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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Post GE13 political scenarios-Part 3

Part 3.
About this having big time grudges or even hating Anwar, let me say this. Just how do you arrive at that judgment? Because I don’t write good things about him?  Some of these PKR diehards must have a short memory- if they go into my archives, they will see that UMNO people are accusing me of being pro Anwar. One of them must also be the vermin who insisted that I hate Anwar whenever I wrote something unflattering or not advantageous to Anwar. I advise them if they want to see the real hate writings on Anwar to go visit the extreme pro UMNO bloggers.
Nothing personal against Anwar. To me he remains the crowd puller who can captivate the masses with his mesmerizing oratory. He can call the birds in the trees to his palms. But I don’t fancy Anwar as PM because of (a) his duplicity and deceiving nature. He wears too many masks. (2) He is compromisable.
 I am stating what I see as the possible outcome of post GE13. Anwar has been committed to jail by then. On the steps of parliament Anwar told someone who I know very well, that the government is bent on jailing him. He himself is convinced he will go to jail. We shall wait. As to the person who ranks according to hierarchy who should become the new PM, who sets the hierarchy? If PKR does not come out with the largest number of seats among DAP, PAS and PKR, how does one arrive at the ranking? Ini bukan suka suka mahu taruh Anwar jadi PM. He can’t be PM without the concurrence of DAP and PAS.
Let’s examine DAP and PAS. DAP and PAS are more interested to oust the UMNO/BN government, less with the idea that Anwar MUST be the next PM. I hope PKR people get this into their cool heads. PAS and DAP can live together because they are committed to the bigger picture which is – seeing the BN out. PKR’s big picture it seems to me is to see Anwar installed as PM. Hence, the “we will break prison walls mindset” this isn’t about Anwar brother…
As for PAS and DAP, they can’t accept anyone from either party to become PM. I think PAS knows its limitations. They have the material suited to be anything but the PM. Nizar or no Nizar. He’s an MB material for now. DAP can’t accept any PAS leader to become PM not on account of religion (the personal views of Karpal Singh notwithstanding) but because of fears that Malaysia will regress. Now, we may not agree with this assessment, but how DAP sees things appear to have adherents especially among the Chinese in general. The Chinese in general will be troubled at the idea of having a Mullah heading the country.
Why can’t they accept Anwar? Because they can’t afford to have a person who has just gone through a blackened period to be the immediate PM. Perhaps later when Anwar is fully rehabilitated in the eyes of the public. The views held by Anwaristas are immaterial at the moment. The voters are more important. The Anwar supporters must also come to terms that maybe they have to take one step backwards to save their leader. 
And also because they ( DAP and PAS) have other reasons I am not at liberty to divulge. Why is Hassan Ali, a close comrade in arms with Anwar Ibrahim since varsity days breaking ranks with Anwar? The talks of his willingness to be the bridge for unity between PAS and UMNO show that to him, Anwar is a non-factor already.
So, PAS, DAP and even some sections of the PKR leadership and even those in UMNO who are waiting in the wings look out for someone with the standing, stature and respect as the next PM. My own view is that, the only person fitting the bill is Tengku Razaleigh.
Why Tengku Razaleigh?
Because it’s important for the Pakatan to gain allegiance and support of the 20% fence-sitter voters. This section of the public has a different psychology. They want to know who the next PM is. Is the next PM going to be more acceptable than the present one? They want certainty and some confidence in the person. That person must have the substance, experience, standing and respect all around. Furthermore, the fence sitters who constitute some 20% of voters will demand to see some clarity. These are mostly apolitical and can be persuaded only if the person designated has the qualities and the wherewithal to become PM. If we put Anwar up, they may as well say, if the thing aint broken, why fix it? Whether we like it or not, the 20% fence sitter voters are not exactly enamored with the idea of having Anwar as PM. They might as well stick with Najib.
Tengku Razaleigh is too old. Well, Mahathir remains PM until nearly 80. Deng Hsiopeng became leader of China in his late 70s. Many leaders become head of states at late ages. They have the stamina and wisdom and the experience. Malaysia is in need of someone of that stature. There’s no past tense when it comes to political relevancy and making sense.
Didn’t I read that Mahathir says, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it? Only if we are sentimental fools. We are not going to be romantics dreaming of a perfect past in order to perpetuate all the negatives that are associated with the past. The salad and halcyon days perpetrated during the Mahathir era is now over. Of course Dr Mahathir wants a return to his era where everything is more or less decided by him. That presupposes the existence of a leader like him- non inclusive and iron willed. Najib does not have those qualities. Neither does he have the qualities to convince UMNO people the virtues of his liberal ideas.
Moreover Dr Mahathir clearly has some vested interests. Maybe he’s looking out for the business interests of his children, that of his close friends, protectable it seems only by some sympathetic and beholden government.  So better Najib than anyone else. Anyway, that will be debated in other essays.
There’s a practical side also as to why, Tengku Razaleigh is the ultimate play maker for the Pakatan Rakyat people if the bigger picture is to oust UMNO and the BN government. The bigger picture is, I repeat once more is to secure the interest of the country, not to secure the interest of one Anwar Ibrahim. It’s for better and participative democracy, the rule of law, disciplined and better governance. Let’s also agree on the idea to establish a Truth Commission like the one put in place by Neslson Mandela to review the excesses of say the last 30 years. Maybe such an idea spooks Dr Mahathir no?
What’s the practicality of the idea to have Tengku Razaleigh as the front man? What is UMNO’s latest weapon now? It’s the cultivation of the royal houses in the country. If PKR isn’t blind, they will see where the HRH Sultan of Selangor is going with his majesty’s overt political tones. UMNO is now working overtime to drum in this fallacious idea that if others come into power the very future of the Royal houses, the symbol of Malay existence will be wiped out.
How can Pakatan neutralize this powerful while it’s also a powerful idea? By having someone from the Royal line to talk to the rulers. Who can talk to the rulers on equal terms other than Tengku Razaleigh? He’s a royalty himself and commands respect and deference among the royal houses.
Tengku Razaleigh will represent the second coming of a  Tengku Abdul Rahman figure but this time, putting Malaysia on the right footing.


