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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 4 October 2010

Financing our path to perdition

The first thing PM Najib must remember is to never appoint the imbecilic Reezal Merican to any high office. He is the manifestation of utter hypocrisy. Sometimes the food that we eat, we are not sure of its integrity- whether its cooked the halal or non halal way, whether the utensils used are halal or aren't etc etc. therefore, without the benefit of prescient and forensic knowledge of its integrity, we tawakkal and eat the food. We are never asked to get into the minute details as to the origins of things.

When we slaughter the sheep or the cows during hari raya korban, how do we know whether our sheep and cows have not eaten somebody else's crops or have eaten unclean material? If they did, that would make our animals unclean. They have eaten stolen food source. We can't offer them as sacrifice.

We don't know. We are not instructed to CSI our animals or food. Similarly, in determining the sanctity of our income sources, we are not asked to be CSI specialists. We don't know the religious integrity of our income sources unless we have direct information over the sources.

But our esteemed Pak Nana, is an CSI specialist. He knows the sources of the wang ehsan given to the god fearing golden men and women as not halal. So our poor chaps retuned the wang ehsan. They were crying not because they felt guilty, but were because they had to return the money. On TV we saw UMNO leaders instigating and encouraging people to place the RM 100 into plastic containers. They were probably saying- tak pa, hang pulang semua duit depa, cek beri hangpa lebih banyak. Dua ratuih pun takpa. Nana Merican dok janji. Dia beri hangpa RM 500 sorang. Hangpa raya sakan.

Our Pak nana Reezal Merican has never been an ADUN or MP. Perhaps, because of that he doesn't know where the government gets its revenues. He may have gotten his through shares( halal of course) or by offering his services as gatekeeper for political and business hopefuls to get to the inner sanctums of Pak Lah, when the latter was PM of Malaysia. his income was therefore pure and unblemished.

Accordingly, we shall be happy to instruct him where government gets its revenues. It gets revenues mainly from taxes and non taxes, dividends and interests from investments etc. hopefully, because Reezak Naina can read and understand English, I hope he will also tell those 50 elderly god fearing people, where the BN government gets its revenues. I hope when Naina Merican made his earth shattering claim that the Penang government gave money to recipients earned through haram sources, he can provide unchallengeable proof. I am also hoping, Naina Merican did not make his startling discovery because of a sudden upsurge of Islamic consciousness.

All manners of economic activities are subject to government taxation. Income earned from the rearing of pigs, from the sale of alcohol, from the earnings of entertainment outlets including of course from prostitution go into government coffers in the form of taxes. We must also not forget, the taxes from gaming activities, from Genting and other forms of gambling. Even revenue earned from fees levied on the issuance of licenses to gambling outlets, fees on liquor stores constitute also revenue to the government. These are haram.

From these sources, the government pays its employees, ministers etc. so in line with imam Reezal's call, we now urge all ministers and the 1.2. million civil servants to return a big chunk of their earnings to the government.

UMNO has been receiving money from numerous non halal and disputable sources. When it did, it did not question the religious sanctity or integrity of the money. The imams and Muftis also received the same money from the government. Perhaps they offered special prayers to launder the money. If they have special prayers, maybe they would like to share with ordinary Muslims, on how to convert unclean money into clean. Or perhaps, Pak Nana Reezal being a graduate of IIU, can go on TV, tell us how.


Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 07:52  

Umno must be very very careful of all these Nana in UMNO now.
Some of them are taking advantage becoz the real Malay are so nice or may be timid like your PM.
These nana of imam Reezal and many more Nana need to be told off to form their own kind of party.
UMNO leadership must not forget history... the fall of M'cca sultanate is due to this kind of Nana, kalau betul lah buku sejarah yang saya baca Dato'.
Bukan ke bekas PM kita satu masa dulu serupa nana juga!!? This nana is idiot and stupid! Bukan menambah baik imej UMNO malahan lagi merosakkan and Mat sembab pun sokong pula and PM with his usual order of the day, I see nothing and hear nothing.
Agaknya semua rakyat Malaysia akan pergi neraka kot kalau mengikut rujuk Nana UMNO ni.
Ingat UMNO tendang sahaja lah orang macam ini.
Salam Dato'.

Moo..,  4 October 2010 at 08:10  

Feel very sad for Malaysia becos of some narrow minded politicians in Malaysia.

Just hope logic and common sence prevail.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 09:15  

And Utusan is giving the support blindly, in the front page even, as it is no analysis no nothing.


