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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 15 July 2011

Untamable Bersih- part 2, understanding it.


Some spell it as tamable. Others as tameable. The fact remains, the marchers cannot be tamed and though battered and aspersed, remained unbowed and honorable.

How do we make sense and explain the actions that took place after Bersih ? Let's have our own debriefing session lest we agonized over how the media characterized our fellow citizens who marched on the 9th of July. On the whole, I think, those people who marched towards stadium merdeka on the 9th of July before being horribly set upon by the Police with tear gas and chemical-laced water sprays, are good honorable and public spirited people.

They carried no Parangs and other assortment of dangerous weapons which were displayed by the Police a few weeks ago and which looked suspiciously bought from a same single supplier. Perhaps one person was assigned to purchase the 'weapons' from a single supplier and then, the cache was displayed before all. Logic would have it that if the weapons were owned by different people, they would be of a jumbled up lot. Here an axe, there a pisau, over here a parang, over there a catapult. Where were the Molotov cocktails?

Samad Said the Nobel Laureate whose earliest novel Salina I read a long time ago could hardly be described a subversive or crook. Khalid Samad? Haji Hadi? These people consisted of ordinary people from all walks of lives- pensioners, taxi drivers, writers, lawyers. They are just plain public spirited individuals.

The bersih marchers are not street mobs on a rampage of looting spree. They are peaceful marchers making a statement about how elections are run in this country. But as usual UMNO and the government like to claim and exercise ownership on the bad things. So any attacks against the bad things owned by the government are taken as attacks against lawful government and therefore require punishment. The punishment came in baton wallops, water cannons ejecting chemical-laced water, tear gas and physical abuse. All these are of course mild treatment from our own chaps in blue.

If we read and listened to the pliant print and audio visual media machine, all those who participated in the Bersih march are subversives, traitors, and dummies. These people are tools for Lim Kit Siang, mules for Anwar Ibrahim, digits directed by Indians, especially that minachi named Ambiga. Those marchers and those who write in support for the Bersih cause will all perish. UMNO will triumph and those causing trouble will be punished.

How does the government explain Bersih?

1)    Bersih is an outlaw organization used as a front by opposition politicians and politicians who have lost credibility.

2)    Bersih is just a ploy by Anwar Ibrahim to revive his image.

3)    Bersih is a subversive effort by people to unseat the government unlawfully.

4)    Bersih is a strategy by non-Malays and foreign agents to destroy the Malay government.

5)    Bersih is anti-Islam.

This is the story that is going to retold over and over gain in kampong and villages.

Bersih 1 took place so many years ago. The previous Home Minister must have slept through his job, whoever he was. Perhaps at that time, he was busier overseeing the processing of immigrant workers from Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Bersih who did the same thing as the intended one on the 9th of July, wasn't outlawed? The answer can only be straight and simple- simply because, it never contained any crook elements. This time, the government is more creative- first they discovered an assortment of weapons, then the NGO was outlawed. There was also an attempt to picture the marchers as communists because some posters of Shamsiah Fakeh were discovered. I thought some time ago, Utusan Malaysia hailed Shamsiah Fakeh as a freedom fighter? Bersih was also hinted on as a front for foreign powers and it received funding abroad.

Why would the Agong be allowed to meet up with representatives of an outlawed organization and why would the PM be willing to discuss with an outlawed organization?

The outlawing of Bersih smacks the use of unbridled discretionary power. If Bersih is outlawed, then it must have contained elements that were outlaw-able right from the beginning. That it was outlawed on the eve of the 9th of July March would suggest that, the decision to do so was done maliciously as it was unprincipled. This is the reason why Bersih was outlawed – to justify the actions intended upon the marchers.

Understanding why they were set upon then, would help marchers dispel any notions that they were crooks or subversive elements. These people are not crooks but participants and supporters to a cause espoused by a hastily and peculiarly outlawed organization.

The hidden agenda is, by outlawing Bersih, it will be possible for the government to declare whatever Bersih wanted to do such as declaring the participants and the organizers, en bloc as law breakers. As law breakers, they are subject to the laws governing crowd control and public disturbance. It will be easy henceforth to justify any actions against the marchers and organizers in accordance to the law.

I think the mainstream media is overplaying this point. There were elaborate attempts to show Bersih as a means to restore Anwar's sagging fortunes. Hence Utusan Malaysia gave coverage about Anwar's involvement in the rally. But this was truly and actually wasn't about Anwar anymore. If he feigned his injury, wearing the familiar neck brace and looking almost dead on the hospital bed, he must have gotten a miraculous recovery for the very same night he was in his element at the PKNS stadium in Kelana Jaya.

Everyone saw he fell down while negotiating somewhere after leaving his presidential suite at KL Hilton. Tian Chua was mobilizing marchers who stampeded through police cordon and in the melee, Anwar fell down. I am almost near to saying; Anwar was actually a liability in the Bersih Rally.

I am sure; the Police must have been instructed not to touch the 91 people classified persona non grata in KL on the 9th of July. The same cannot be said of the nameless but determined marchers on that day. Being nameless gave the Police a freer hand to deal at their discretion. Excessive force was applied on these people.

Let's push the argument further. Even if Anwar leveraged on the Bersih March, does association with Anwar make the march illegal? Somehow it must be wrong if Anwar is involved. Let's not forget that Anwar has paid a heavy cost for his 1 Sodomy. He has not been convicted yet and therefore technically must be presumed innocent.

Anwar Ibrahim is a former deputy PM and is currently battling legal charges and is on trial. Association with Anwar who is maligned with all sort of dirty description does not make Bersih and its cause any less honorable. Anwar's case is his and his alone- it does not pollute the cause of Bersih marchers. Hence, there is no shame for the marchers, if others accused the marchers as Anwar's mules. Anwar's presence does not diminish Bersih nor besmirch the honor of marchers.

