thoughtful people? Why can we induct Danny Quah into our committee if we are serious about education? But then, I quickly appease myself when I remember, we have a PM who is at home launching premium outlets as he is with public toilets.
Back to the scourge of corruption. How was it, I asked, the double tracking project originally given to China Railways which was endorsed by the cabinet was rescinded? How did it come to the state, when cabinet revised its earlier decision and in light of new ‘data and information’, the project was taken away from China Railways and given to China Harbours? Who provided new data and information? Who directed the provider of the information to submit new evidence?  
Any layman would think, China Harbours is a company expert in doing harbours and China Raiwlays in rail lines.  The proper thing is to give it to China Railways. The Oracle answered as a matter- of- factly- because huge sums of money have changed hands.
This is the number one problem of our country. Once our leadership is corrupt, it’s difficult for the leadership brought up within the same system to correct things. It will take paramount political will by a leadership and a messianic zeal to stem corruption to succeed. In our country, the only answer is a change in leadership. The present leadership has no political will and no messianic zeal. As Dr Mahathir said, the whole country, from top to bottom is corrupt. I take that to mean, Dr Mahathir also includes the PM.
Money changing hands- that’s bribery simpliciter. The businessmen who pays the aides to the PM and DPM monthly allowances, engages in bribery. The politician, who pays Najib’s people to always say good things about him so that he continues to be minister or CM, does a bribery number.
Where the money involved run into hundreds of millions and even billions, the bribery reaches a more sophisticated levels. The oracle must have meant that- manipulation of facts and figures and methods to arrive at decisions. Appointing a project management consultant that deducts points from the track record of China Harbours to make it look unqualified and extolling the virtues of another competitor. These manipulations take place. This is corruption of a more sophisticated level. It means, the level of corruption here in Malaysia, takes a network of likeminded people to work. Corruption is a team effort.
These teams are running wild in this government. This government is suffering from a serious credibility problem. Every purchase, contract and project that it dishes out is never free from suspicions of financial improprieties. Every damn business decision involving for example even GLCs or any companies linked to the government is not above shiftiness.
We haven’t got answers about allegations surrounding E&O business. We haven’t got answers behind the questionable MAS-AA deal. Mahathir wants the proton shares to be sold- but already has the buyer in mind. His method is the Henry Ford method- you can have any color as long as it’s black. Hence, you can sell to anyone as long as its DRB and Syed Mokhtar. It seems that politicians are coming out with all sorts of projects and purchases in order to make money on the side. Everyone seems to be on it. They make hay while it shines.
The number one issue of this country is corruption. Over the last 10 years, we lost over 1 trillion through illicit transfer. What does this term mean? It means precisely that- money gotten through illicit means is transferred into accounts belonging to groups of people. Perhaps one day, the identity of these people will be published so that people can get heart attacks going through the gallery of rogues.
The recent exposure of the Nataional Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal represents yet another chapter in a seemingly unending series of gross financial irregularities. That has become the hallmark of the BN government beginning from the 1980s. These scandals always involved politicians. The BMF affair for instance was used by politicians to assassinate rivals. The main protagonists in that scandal were Dr Mahathir and Tengu Razaliegh Hamzah.
The BMF scandal, as the myth went, was linked to the finance minister then. The truth was, BBMB and its subsidiaries were all at that time, companies formed by guarantee. These were the precursors of our current GLCs and were under the direct supervision of the EPU then. The EPU was under the PM’s office and the man responsible over them was the DPM them. The DPM then was Dr Mahathir. Because Dr Mahathir had power, he remains largely unscathed by that scandal. Tengku Razaleigh in the meantime, had to expend resources and time to clear his name from the BMF scandal. He won many cases of defamation against international newspapers which tried to link him the BMF scandal. For obvious reasons his successes at clearing his name were not given wide reportage by the heavily controlled media in Malaysia.
The NFC thing involving RM 250 million, to place it in context is just a tip of the iceberg. The BN government hides a monumental submerged portion of financial excesses and rip offs. We are readying ourselves now for the exposure of the next big financial scandal. And the next.
The next possible source of financial legerdemain with the necessary ingredients of manipulations and underhand moves is certainly the cost of six offshore patrol vessels from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd at RM1 billion each. The cost has now increased unexplainably by another RM 3 billion. How does Boustead get into the vessel building business?
Now, the history of navy purchase of weaponry is a dismal one. So, let’s get into a little history lesson. The original contractor chosen to build Malaysia’s first generation naval vessels was PSC-Naval Dockyard. It was controlled by Amin Shah and his brothers. In 2004, it got a contract to deliver six patrol boats. It was supposed to complete the delivery in 2007. Those were supposed to be the first of 27 offshore vessels ultimately to cost RM24 billion plus the right to maintain and repair all of the country's naval craft. But only two of the barely operational patrol boats had been delivered by mid-2006. There were 298 recorded complaints about the two boats, which were also found to have 100 and 383 uncompleted items aboard them respectively.
The original RM5.35 billion contract ballooned to RM6.75 billion by January 2007. The auditor also reported that the ministry had paid out RM4.26 billion to PSC up to December 2006 although only Rm2.87 billion of work had been done, an overpayment of Rm1.39 billion, or 48 percent. In addition, Malaysia’s cabinet waived late penalties of Rm214 million.
Between December 1999, according to the Auditor General, 14 “progress payments” amounting to Rm943 million despite the fact that the auditor general could find no payment vouchers or relevant documents dealing with the payments.
How did the government explain such blatant abuses of financial discipline? On what authority was the ministry authorized to pay money for jobs not yet completely done or not even done yet? The auditor general attributed the failure to serious financial mismanagement and technical incompetence stemming from the fact that PSC had never built anything but trawlers or police boats before being given the contract.  These terms must be the world’s biggest oversimplification. Financial mismanagement is plain corruption and technical incompetence is mental deficiency.
So for corruption to take place, you must have two important elements- you must be a crook and mental dud. Why does our country find it so objectionable to kick put the crooks and the stupid?
We will now come to the construction of the SGPV- second generation patrol vessels which promises yet another roller coaster of financial rip-offs.


Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 00:41  

This piece Dato' I really salute you.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 07:52  

Dear Sak,

Who was the Defense Minister then?

Dengar cite dah naik pangkat?

Pu#ki#*k betul.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 07:58  

So what else is new with UMNO and BN? This is not the first fiasco and certainly will not be the last so long as UMNO/BN is not purged from Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 08:13  


Thanks for the reminder as the mostly semi-urban/urban whom have internet access were aware of the excessive corruption going on.

How about you give a speech to the "ignorant" folks in kampungs and Felda? It seemed to me like these folks condoned what Umno - protector of 3R, is doing to the country. It's the birth right of Umno to plunder as long as it is not done by others especially the nons.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 08:21  


Even bread is politicized as it was deemed Gardenia was forcefully acquired by a crony of Umno. It looked like the right minded are against such practise and boycotting Gardenia for Massimo. If sugar can be imported freely, it will also be politicized....Robert Kouk will have the last laugh.

Pak Zawi 19 December 2011 at 08:33  

So massive is the corruption nowadays I wonder how soon will Malaysia become a Greece? Felda's FGV listing is another cash cow for them to make more hay.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 09:16  


Long time ago during Mahadev times the Defense Ministry under him was like a siphon...You could never do any business if your connection to the generals is'nt strong.
You have to work with so many parties until you see daylight on the other side of the tunnel if you get the order be it small or big...Man! you have to service the lower rung clerk to the sargent to the officer to the generals....
Testing of your products was a breeze if you know how to service the purse...
Hell! it was a torture to do business with the ministry...if you want to be above board...Most of them says its chari makan lor!!!!

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 09:21  

In addition to these massive ongoing corruptions, UMNO Putras and Warlords are using ruthless bullying tactics to force mainly Non-MALAYS to "sell" their profitable business to them. Robert Kuok lost his sugar "licence" in Malayisa to Najib's cronies. So he purchased the sugar business in Queensland, Australia.

Also, all the AP for cars and other products should be abolished or modified so that all issued APs cannot be transferred or sold. Currently APs only enriched a few UMNO putras including the twisted tongue Mahathir and his siblings

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 09:56  

Honestly, is anyone unduly excited about the state of corruption in Malaysia?
News on corruption has been our staple food for years and those defenders Bangsa, Ugama and Negara like Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa have nothing to say about it.
Corruption has been accepted as our culture.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 10:08  


'The NFC thing involving RM 250 million, to place it in context is just a tip of the iceberg. The BN government hides a monumental submerged portion of financial excesses and rip offs. We are readying ourselves now for the exposure of the next big financial scandal. And the next.'