Onemalaysian,  4 October 2010 at 09:49  

Dear Sakmongkol

What is the real problem here? Is it that this imam is trying to ensure that devout Muslims stay on the true path and do not engage in haram activities including receiving haram money? Or is he merely playing dirty politics to undermine the state government run by a party that he does not belong to? It would be good to know the answer so the people know how to respond.

If it is about haram money you nearly got the solution right. Why only nearly? You had suggested that since SOME of the government revenue comes from haram sources (say 5%) then government servants including this imam should return that portion of haram money. The unfortunate part is that they don’t know which part was haram or halal since it all came in a cheque. So since the precise portion cannot be identified, to be on the safe side, the entire salary should be returned. That should make this imam very happy.

But if it were all about politics, then a political response would be sufficient. But how do you mix secular politics with religion without the whole thing spinning dangerously out of control? People like this imam are doing the Muslims no good at all, retarding their thinking and making them poorer to boot.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 10:06  

Probably Pak Nana can help to do a detailed analysis as to what percentage of our civil servants salaries are derived from the haram sources. That will facilitate the civil servants to return the haram portion.

charis14,  4 October 2010 at 10:26  

Pak Reezal should also issue public warnings against the non-halal companies from donating to or organising CSR activities at organisations with Muslim presence. For those who have received, return them - with UMNO offering to compensate.

Also, immediately offer Muslim employees of non-halal organisations lucrative jobs to enable them to switch - GLCs preferred since the civil service is too bloated to offer high salaries.

OneMalaysian,  4 October 2010 at 10:55  

Dear Sakmongkol

I should tell you about this article I read in the Fortune magazine many years ago. It was about the swine industry in America. It may surprise some to know that it is controlled by Jews! Yes, Jews. In it was an interview with one of them who was the biggest of the pig farmers.

Q: Since you are Jewish, how do you reconcile pig rearing with your religion?
A: Well, my religion says that pork if not kosher. I don't eat pork. I merely raise the pigs, and money is kosher.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 11:48  

Well senang ajer, identify lah mana wang yg dihamburkan ke sources yg tak halal, baru2 ni kan Jakim dan check hotel2. selepas ni, bukanlah jakim, since ramai org melayu islam yg dah sedar, kenapa tak check aja sources tu, tak payah pak imam buat, sapa2 yg sedar aja boleh sediakan step dan langkah.

Tentang org yg nak pulangkan duit, lantak ler itu hak depa, sapa rasa nak pulang, pulangkannnn. hehehe.

Yang masalahnya bila ada org yg marah2 dan make it more difficulut as if susah sangat ler nak identify. Mungkin ada org bermasalah samada nak pulangkan atau tak kot? Sebab yg nak dipulangkan bukan takat 100 jek. Ini yg jadi payah, sebab tak dapat nak buat cam pakcik makcik dipenang.

Disebabkan dah bikin hidup susah, maka kenalah bikin itu pak imam hidup lagi berserabut dengan kata susahnya nak identify, dan if identify berapa portion lak yg nak pulang.

Inikan ciri2 macam tak nak pulangkan aja. Last2 salahkan gomen, padahal selama ni mak pak pun keje gomen dan makan gaji dari gomen. Abih camno?

Tak yah salahkan benda2 yg dah termakan, mulakan yg baru, diidentify mana yg haram dan jangan buat perkara haram lagi. Kalau ada sapa yg boleh check kambing dan lembu makan ladang ternakan org, bagus juga, tapi law utk org yg bertanya dan worried pasal tu lah, bila dia worried dia kena check lah samada rumput tu rumpur jiran sebelah ke tak.

Bagi org2 lain, memadai memastikan lembu2 tu disembelih dengan cara halal.

Ini aku dengar ceramah dari tok ustaz ler bagi org yg suka menyusahkan diri dan menyusahkan org lain padahal undang2 islam tu simple aja dan mudah difahami.

Raison D'etre 4 October 2010 at 13:03  

Dear SM,
A Khatib from a mosque in PJ (not telling where He he :) ) said these:

Wang dari sumber haram boleh dibersihkan melalui beberapa cara -

1. To return what is not your hak to its hakful owner, or if the latter is dead, his or beneficiaries.

ii. Failing that, the money should be sedekah to fakir miskin.

The key word here though is taubat. So that the sedekah does not become a money laundering act; even as the haram activities continue to churn more haram money (in context, of course).

