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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 10 October 2010

Tengku Razaleigh and Malaysian politics


Tengku Razaleigh has accepted responsibility to become director of operations for the Galas by election. In doing so, TRH has demonstrated that he is a true UMNO man. But if we were to ask him, which UMNO? he will not hesitate the UMNO before DR Mahathir reformatted.

He remains the bedrock to the ideals of the original UMNO. That makes him relevant to UMNO members at large. Among the ills UMNO faces are:-

  • The rot in UMNO is has gone so deep that it requires wholesale structural reform.
  • Corruption is the scourge of the country. UMNO is a step away from being identified with that scourge.
  • The nomination quota is an undemocratic and unconstitutional restriction. It is against the founding spirit of the party, which was open and grassroots driven.
  • Today's UMNO, under its present leadership, is probably beyond reform. Our leaders are the problem, and they have structured the party, bullied and bought it, so that they cannot be replaced by those who would lead to serve.
  • The party succession is now dominated by ethnic champions or party warlords with little else to qualify them to govern a plural society with a sophisticated, trade-oriented economy

A few months ago, TRH was for all intents and purposes, declared persona non grata in UMNO. He was the lone dissident voice in UMNO to insist that Kelantan has rights over oil royalty.

Those people waiting for him in the VIP lounge yesterday were the persons who will not be caught seen in the company of Tengku Razaleigh a few months back. Today, those feelings have changed. TRH is coming out smelling like a million roses.

It is generally accepted that TRH holds the balance of victory for the Galas seat. PAS won it marginally during the previous general elections. That victory wasn't definitive possibly because the concentration wasn't there. This time, the appointment of TRH makes it a different ball game altogether.

One, TRH will focus on winning. His greatest asset will be his vocal defense of the Kelantan oil royalty rights. Because TRH is a former Finance Minister and PETRONAS's first chairman make him eminently qualified to speak as authority on the subject. He speaks as a non partisan person, motivated by principles. Hence, the oil money is Kelantan's entitlement because of the principle of honoring a contract which was vouchsafed by none other than our own Parliament.

As a matter of principle , the federal government's refusal to pay Kelantan, and it's arbitrary treatment of Terengganu's oil money – on and off according to whether the state was in Opposition hands – is in violation of a solemn contract, sealed in an Act of Parliament, between the State governments and PETRONAS… This is an attack on the right of the people to choose their own government within our system of parliamentary democracy."


The matter is now before the courts. But it was TRH who lent prestige and weight on the matter. That's a political asset. The quest for the oil money is identified with TRH.

Two, Galas is in his parliamentary seat. Now is the time for TRH to redeem the seat from PAS establishing once and for all, he is the numero uno of Gua Musang. This victory will certainly stamp his imprimatur as a statesman.

Three, his supporters will want to win this seat for TRH because of the wider political ramifications within UMNO.

This win will reestablish the political presence of TRH in UMNO politics. That at his age, he remains a beacon of sanity and sense of fairplay. In the present environment where UMNO's credibility has been badly damaged, this win will definitely signal a transformation of UMNO.


For that one has to look at the political ideals of TRH.

He stands for the supremacy of law. In the Perak coup detat, his was the lone voice stating that it is fundamentally wrong to wrest power through unparliamentarily ways. All right thinking UMNO politicians share this idea of rule of law. Opposition politicians and parties will find it difficult to fault TRH here.

This was what he wrote in his blog.

The BN's takeover of Perak has set off a chain-reaction of illegality which has left Perak quite possibly without a legitimate government. One of our most prosperous states has been reduced to a failed state." (Cascading illegality,; March 4, 2009) "The farcical circumstances of these defections, complete with mysterious disappearances, sudden reversals, and implausible explanations, show ample signs of illegal inducement "To remove and install governments in any other way is to violate the Constitution, erode the rule of law, and to run the risk of forming an illegal government… Legitimate authority can only be established through the democratic means spelled out in our constitution."

Two, look at his political ethics. He is without doubt the last gentleman politician. His personal values allow him to attract respect from partisan politicians. The implications for the future of Malaysian politics here is monumental. TRH can serve as rallying point for the meeting of diverse minds. This is possible because TRH speaks of values shared by non partisan politicians.

He speaks about corruption as a scourge to government because, "Corruption has become institutionalized in our political system. It is ruining this country

He speaks about the rot attacking the foundations a good government perpetrated by a political class that has atrophied morally. "We have a political class unwilling or unable to address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and comfortable with a system built on lies and theft."

Third, look at his the breadth of his political capital. He has been the MP for Gua Musang for so long time. He was the youngest UMNO vice president at one time. He was PETRONAS's first chairman. He set up Bank Bumiputera. he was the finance minister when public money was treated with prudence. He is also a former Chairman of the World Bank, ADB and Islamic Development Bank.