The M'sian defense dept deals r already a legend in practical corruption 101.

NFC is only a gift for the naina's support for the Moo's eventual elevation in the scheme of that ULTIMATE corruption generator in bolihland.

Dato, pls turns yr attention to 9Bio Sdn Bhd.

U will bleed yr heart dry iff u still have the sense of being a M'sian, lest of all a Malay!

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 10:08  

Dear Ak47,

I am wondering if there is a particular law somewhere in our constitution related to bribery, or in the penal code or ???.

I am in the private sector and we have policies in place to prevent corruption. In the event there is suspicion, an investigation is launched with professionals, KPMG Forensics to determine what actually happened. Most of the time the clues, tell tale signs and paper trail is there to nab the guilty party.

THere must be someone who authorized the payment, someone who inspected the work and agreed that they payment claims match the works done. It is not difficult to trace these. How it is that none of the persons are dragged to court.

The only way this could happen is, if the whole system is so corrupt (even MACC ) that processes in place are not effective.
How do we then ensure that we create a new order? Unfortunately, if we like it or not, we have to change the leadership of the country for a better future.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 10:12  

Whether you name it financial mismanagement or technical incompetence either way, we still have plenty of money from the PETRONAS, EPF and whatnot to pay for it. Mind you the annual contribution from EPF members are billions of dollars, and it is a steady stream. Can anyone think of an answer how to finish off the fund?

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 10:20  

Dato, what can I say but only BRILLIANT. Please keep writting. Malaysians are getting smarter and better informed. Malaysians need more heroes like you. Let us put all the crooks & thieves in jail when the time comes. To all the corrupt politicians (ex or current), we know who you are and like as saying goes, you can run but cannot hide. We, Malaysian, will get YOU!

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 10:32  


Macam macam hal salah guna kuasa yang akibatkan rasuah ini sudah banyak didengar. Kita rakyat mahu tindakan diambil. Bukan tiada tindakan . Sudah bosan dengan NATO, tiada tindakan hanyak cakap.

Boleh kah perkara ini dibawa ke PCS atau satu badan ditubuh seperti senat di Amerika?
Kita adakan SOP, apa apa yang mempunyai nilai tertentu dan kepentingan rakyak perkara ini dibawa ke badan ini. Kita perlu ada permulaan hendak membuat ini. Kita perlu ada kesangupan dan kesungguhan untuk buat, kemudian baru Polis atau badan suruhanjaya lain masuk siasat dan ambil tindakan.Kita boleh mula kan dengan Khazanah, MAS, SIME DARBY, KTM . Jika tidak NATO, duit tetap hilang. Lapuran Auditor boleh buat lapisan tidur aje, agar mimpi indah. Dan cerita cerita dari blog adalah pelimpurlara aje.


Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 11:17  

Despite UMNO being a corrupt party to the core, there are still people who try to find ways for PAS and UMNO to work together. Imagine, a Muslim (so-called) asking PAS to work with the devil.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 11:56  

Dato', these corrupts memang sah tak ada keMALUan..line them up for firing squad. Lepas tu kita semua pakat kencing atas kubur depa semua..

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 12:31  

Back in 1992 an interesting story was circulating among us Malaysian students in Florida.A certain rags to riches leader of Pemuda UNMO was on a vacation with his family at the Disney World in Orlando, Florida USA. It seems that he had his briefcase,kept in between his legs, snatched by a Chikano at the check-in counter of the Hotel. That the briefcase was loaded with cash, said to be some $65,000.00. It was not a problem. He immediately wired for a replacement.Today, twenty years later, he is an UMNOBaru VP busy building assets to defend our nation.

IbnAbdHalim 19 December 2011 at 13:07  

Dear Dato',

Had it not been for our "dear" former PM or 22 years, we wouldn't be having so much ills. Alas! It makes no sense weeping over spilled milk. The only option left is to send the current regime into retirement.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 13:10  

Salam Dato',

Saya serta keluarga saya yang telah dihitung seramai 100 orang telah membuat keputusan sebulat suara samada;

1. Mengundi UMNObn untuk terus berkuasa merompak, rasuah@komisen, salahgunakuasa, melakukan penyelewengan.

2. Mengundi PR untuk membongkar segala rasuah, salahgunakuasa dan penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan UMNObn.