What he said next was etched in my mind: Why aren't the scholars saying anything on this?

Well, some have spoken, Ustaz, but their voices are not heard. Instead its the incessant propaganda of TeeVeeTeega (Ultraman?)and the other propaganda cahoots. Nak termuntah tengok depa interview Pakcik Makcik.

Takpalah. RM100 je, bukannya billion macam PeeKEFZed, berbillion macam Bakoon Damn, berjuta macam macam lagi.

RM100 pada some people yang nampak concerned sangat pasai halal haram tu cukup kecik nilai dia. Mungkin bekal anak pi sekolah sari dua je..

OneMalaysian,  4 October 2010 at 14:12  

Dear Sakmongkol

It is interesting to read all these creative ideas about segregating and weeding out haram money so they won't fall into Muslim hands. I thought of this particular problem and wonder how it might be overcome.

There is a lot of corrupt money sloshing around in unmarked currency, that is , we cannot distinguished it from the legitimately earned halal money. I won't even mention those earned through prostitution, drug smuggling, etc. How do we prevent this dirty corruption money from unintentionally falling into clean hands? Should we have 2 currencies, but if this is really not practical, may be we just forget about this non-issue and move on to talk about more interesting topics like the ETP, Brain Gain Initiative, etc.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 14:13  

Banyak perbuatan orang UMNO mencerminkan kebodohan dan ketololan mereka termasuk pemimpin2UMNO di P. Pinang seperti Nana dan geng2 yang sewaktu dengan. Saya kesian dgn these malay senior citizens. Kalau duit tu rm500,000 agak2nya mereka pulangkan balik tak?

Saya nak cakap dkt Nana dan geng2 dia :

1) Haram baca Utusan kerana ada pendapatannya hasil dari iklan keputusan syarikat judi toto dan
4D. Pekerja utusan pun semua kena pulangkan duit gaji mereka. Bagus juga kalau tak baca Utusan Meloya.

2) Haram tengok RTM dan TV3 kerana dapat banyak pendapatan hasil dari iklan bank riba. Pekerja2 mereka pun kena pulangkan gaji mereka.

3) Haram bagi kita guna letrik, talipon dan air kerana syarikat2 ini simpan dan pinjam duit dari bank riba.

4) Haram orang melayu jadi pemilik hotel kerana hasilnya adalah dari jualan arak dan sewa bilik yang diterima dari mereka yang membuat maksiat dalam bilik hotel mereka.

5) Haram bagi kita naik roller coaster, makan, tinggal di hotel di Genting kerana semuanya dibuat dari hasil judi. Jalan ke Genting pun tak boleh digunakan kerana dibina oleh oleh Genting hasil duit judi. Jadi UMNO tak boleh buat perjumpaan di Genting hatta mengguna jalan di Geting sekali pun.

6)Haram kita melawat Times Square, Bukit Tinggi dan lain2 kerana ianya di bina dari hasil judi.UMNO tak boleh menjalankan aktiviti mereka di tempat2 ini dan lain2 premis kepunyaan taukeh judi.

7)Pembaca2 blog Dato' boleh tambah banyak lagi yang kita tak boleh buat.

Alahai, sesetengah2 pemimpin UMNO terlalu rendah intelek mereka. Tapi saya rasa mereka ini semua hipokrit. Kesian orang tua2 di gunakan oleh mereka.

Suci Dalam Debu 4 October 2010 at 14:57  


Melayu bagaikan kerbau dicucuk hidung dan yang mencucuk adalah jenis Nana ini.

Kapankah orang Melayu akan betul-betul insaf bahawa sokongan yang mereka perolehi dari jenis NM ini adalah sokong yang membawa rebah.

Hakiman,  4 October 2010 at 19:12  

"The first thing PM Najib must remember is to never appoint the imbecilic Reezal Merican to any high office. He is the manifestation of utter hypocrisy. "- Dato Sak

Absolutely agree with you. Reezal Merican is a leech and a parasitic opportunist in UMNO.

These are the UMNO-Mamaks who should have been removed from UMNO and made to join Kimma . A mamak wannabe-Malay who wants to be more Malay than a real Malay by playing Malay vs Non Malay racist politics.

The mamaks in UMNO are like the American Jews in the body politics of US.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 22:12  


This Merican person would not be able to understand English. Suggest you write the same artikle in Bahasa Malaysia, so that Encik Merican and his suddenly pious friends can understand.