Let's try to make some sense about how the government responded. Anwar was factored in the rally. First-hand accounts were elicited from international tourists. Traders and travellers were solicited for their comments. The whole rally was classified as haram. It caused great hardships to traders who lost business and the daily life disrupted. Bersih is an insidious ploy by non-Malays to undermine the Malay government.

Why is the government doing all these rather elaborately? The answer is it's all part of the mind conditioning process of the public. It's trying to isolate the Bersih marchers as some foreign substance to prevent it from becoming some integral element of a civil society.

But here is the thing. Spontaneous and voluntary banding up together is an important ingredient of a civilized and democratic society. Only 3rd world despots who are natural anti democracy respond the way the government did. Use batons and other harsh treatments on its own citizens.

Is Bersih an agenda for non-Malays to dislodge the Malays from political power? The bitter and inconvenient truth is the majority who marched with Bersih the other day were Malays. That makes the debatable fact that the rally was planned by Indians and that Malays are being used, insignificant.

The cause and the beliefs underlying the resolve to march with Bersih are more important. That the elections Commission hasn't been up to standard in ensuring elections are and are seen as clean was and shall remain the main objective. It wasn't about overthrowing the government though street actions. People marched because they are motivated by real concerns.

Why is the government afraid of electoral reforms? Everyone seems confident that the government will be returned with a bigger majority. The victory will be more honorable if it wins with integrity. The issue of postal voting is insignificant. Those in the service vote earlier because of operational reasons and the election process is done under watchful eyes. Representatives of political parties are present during the voting and vote counting process.

Why should aliens be given citizenship and rights to vote in order to ensure victory for certain people? The bigger issue here, how come they get citizenship with such ease and so large a number?

On TV, we were shown interviews with a few Caucasians. They were inconvenienced they said. The inconvenience of 2 or 3 Caucasians is considered to create a jarring impact on Malaysia? Their pedantic views are irrelevant; as though they are not inconvenienced by other things. Many of us had to waddle through crawling traffic. Come, interview us, we will tell you another story.

Our opinions, coming out as Malaysians are definitely more important than two backpacking Caucasians. The two Indian tourists said they had to go to bed starving. Were they going for a particular type of food that can't be found elsewhere?

We were of course made to listen to excerpted interviews. If these kwailos come from western democracies, they are not altogether strangers to marches and demonstrations. Everyone get inconvenienced especially those who want to use the same route.

The impression represented by the kwailos is irrelevant to Malaysia. Caucasian tourists will still come to Malaysia. All Ng Yen Yen needs to do, is to flash out on her expensive Facebook, routes to be avoided by the kwailos. Better still, redirect them to Jalan Alor so that they can have a good time there and thereafter form a better impression on Malaysia. Then we will hear satisfied testimonies of Oh yeah baby, oh yeah baby, give it to me baby reverberate around the world. Petite Asian babes are anytime preferable than Showamaru-able Caucasian mevrouws.

It's all part of the mind conditioning strategies of the print and audio visual media industry. Interviews with the Caucasians and the horny looking Egyptian will be exploited to show people that tourism in Malaysia will be affected. Ng Yen Yen came out with her usual condescending explanation of how much we lost in terms of tourist revenue. If we earn RM 30 billion over a month, a loss in one day's revenue is RM 1 billion, she will boom in her usual speech giving style as though she's talking to stupidas. We will teach you a lesson in Raub , nyonya.


Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 07:37  

Dear Dato, Yes, we will teach "Curi Curi Wang Malaysia" Yen Yen in Raub.......

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 08:21  

Your latest post seems venomous and I believe so are most of us who want to see fairness in the coming general election in order to change this government via the ballot box.
They did all they could to thwart the rally from becoming a massive one yet they failed to stop them altogether. Instead they portrayed themselves as the a cruel government who is ever willing to use excessive force on its own people marching in an otherwise peaceful rally. Despite all the hardship, a commendable size still managed to make themselves available. I just wonder what will be the actual size if they were free to rally with the police keeping them safe from agent provocateurs.
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 08:45  

the people is stockholders of this country and can insist the leaders to make changes on anything be it through ballots or rallies.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 08:45  

the people is stockholders of this country and can insist the leaders to make changes on anything be it through ballots or rallies.

Jong 15 July 2011 at 09:08  

Hahaha!! I like that - "We will teach you a lesson in Raub, nyonya."

- this shallow be kicked out just as soon as nomination day. Guess she won't go hungry, has enough to last her another 50 winters, no? This woman is most condescending and a disgrace; listening to her speak makes one wanna puke!

MCA has long been irrelevant, totally rejected by the Chinese community, finally received its last rites at Tung Shin Hospital 9 July 2011; thanks to its deputy president Liar Tiong Lie!

This Najib's regime is just bankrupt of ideas. Their spins in BN-controlled news media - tv and newspapers is so telling, reveal how desperate they are. but too bad for them, today's Malaysians don't buy it, the Rakyat has had enough!

Quiet Despair,  15 July 2011 at 09:16  

When someone said it's not about him, it usually is about him.
You hear shouts of Reformasi not other chants.
Yesterday's BBC news highlighted that clarion call too.
Whatever, all is not lost, people,
You guys who were there on Saturday have an avenue to complain - Suhakam.
Suhakam is having an inquiry and invites the police and the illegal demonstrators to report to them.
KL police too wants the people to submit reports with proofs that there were police brutality that day.
The IGP has promised to punish those men in blue who flout standard police regulations.
So guys, complain enmasse, okay. Make it stick.
Don't just vent your anger in blogs, spewing expletives.
It's payback time!
Our government is indeed a caring one.

P.S The U-tube showing the dying man being hand-cuffed is not authentic.
Police have issued the photo of the dead PAS man which is entirely different from the U-tube.

Raison D'etre 15 July 2011 at 09:17  


Definitely weird in that UMNO and its coterie of corruptible (?) cahoots is still Anwar-centric in their damned them all focus when the man himself, as you say, is pretty much a liability to the whole BERSIH movement.