Must he be chosen as the candidate? Not necessary as his presence and stature can add lustre to any one chosen to stand.



Anonymous,  10 October 2010 at 20:12  

Ku Li will be forgotten by UMNO as Isa Samad was forgotten after the Sungai Pinang by election in NS.
There is no way Ku Li can move up one level in the UMNO heirachy. He is someone to be used and discarded as one would to a used ball-point pen.
How is Ku Li to ask voters to back the party that deprived them of the oil royalty? Why should a man with lofty principles campaign for the corrupted, 'beyond redemption' party that has completely lost its direction.
Only a fool will believe that this victory will make UMNO revert to a pre-Mahathir era.
Ku Li is now defending and campaigning for a renowned 'rapist and criminal' called UMNO.
He is a man without a moral bearing.

Anonymous,  10 October 2010 at 21:02  

we all wish for all you've written here on umno....
we want changes made, we want all that....

but how many in UMno share your views dato sak?

can this blog make any difference within umno?

would umno warlords ever ready to please whomsoever that is in power, suddenly realised that principle matters?

back to basics maybe? the schools....

an education? - of why one would be involve in politics - is now a must. there must be some ideals in umno worth fighting for.

do we need more, ever greater number of members to be a strong and relevant party?

or do we need meaningful members, not many but articulated with foresights, driven by brave principled leaders.

George Choo 10 October 2010 at 21:08  

Sak,a lot of politicians in UMNO are like "LALANG" especially those who greet KU LI at KLIA. In a recent forum,KU LI was correct to say that BILLIONS belongs to the govt was stolen by UMNO and BN.That is why the govt of Malaysia is BANKRUPT. Now when UMNO needed KU LI to win GALAS,all the LALANG start to BODEK him especially Muhiyuddin.

Anonymous,  10 October 2010 at 21:40  

dato sak,

your piece today must be well received with thumps of another planet that is.

not so in this place malaysia. we are all now glued to the tv, idolising our well travelled space tourist.

we need heroes, now matched to a darling bride....LIVE i think, we call him ANGKASAWAN NEGARA.

so dato, sorry, principle and substance are not our culture, but form and romance are more akin to us.

OneMalaysian,  10 October 2010 at 21:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

“TRH can serve as rallying point for the meeting of diverse minds. This is possible because TRH speaks of values shared by non partisan politicians”.

You refer to TRH as a politician. I prefer to call him a statesman. Currently there is no one in this country that has his stature. He is the only person who can unite this diverse and politicised country and take us forward. If not for the widely believed last minute betrayal of Najib, TRH would have been PM a long time ago. Instead of having 22 years of Dr Mahathir, we would have got maybe 22 years of TRH. We could have been a great country with no need for 1Malaysia and the NEM.

But I find it hard to believe, after having seen you write so glowingly about TRH, that you also admire Dr M, a divisive racist. If Dr M had done his job well then obviously we won’t need any 1Malaysia or NEM. Under his rule corruption was “institutionalized” and became hardened. The Malays got used to the NEP crutches. He destroyed the courts and the judiciary. Cronyism was nourished and is now so entrenched as a way of doing business that even Najib has come to embrace it.

I have heard people say that Dr M played a big role in our “modernization” – we owe this to him, they say. I beg to disagree. TRH, if he were PM, could have done just as much or more, but certainly without the severe side effects of corruption, cronyism, emasculated judiciary, and the non-preparation of the Malays to compete in the globalised world.

UMNO was single-handedly destroyed by Dr M. The litany of wrongs and weaknesses of UMNO that you listed was the result of the 22 years of domination of one man – Dr M.

Berita dari gunung 10 October 2010 at 21:58  

The locals have every reason to throw in their full support to TRH. Good Luck Tengku...

dianna 10 October 2010 at 22:09  

Now that he's operations director for BN's attempt to wrest Galas, how will he respond if the Galas folks ask him whether he can prevail upon Umno to return Kelantan her oil royalties?

If he says no, how different will he be from the previous PAS MP? If he says yes, how will BN face up to Sarawak?

And people are going to ask the Galas rep from Umno, if the person be not him, what Umno is going to do with regards all the points that the rep's operations director has been writing in his blog and giving in his speeches.

Making an offer to TRH does not mean Umno has acknowledged what he has written so strikingly to be what the party will soon change to uphold. On the contrary, the madness continues. That's why even a cartoonist can get charged for animating the rakyats' resentment against power corrupted.

Therefore, TRH would have realized that Umno has just served him a poisoned chalice. Yet he took it. Umno stalwart aside, there must be a reason.

Once that reason is known, we will know why there are still Umno members who can on the one hand criticize what Umno has become, but on the other hand be the tool of its present and past administrations.

If the answer to that is because they believe there is a remote chance Umno can change, let us hear the reasons for that belief. Let us have the names of the change agents. Let us regale some of the real actions taken to-date.

