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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The voice of conscience: AMANAH

WAKTU: 09:30 AM.
I am asking my fans and readers to come and listen to the inaugural speech by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah this Friday. He will launch AMANAH, an NGO committed to the ideals of saving this nation from political insanity. This NGO is not a political party or grouping at least not for the moment. In the future, the NGO will remain an NGO but we cannot preclude members or supporters of Amanah taking the plunge into party politics. They are free to go support ant political parties they wish.
Some UMNO people are already worried and in the coming days will do their best to demonize Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Never mind them. They are just gasping for air and clutching at the last straws.
In the past few years, this country of ours has been put on a course of self-destruction. Our economy is not doing that good compared to the countries in south East Asia. UMNO which claimed they represent the Malays can't put on a straight face to say whether they have done well for the Malays. It only takes one example to demolish their self-conceit- the wealth disparity among Malays is greatest in Malaysia inspite of all the help that UMNO says it has given. We are inundated daily with all sorts of pious reminders that we ought to be grateful.
I want UMNO people to now realize why we are now reaping what we have sown. The UMNO we have (whatever happened to the word Baru that ought to accompany UMNO), this one reformed in 1988 was formed on a fundamentally flawed foundation. The UMNO of 1946 was formed on the basis of Malays coming together. The various Malay groupings subjecting themselves to a common goal and united for a purpose. The UMNO of 1988 was formed on the foundation of Malay divisiveness- the UMNO was split into two.
The man responsible for the creation of UMNO baru is now this time retired, next time not retired, or will do whatever he damn pleases. The other person also linked to the split is now making things right.
People can read the agenda of Amanah in the write-ups. I am writing from a different perspective. Amanah is here to put things right- by first organizing themselves, then by offering solutions, offering criticisms and later probably urging all political parties to surrender to permanent ideals rather than to transient personalized solutions.
Amanah sets out to reaffirm, inculcate and re-ignite the sense of togetherness and true family spirit that prevailed among all Malaysians during the time of our common struggle for national independence.
Its other objectives are:-
* To earnestly acknowledge, affirm and respect the sovereignty of the constituent states of the Malaysian Federation, consistent with the principles of federalism, democratic principles and in the true spirit of the Federal Constitution.
* To ensure that our national institutions respect and uphold the rule of law, democratic principles, rights and universal values.
* To support a government and administration that is transparent and accountable, truly competent, efficient, free of corruption and cronyism, clean and honest, fair and trustworthy, and that will be fully able to serve its functions and meet its responsibilities, freely and fairly; an administration that will always be mindful of the rights and interests of the people in whose name and cause it is appointed to serve.
* To promote the socio-economic well-being of the people, so that all Malaysians may enjoy truly advanced, progressive, fair and equitable lives – individually upholding filial piety and other noble values and collectively joined together in sincere family kinship as members of our national community and as stakeholders in our common national destiny.

* To support an economic policy that will help achieve and sustain a high standard of living for the people, based on the principle of justice, fairness and balance, consistent with the constitution and under a stable monetary condition.

I invite everyone to be there to listen with an open heart. I shall certainly be there and will be writing on Amanah in the next few articles.


Anonymous,  21 July 2011 at 23:20  

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Jong 21 July 2011 at 23:20  

Why is Tengku Razaleigh launching "AMANAH" when he should be helping to steer directionless UMNO Baru back to focus?

He can't, he won't or has he given up hope on UMNO Baru, now taken over by Mamaks and gone to the dogs?

Anonymous,  21 July 2011 at 23:27  

It's a bit too late to save UMNO BARU. It's already on self destruct mode and many knows it's going to implode.

Why do you think IA form PERKASA? And Zaid form KITA.

Now, YM Tengku Li is following but with a differing charter. And Mubarak is the chief backer. Ha! Ha! But it's one step better than IA. It's multiracial.

Everyone wants to get as many deserters as possible from UMNO BARU, MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan, SUPP, PBDS, PBS etc and have a piece of the big cake when elected.

And everyone is thinking PKR is also going to have deserters when AI is incarcerated in prison by whatever means.

And everyone thinks we will go the way of the Japanese and Europeans when the results of the next election gets a hung Parliament.

And every minnow party will then be courted with gifts galore to support a majority party to be the new Govt.