bruno,  14 December 2011 at 04:45  

Dato,first of all if there will be a change of guards,there should be new faces in the leadership.Tunku Aziz of DAP should offer himself as a candidate.Tunku Aziz will be a suitable candidate for PM in a newly created administration.Nurul can be the DPM.Anwar should retire from politics permanently.

Tunku Aziz is a well respected man,nationally and internationally.He has served in high well respected positions in Malaysia and abroad.He is honest and a man who will command respect among the component parties of PR.Even Umno people have the highest regards of this man too.

If a new GOM will be coming in,Tunku Aziz will be the best man to helm the new administration.He will be the best man to bring the country together and get all the factions to close ranks.

The only problem is getting him to jump into the ring.Whether Tunku Aziz wants to be a career politician is the main thing.For a clean government what better than a man of Tunku Aziz's stature.He is well known locally and abroad for his fight against corruption.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 04:48  

What happens if Razaleigh were to die tomorrow, who then will be qualified? Why not give it to a non-Malay to run this country if that person has the quality. Me and my friends do not agree to Razaleigh as he too is answerable to what happened to Fuad and BBMB affair.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 04:56  

TRH does not and have not shown he is willing to stand up to anything that might affect his personal being. S46 or not, he conviniently chooses the path of least resistance whenever he is pushed to the wall.

He only fights at the insistence of others close to him and not because he is truly committed to the ideals of creating a better Malaysia.

AMANAH remains "hangat hangat taik ayam" and somehow feels very disconnected to the struggles of the younger generation.

Orang Muda.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 05:10  

A rather interesting solution on succession

should the inevitable [ anwar go to jail] happen.

The game Man City v Chelsea should give us some

lesson in looking at the potential pm. Man City

had overlooked Daniel Sturridge and had let him moved

to chlesea for free. And in the historic game a day ago

he showed them who is the man!

His outstandiing performance led to the demise of man city

in the hands of chelsea!

So there are other leaders from all the pr members who could

very well be the future lky of malaysia - a Daniel Sturridge in the


Young guns, overlooked but really leader material are abundantly


The last 2 bn pee ems are not exemplary stuffs. One is bereft of ideas

and good management and the present is surrounded by advisors

who are bent on bringing him down . The pee em nust be like

a football coach -like alex ferguson . He must be careful

in who he chooses to be in his team. One need not be clever

or outstanding but what is needed is a commitment to do work

based on sound and good moral judgements.

I have written about the recently demised banker Ted Forstman.

The companies he ran could have as big or bigger assets than the

malaysian gdp. If we routinely open the accounts of some

us/japan companies -they are certainly bigger than the asset

of the gomen of malaysia. So their philosophy of management

can certainly apply in the running of gomen.

Again look at the common sense policy of Ted Forstmann-

give loans only to companies that can return the loan.

Now look at Dollah and his minister udin-sembab.

Does he comply

in the application of common sense?

Put simply any mat/ chai/rama walking along jalan tar'

will likely do as badly or better than dollah or 'udin -

sembab in handling the loan to the nfc.

Anybody in pas/pkr/ dap certainly will not as belligerent

as dollah or udin-sembab in running the gomen!