Meanwhile, one is reminded of Rommel, one of Germany's finest generals. In the end, he was forced to take poison in order to save an unsullied reputation for the greater interest of morale of the populace.

All this just buzzes down to the background. The ETP and the local gaming industry are just to deliver extra wealth to buy voters in the next General Elections. By the size of the contracts, that includes the candidates.

Surely Pakatan realizes this enough to wake up beyond its childish infighting.

What we are seeing today is a football match in which both sides are trying to kick the ball back to their respective goalkeepers in order to control the game.

The spectators are not amused.

Anonymous,  10 October 2010 at 22:48  

Everyone knows that TRH is a statesman and gentleman par excellence.NO doubt about that.But where has that criteria taken him?
Nowhere i guess.Why? THe right person doesnt sits in the right place in this beloved country of ours.Betul tak dato sak? Where are u languishing today?u ought to be sitting in the cabinet but here you are blogging about kick boxing among others!
Apa lah nasib anak bangsa!

Ryzal72 11 October 2010 at 00:22  

That what so called politics....Now u see, Now u dont.

Red Alfa 11 October 2010 at 10:40  

Salam Dato'

UMNO is in need of a leader ... PM Najib just isn't it so we have been saying.

Many eyes now looking to TRH. He's statesman material, so we are saying .. but we need a LEADER not a statesman, surely?

Humoring us, they asked him... making him operations director to win Galas! But is winning Galas TRH must cut it so he becomes our leader and goes on to fix the mother and all of Malaysia's problems? And if TRH thinks so, we must think he just isn't it!

He should and must openly challenge on issues e.g. ETP is a national catastrophe in the making and he must champion solutions to many if not all major issues we face today.

When will we ever test our leaders like they do US Presidents?

Anonymous,  11 October 2010 at 11:44  

Lets pray that TRH will be wise enough and not let his guard down 'cause with those conniving bastards in umno waiting to stab him once the Galas game is over.Wont be surprised he would left to hung dry!
The truth is that he is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!

Sang Kancil Guru 11 October 2010 at 11:58  

Hi Sakmongkol,

While I don't dispute Tengku's long and impressive credentials, can you verify the veracity of Tengku's claim as a former Chairman of the World Bank? Is this the World Bank we are talking about, or some other "world bank"? Or was he chairman maybe for the Asian or SEA section of the World Bank.

This is the list of past World Bank presidents, including the Bush sidekick Paul Wolfowitz. Semua orang putih lah...,,contentMDK:20510826~menuPK:64822290~pagePK:64821878~piPK:64821912~theSitePK:3916065,00.html

So what does Tengku mean when he claims himself as a "former president of the World Bank"? As I remember, it is always been convention that the President of IMF is a European while the President of the World Bank is a US citizen...

d'enricher 11 October 2010 at 12:02  

UMNO/BN menang masa bawa balik Tan Sri Isa Samad, kalau TRH jadi calun semua dah "confident" menang dan PAS/Pakatan dah mula kecut.

Betul ke???

UMNO/BN tak ada calun lain yang berkaliber ke? Ini baru DUN Galas, nanti PRU13 macammana?

Rasanya, kita tengok sekarang ni semua short term, tapi cerita transformasi sana, transformasi sini.

Bila nak berubah, bila nak maju dan nak capai 2020 ikut apa yang dirancangkan.

Pagi ini, Datuk saleh Majid, dalam MHI mempersoalkan kaedah yang telah digembar gemburkan dalam ETP ... menarik, PM Najib ada dengar ke ?


Anonymous,  11 October 2010 at 12:04  


My fervent hope is TRH will have the opportunity to contribute more to a better Malaysia.

He is a statesmen par excellence, who commands respect from the 'rakyat' regardless of race, creed and religion.

Anonymous,  11 October 2010 at 23:00  

If Ku Li fails Muyiddin will be all smiles. But if Ku Li succeeds, Muyiddin will be constantly watching his back. Expect Muyiddin to subtly sabotage Ku Li's effort in Galas.

Anonymous,  12 October 2010 at 00:15  

You are very spot on of the protrayal of Tengku Razaleigh as Erwin Rommel of UMNO. You might add on to the fact that Rommel was the commander who was defending the coast of France when the Allies decided to invade in a big way. It's the D day....
It's very interesting when you think of Rommel, the renown Desert Fox failed to stop the Allies from gaining a foothole in Normandy & pursuing into France.

Could Galas be the the Normandy for UMNO? Perhaps, the great Razaleigh could do much & by then knwoing the end is near....Guess what, thereafter, a group of German leaders decided to start a coup d'etat against Adolf Hitler? Failed as it's.....Saw the final destruction in teh Battle for Berlin by the Russians.
Funny because Main Allies forces made up of 3 countries....PR is made up of 3 main component parties.....

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