Kami pilih No.2. ABU

Isu hudud, murtad, ketuanan Melayu akan diurudkan kemudian setelah PR membentuk krajaan Persekutuan.

Drp; zuki ahmad

OneMaka,  19 December 2011 at 13:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

It would be hard to find a thinking, upright Malaysian who would disagree with you. They will all agree that corruption is utterly abominable, destroys the economy and leads eventually to widespread poverty, reduces the quality and standard of living, is unfair, and morally repugnant. Yet it appears to thrive unimpeded in our midst, condoned by the government and treated with kid gloves by the MACC. How can this be so and why are we so tolerant?

The answer lies in the fact that this UMNO-led government has succeeded in telling the majority of the Malays, that is those whom they have made and kept poor without access to the internet and the alternative media, that UMNO is still the defender of Malay rights and Malay dignity. Therefore they must be kept in government at all costs. The unsavory stories about corrupt UMNO leaders are all not true, they tell these folks. And even when Shahrizat and family are caught red-handed stealing hundreds of millions, the UMNO and Wanita delegates at the recent UMNO general assembly still cheered and defended her. No, perhaps it is more correct to say that they were defending the general right to steal. If they had crucified her, they would also be destroying the system under which all well connected and crooked UMNO leader can benefit personally or through their cronies. So in defending Shahrizat they were in effect defending the a corrupt systemi that they have access to. As for the government, no minister including the PM came out to criticize her. In fact the PM and DPM thought the public was being unfair to Shahrizat. In truth, of course they cannot call her a thief without being called thieves themselves, for they have stolen more. Don't we know about the Scopean submarine RM420 million commission paid to Najib's nominee? Or of the massive sums that muhyiddin made out of Johore land deals when he was MB?

While we hammer these crooks who have the power to grant special licenses(like thousands of APs yearly), award overpriced contracts to cronies (like billions to untested companies to build warships, or tens of billions to build the MRT without a tender), we must also not let off the the cronies and unscrupulous businessmen (both Chinese and Malays) who help these politicians to game the system.

The day that we can overthrow this corrupt government I when the underprivileged and uninformed Malays realise that UMNO is not the defender of Malay rights, but has become a monstrous, evil and oppressive machinery that sucks the life blood out of our economy and uses Malay rights as political cover. The Arabs have risen up to overthrow their oppressive governments. It is about time we too wake up and do something to change our destiny.

Burstaxon,  19 December 2011 at 13:52  

Are there no more good and god fearing people in UMNO/BN?

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 13:56  

We are just fed up until there is no word left to say anymore.

The country is not worth my time to even open my mouth to "save". Sudah lah.

The ones most to lose are the Malays when the country becomes uncompetitive. Let it be and just watch.

To fight corruption .. must come first from the very top. Otherwise no one can help.

dukuhead 19 December 2011 at 14:13  

you can't clean a window using a filthy rag :-p

Changing Our Mindset 19 December 2011 at 14:24  

It is time for change, but NGOs like PERKASA are making change impossible as they are playing a different tune. They are membabi-buta supporting the Government and misleading the rakyat and also telling the rakyat that the Opposition is the one who is misleading the rakyat!. I wonder when it will all ends...

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 15:15  

Ada hati nak jadi calun UMNO konon kau ni! Poorah lah. Join la Aspan masuk PKR. Jadi la pengikut Gay dan komunis tu!!

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 15:22  

Thank Dato'to refresh my memory on all those scandals. But the funniest fact everyone should know and digest it in their mind is the fact that all the general and the KSUs in MINDEF are Tan Sris. Even one of them is now the Director General of Public service and the wife who is in and out of pool post in Public service Department becouse of attitudenal problem is now heading the government agencies. It seems that if you want to be successful in the public service, you must know how to manage the politician and their needs. So, Mahathir was right when he said that corruption in Malaysia took place from the top to bottom. Sure he knew that because he was and still is one of them.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 15:50  

What else is new Dato? We all know UMNO and Corruption are joint in the hip ..... they are siamese twins surviving on a single aorta.

Would you like to stand up and openly declare that you are fighting your corrupted brethrens in UMNO? Would you like to turun padang to openly share with your millions of fellow UMNO members about the corrupted ways of your UMNO leaders?

