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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Amanat Presiden 2010- whats new pussycat, whoa, whoa,whoa

The UMNO general Assembly is almost over. This Saturday, it will be winding up session. I think it was after the 1st day session, I received a call from someone representing Astro Awani. They wanted me to be one of the panelists discussing the speech by the UMNO President. It is to take place shortly before or during the winding up debate.
I said I am game. But I must warn you, I told the caller, that my views are not exactly mainstream. I will speak as I see it. On that note, the caller, said, ok, we shall call back to confirm. The caller never called back and I am not meant to become a panelist.
If not, I would have my 10 minutes fame.
It is alright. I can still be the only panelist on my blog. I can do a better thing- write my impression on the President's Speech.
So today, I will write my impression on that speech. It shall be followed by my take on the various issues spoken by the delegates.
Just a little on the assembly. It is another round of an orgy of self congratulatory and pat on the back performances. It's a contest to come up with the most banal, the most stupid and the most outrageous thinking. One such banality was the call to end the advertisement of ladies sanitary pad because such advertisements lead people astray. Malay or non Malay, missy?
Then there is this joker from Melaka, who within a short space of 10 minutes pronounced the evils of the free market. So, he called for bigger government and bigger intervention. He wants bigger penetration. Hello, towkay, it's this sort of strategy that led to the highest GINI indices within the Malay community.
Why should Malay economic well-being depend or not depend on the help of non Malays. Malay economic wellbeing MUST be the outcome of own doing and the doing of a Malay led government.
But I am slightly ahead of myself. more of the not exactly mainstream thinking will come later. For now it is Najib's 95 point speech.