BERSIH was never about Awnar, but try impressing this on the Umno-led legions and you're better off banging your head against a wall.

Will BERSIH lead to anything? If the GE13 is called soon, probably. Malaysians however are generally short in memories and high in jomhebohing-spirit.

EC wants verification by way of biometrics and biometrics is the way to go for the legal migrants identifying, huh?

Not insinuating anything there, ya.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 09:44  

Dear Dato,
need some time to enjoy the untamable Bersih- part 2, excellent piece.

Lighted on the NYY Minister comments in your last para, and happened to have seen/heard her on TV news, same spiel, same heavy handed condescension. Will she never learn? We are no longer mindless robots that will take this kind of drivel from anyone including the govt of the day!

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 09:50  

From the ashes of the burning UMNO phoenix during the Bersih fiasco, rise young promising leaders who were kept away from the ra kyat. These leaders are, themselves, something of a Bersih thing for UMNO and BN.

It is people like Saifuddin Abdullah from UMNO, some from MCA and Gerakan, and some from MIC who are now voicing their thoughts without fear of collision with their leaders.

Malaysia sorely need this type of young leaders, both in UMNO/BN and in the opposition, to make this country world class.

Reezal Merican, Azeez Rahim etc,
do not belong to this category.
KJ? He might just spring a complete surprise.


guwawijaya,  15 July 2011 at 10:03  

BN or rather UMNO (since the other component parties have little say or even none at all) has been at the losing end of the 'hearts & minds' political war since 2006/7. The UMNO-led government's harsh persecution against the recent Bersih rally has been pure idiocy of stupendous proportion because it merely accelerates the losing 'hearts & minds' political war.

chris,  15 July 2011 at 10:09  

Dato, i sense u r finally ready to leave those goons running UMNO and the country. PAS? DAP? suggest for greater impact, DAP. Belief u can be positive in there. Oh, i am not a member of any political parties. I definitely won't suggest PKR lest u r tainted by being ex UMNO there.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 10:12  

The government of the day thinks we people are still idiots!My guess they panic that's all and as usual they do not know how to to do damage control in such situation.
The pm made his ministers suckers to handle his shit!a FINE one indeed!

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 10:27  

Now they blamed or even going to sue the PDRM for excessive force against the people involved in the rally. They knew that no permit was given for the rally. So, its illegal. Yet, they still proceed with the rally and some were injured for resisting arrest. Can someone tell me, if you were the IGP, how would you handle this situation? Jangan pandai cakap saja. Jangan asyik nampak kesalahan orang dan suka menyalahkan orang. Padahal diri sendiri pun tak betul. Takde cara lain ke selain mengadakan perhimpunan yg haram disisi undang2.

bruno,  15 July 2011 at 10:42  

Dato,first we have to commend the organisers of the Bersih rally and the participants.It was a well organised rally.The participants were disclipined and multi racial.If not for the rowdy policemen trying to break up and chase the protestors home it would have been like a carnival.

Further more they were no reports of vandalism and looting.Forget about Thailand,Indonesia,
Philippines and the Middle East.
In modern days organised street protest or demonstrations,
there is always reports of rampant property damages and looting.

Western countries such as UK,France,Germany,Spain,Greece,
Italy and even the USA when they
have street protest and
demonstrations there is always
rampant property damages and
looting.And then the more rowdy ones will clash with the police too.

Our July 9th Bersih rally will put the more civilised western nations to shame.The only ones rowdy and uncivilised were our Umno GOM and the men in blue.And of course Porno King Chuah Soi Lek,HM Liow Tiong LI and the IGP.These three men are pariahs and traitors.

From the actions of the police they have every intentions to enter
the compound of the Tung Shin Hospital.The plan they have was to trap the protestors from both ends.And after firing tear gas and water canons they baton charged the
protestors.The only way to run was into the compound of the hospital.Once inside the compound of the hospital the protestors are trapped.

Once inside the protestors have no where to go.So all the police have to do is to punished them.So they fired tear gas and water cannoned at them. Then after that they went in and beat and arrest them.Maybe
because they were ordered by their superiors to physically punished
the protestors they got big headed.
Or they didn't know that hospitals are off limits to them.

But after the fact the authorities
have to accept resposibility.With all the cameras,video cameras and
cellular phone cameras by the hundreds taking pictures they still want to denied it.In todays
internet world before the police can even arrest the demonstrators
the pictures are already on the internet.

Instead of damage control we have the three stooges trying to bulldozed their way out.To openly
denied and act abusive like LTL
did to the reporter and how CSL
talked,the public is sure going to punish them.Especially after how rowdy the police treated the
protestors the public is not in a forgiving mood.

These two Mca leaders are already rejects of the people,and they still want to get hot headed.Just look at all the comments on the internet about these two brain
dead politicians.To lie to protect
the attack on a hospital when one of the fools is the present HM and the other an ex HM is a joke.Hospitals are under their jurisdiction as HM's.

To protect the intruder is like
protecting a rapist who raped their wives or daughters.Maybe these pariahs will condone these practices because lapdogs have no loyalty or consience.These two and the IGP are a disgrace to society.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 10:46  

Isn't it ironic that no ambulance was around. Yet the powers to be claimed the possibility of molotov cocktails and machetes being used by the marchers and thus FRU/PDRM officers might get hurt. Bloody insulting of the rakyat's intelligence.

Red Alfa 15 July 2011 at 10:47  

Salam Dato'

Yes, the Government will be re-telling and re-telling their lines on Bersih.

The Government just don't get it.

People are getting wise to their manipulations of truths. People are finding by the day the exact opposites of what they are making inordinate lengths to straighten.

That the Government makes Bersih haram and anti-Islam must surely take the all-time cake!

Like if anyone stands for anti-bersih he is for what's kotor, surely?