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 16:03  


The British, Chinese and Indian didn't bankrupt Tanah Melayu. It's UMNO Malay that bankrupt our beloved country. Maybe we all should pack and leave this country if this coming election BN still remain the federal government.


Red Alfa 19 December 2011 at 16:46  

Salam Dato'

Thank you and Malaysia will be rightly indebted to you for this and ever more expose on corruption issues; further enlightening us to yet more blatant corrupt practices that it seems we cannot and are not able to do anything at all!

May you have Allah's blessing!

You are contributing to the cause that shall soon have us to be united in purpose and to galvanize us to achieve the only outcome of GE 13. UMNO shall no more be in power!

We shall then have the blessed conditions that all these people shall be made to account for their thievery and robbery. May Huddud laws shall be brought to bear upon them.

Once we are freed of such wholesale corruption will Malaysia can be on the right keel to sail fast and furious to a great future. If the corruption continues after GE 13, Malaysia will surely sink and with it all the dreams we have for ourselves and our children.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 17:18  

we have a PM who is at home launching premium outlets as he is with public toilets

when you, yes your lot, elect some1 to the office of pm who participates in and endorses some official ceremony to launch some public toilets, then there would be 1 or more of your lot who would go "poof! ideas, ideas!" - and go ahead with the bright idea of holding a ceremony, with a budget for food catering and all, to officially launch some road lighting!
just 1example of the many lunatic manipulation by huge, huge numbers of UMNgOk-BoNgok individuals holding high offices, but sadly their pathetic supporters in the lower ranks are too gullible to even realize they have been manipulated into respecting those looters even more!

jangan biar diri anda diselubungi kelentong

jom sama2 kita ramai2 bagi bersih semua kekotoran dan korupsi politik negara, jom humban KERA UMNgOk-BoNgok jauh2 ke laut!

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: BINATANG PELIHARAAN SAYA 4

CYC,  19 December 2011 at 17:36  

Good luck to Malaysia and especially those who consistently voted BN demi mendukung impian agama , bangsa dan negara without really comprehend it. Meanwhile, the politicians will consistently voted in to menyerap segala wang, berlian dan saham demi kemewahan and keselesaan hidup aku dan keluarga.

Semoga maju jaya dalam perjalanan ke syurga with your dedication demi agama , bangsa dan negara.

Rauf Hakim 19 December 2011 at 18:05  

It is impossible to reform UMNO under the current set of leadership right from the President,all office bearers,the MT and the entire leadership at all the Divisional level.Unless the party can reform itself by way of true democratic elections and totally elect a new set of leaders at all levels this toxic state of affair is going to last forever dulu,sekarang dan selama-lamanya!Tell me which leaders want to leave their posts by fair elections?If there is no solution to this then UMNO is doomed.The people do not want to have a zero sum game only Pakatan wins all or UMNO-BN wins all but a fair and balance way of running the country with proper check and balance to prevent what is happening now.Nobody wants to kill UMNO for good or give a monopoly of power to Pakatan alone.That is the reason why people are supporting Anwar because he is offering this new kind of leadership to change the current toxic way of running the country that has bring great shame not just to UMNO but the entire Malay ruling classes.But the current leaders are too cunning to postpone the party elections for 18 months to preserve their hold to power and manipulate the leadership structure to deny other genuine challengers.This is not democracy but a feudalistic old game of power play at the very top level and the rest are mere cannon fodders.Witness how regal figure like TRH had managed only to clinch only one vote for the post of the President.If not manipulation what is it?The sinews of manipulation is the power over granting of projects like NFC and defence contracts just to mention only the two which are very hot now.

Quiet Despair,  19 December 2011 at 18:20  

Don't want to talk much about corruption which is as old as the hills.
And it's a favorite topic whenever a GE is imminent.
We hear of this and that person being corrupted but no one really lodged report with the MACC.
To me whoever holds power are tempted to be on the take.
Look at the Lojing issue in Kelantan. You think Pak Nicky is so clean. If not him, his family and his people.
And when that al-Bontoti was in the government, so many of his cronies received kickbacks.
Him too, if not how do you explain his new-found wealth from moderate rich to super-duper rich.
Who still owns the airport limousine service?
I often take it and the drivers keep saying eh ni taxi company kroni Anu-War.
And you guys must always remember having low morals too constituted corruption. Worse, infact.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 18:48  

Salam Datuk!!I thougnt this scandal has started since 1998 because as a former ATM officer, I had seen and read those secret documents before...Now not so secret...Apa nak buat, kerja gomen ikut ajelah arahan...

