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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 4 October 2010

The ETP Show


When I wrote a series of articles on the ETP, many gave just a passing interest look. I said the ETP is nothing but an amalgam of business proposals submitted by a few selected private sector players. I mentioned that the ETP will favor the existing players- the MMC Gamuda, YTLs, Berjayas, SP Setias, the Nazas and the Syed MOkhtars.
Well, today, we know Syed Mokhtar has submitted a few bids to develop land belonging to the government. Let's see whether the Najib administration which is seen to overtake Pak Lah's flip flopping work ethics will seal the deal.
The ETP was probably prepared by McKinsey Consulting company with inputs provided by selected market players. It cant be authored by Idris Jala because if he had done so, it would have been done in Bahasa Melayu.
Who provides reference for these market players? People at the PM's office and the MOF, the various nefarious gatekeepers who are making hay while the sun son shines.
I have said it and will say it again. The ETP is a business plan from the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Well, you can fool some people sometime, all the people some time, but not all the people all the time.


Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 08:35  

Talking about fools. I realized how idiotic some UMNO members can be when the party convinced and tricked some poor old folks into returning the RM 100 donation from the Penang State Government on grounds that the money was haram.
When people's minds are crippled, fossilized and stunted by UMNO, they can be fooled all the time.
The truth of the matter is every UMNO member/Malay has some form of "haram money" in his pocket... that is if they want to split hairs.

OneMalaysian,  4 October 2010 at 10:12  

Dear Sakmongkol

Maybe you should accept the fact that no matter what you or other right-minded Malaysians say about this ETP, nothing will alter the fact that it merely represents a more sophisticated form of cronyism. There is so much talk about this rocket boost to the economy by quickly launching those big infrastructure projects. And then what follows? Well, my prediction is that it would be back to business as usual after the favoured boys have creamed the government and public of yet more money.

We still would not have solved the problems of educational reform, reformation of the civil service, reform of the judiciary, and poverty reduction. We would still be stuck with a low labour cost business model. Businesses would still rely on special favours to succeed and the rent-seeking mentality would still prevail. Transparency would become a bit more non-transparent (just look at the Swiss challenge system to award MTR project, and privatization deals on more government land assets), and corruption would probably become more entrenched. So expect no change to the real pillars to a modern competitive economy.

I am convinced that this government is incapable of serious major changes. All the leaders have too close a connection with big business, just like the Liberal Party of Japan was. They are all cut from the same piece of cloth, so changing A for B won’t make much difference. If the people want real change the only hope is to elect a new government, though this will not guarantee a real change, but merely gives us hope and a chance to start anew. But for those who love this present government, they should learn to stomach the nonsense that is being dished out.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 10:45  

The ETP is a business plan from the rich, by the rich and for the rich, using monies from the poor and poorest of the nation.
The poor always be poorer under BN. They will get RM50 or RM100 the most..while corporate get billions....JhoLOk

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 10:47  

we need a new government of the people...let get the step 1 with PERKASA

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 11:13  

Datuk Sak, i read the series of articles about ETP and you certainly got it right!

I was there at the ETP's open day visited all the booths. I noticed all the proposed programme were meant for the big guns and glc's

In Agriculture 2 big names were mentioned ie. MAFC and BlueArcipellago, these 2 are under Khazanah.

Under Agriculture, they have the idea of creating an Anchor company BUT to be an Anchor one must have at least rm100-RM200 million paid up capital. Isn't this clearly shows that only the GLC or the tycoons can be the Anchor?

An ordinary chap like me will never have the opportunity even if i have with me a brilliant idea because the toll gate already stated i must have Rm100 million before we can talk with them.

We also know most GLC they dont generate any idea, their idea come from hired/paid consultants.

These hired/paid consultants know nuts about the industry i.e. Agriculture

In the end, where will we the ordinary malaysian fit in?

Red Alfa 4 October 2010 at 11:45  

Salam Dato'

"...The ETP is a business plan from the rich, by the rich and for the rich...."

Then it would have been known it's Malaysia Inc. We now know Malaysia Inc. was unabashed cronyism. It was corruption and whatever it has since become it always will be.

What good it was made to be, ETP cannot be morally right, surely. Can we ever be clear on this?