A Muslim as everyone else must so believe, kotor has no place in iman and ibadah!

loveMyKris,  15 July 2011 at 10:53  

hahaha i like the last sentence. yeah, lets flay the condescending nyonya. great writeup sak. is there gonna be a part 3?

Old Timer,  15 July 2011 at 10:55  

The problem SAK, is innocent people in the rural areas totally believe these spins by the government media and will continue to vote for the ruling party.

bruno,  15 July 2011 at 11:14  

Dato,all Ng Yen Yen has to do is to direct all those horny tourists
to her ex president Chuah Soi Lek's backyard for those mak ayams
After their first experience and
satisfaction and by word of mouth
business will be booming.Then there is no need for the expensive
facebooks.The only industry that
will survive any recession and will always be there is the sex industry.Then CSL's backyard will be KL's new sex haven.

didi,  15 July 2011 at 11:26  

Hahahahaha! Funny! Good write up.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 11:36  

Long stoli also no use la latok. Cut short aa. only dumb voters left for BN lorr in next election.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 11:37  

You couldnt help but include a snide remark or two abt Anwar, could you!

KJ Keng Kang,  15 July 2011 at 11:39  

The irony of it all for the young UMNO worshippers is that ... Alamak! You tengok! Itu KJ! Dah berbakti!!!

Good God! So the bugger was baptized with fire, ah!? Apa dah jadi Melayu UMNO?

And he was protesting against what Bersih stands for !

But of course, had KJ cleverly demanded for a special assembly of Parliament where this thing could be debated in a more civilized manner, he won't get past the lanun Sabah Speaker. I would have done that were I him. Would have to cook up some lies which the rest of the average UMNO multitude might not be able to tell anway.

Ini orang Melayu UMNO punye psyche! Atau apa nama? Suka saki aje?

Melayu Baru,  15 July 2011 at 12:04  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

DSAI doesnt matter. I dont think the government get it. They were so spooked by the man that they went beserk at mere mention of his name.

He transitory. His fate is sealed - he will be found guily, and will languish in jail. When he's out, he will no longer be the PM material as age will catch up. No other option is possible. If it is, it means that all the conspiracy theories are true and this government doenst have the gut to stomach the other verdict.

What matters are the process of change has started, the awakening of society has begun and the realization of government knew best day is over.

Bersih 2.0 is a testament to that. The big bully of UBN government doesnt strike fear in the heart of civil society anymore.

The closest I can think of to illustrate the point is the ants in Bug's Life - the scene where the ants realized that they far outnumber the tyrannical grasshopper. And they can beat the crap out of the grasshoppers.

In our case, we realized the specter of 13 May, violent racial clashes and thereat of physical (and incarceration) does not make people stop and joining the march.

The road block doesnt stop those who wanted to go. It only earned wrath of daily commuters who poured scorn on the poor policemen in the privacy of their own car. It only harden the belief that UBN is scared, and using the tool of the state to stop a legitimate march.

Then there's double standard galore. Perkasa can get permit to assemble, KJ can march and cause havoc, rules only apply to those who disagree with the government.

Media? Ah - they are run by Umno Political Bureau disguising as PM Office. So, the standard playbook is out, with full predictability. What else can you expect from a regime running out of ideas?

Melayu Baru

MeorUSA,  15 July 2011 at 12:08  

thanks everybody for stopping possible bloodshed.Isn't that the objective of peace.?

Melayu Baru,  15 July 2011 at 12:12  


What is important is that all these manipulations awakened the people that are apolitical of their future under UBN. One that is corrupt to the core, feudal and outdated.

If one wasnt concerned about who ruled the country before Bersih 2.0, they know now who to vote in the next GE. The realization will grow, Dato.

The wind of change is blowing in the world. Not too long ago America and Russia were the superpowers. Russia disintegrate, US become the policeman of the world, China and India emerged as economic powerhouse and US is in decline.

Events in middle east and the region will accelerate the process of change. Look at Indonesia. They went through the process of change - and I can bet within my lifetime that we will end up sending worker in Indonesia as their economy prosper. In the past, didnt we then look at Indonesia as Big Brother? Not that I advocate doing that again - but unconsciously if they change their corrupt system for the better and attracted inflow of fund, shouldnt we do the same here?

Afterall, we are concerned with investment dollars (and tourist), no? UBN government doesnt see this?

Melayu Baru

Fooart 15 July 2011 at 12:12  

Salam Dato'

Kenapa tidak ramai org UMNO berfikiran spt Dato'? Tiap kali saya membaca artikel dan komen Dato' saya akan termenung sejenak....tak adakah pengikut UMNO yg sombong bodoh ini mengambil peluang membaca pandangan dari Dato'? With or without the Bersih Rally, BN@UMNO is already condemn. Period!! With or without Bersih, undi untuk BN mmg tidak ada lagi. Perasaan benci dan meluat ( wpun tidak digalakkan dalam Islam ) memandang dan mendengar suara ucapan Najib tidak dpt dibendung lagi. Susuk isteri Najib yg hipokrit mmg menyakitkan mata. Tidak pernah saya lupa kasih sayang saya terhadap isteri tercinta Tun Mahathir, seorang yang paling ideal menjadi isteri PM. Biar apa pun pandangan serong orang terhadap Bersih, saya bangga menjadi seorang rakyat yg bersama-sama dalam perhimpunan tersebut. Disitu juga menunjukkan kelemahan PDRM mengekang kemaraan org ramai walaupun mengadakan banyak sekatan sebelum ini. Perhimpunan Bersih kali ini akan tetap di hati saya dan tidak tahan kesabaran untuk menanti Pilihanraya ke 13, memohon ke hadrat Illahi agar BN@UMNO tumbang dan hilang sebagai parti yang memerintah. Hidup Bersih!!!

Richard Cranium 15 July 2011 at 12:19  

We will teach you a lesson in Raub , nyonya?

uhm, Dato, who is this 'we'?