What was I expecting?
I thought this would be the best opportunity for Najib to close the disconnect between his ideas and bring his ideas directly to the UMNO warlords and leaders. They would then disseminate his ideas down the line, making his ideas, shared ideals.
Sadly, his ideas are the making of consulting firms, fabricated in the several labs overseen by Pemandu. He didn't bring his ideas to the people that matter most- the UMNO foot generals. There were only brief remarks about GTP, ETP , 1 Malaysia, NEM and NPM. New Political Model.
I was expecting Najib to elaborate on his NPM. Instead he talked in terms of generalities hoping UMNO people will fill in the blanks. They can't, if their heads are blank too.
So while his speech was good in the manner it was presented, in terms of its efficacy to get the desired objectives, to paraphrase the infamous words of Mukhriz son of Mahathir- there's nothing new.
Why nothing new? Talk about the history of UMNO struggles. Been there, done that. Talk about the Monarchy? Been there, done that. Talk about UMNO working hard? Been there and done that too. We have heard the themes repeated over and over again, varying only in the manner of presenting them. PAS bashing, Anwar Bashing, non Malays bashing?- same old stories. Nonsensical speeches, open display of idiocy? It's a permanent feature of UMNO GA.
so, what's new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa…
Let's see what's new.
When listening to speeches, I prefer not to see the faces of those who speak. I want to avoid making subjective judgments.
Because if we do see, we are more often than not, likely to be influenced by the nuances, the condiments to the speech- flailing of arms, grimacing of the face to stress a point, the shouting and shrieking. Sometimes artful rendition of a speech hides the substance by which we must judge the speech.
But if we are not concerned about the substance, we must judge the speech by another measure. Efficacy of the speech. Did the Najib speech of 2010, achieve its objective? Rallying the troops, burning the spirit etc?
Najib has an history of shouting when making agitated speeches. The shouting may elevate any of the speeches to a stature more than it justly deserves.
And judging from the response from the worked up crowd, Najib's speech was successful in its efficacy. Even the speaker who is supposed to be neutral and officious joins in hallelujah-ing the speech.
Watch out people,- as we near the end of the UMNO General Assembly, expect a few bawdy and sexist jokes from the permanent chairman. Sample….ok pembentang ucapan, biak renkas ucapan hang ya…kaum ibu dah tungu 4 hari ni dah..alahai… aduih….
I prefer to read the text of the speech. To avoid being emotional. That's why we saw many who wept listening to the UMNO president's speech. The were there and witnessed Najib's performance on the speech.
A few of my friends who were on the golf course, stopped for some good few minutes to cry. They cried when hearing people cried.
But I want to say at the onset, it was a fairly good speech. The comments by the former PR MB of Perak on Najib's speech are irrelevant. First the speech has no bearing on what the PR wants to do. They want to capture Putrajaya and Najib is rallying his troops to defend Putrajaya. PR is stupid if they expect UMNO to hand it over on a silver plate.
That is expected. Second, the speech is made by an UMNO president designed to first, capture the imagination of UMNO faithfuls and hopefully, embraced by the majority of Malaysians.
This time his researches have done an above average job. It was a speech tailor-made for the audience. These are UMNO delegates. People who are easily agitated if there is a maverick or a firebrand amongst them.
It was also a personal victory for Najib. His image has taken a beating as someone who is easily compromisable. He has seen as too accommodative and his Maleness Malayness has somewhat been dissipated. Much of his thunder was stolen by Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali. The NGO led by Ibrahim Ali has been vocal on the articles of the Constitution which Najib now is strangely playing up. Articles 152 ND 153.
What is new, is the explicit acknowledgement of the role of Malay rulers. As the ultimate protector of Malay privileges and Malay rights. They are the final adjudicator notwithstanding articles 152 and 153.
Najib has now elevated the stature of the Malay Rulers. Now, this is very surprising. In the past attacks on the Malay rulers hadn't come from opposition parties what more from non Malay parties. The attacks and assault came from UMNO itself.
Now the UMNO president is extolling and saying in so many words, the Royal Institution is a Godsend. It's the final bulwark against the erosion of Malay rights and privileges. Hence Najib was saying, even if the government and constitution is changed, any attempt to dislodge Malay rights and privileges will have to get past the consent of Malay Rulers.
But I am saying, our kings are kings of also non UMNO subjects. That means if other non UMNO people get to Putrajaya, they are still bound by the Malay Rulers proviso. If the Malay Rulers represent the final authority on Malay interest and Malay special privileges, it is also, by way of Najib's admission, an acceptance that even UMNO is not relevant. That would also mean, UMNO is dispensable and the Malays, because Malay rulers are there, will be none the worse off. Furthermore, Najib of course assumes that Malay rulers are all UMNO members.
The BN non Malay member parties have nothing to fear..Chua Soi Lek said many things can be discussed further behind closed doors. No worries, we yam seng together maa- everything boleh kautim.
He was expressing disagreement on certain points raised by Najib. Rest assured, he will be assured by Najib, the speech was targeted at essentially a Malay audience.
It wasn't a call to arms. It wasn't an incendiary speech asking Malays to brandish kerises and kill of enemies. The whole speech contained 95 points. The few last points included a demand for a pledge to defend Putrajaya at all costs. It was dramatically worded to have the desire effect of galvanizing the UMNO faithfuls.
I am not going to deny in saying, on the whole this was a good speech- provided of course the UMNO people, not just the 2300 of them gathered in the main hall of PTWC, but the whole 3.5 million understood. More important, whether the 3.5 million UMNO members under the correct leadership of the leaders , understood what is being asked of them.
Akan bersambung….


nstman,  23 October 2010 at 13:36  

Watching Umno assembly is actually more fun than watching the Jay Leno show. You get natural comedians, spiced with sanitary napkins, to make your day.

Anonymous,  23 October 2010 at 16:27  

The groundswell is mounting higher and yet they remain trite, sneaky, vacuous, sophomoric, supercillious.

Yes, banal ...!

UMNO and Najib will eat themselves up and with them the inance feudal romance

George Choo 23 October 2010 at 16:28  

Sak. it is not surprising that Astro Awani did not call you.I was one of the speaker in the forum organised by Pemandu on the reduction of subsidies and halfway through my speech when I said that the govt of Malaysia is BANKRUPT because of Corruption and the Govt do not have a good reason to reduce subsidy of petrol when we have a daily oil surplus of 55,000 barrel per day.IMMEDIATELY,the chairman of the forum,the BODEK KAKI GUNASEGARAM from THE STAR cut me off.That show us one thing that you SAKMONGKOL is not a BODEK KAKI.

zorro 23 October 2010 at 18:19  

Datuk Sak, if you did not give fair warning to Awani, you would have been ON. But that's you, fair and truthful. As such I am dedicating my next post to you.