There must be bipartisan, 1 Malaysian and everyone's consensus on this. (Malaysian judiciary and MACC? Can we count on 'em for what's right or wrong on this?)

rob 4 October 2010 at 12:26  

Salam Dato'

Rocket boosters or not my main concerns are:

1. Plan assume that 60% investment from Private Sector and 32% from GLC.
1a. What happen if 60% does not turn up? There is no Plan B
1b. GLC means getting funding from EPF, Tabung Haji, LTAT, etc. in other words our retirement and endowment funds. What happen if ventures fail?

2. Assuming that they turned up. What happened if the venture fails? Is it going to be the usual revenue guarantee like PLUS, etc which either way cost more money to the rakyat? If they fail then bail-outs. Head investor win tail rakyat loses?

3. Some ETPs are pretty decent and much needed e.g. transport and education. But we have to be careful in selecting the players. Others are hare-brained e.g. energy / nuclear.

Just my 2cts overview. Don't want to waste burning my grey matter nor your bandwidth.


Donplaypuks® 4 October 2010 at 13:09  

"I have said it and will say it again. The ETP is a business plan from the rich, by the rich and for the rich."

Absolutely! And that's the precise reason all M'sians must make every effort to halt these practices which show a leadership bereft of new ideas to increase national wealth across the board.

Forget the Swiss challenge. What we need is open bidding and transparent tenders. The practice of direct negotiations must be buried once and for all as in M'sia it promotes nothing more than cronyism and open corruption at the expense of the majority.

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

OneMalaysian,  4 October 2010 at 16:23  

Dear Sakmongkol

"Syed Mokhtar eyes UEM, RRI and police land".

I cut this headline from an article in the Malaysian Insider today. Is there a limit to greed? I am afraid an AK47 won't be very effective against these big shots. Dare I be so bold as to suggest that you swap your AK47 for a bazooka or something more deadly?

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 16:56  

Dato Sak,

I take it your short article this time is to demonstrate simple logic and equally people frustration to get message across against piles and piles of Business Plan which we already know the WINNERS and Losers

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 17:20  

I hope and pray MMC chief will not get to buy the lands he has requested esp. the land surrounding Pulapol.

Anonymous,  4 October 2010 at 22:50  


U hv written so much good stuff.and ur recommendations definitely better then the APCOs,the Pemandus & all the consultants collectively.

Why don't the PM & his merry crowd listen to you??You make more sense then the guy who single handedly turn around Shell and drove MAS to profitability till the real cash dwindled to mmm..

And WHY is PM so thrilled to search for talents abroad whereas right here in Msia we have so much unutilised brain power,skills n experience.

Is this abt Gajah in front of eyes cannot see?Or blinkered minds outsource thinking to others?

Kenn 4 October 2010 at 22:52  

"A bunch of projects being put together ????" a question posted in MEB - "Punahsihat" Dok Tingkat Mana Pula?

Anonymous,  5 October 2010 at 00:37  

They always assume that sensible malaysians are either submissive, morons or simply ignorant of whats happening or rather what has been happening over the years.
All talk and no action takes place in the warung, kedai kopi, kopitiam etc.
Any possible way to make a change besides the ballot box?dont think so.
So whats left?
The cycle continues.sigh!

flyer168 5 October 2010 at 09:28  


Our Nation's Elite are the "Pawns/Perpetrators/Butlers" of the Global Elites towards their NWO Agenda...

Just to share this...

The Salafi/Terrorism -

“…In 1899, Lord Cromer, made Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt. He was now the chief legal authority in Islam...

Talking about Islamic Finance...

“Lord Cromer was an important member of England’s Baring banking family, that had grown rich off of the opium trade in India and China.

His motive in making Abduh the most powerful figure in all of Islam was to change the law forbidding interest banking.

Abduh then offered a contrived interpretation of the Koran, to create the requisite loophole, giving British banks free reign in Egypt.

Of Abduh, Lord Cromer related, “I suspect my friend Abduh was in reality an agnostic,” and he said of Abduh’s Salafi reform movement that, “They are the natural allies of the European reformer.”[29]” Unquote.

“The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class...

While, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests” - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

But, after all, "IT IS THE LEADERS" of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY" - Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag, Nazi Party, and Luftwaffe Commander in Chief


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