Hence any mat from pr will be better than the two that I

have mentiopned.

khong khek khuat

ordinary malaysian 14 December 2011 at 07:54  

Looks like you may be very wrong about TR Datok. But I will let others smarter than me do the honour of showing why TR is not the right choice or the desirable one.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 08:44  

TRH is a well-respected man, yes, but if he becomes PM, he will get pakatan rakyat to join hands with umno and ultimately sublimate pakatan under barisan nasional. He is too hard core UMNO like you. Even though you see the flaws, the misdemeanours, the crimes, the deceit, the plundering, you are still within its midst and carry the name UMNO proudly

Taikohtai 14 December 2011 at 09:31  

I cannot agree with your assessment of Ku Li being the best candidate for PM. With TDM still around, Ku Li will fold faster than you can shout 'I raise'.
DSAI is battled hardened. He has been to the other side and fought against it. All the boxes are ticked. Sure, DSAI is not perfect but he will do for at least one term. After that we send in the auditors.

Suci Dalam Debu 14 December 2011 at 10:13  


Our past few PMs have let the nation down. TRH though may be slightly better, he is still cut from the same old cloth. Semua GAYA lebih, kebolehan kurang.

This nation has not practiced meritocracy. The leaders don't teach their people how to catch fish. They are only good at berpakat mencuri, keep most of the loot for themselves and give back to the rakyat crumbs so that the rakyat will be forever indebted to them.

I trust the younger generation more. New blood may lack the experience, but they can also learn faster.

LGE is young by any political standards and he is doing a fine job.

Sir, you are a learned person. Can you personally accept a non-bumi PM?

Quiet Despair,  14 December 2011 at 10:18  

The very pertinent question, dear Sak, is where do we put Najib and Muhyiddin, in this new political equation of yours?
Is it because they will lose in their respective constituencies? Or that BN will not get the 2/3 majority?
You sound very sure of this scenario.
Please reply clearly in black and white the answer to these questions.
Luckily you are not a woman. If not we will be thinking you are pre-or menopausal, having hot flushes.
Suddenly you have wild imaginings thinking of an ex-lover who is long forgotten and as good as dead.
You are resurrecting Ku LI who is down in the doldrums.
Yep, he can be the king-maker, the play-maker or the power-broker. But only if he is still in UMNO. And that is why he is still there.
As I stated many times, he can only be PM in UMNO. Period.
And like I said before too, if he is earnest, he has to be bold and come to the fore-front stating categorically, I am leading PKR to GE victory.
Does he still have friends, in and out of UMNO, who can prop him up? I see only Kadir Sheikh Fadzil and Ong Tee Kiat.
And can you see PAS and DAP, giving an old UMNO man the leeway when all of them are power-hungry?
We will have the God-fathers and the warlords in DAP and the young Turks in PAS raising hell.
Hey we have been fighting for an Islamic government or Chinese supremacy rule and we choose Ku Li. No way.
Of course PKR does not factor in since they only want Anu-War as PM. Nothing else. And that's not going to happen.
Yep, you are right that this is not about Anwar. This is about the voters.
There is no PM material in either PAS or DAP. They are only acceptable to their respective followers who are either fanatic Muslims or fanatic racists.
So check-mate. We are back to Najib.
You want to see the second coming of Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Err, not. No Malays will want to see biak pi, tak ade apa-apa attitude.
For the past two days, the Malays have the feel good and easy feeling with the sending off and welcoming od the new DYMM Agongs.
We are proud of the pomp and pageantry of the Malay customs and traditions which only UMNO government can conduct.
And note the speeches by the Sultan of Selangor on his birthday and the Agong's speech before handing the reins to the state Regency Council.
They stated unequivocally the need to preserve the Malay well-being which is what UMNO is doing.
In short, the Sultans are for UMNO.
And don't forget Tun M is gonna play an active role in ensuring Najib's victory in the coming GE.
The fact that he was running Abdullah/UMNO down was one of the main reasons for the 2008 elections.
Not because the Pakatan was so favored then. It was by default.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 10:19  

If a sleepy head like Dollah who can be twisted by his SIL and a corrupt skirt chaser like Najib who can also be twisted by his wife can become PM, I think Anwar could be a better one term PM than these 2 blokes. I say only for one term so that he could put to right the rotten judiciary, police, Macc, AG Chambers and other civil institutions which have been corrupted by Mahathir and Umno.

I think the real vermins are the spiteful and brainless Umno bloggers. Well, they are paid to write nonsense. They can't write anything which borders on common sense because they have less sense in their brain.

Only Umno diehards hated Anwar and spent days and nights trying to demonise him and trying to influence others to believe in their slander against the man. But people are not stupid like those Umno boggers. They don't believe a thing said by Umno about him since Umno leaders are far more worst, far more scandalous and far more corrupt.

Instead of demonising Anwar, the country would be far better off if we get rid of all those scandalous and corrupt Umno leaders, Najib and Muhyideen being the first.