Pretty soon we will also have maybe some other religious parties and maybe a Green Party also.

State Elections may be a clear cut game between PR against BN, but Parliment may be a game with numerous parties all not having the absolute majority to rule.

Horse trading will ensue, and many will be hoping to reap their rewards then.

So, politicians will be politicians with all their Hum Ba Ba. And the poor Rakyat will be forever facinated and fooled by all the Ooh La La.

Anonymous,  21 July 2011 at 23:40  


As much as idiocy of some people linking Anwar + gang with Bersih 2.0 when Anwar is not even in the committee; what about AMANAH? Is this Tengku Razaleigh's last attempt to challenge DSN's UMNO presidency the other way round? Would not his political enemies use this perception to undermine AMANAH?



loveMyKris,  22 July 2011 at 00:06  

"The man responsible for the creation of UMNO baru is now this time retired, next time not retired, or will do whatever he damn pleases."

What a cutting statement. That's cos he could fucking walk on water, like you used to say. And right now running rings round the hapless Najib, despite his age. He's like a piece of turd that refuses to flush down. Well, I am gonna be there, if nothing more than to listen to what the prince has to say.

bruno,  22 July 2011 at 00:12  

Dato,Najib and his band of merrymen already have their heads against the ceilings because of Bersih.Now this Amanah thing by Tengku Razaleigh is sure going to drive them through the ceiling.Can't anyone give these sons of bitche any break.

This is sure going to put them in overdrive position.Most if not all are sure to go bonkers.The five stars sanitoriums are soon going to be doing brisk business will these fully loaded corrupted goons.

bruno,  22 July 2011 at 00:26  

Dato,one has to wonder how Ku Li with his new found AMANAH is going to save the country from these crazy horny rapists and murderers.Now we have new found Umno youth modern days mat rempit terrorists too.And we have Communists resurrecting all over the country when they have demised almost three decades ago.If Ku Li can perform silat mata then these dirtbag scums can be cured.But I assumed these dirtbag scums are beyond redemtion.In other words they are damned.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 00:36  

salam dato,

go to hell bn, i will support amanah.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 00:40  


that kerala man must be fidgeting. is he indian or a truly malay?

Suci Dalam Debu 22 July 2011 at 00:46  

If I had known earlier, I would attend. Not possible to make it now.

Salam to all who love to put Malaysia back on the right track.

Only a 2-party system can take turns to provide a good future for the next generation.

Noor Hasilah Ismail 22 July 2011 at 01:34  

hajat hati nak ke majlis ini, tetapi saya ditugaskan buat liputan acara-acara PM dari pagi sampai petang esok. Titipkan salam hormat kepada TRH ya.

bruno,  22 July 2011 at 01:35  

Dato,our economy has been on self destruction controlled mode for almost three decades now.The plundering of hundreds of billions of ringgit by politicians on the people's bank have left our nation's economy stymied for almost thirty years.

We achieved the developing nation's status three decades ago.Thirty years later we are still a developing nation.When Zimbabwe becomes a developed nation we will still be a developing nation.It will be a miracle if we don't get relegated to an under developed nation.If not for the massive looting of the people's bank we would have been a developed umpteen years ago.

If not for the massive natural resources Malaysia would have been a bankrupted nation already.Just look at the recent withdrawal of subsidies.It is the first warning sign that Petronas is soon to be sucked high and dry,and the people's bank is almost looted empty.There is no cure to this cancerous cell.Unless this recent Bersih protests awakened the fence sitters and forced a regime change.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 02:34  

Can do lah!

Just do it!

umar,  22 July 2011 at 04:45  

We don't have to begrudge him for his past misadventures.
First he has to resign from UMNO to portray a new vision on Malaysian politics to convince the public.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 09:22  

Dear Dato,

forgive me for digressing from your main topic on AMANAH. Hasn't UMNO (the original) been declared an illegal society by the court in 1988 ? Then how come the original UMNO's logo and flag continue to be used, is it not illegal also ? just like the yellow BERSIH T-shirt.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 09:34  

A very noble idea of this Amanah.Now we have sane minds in unison for a better Malaysia.
First you will need to clean deep , deep of the corrupted scums of UMNO by acid and then .....maybe ! maybe umno can be salvaged not saved!
But then the scums and pukis outweighs and outruns the good dedicated honest to earth members...You yourself know why people are in umno for......