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 19:05  

The reputation of a race which Hang Tuah wanted to defend, is now very much at stake - thanks to the buggers who condoned corruption.


Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 19:11  

Sometimes I wonder this Dato go on a rampage of exposing it He was Jibbys right hand man and an umno stalwart too.Why now as if he is Mr. Clean.Is it a case of sour grape.....a typical Malay kind of thing.You know what I mean....Sir

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 19:12  

When the Opposition party DAP were to utter some semblance of what Dato' relates in this article, then the might of UMNO would be deployed to condemn the former as anti-Malay, anti Royalty, and anti-Islam with the intention of creating another Singapore.

The sad irony is that there are still some naive kampong folks who swallow this shit hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous,  19 December 2011 at 23:15  

Sometimes I wonder this Dato go on a rampage of exposing it Did you not get a fair share of the loot He was Jibbys right hand man and an umno stalwart too. Why now as if he is Mr. Clean. Is it a case of sour grape.....a typical Malay kind of thing.You know what I mean....Sir

ordinary malaysian 20 December 2011 at 02:21  

Why does our country find it so objectionable to kick out the crooks and the stupid? Simple, because everybody is involved, from top to bottom. So, who to kick out, Datuk?

Lok1,  20 December 2011 at 04:08  

Dear Dato Sak,as privileged as in an environment that I was brought up from,I understand now,I understand now why I never participated in nor needed the Govt Malay Tongkat,I suspect that you do have a soft spot for Tun Mahathir,but seriously,in 1967,my mom says it in his face,that all Politicians are corrupted n cannot be trusted,she knew that Ananda was pimping on behalf of the then Govt,procuring young overseas students for the London's parties,there's so much has happened since then,those days we didn't have new media,I am sure you know of those happenings,I use to join the late Charlie n pass him the pics of his sojourn with Tun Mahathir,sadly Tun encourages our present condition n nothing of this great Allah planet will changed my mind towards what I know of his wrong doings,greed has no bounds,I shall rejoice when they meet our Maker n answer to their sins,I am a contented man,little of wealth n perhaps little of wisdom too,but Dato I see n hear n comprehend well,no amount of Bullshit shall they throw my way n hurt me,if only Allah SWT hasn't taken my late uncle Tengku Zaid Tengku Ahmad Panglima to his abode,Mahathir couldn't have got away easily with what he did,he is the father of everything that is wrong with us now,I pray that you realised these n help us changed our ways b4 it's too late,frm Lokman Mohd Noor,"Catch Me If You can"

Anonymous,  20 December 2011 at 08:45  

Dato again your piece struck at the heart. It's really exasperating that so much of our hard earned money has been high jacked by the ruling elites. And it seems that they don't have an iota of guilt because almost everyday we hear more blatant cases. The value keeps going up and obviously the stolen loots are also being repatriated to secret accounts overseas under the very nose of Bank Negara as can be seen from recent report that billions of capital flight are taking place each month. Are they so arrogant and daring because they think the rakyat are fools or are they making hays while the sun still shine before they get kicked out? When Pakatan comes to power, the first thing they should do is to create a powerful agency to track down these ill gotten wealth and return them to the people. Let people know now that handsome rewards will be given to those who can provide evidence to catch the thieves.

Very angry taxpayer

Anonymous,  20 December 2011 at 09:07  

Dato Sak !
Perhaps it's time we do the Singapore's style ! Get those corruptors like LKY DOES ! DONT LET HIM LEAVE THE COUNTRY AND DONT LET HIM SLEEP...Get him until he pays not only jail terms but all those shady monies...whatever properties belong to the government...If no FEAR of the law is applied then we better kiss this country goodbye...
Make corruption a crime like drugs and then overnight you see this transformation for a start....Get those umno crooks for a start and things will follow...
Look at that daylight corruption by Sharizat in open grounds... can you beat that....tak malu ke????
Fcuks how could those bastards in power can let her go so easily...
have they forgoten its our tax payers monies????
Look at Hong Kong today? Try doing a bribe to their Policemen..Nobody dares .... pERHAPS WE SHOULD KICK START NOW! In the schools first...

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