The prime objective in GE13 should be to get rid of all those corrupt malay leaders in Umno Baru who have been plundering the nation's coffer and who have been fooling the malays all these past 35 years . That is more important than discussing who shld be PM. Even Nik Aziz can be PM 10 times better than Najib because of his honesty, integrity and incorruptibility. It is the professionals in the public and civil service who really govern the country and it should not be some corrupt politicians who messed up the whole country by their stupid interferences in all decision making made by professionals.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 10:26  

"If PKR isn’t blind, they will see where the HRH Sultan of Selangor is going with his majesty’s overt political tones."

Very well put Dato. He is definitely an UMNO man, overtly and covertly.
Hasan Ali derives his arrogance from him.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 10:37  

I was born in 1970 in johor and I went to school in johor bahru at temengong adbdul rahman. I am chinese. I was among less than 10% in a malay national school. I was repeatedly called china maklam and mat salleh celup as were we all non malays. Not to mention other non attractive animals.

This did not strike me as anything when i was at that age. But it strikes me now, this prejudice must have come from the parents and other family members.

I got an asean scholarship to singapore in 1988 and it was world of difference. I went there amidst their student council elections and by default the minorities were the most popular, in particular the malays. You had to be a damn idiot malay to run and loose. It was the same at the U. You can ask any malay singaporean.

In what way is the DAP a chinese Party? Count the number of indians they have. And at the very top level

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 10:38  

I attended many of his ceramahs when he was Semangat 46 President. He condemned UMNO Baru like hell.He strongest and most loyal supporter was Tan Sri Othman Saat who sacrificed everything for TR.(Inland Revenue and ACA went after him on Mahathir's instruction and he died a pauper. Almost all his property is now under the hammer).
Then suddenly TR dissolved S46 and joined UMNO Baru, the party he swore never to a part of.
All power crazy politicians (Rais and gang) crossed over.
Tan Sri Othman stood his ground and died with his head high. Another man who stood his ground was Cikgu Kahar Ahmad who died outside UMNO.
TR betrayed them.
WILL HE DO THE SAME? Betray Pakatan?

flyonthewall,  14 December 2011 at 10:50  

Would RPK be an alternative (royal) candidate for PM to allay the unfounded fears of royal dissolution?

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 10:51  

With the country going down hill under UMNO, there is no time to debate who will be a better PM. The PM should be one who can, in the immediate term can hold PR together to run the country. Now is "Anything But UMNO" We need to put out the fire first and talk later. This is the bigger picture.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 11:03  

Dato, TRH has to make up his mind fast if he wanted to be the PM of this country.However, if he wants to lead, he has to lead from the front, and NOT from the comfort of his current position.

Time is running out for this beloved country of ours. So TRH has to act fast,and he has the support of the majority of the rakyat, I believed.

He must lead. using PR as the platform, and not UMNO, as UMNO is beyond reform.

OneMalaysian,  14 December 2011 at 11:04  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The bigger picture is, I repeat once more, to secure the interest of the country, not to secure the interest of one Anwar Ibrahim.”

Yes, that is also the big picture that I am seeing. As of now Anwar is nothing more than a bridge from here to there. In fact all politicians are transient and dispensable, though it might deflate their ego to hear this.

But if we stand back and view the big picture, we can clearly see Anwar’s role in Malaysian politics over the past 14 years since 1997. Originally, PKR’s aim was simple: get Anwar out of jail and oust Mahathir. But that political aim gradually widened after Anwar was released from jail, when both the DAP and PAS saw an opportunity to gang up with Anwar to form an alternative coalition to BN. This coalition – PR – grew in strength not solely because of Anwar’s charisma alone. An incompetent Dollah Badawi, a spineless Najib and an increasingly corrupt UMNO helped them along.

Is Anwar really as duplicitous as some people think he is? Is he the chameleon that people say he is? In the past few years since his release from jail, Anwar has had ample opportunity to work with Karpal, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nik Aziz and Hadi. These are seasoned politicians, who are not easily fooled by duplicity. They sit together often to talk politics with Anwar present. It is hardly possible that in all this time the PAS and DAP folks are still fooled by this double-talking, two-timer. Actually Anwar played a great role in making the DAP comfortable with PAS, and PAS comfortable with DAP. That is why PR has become stronger, more coherent in their policies. PAS has even dropped Hudud from their “Caring Society” manifesto.

Now, does this all mean that DAP and PAS will never abandon Anwar in favour of Tengku Razaleigh? Under what circumstances might this happen? My gut feel is this: the DAP and PAS actually want Anwar to be the next PM if PR wins. The reason is they now know him well, and trust him. They know that despite each of them being more comfortable with the other, they also know that this trust has not been really tested in federal government when the stakes are high. They still need Anwar to referee a shouting match should one happen. It will take a few years for them to say we now have a common successor and when Anwar goes, things will be OK.

Where does Tengku Razaleigh fit in? These DAP and PAS people have not work closely with him. They only know him from a distance. He has not led them. He has not refereed their quarrels. He did not “turun padang” to fight the elections. He is aloof, waiting for the throne to be delivered to him. So TR cannot be PM if he continues to hedge his bets, doesn’t want to get into the rough and tumble of the current politics and fight the next GE shoulder to shoulder with Karpal, Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang.