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 09:45  

"To ensure that our national institutions respect and uphold the rule of law...."

Nothing can ever happen in the country if our national institutions are not reined in to toe the AMANAH ideals.
Presently our institutions are running wild. Look at the state of our judiciary, PDRM, Election Commission, MACC (according to the RCI), the civil service etc etc.

More emphasis need be put on this subject by AMANAH. Elaborate further on this issue.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 09:48  

UMNO will go demonize AMANAH as it is going after Bersih.

UTUSAN will say AMANAH is funded by some Christians and Jews to overthrow an Islamic Government.

They will show KuLi wearing a headgear with a Christian cross.

Quiet Despair,  22 July 2011 at 10:06  

Will be awaiting reports from you and bro Aspan. Don't expect MSM to carry it fully.
Did not get an invite. Until then, will not comment on it.
I wonder will you and Aspan announce your resignations from UMNO after this.
Will you follow Ku Li? Looks like it fits the idealisms of some who are disillusioned with the party.
Can't wait for you to declare your stand.

Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 12:03  


I hope AMANAH will also have prominent "champions" from the younger set of leaders to provide continuity. Their goals cannot be achieved in just a few years. A change of government perhaps, but a change in governing mindset is a whole different ballgame.

As it is MUBARAK is associated with the has been leaders and the Datuk-Datin and Tan Sri's sets. They bear no attachment to the struggles that the the younger generations are facing..housing, jobs, future prospects, lack of transparency in business opportunity (anak-anak, crony Dato'- Dato' ni jugak yang potong line)

Nonetheless, AMANAH must have a strong stand.

No more of this unprincipled, machiavellian style politics that has been perpetuated for so long unfortunately by our Malay UMNO Baru leaders


Anonymous,  22 July 2011 at 12:49  

quiet despair,
since you show yourself as being very close to UMNO, why dont you persuade UMNO to sack these two fellows? it will be good for UMNO to get rid of these guys. then at the same time, why dont you suggest UMNO take in people like Outsyed the box and Parpukari. Malays are always ruled and led by mamaks,

Quiet Despair,  22 July 2011 at 13:26  

At Masjid As-Syakirin, KLCC

Just thinking aloud. Will Ibrahim Ali and Zaid the Ibrahim be there?
Hey, Kelate rules okay.
They are always in great solidarity. Even in small US town, they have a federation of Kelate.

Taufiq Mubarak 22 July 2011 at 13:36  

AMANAH yang akan dipimpin Ku Li tidak akan sampai ke mana. Rekod menunjukkan Ku Li adalah seorang politikus "flip flop" seperti Pak Lah. Dia seorang yang "uncompetent". Amanah tidak akan mengancam UMNO.

CYC,  22 July 2011 at 15:25  

I dun know if UMNO will finish soon but Jibby is definitely facing his biggest obstacle both from all directions especially within the party. Somebody wanted to finish him and claim the crown.

Khun Pana aka johanssm 23 July 2011 at 06:02  

As Najib is busy licking his wounds he deported the lawyer from France.

This is a good sign for najib's enemies and umno's haters.

Utusan will be busy defending it's master.

As for AMANAH. It is a late entry and final attempt by KuLi to save the umno baru.
But how many people from umno or even Barisan will give their true support?

Anonymous,  23 July 2011 at 06:52  

Another much needed tool to help clean up the filthy, filthy Augean Stables of Dr M's UMNO Baru.

I trust that a moderate Malay nationalist like yourself will join Amanah, Dato Sak?


Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  24 July 2011 at 00:13  

we are all becoming dinosaurs, i believe we are from the same generation. umno will never change in spite of the rhetoric and the doggerel being churned out daily by them, i see no future for us, especially the malays to compete in a globalised world. what is needed is to change not necessarily the government but the way to govern. hope and with prayers to the almighty this may happen

Jong 24 July 2011 at 09:54  

Just hope and pray and being fed with rhetoric day in, day out without action is nothing, useless. Watch Indonesia, they have improved and advanced by leaps and bounds even Malaysian company Air Asia decides to move its regional HQ to Jakarta - a tight slap across the face of PM Najib, the 'bapak rhetoric'!

This country has gone to the dogs and those who voted umno/Bn in to office, must not point fingers but take the blame themselves!

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