Melayu Baru,  15 July 2011 at 12:30  


And here's something that I would like to ask you, Dato'.

I read with interest a commentators' input of your qualities as ADUN. You were very hardworking, close to the ground and understand your responsibility as one. Any normal UMNO member will sulk, throw tantrum and even sabotage their own party when they are not elected again after doing all the hard work.

Not you, though.

You also realized what is going on in UMNO, maybe more than a lot of us. You knew how corrupt the system is, how ruthless the Ketua Bahagian in defending their turf, and how incompetent most of them are. Normal people would leave in disgust and find another platform.

Again - not you.

Your blog also must have caused a lot of consternation among UMNO members. They look upon you as a traitor, renegade, or worse ingrates (after all UMNO 'gave' you)

But you are still here - steadfastly.

The points that you raised are real, true and objective. You must also know that they will not get the attention it should.

I can only conclude that you love UMNO to death. You are being cruel to be kind to it. You engage many level minded commentators (and admirers) - but in your heart youre doing this because of your love of UMNO. I dont think you will ever leave UMNO as asked by many before (including me)

Is the input to this blog being used at ILMU, or some other training modules in UMNO?

Because I think a smart man like yourself does not just write this for the sake of writing - but there's a higher volition. I extrapolating too far to what appears as a rationale rants?

Melayu Baru

A Malaccan,  15 July 2011 at 12:32  

I take it as a grave insult to call NYY a nyonya...I can think of some names not suitable for public viewing...

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 12:34  

Malaysian Government has transformed into a "Govt for BN, Govt by BN and Govt of BN.

Within BN it has transformed into "BN for UMNO Baru, BN by UMNO Baru, BN of UMNO Baru"

Within UMNO Baru it has transformed into " UMNO Baru for TDM, UMNO Baru by TDM, UMNO Baru of TDM."

Keep on repeating the Within UMNO Baru but replace it with for, by and of the word TDM with the following"

Najib, Muyhideeen, Dollah Badawi, Zaid, Ibrahim Ali, Mubarak, Pekida, Shafie, Mukhriz, KJ, Hishammuddin, Korporat, Religious Ngos, Govt depts, GLCs, etc etc.

The word Rakyat can only appear at the bottom of the list after Mamakutty, Pundikutty, KIMMA, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc etc

And this Motto with the word Rakyat will only appear many times when elections are near.

Because after so many years after UMNO Baru was registered, the word rakyat seems to have disappeared in peace times and is only used in patriotic songs and Jom Heboh activities or when prices of everything is increasing.

Now the word Rakyat is being used again and so we know the Govt. is really in trouble. It's like the word love was suddenly discovered and the Govt has fallen in love with the rakyat after been jilted so many times.

Smother your anger deep inside momentarily, sleep temporary with the Govt or BN or UMNO BARU or ............. again and when the time comes, show who is in control, take out the scissors and just snip it off.

By- Jilted Rakyat

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 12:57  


Articulate and hard hitting. Bravo!!!! It is a pity and wasted talent that you are not a representative of the people in Parliament. You are exactly the type of Malay, the nation requires but because of the feudal mindset, you are deprived of the opportunity. Keep on writing the way you do. Maybe one day, the morons will wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 13:02  

some malays are wary of Christians and some malays are scared of why not decree Bersih 2.0 as a Christian-sponsored Communists conspiracy..that way all malays wiil go against!!!what a brilliant idea..Christian Commies to spook the malays...Christian Communists??? and they're so moronic to know that the label is an oxy-moron

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 14:34  


does the word reformasi belongs to Anwar alone? setahu saya, tuntutan BERSIH 2.0 ialah electorial reform, kalau translate BM,bermaksud reformasi plihanraya. salah ke guna perkataan tu? dulu fobia warna hijau, skrg warna kuning plak, pastu perkataan bersih, reformasi.. lepas ni fobia apa pulak?

Donplaypuks® 15 July 2011 at 14:53  

In the end, 50,000-200,000 marched not even because of the Elections Commission issue. Anwar did not figure much in the equation.

They took to the streets because Rosemajib and Kerismudin banned yellow t-shirts and ordered the police to arbitrarily arrest our fellow citizens, especially MP Dr. Jeyakumar of Sg. Siput.

This was highanded to the extreme if not downright Bolshie! Stalin, Hitler and Mao would have been proud.

The PM and Home Minister subverted the Constitution and Law and then played Catch22 games with the Bersih organizers. They confirmed they were bigots and hypocrites. They lied to us.

And yes, I can vouch that about 70% of the marchers were Malays.

PM Najib nad his Cabinet must resign en masse immediately. They no longer have the trust or support of the majority of Malaysians

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 16:43  

UMNO is on the way out. Why should the people pay taxes to let them beat the public? Politicians and police pay checks all from the taxpayers. We are the boss, but they act like they owned the country, that the public are beholden to them. Why did the police act so brutally? It is because they know that the govt. is on their sides. That is why we need to vote in righteous and just people. People who truly fear God in their hearts and not outward appearance only.

OneMalaysian,  15 July 2011 at 16:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Why is the government afraid of electoral reforms?”

That’s the key question. The answer is simple: in a free and fair election, this government faces a high probability of falling. And that will be the end of UMNO. The risk, therefore, is too big to take.

There is some misconception that cheating at the polls is widespread and everywhere. No, that’s not true, but it happens in crucial seats and key states where if the elections were cleanly fought, BN might have lost many seats. There is no need to put phantom voters in PJ Utara or in Bukit Bintang or in Sungei Besi. These are DAP strongholds. A few more cheated votes won’t make a difference. Cheating takes place where UMNO bigwigs contest – Pekan, for example, where Najib stands.

What do we mean by unfair or unclean elections? One is jerry meandering – the redrawing of electoral boundaries to advantage a certain party. In the case of Pekan, after Najib nearly lost by a hundred votes, the Elections Commission redrew the boundary to rope in a couple of army camps, which for unexplained reasons, the voting always go 95% to BN/UMNO. There are also many stories of postal votes (army or police votes) suddenly appearing out of the blue just when a key UMNO big shot is about to lose, and these postal votes swing the contest their way.