You argue that TR can make a difference with the 20% fence sitters. That might be true, but it would only be useful if he now joins PR to fight the GE. That would burnish his leadership credentials within PR (assuming he does so within PR). It will not guarantee PR will hand him the premiership, but he would merely have enhanced his claim to it. There is one scenario under which TR’s chances are heightened. If PR wins by a narrow margin, and Anwar is in jail and it would take time to get him out, and in order to stabilise the country the Sabah and Sarawak BN parties say they are willing to cross the aisle to ensure PR a much bigger majority, but on one condition: that TR be the compromise candidate for PM in place of Anwar. I see this as a possibility.

Quiet Despair,  14 December 2011 at 11:15  

We are now, just like the Americans, in a pathetic, pitiful and panicky(whichever way you look at it) state in choosing our next PM.
Of course, I am referring to the die-hards Anu-Waristas and the DAP supporters.
Up comes the tag-line Anything But UMNO or ABU.
Hahaha, sounds cool. But ABU will become abu or dust after cremation or burning of rubbish. Really, truly.
The Americans hated Obama and we can't wait to get rid of Najib.
So they have Republican nominees like Gingrich (women issues) Herman Cain(women issues), Rick Perry, Romney, Ron Paul etc.
We too want to install a sodomist and adulterous man.
At least Americans have the decency of family values to oust out Cain and questioning Gingrich's morales.
(Loving women is not so bad, man. It's healthy and not sickos).
In our case, ooh, he's the supreme deity who can do no wrong. Just trumped-up charges.
We have regressed to the dark ages of our great grand-fathers time that even if it is a stone, we will vote PKR.
We want BN to get rid of old, recycled people. Yet we don't mind dinosaurs like LKS, Kapal Sink, Nicky Aziz etc.
Pakai tangkap muat sahaja lah sebab tak ada candidates yang berwibawa kan?
That is why you see my fave Bruno going to the extent of proposing Tunku Aziz and Nurul as PM for his party.
Anyone, yeah Bruno, even figure-heads since there's really no clear PM in your midst, acceptable, to all. Everyone there wants to be PM.
To some Americans, anything but black President.
Looks like, for want of a better choice, its back to Obama. And in our case, Najib.
Can't see any party out of BN who offers better alternatives for our well-being.
One is only interested to become PM for revenge and put Najib and other leaders in jail.
Bolehke Allah merestui orang yang nak memerintah untuk balas dendam?
I pity you Sak being accused as despising Anu-war.
You are much kinder to that bloke than Najib.
You are not a coward like old fogey, pengantin tua, Din Merican who is vacillating and now taking a softer stance to Najib.
He posted provoking articles like yours and let his fans do the attacking.
If this is Din Merican's blog, many will call for deletion of PKR cuber-troopers here.
Among Din's fans, everyone against Anu-War and DAP are paid cyber-troopers. Hence UMNO supporters are banned there.
Think of us here as being blessed to be given voice in this blog with no one labelling others as anjing UMNO or baruah Pakatan.
Kesianlah Sak. Orang UMNO cap dia as pengkhianat and you all think of him as Anu-war hater.
He's got a clean back-side as far as Anu-War is concerned.

Hang Nadim 14 December 2011 at 11:25  

UMNO is hell bent to deny Anwar the fruit of his struggle to change the ruled Malaysians from a mass of pliant,subservient and easily made fools of by the powers-that-be to a dynamic and progressive force much aware of their rights under the sun and the moon.Without Anwar DAP is stuck to the chauvinist tag and PAS the kampung ustaz image without more.In short Anwar is the general in this political war between UMNO-BN vs Pakatan.You kill this iconic general and the Pakatan will be in total disarray and UMNO-BN can rule this country for another three decades.The entire Malay controlled institutions like PTD,JLS,AGC,PDRM, Judiciary and the toady MSN are all their first line friendly forces for the UMNO leaders to deploy.Many have the unnatural guts to call this a democratic country! To UMNO-BN Anwar is the mother lynchpin in the whole structure of the opposition group.If Anwar is jailed again for the second time the dire consequence of it will surely made the public perceive him as a victim of crime against humanity and UMNO-BN will have to pay dearly in the coming GE 13.Let Pakatan solve their top leadership issue when the critical time comes after winning the general election.UMNO unshealth strategy now is to kill the Caesar and the Romans will perish.The evidence is very clear for all to see especially with their top leaders obsessive and rabid exposing of all things connected to Sodomy.The pro-UMNO cyber troopers then just do the downstream elaboration of these all things sodomy which is a complete repugnance to the ordinary Malay folks.Alas! all of them inadvertently expose their coconut shelf intellect in doing these despicable downstream activities.Do they not realise that the use of sodomy as weapon of mass deception is actually despicable and counter-productive?Hung Parliament or not let Pakatan solve their own problem without thinking of importing people like TRH and Pakatan is not dearth of leaders without Anwar at the very least Wan Azizah can be the Aquino of Malaysia.Let TRH be the force behind a movement to reform UMNO.

mpn kadaram 14 December 2011 at 11:50  

Dear Dato,may your predictions come through.Tengku Razaligh will neutralize Umno's exploitation of the royalty.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 12:19  

Dato', using RAHMAN theory of selecting a Malaysian Prime Minister, I would agree that Tengku Razaleigh is the man. So it's RAHMAN Theory Part 2 and it would be a person with name that starts with an "R"..