Col Roseli 4 October 2010 at 23:36  

Just now I read somewhere that a truck carrying millions of ringgit of liquors was robbed along the highway and the police were deployed to give a chase.

I suppose if we go by Naina's definition, the police should not get themselves involved as the robbers are also robbing the 'haram' thing.

After all two wrongs do not make things right.

Anonymous,  5 October 2010 at 00:30  

nice one dato.well said.PAS is having a field day whacking the daylights out of this nana punya bumbling blunder.If not for the pro goverment media, then lagi teruk.If we pit that nana guy in an open debate with any sensible muslim with regards to the issue raised then the shit would certainly hit the fan.

Anonymous,  5 October 2010 at 00:37  

Reezal conveniently forgot that even the allowances of the royalties (the protectors of the official faith of this nation) comes from the consolidated fund that includes taxes from haram activities approved by the government.


Anonymous,  5 October 2010 at 11:14  


This us what you get from mixing religion with politics. The imam Reezal wants to get into the mainstream UMNO politics (he's probably an UMNO member by the way) so by vexing his "religious credentials", he thinks he will rise up the ladder much faster than an ordinary UMNO member. Sadly he does not know he is the court jester.

We should get all the government civil servants including the cabinet ministers and religious imams to return their "haram" salaries which came tax revenue from deemed haram sources such as gambling and gaming establishments, alcohol brewery companies, tobacco companies, etc. By the way, they can keep their other "unofficial income", also known as corrupt commissions/bribes etc, as these unofficial incomes are deemed perfectly halal.

Takdo makno ehh ..,  6 October 2010 at 10:25  

Tapi, kalau dah selalu ambik wang haram, pastu nak bersihkan balik dengan bagi fakir miskin, tak boleh jugak.

Sebab itu namanya nak tipu tuhan, tapi sebenarnya menipu diri sendiri.

Kalau ambik wang haram, pastu bagi fakir miskin, berulang-ulang dan tak pernah tobat tapi dengan reason dah bersih bagi fakir miskin. Takdo makno ehhh..

Anonymous,  6 October 2010 at 10:27  

One malaysian jews ngan islam tak sama. Itu adalah org yg mencabar tuhan. Org yg bangga dirinya bangsa terpilih. Tak caya sila check quran. Tak faham bleh baca terjemahan, inggeris ada, melayu pun ada.

Anonymous,  6 October 2010 at 10:36  

hmm. dari penulisan dan sindir, nampaknya ramai yg tak faham takrif halal haram, sampaikan nak tahan org jahat pun tak boleh.

Sindir dan perli semakin meloya bila dibaca, tapi ia hanya menunjukkan betapa rendah nya kefahaman mengenai islam dalam isu2halal dan haram. Patutla banyak buat perkara haram.

Bercakap mengenai halal haram, tidak membuatkan seseorang tu jadi alim, kerana ini adalah tuntutan kehidupan normal, malah merupakan ethics2 terpuji, jika ada bangsa orangputihs yg mengambil. Tentu dikala, ini ethics ini akan membuatkan melayu2 yg asik memandang tinggi kepada orgputihs dan peradabannya sebagai org2 yg civilised.

Malangnya bila melayu bercakap pasal halal haram dan islam berkata sesuatu mengenai ethics2 terpuja yg membawa kepada kehidupan bermasyarakat yg civilised, ia tidak dipandang civilised oleh org2 yg kononnya diketahui ramai sebagai intelektual, tetapi dianggap sebagai "pious" atau alim yg serta merta ujud dan dibuat2.

Dari segi ini saya ingin menjawap soalan seorang yg memberi komen bagaimana menghakis rasuah.

Jawapannya adalah tidak mungkin, kerana mentaliti sang intelektual dan professional malayu dan malaysia amnya masih tidak begitu intelek dalam erti kata yg sebenarnya.

Tidak mungkin boleh transform, kerana ada saja pemikiran negatif dan prejudis yg menangkis dan memandangnya sebagai daif.

You dont know how to value life, until u lost it.

Anonymous,  6 October 2010 at 10:40  

Kalau org itu tinggi iman dan betul2 menghayati islam, tak payah pun nak buat law susah2. Semua ini dah ada dalam Islam.

Setiap org mengikuti peraturan dan larangan Allah, semua org mendapat fadhilatnya. Tak gitu Dato'.

Bila dunia dah semakin teruk, islam saja yg boleh meluruska barisan. Melainkan ada org yg takut. Takut kerana tak faham dan berfikiran negatif.

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