Of course there is plenty of evidence of phantom votes, and there are these illegal migrants suddenly granted citizenship (especially in Sabah) and are told to repay by voting UMNO/BN. Then there is the age-old tactic of bribery. This happens a lot in rural Sarawak, where long house dwellers are given money to vote a certain way. This is the specialty of Taib Mahmud. The PM also gets in the act by promising to “you help me, I help you”. This is wrong when a certain group is specifically promised something in return for voting the government candidate. It is OK if a promise is made to do something (e.g. to lower taxes) for everyone. So the widespread cheating that goes on in Sabah and Sarawak is condoned because they are UMNO’s “fixed deposit”.

It is apparent that UMNO/BN might lose in free and fair elections. That is why BERSIH, made up of 62 lawful NGOs, was declared unlawful. What screwed up logic!

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 17:31  

"We will teach you a lesson in Raub, nyonya."

This nyonya has no problem with that. Take my word. As soon as she loses, she will be on the next flight to Australia.
She will then flash her PR status and tell Najib to fly kite as she managed to fool them all these years about her patriotism.
Dato, why not ask her to reveal her interests Down Under. Ask her how many of her children are there and how many apartments and bank accounts she has there.
Unfortunately the voters in Raub, didn't care about these issues when they voted blindly for the Dacing.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 17:53  

Salam Dato,

This article of yours tickles me....especially your last sentence.

Can you help by drumming some sense into Najib and his arrogant cousin? They are allowing police brutality against the peace-loving rakyat.

I believe you have your ways to reach Najib via your Oracle @Putrajaya.

I feel sad when I saw countless video recordings of police brutality on 9 July.


Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 18:03  

Salam Datuk. You are like a diamong shining in a mountain called amnotaik. Thanks!

Assamjawa,  15 July 2011 at 18:04  

"Reezal Merican, Azeez Rahim etc,"

- those two over-fed from MIC?

manghup 15 July 2011 at 18:36  

So be it if this rally can bring PR to Putrajaya. But what is of more concern is for EC to brush up their standard of fair and clean election before PR can march on to Putrajaya. We certainly do not want to have PR in Putrajaya telling us what the present govt is telling us now..that the EC is fair and clean

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 19:02  

quiet depair,

u are right..that fella in the utube didnt die..he might have had a seizure/epilepsy or might have just faked it to free himself when the cops man handled him.

anyway the shocking thing in the video is how the police react. the helpless expression of our man in blues sums it all. nothing to cut the plastic cuffs and no immediate medical help. it's a scary thought when police are instructed to charge into the crowd with aggression but without any backup or medical unit. taught to inflict pain but not to help. at the end of the day passerbys are the ones helping and shouting at the cops..this is embarrassing to pdrm.

agree or not?

telur dua 15 July 2011 at 19:19  


If they interviewed us our interviews will never see the light of day.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 19:50  

to anon 10.27 /15 july

perhimpunan haram? kiranya melanggar undang-undang kan?setuju?
Kalau macam tu kena pijak tu ikut undang -undang ker?
jangan hidup dalam penafian.

walla 15 July 2011 at 20:07  

A: 'What's next, Sir?'

B: 'That's the question, Sofea. What is to happen next?

You can't hold a referendum because its election process will also be the same issue so the result will not be believable.

On the other hand, you can't boycott the general elections because Barisan will thicken face and declare a walkover.

However if it does such an undemocratic move, the country will be split because the rakyat will say pretenders are holding office while the government will be held to international contempt.

Furthermore, massive passive resistance may rise to gridlock the nation, what more Barisan members themselves may exercise conscientious objection.'

A: 'Does that mean Umno cannot ignore Bersih's requests as the ball is now in Umno's court?'

B: 'Yet it persists to do so, Sofea.

All the government-controlled media including its cyber-tee's have been working overtime to rogue-brand not only Bersih but also Pakatan and the rally walkers while ignoring the key reason why the rally took place and this probably because it realizes it cannot ignore those requests.

Barisan is caught in a maroczy bind.

Accede and lose its only card left - to cheat at the next general elections.

Defy the rakyat - and there will be more rumble, each increasing the strength of the Opposition and reducing the resolve of Barisan's own members themselves who are starting to see their parties, particularly Umno, in an increasingly bad light.

Meanwhile the present government can kiss goodbye to ETP and V2020. No investor will want to have anything to do with a country whose government is elected not only by default. But also by fault.

The investor's shareholders will put a moratorium on Malaysia. Stay away from that pisang mas republic, they may add.'

A: 'I see what you mean, Sir. If they are debated in Parliament, the rakyat will pre-conclude there will be no resolution because the cards are stacked against those who would want to see the reforms carried, given how yellow-livered, i mean blue-livered, the Barisan MPs are.

So it seems the issue is now at an impasse. Barisan must be hoping the rakyat will forget and it will blow away while Bersih supporters will have to strategize to maintain momentum.

Therefore Barisan will work to deflect and you can expect Umno to start raking some other issues to take away the rakyats' attention. In response, Bersih et al will work to see that the issue continues to burn bright and far.

Isn't it pathetic, Sir? Before the rally, Umno beat its chest and said it had the momentum. It then worked to stop the rally using the most ridiculous attempts in modern administration.

After the rally, Umno's much vaunted momentum has not only been punctured but also completely vaporized until its proxy the Rt Hon. Ibrahim Ali had to perform his most miraculous action todate - complete loss of voice.

Meanwhile Umno worked to demonize the rally and its walkers.

Where in each case was any consideration for the rakyat from this caring government? It's all humbug and hypocrisy, Sir.'

B: 'And talking of the rakyat, i see them as pawns in a chess game where everything so far has been run by Umno, not even its alliance partners.