P/s - Sorry KJ..your name does not start with any of the above letters although you have the charm and charisma to be our youngest Prime Minister in Malaysian history...fat chance if you were to remain in UMNO..

TheMoLe,  14 December 2011 at 13:08  

I am still not entirely convince by the notion that anwar is wearing too many masks (what that means anyway?). Granted Kuli has the connection with the palace but that shall not be the only litmus test for PM. Plus all the scenarios are not possible, unless Ku Li is out of UMNO, if not he is still one of them, the very thing that the people are against.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 13:44  

The truth commission, if one is formed, will look into what happened in the BMF scandal in 1980's. That, like it or not will put TR in a spot of bother. No, TR is too much UMNO.

Changing Our Mindset 14 December 2011 at 14:07  

Dear Dato

I can't agree to your choice of Tengku Razaleigh. He has been keeping to much secret such as the BMF scandal in 1983. He need to clear the air first to buy trust from the people. He need to do some sacrificing first by telling the untold stories of what happen to the BMF Scandal, who is the person behind it, Lorrain died last year in London and brought all the untold stories with him. Some of the top BBMB officials that was found guilty for bribery in the BMF Scandal in Hong Kong is still active in UMNO. The murderer of the late Allahyarham Jalil Ibrahim who was killed in Hong Kong to save the people's money is now out of jail and living in Penang.

I think Tengku Razaleigh need to clear the air, to buy the people's trust especially PR supporters. We know he still has his ambition to be the PM.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 14:18  

I agree with your assessment that TR fits the bill to be the next PM. But your assessment rests on the fact that TR can be the next PM on PR platform. Do you not think that UMNO is also thinking along the same lines in the event of hung parliament. Who do you think would be their best bet in such scenario. Who else but TR. Now, be careful. Be very careful. Truth be told, TDM is still in the line.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 14:39  

How did TRH become so rich?

Red Alfa 14 December 2011 at 14:39  

Salam Dato'

Notwithstanding my out-of-key and too singular refrain that UMNO/BN will be retaining power by stealing the GE 13, can there be the scenario you have painted which has it that Anwar will not be the next PM because he couldn't/shouldn't be?

I think too many in UMNO and their passionate supporters are thinking that Malays in general have already accepted that Anwar is such damaged goods. I just like many others don't accept this 'great fitnah'. I would remain believing that he will be the great contender regardless.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 14:40  

Your assessment on TR to be PM is only a dream of TR's supporters just like Anwaristas dream for Anwar. But TR is not a fighter, he's just an administrator. To be politically appointed as PM, one needs to be both a fighter and administrator.

Pok Li

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 15:39  

I will vote for whoever promises to put Mahathir in jail.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 16:08  

it seems a lot of people are in the dark about what happened in the BMF affair. the finance minister then, Tengku Razaleigh had nothing to do with the BMF. in fact he won many defamation cases against leading newspapers in the western world. NST and our mainstream papers gave scant reports of the success of Razaleigh against international newspapers. our own papers were spared from legal actions by Razaleigh for the simple reason, they belonged to UMNO and Razeleigh helped set up many of these. BBMB then reported directly to the PM's department. the person responsible over BBMB and BMF was Dr Mahathir. so if a truth commission be set up, you can guess who will be implicated. the lies about Razaleighs involvement in BBMF affair have been perpetrated unabated for so long by his political enemies.

pls read a little history before commenting from the hips.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 16:10  

I am afraid if TRH becomes the PM under a PR federal government, he will do an about turn.

If the PR do win the next GE, it will only be a simple majority of a few seats. After being sworn into the powerful position of a PM, TRH will be able to persuade a number of PR MPs to join him in forming a new coalition government together with UMNO/BN.

A die-hard UMNO man, TRH will be hailed as UMNO and the Malay race's savior.

Why the need to look at anyone outside PR? There are many hidden gems in PR who given the opportunity will be better than any present leaders in UMNO as PM of the country.

They might not have much experience in governing but they also have no experience at all in corruption and abuse of power!!

Malaysians are ready to put their future in others not associated with the corrupt regime of UMNO/BN.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 17:55  

Anonymous, R could also mean Raja Petra. I would certainly support that. He may not have the experience but he is intelligent and am sure will learn fast. Plus he has the general public at heart.


Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 18:56  

This article is a load of rubbish freely speculating over matters that involve so many unknowns. The only purpose I can see for someone to write this article, apart from giving vent to the writer's pet theories, imagination and prejudices, is to flesh out a sample of the public reaction towards the acceptability of TRH as a possible prime minister.

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 19:36  

Salam Dato,
Kita selalu lupa isu-isu pokok setelah sekian lama berjuang tentang rasuah, salahgunakuasa,penipuan, penyelewengan sehingga ketahap melibatkan nyawa manusia iaiatu mati dan mati dengan kematian yang amat kejam.

Ada juga kalangan yang mempersoalkan 'apa yang Anwar buat semasa berkuasa' tanpa memahami 'kuasa Anwar itu setakat mana-walaupun berjawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri'. Mereka tidak pula bertanya 'apa yang Dato Musa Hitam atau Ghafar Baba dah buat semasa menjadi TPM?' Begitu juga apa dah Tengku Razaleigh dah buat semasa menjadi Menteri kewangan.

Kita juga selalu mengambil kesempatan diatas susah payah orang lain yang berjuang sekian lama dengan penuh dengan tomahan yang dahsyat, dituduh meliwat, pengkhianat Negara diluar batas akal manusia waras. Tidak cukup di cerca, di hina, di penjara tanpa oleh mahkamah tempang, malah hilang segala pendapatan, keluarga dimalukan bukan diserata kampung, bukan dalam negeri atau negara tapi hebohkan serata dunia. Tapi Anwar kekal kental. Apa jadi dengan Musa Hitam, apa jadi dengan Ghafar Baba, dan apa jadi dengan TRH? Dapat jadi Pengerusi itu dan ini dan kayaraya dan itu pilihan mereka. Bukankah Anwar boleh memilih kesenangan demikian? Kenapa beliau sanggup terus melawan arus yang menghancurkan dirinya?

Kalangan yang cuba menyisihkan Anwar disaatkan kemenangan semakin hampir amatlah menyedihkan dan memalukan. Tak pasal-pasal yang berjuang orang lain yang disanjung orang lain.

Isu kita ingin meletakkan Anwar untuk menerajui negara ialah kerana beliau adalah paling berpengalaman dalam sepak terajang politik dan pentadbiran dan yang paling penting 'keberanian'. Anwar melalui segala kesengsaran dan penipuan terhadap dirinya akan membuatkan beliau amat kental. 16hb September menjadikan beliau lebih matang.

Selain Pemimpin Mandela, siapa lagi pemimpin yang merengkok didalam penjara yang masih hidup kini? Bak kata Dato Nik Aziz 'Anwar telah melalui ujian yang paling getir,'Anwar tidak akan lama memerintah dan beliau akan berundur setelah membersihkan kekotoran pemtadbiran umnobn selama ini. Jika TRH jujur beliau perlu menyokong usaha ini.

Tinta Hitam 14 December 2011 at 20:09  

Datuk Ariff

Pada saya jika Ku Li menjadi PM samalah UMNO berkuasa semula.Ku Li dan UMNO adalah sumber yg sama.Cuma dia adalah agak kritikal sedikit pd UMNO.Kalau PR melantik Ku Li sebagai PM jika menang majoriti dlm PRU13 nanti.Ianya adalah satu kebodohan yg benar benar bodoh.Org Perak kata "tengin bebeno"

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 20:18  


I think even Pakatan supporter agree with you about Anwar. Hence, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the best choice for Pakatan if they ever win the next GE. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah have the support from the Rakyat of both group.


Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 20:27  

Anon 14.39,

Being from the royal family, Ku Li inherited a lot of wealth from his father. Thousands acres of land and properties in Kelantan. He is already well to do when he entered UMNO politics. Mahathir was not that rich when he entered politics but now he is very rich including all his multi millionaires children. How did Mahathir and family become so rich?

Anonymous,  14 December 2011 at 20:34  


I totally agree with you Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the only and best choice to be our Prime Minister. I just don't feel comfortable with Anway maybe the way he deal with Sabah, Zaid Ibrahim, and acceptance of a lot of UMNO rejects. Will Anwar supporter buy into idea of having Tengku to be our next PM? I am skeptical about it.


Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing.,  14 December 2011 at 20:45  

If your house is burning, you'll just do anything to put out the fire first.At this moment M'sia is burning by a fire called BN.Let's stop this fire first.At the current situation, any MP from PR is 10 times better than BN cabinet miniters.ABU first.

albert magic,  14 December 2011 at 22:06  

i want lge to be the next pm period

A Matter of Opinion 15 December 2011 at 00:42  

Looks like people are apprehensive about TR and his UMNO ties but may support him if he leaves UMNO. If DSAI goes to jail before the election, if TR leaves UMNO to join forces with PR- would that makes a difference??