The poor pawn has been pushed this way and that for too long. But like the rally walker, a miracle happened.

On its own volition and with trembling courage, it started to walk along one end column from the second row right to the other corner.

In its journey, it gets blasted by knights with mace, castles with cannons, and so on.

Plodding with just conscience and civic-mindedness, it finally reaches the corner on the other side of the chessboard.

Whence it converts not to a queen but to a bishop.

And then at that moment in time, it immediately fianchetto's along the entire diagonal of the whole board.

So that, like the eye, it finally sees everything clearly and for the first time, furthest.'

walla 15 July 2011 at 20:08  


A: 'Why not a Queen, Sir? A Queen would have more latitude and options?'

B: 'Oh, silly girl. The rakyat already have Queen Elizabeth dressed in yellow in a room with yellow roses whose street outside was lined with yellow-shirted remonstrators and demonstrators.'

A: 'Hehehe, Sir. You're too much.

But, seriously, yes i agree. In walking together, the rakyat have awakened to their new-fount comradeship beyond race and religion. They have found a common bond and released their minds from the bondage of Umno. Race-based politics was finished off that day, Sir.

They finally see the true Umno Baru. A few hypocrites and power-mongers holding on to power and using the full machinery of the government to magnify their size and intimidate the rakyat.

Even our blues and civil servants must have felt bad. After all, the rakyat are also their fellow men and women. Bersih 2.0 was Malaysia's real revolusi mental.'

B: 'I must refrain from denigrating Umno any further, Sofea. It's a foregone conclusion. Its leadership will use the national machinery to cheat at the next general elections. Whether the present Umno general members will continue to look the other way or push the leadership to reform elections, we will have to leave to their conscience.'

A: 'That may be difficult, Sir. There are even some so-called professionals amongst them what more the general members who will kill their own conscience without a second's thought when it serves a purpose only they will know.

Take two anon posts on external threats in an earlier thread. This JMD but in name stirred doubts about Ambiga and raised the specter of a foreign fifth column behind Bersih. Foreign influence? One wonders what his hero the man of Kerala roots would say having agreed to allow two truckloads of US special forces to jungle train in Johor.

Imagine, hammer at world forums the country which delivered uranium-depleted shells to the telaviv regime to kill palestinians while allowing that country's military to train on Malaysian soil. Wasn't that foreign influence at its best? What will our rakyat think?'

walla 15 July 2011 at 20:08  


B: 'Let me try his trademark sarcasm, Sofea. They will think it's semuanya ok because it's our Melayu brand of realpolitik?

And it's precisely this critical mass of hypocrisy which has destroyed completely all trust in Umno Baru and its tentacles.

Who believes a word these days? To borrow a term from Datuk T's lawyer, even if it's not 99.9 percent untrue, the rakyat won't believe anything that comes out of any Umno leader or organ. Not one statement nor even one statistic.

It's over, Sofea. The rakyat have crossed the Rubicon.

And let me also be emphatic here. Our Malays who had walked in that rally are absolutely angry against the Umno government. You can take that any way you like.

They're not only burning with anger inside that costs have ballooned - "you want me to tell my Bapa back home to chop firewood because electricity cost has gone up?".

But they're also saying they can accept that other countries, because they're big, can have problems - but our small country?

Yes, Sofea, if they can ask that question, their minds have expanded beyond our borders to make comparison and contrast with other countries.

So i can tell you now. Umno's old method of cocooning the minds of our Malays and playing their emotions against the other races no longer works. It's over. Except for Umno's own propaganda-fed coterie, our Malays have woken up. Only not too late, i hope.'

A: 'I sense you're sad about something, Sir.'

walla 15 July 2011 at 20:08  


B: 'Sofea, i'm sad that people don't learn when they're in power. There have been so many precedents in history, even amongst our neighboring countries, where the politician after rising to the top starts to wield his power for personal gain to the extent of lying through his teeth and playing one community against another.'

A: 'Yes, Sir. Their personal gain invariably ends up as material gain. It seems easy for them to convince themselves that they're "worth it", to borrow a phrase from an ad. Was it one on de beers diamonds, you reckon?'

B: 'Haha. Diamonds are forever, Sofea?

Any child, and i mean children, will, if not educated in this country, tell you that diamonds and coal are made of the same element. Carbon. A diamond is just super-compressed carbon.

But why is it so hard and shiny? Unlike a piece of coal whose carbon atoms are locked in sheets held one to the other by weak van der Waal forces which thus makes them brittle, the carbon atoms in a diamond are held together by covalent forces in a pyramidal structure which then locks one to the other to create the prism effect for total internal reflection of light which makes it shiny.

People are just paying for the same stuff because one is rarer than the other. See?'

A: 'You're pulling my leg, Sir! I was going to tease you to take me to a jeweller's to see one.'

B: 'Tax-free or not? Can dive or not? Yes, Sofea, it may be fortuitous but i think i've just asked the two most definitive questions in the history of Malaysian politics.'

Jong 15 July 2011 at 21:40  

Richard Cranium,

What's the point of asking who is this 'we'? You are definitely not one of the 'we' and you don't need to know 'cause you won't believe it anyway.

Let's wait for GE-13 to see if she will be fielded.

Anonymous,  15 July 2011 at 21:42  

Let's teach them a lesson wherever they may be standing.

Anonymous,  16 July 2011 at 09:01  


Makcik-makcik exco mesyuarat tingkap di taman-taman perumahan kos rendah dan di kampung-kampung mungkin tak faham "electoral reform" tapi cincin berlian 74 juta dan beg tangan 140 ribu milik isteri PM yang tak berkerja dan tiada pendapatan rasmi sudah cukup untuk buat mereka meluat kepada BN.

True what they say...A Picture is worth a thousand words...