Anonymous,  15 December 2011 at 12:07  

Well, a lot of perception has been made based on the past experience while dealing with Anwar during his tenure as a deputy PM in Umno and described him as a “Chameleon”.
I wonder a deputy PM able to make any Policies change adopted by Hilter’s Mamak?

As a neutral observer and had attended the ceramah given by Anwar, DAP, LGE,Kit, Hadi. I am convinced and agreed on Anwar reformation agenda highlighted during the speech and look forward to give him the 5 years opportunity to prove himself rather than guessing who should be the PM. (Remove the rot or cancel sel)

Life experience that has gone through by anyone can change his personality on managing the country instead of buying vote in Umno’s culture.

Why want to destroy a “pure Malay” to become the world Best? And protect the India Mamak cronies?

average joe 15 December 2011 at 13:57  

seems that Orang Muda 14 December 2011 04:56, Anon 14 December 2011 19:36, and Tinta Hitam 14 December 2011 20:09 have already said what exactly my perception and stand on this issue:
a)anwar has been THE starting point (vs mahatheer 1998; all previous significant events did not actually trigger any real, tangible and massive people uprising against the ruling govt - not the mahatheer vs arwah ghafar incident, not the mahatheer vs ku li/s46 incident, not the mahatheer vs raja2 incident, not the mahatheer vs judiciary incident and not even the mahatheer vs ulamak/mufti incident);

b)anwar has been the impetus (since reformasi, and he has ALWAYS been there in front, fighting alongside the masses, leading most of the times, even subjecting his own body to physical attacks, since '98 by rahim and up til 2011 by the tear-gas lovers, not cowering in deep entrenchments far from acid rains while merely writing in blogs or giving interviews to the media);

c)anwar is very relevant (apart from the bold and courageous display of leadership plus the great oratory skill, he also has vast experience in the nation's administration having served several key portfolios back then - and remember, it is never the minister himself who needs to know everything, but the minister must have a set of excellent advisors who really know things for him to listen to and base decisions from);
d)and anwar is also acceptably seen as the sole malaysian at the time being who can bridge pas & dap together on otherwise implosion-bound issues

ku li?
even tho he started semangat 46, he did not trigger/start public's awareness and uprising. worse, he came kneeling back at mahatheer's feet, tail between his legs.

even tho he has been very vocal about the govt's manipulation of the oil royalty for kelantan, about the govt's suppression of freedom to public assembly, etc, he DID NOT actually physically participate alongside the protesting people. he was always snugly tucked in whilst merely writing about them or occasionally giving ceramahs

even tho he can be seen as someone who can bridge any gap between the monarchs & govt/people, he has not been seen as a figure who can be the middleman between pas and dap, who are both major parties in pakatan. and he may also very well be seen as someone who could possibly mediate between umno & pas, but the people is no longer open to an idea of a coalition with umno - anything but umno, abu! so ku li's specialty in that angle is irrelevant

well, so who is the best person to be prime minister if pakatan wins ge13 whilst anwar gets locked in jail? i don't have that answer myself yet

one guy mentioned the 'rahman' thingy. i dont even wanna call it theory, that's just unjustifiable. but if i were to entertain that angle, i would rather have that thingy move away from 'rahman', now that cycle has been completed, and begin with 'rahim' cycle next (Allah, firstly ar-Rahman, secondly ar-Rahim). and if we go down that road, well, maybe, just maybe, ku li will indeed become the next pm. then probably anwar gets freed (judgment gets overturned, or he gets royal pardon, or azmin manages to break down his jail walls) and finally gets to replace ku li as the next pm. then 'h'. who? probably not hj hadi. then 'i'. by that time, maybe nurul izzah? hmmm...

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: BINATANG PELIHARAAN SAYA 4

penangite*,  16 December 2011 at 01:10  

Badawi, Najib and Muhyiddin were ministers but that did not make them better material to be PM/DPM. They do became better .......... better in sucking our country's wealth.

Nizar as PM, Nurul and Lim GE as DPMs will be a good beginning for a better Malaysia. At the very least, Malaysia's wealth is in safe hands. What is there to lose?

Ku Li can be special adviser in the Pakatan government.

Rauf Hakim 17 December 2011 at 08:52  

What is the scenario then if TRH is not selected to stand in Gua Musang?To the UMNO leadership of both camps TRH is just a maverick and he is no longer relevant unless he is willing to play the very visible and sharp spoken role of Dr.M and his blog is very active for the X and Y generations to read.Absence these two conditions his name is not saleable to the 60% of the voters.How is he going to reach out to the young and I do not see any viable alternative unless he starts his political campaigning now.The two young generations want to see,hear and show their support to his persona and not through the anointment of his name in old UMNO history book.His only probable way to be the PM is through the meeting of mafias within all the Malay MPs.

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