Quiet Despair,  16 July 2011 at 10:51  

The Bersih illegal demo is but a memory.
Najib has gone tto Turkmenistan and now in England. Cousin too is with him signing the cross borrder treaty.
Aunty Ros is having a rollicking good time shopping.
Thence to Milan for another shoppin spree and hubby meets the Holy See,
Later to Vienna to show-case her Permata musical prodigies.
Then we all can look forward to Anu-war's defence.
Followed by holy Ramadhan and our Merdeka,
Later it's the Eid when we forgive and forget.
Let's toast with the first couple 's Hari Raya mugs,
Bersih, what? What's that all about?

Anonymous,  16 July 2011 at 11:29  

The uniformity of responses from the ruling parties and the media it controls makes a lot of people wonder...

Is there no one in the goverment "clean" anymore

Anonymous,  16 July 2011 at 13:09  

Simple solutions if Najib does not want to be biggest liability to BN.

1.Sack Hish and TSMY takes over the post>>signifying the importance of getting the house in order.
2.Sack Rais & Nazri & bring in KJ to undertake bigger role as Info Minister & Minister in PM's Dept.
3.Merge MOHE & MOE..sack Khalid n instal Saifuddin as Minister
4.Sack Nor Mohd and bring in Ku Li.At same time sack Jala & the KPI sleeping Minister.Disband Pemandu n let EPU do proper work instead of the acronym laden syiok sendiri Pemandu drivel.
5.Declare shortcomings of 1 Malaysia concept & drop the 1.Same time,drop APCO,Ethos n bar Ong from PJ.

Thats only the first step,rest will follow.

Mata Gelap,  16 July 2011 at 15:48  

Sekarang apa dah jadi?

Tiong Lai bohong! Polis bohong! Khalid Abu Bakar penah dihakimkan 'incompetent and grossly negligent' sama dengan bos dulu Musa Hassan. Mahkamah selain kes Khalid semua bohong. Kerajaan bohong. Perdana Menteri bohong. Dan PM buat Agung jadi bohong!

Ulama-ulama di TV bohong. Ibrahim Ali tak payah cakap. Dia bohong dan bodoh sombong.

Apa si botak pura-pura Rais cakap? Revolution salah! Ini orang NS intellectually dishonest dan incompetent. Kalau tak ada 'revolution' oleh Nabi Muhammad, tak adalah Islam hari ini! Ini orang sembah kerbau ke? Sampah!

Saya ada satu cadangan. Orang kita ahli PRDM yand beretika patut mogok - bantah keganasan dan kekejaman dalam PDRM! PDRM sah bukan? Mengapa mereka yang beretika tak boleh mogok???

Anonymous,  16 July 2011 at 20:50  

to mata gelap
Mana mungkin kakitangan kerajaan nak mogok.No way.Sudah sain aku janji.kena juga memahami situasi mereka yang ada keluarga dan komitmen tersendiri.Mereka juga mungkin sedar apa yang sedang berlaku, tapi ini apa yang anda cuba suruh mereka buat termasuk dalam 10% of things beyond their control.Be fair lah bro.

bruno,  16 July 2011 at 21:14  

Quiet Despair,wait until Auntie Ross is in Kamunting.
Then Quiet Despair can have the twenty four million dollar diamond ring.

Malaysian,  16 July 2011 at 21:22  

I must thank the BN govt for their blunders and the police brutality in the BERSIH rally!

The Rakyat has awakened, this I can personally confirmed. Suddenly, my apolitical friends are interested in politics and some even started to do political postings in their FB!

Never have I seen so much anger and dismay being expressed in the NET. Mind you, they are Malaysians from all walks of life, young and old, are expressing their disgust with the way their fellow Malaysians are being treated like criminals.

After this BERSIH rally, perhaps the govt will hasten the process of giving citizenship to aliens to ensure their stay on power?

Mata Gelap,  17 July 2011 at 19:37  

Anonymous, 16 July 2011 20:50,

Of course they can! When they think like you, nothing can do, one!

Ethical policemen do no kill to shoot on traffic offences nor would they ask for RM20 kopi money! And there are very Policemen true to their religious ethical values.

Although numbers seem to work wonders in economics, they are no different to good ethics and universalist values, the number and strength of good policement.

Decent Policemen pun ada maruah, lah!

Apa jadi RM2.0m dadah hilang??? Lu tau?

Kumbang,  20 July 2011 at 15:05  

["...Some spell it as tamable. Others as tameable. The fact remains, the marchers cannot be tamed and though battered and aspersed, remained unbowed and honorable. ..."]

I say, Boss! It ain't about taming! ;) Ini bukan bela kerbau or being pre-ordained as the "Tamer" sent down from heaven no.7 to kick these unruly beings around to just behave. Jangan marah!;)

But what Boss Ku Li says encourages....

[...“How can we say we are developed when our mentality is not developed? Control here and control there… we can’t do this. It is against human rights”...FMT ]

Let's get fundamental and I'm not a devout Muslim. Let's just restore "human dignity". You can do that if you have lots of money, too! Or if you're dirt poor. This is not work for just raucous middle class citizens believed to be to overthrow the rich tycoons even though their wealth has largely been "curi-curi dan rompak-rompak". There is no place reserved for any Melayu in heaven or earth for those who curi-curi and rompak-rompak. If you take everybody's money what could they buy from you?

Seriously, fighting for change is susah. So is life. Those people in the palace of Perak don't have to work. Don't know if they came from 7th heaven. Hope they have a palace struggle there as they did in N9.

So life is susah. Reforming the bureaucracy to deliver public goods like education and health as liberally as possible will be even more susah. But we have to work unlike those people in Perak palace. And to reeducate those bloody agama people will even be more susah.

So what? It can't be 8-days a week susah. Nor can you love a woman 8-days a week! ;-))

Questioner,  21 July 2011 at 07:29  

"Where were the Molotov cocktails? "

Was it you who asked who on earth would make molotov cocktail bombs with plastic bottle (petrol will melt the plastic)?

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