Fooart 23 October 2010 at 19:51  

still a No No vote for BN.

Hakiman,  23 October 2010 at 20:31  

Datuk Sak

Taken in isolation, you might be right it is a "good" speech.

But the speech must be read in a wider context... because the deliverer is not only the President of UMNO but a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

What kind of motivations has he laid out for his followers in UMNO? He wants them to be Global Malays, but does that speech reach out to them TO BE Global Malays?

Secondly, ALL Malaysians are ears (or eyes) to his speech BECAUSE he embodies the position of the Prime Minister of this nation. Does his speech touches on inclusivity to bring his followers as an integral member of the larger community of Malaysians? I don't think so.

Yes, he should rally his followers, but there is a thin line between a divisive tribal leader and a leader of a wider community of diverse Malaysians.

Taken overall, it is a BAD or BADLY ADVISED speech!!!

I thought the speech of Khairy as UMNO Youth Chief show more character and providing correct leadership in rallying his troops, knowing full well his message may not raise the adrenaline of his listeners. That is some courage on the part of Khairy which Najib as UMNO President and as Malaysia's PM has NOT shown.

BTW, I am NO fan of Khairy. But where credit is due, it has to be given.

Passerby,  23 October 2010 at 20:56  

One word - disabuse

Otherwise it will definitely be the final nail in the coffin.

Shanghai Fish 23 October 2010 at 21:04  

Am impressed by a very neutral yet clear summary of the GA and your assessment of some UMNO comedians you have here.
You surely won't be very popular with the foot-soldiers and die-hard UMNO goons.
But I must say syabas for this report.
Cheers !

PANJI HITAM 61 23 October 2010 at 21:29  

Hey, I am glad PM mentioned the word panji panji. It is a clarion call, alright.

Having seen PR dismal performance as further confirmed by my buddy RPK , let me be the first (at least among Sak commentators ) to lend my support to Najib.

Time for the Malays to claim their rights. !!

Hakiman,  23 October 2010 at 21:32  

A good speech should inspire its listeners to reach to their better angels within them, not to raise uo the devils in their souls.Choice of words reflects a man's inner thoughts when he opens his mouth to utter those words..

Question we must ask is this: Where does Najib's speech fall?

Perhaps, it is the ingrained culture of UMNO that leaders do not call out the better angels from inner spirit of their followers.

Anonymous,  23 October 2010 at 21:42  

Dear Dato,

Heard that MCA is going to take this opportunity to question the so-called "Social Contract" on behalf of the non-bumiputera.

Kindly be reminded that MCA does not represent the Malaysian non-bumiputera and certainly not me as well as MCA are only consist of con-men, leeches & pirates such as their other members in BN. So if UMNO will like to take this opportunity to "bercerai nyawa dari jasad" please do so ONLY to MCA. I will be more than happy to lend UMNO my kitchen knife. Ordinary Malaysian non-bumiputera will thank you for your kind service.

We ordinary Malaysian only want Putrajaya to be govern by honest, responsible, progressive and caring leaders thats been elected democratically by the people.

Thank you.

Cawan Lama

Anonymous,  23 October 2010 at 22:18  

UMNO adalah sebuah parti feudal; kepimpinan mereka diketuai oleh orang2 yg sama; adik beradik dan kerabat yg sama termasuk kumpulan2 bangsawan; adik beradik?....Husssein Onn/Hishamuddin Hussein, Abd Razak/Najib Razak, Mahadhir/Mukhriz, Abdullah/Khairy dan..dan...dan banyak lagi...90% pengagihan kuota bumiputra diagihkan kepada diri mereka....konsesi balak, konsesi jalan raya tol, konsesi janakuasa electric, konsesi kereta impot, konsesi itu dan ini hanya untuk mereka sahaja..mereka bercakap tentang ancaman orang cina jika melayu tidak bersatu..walhal taikun2 cina itulah sahabat2 karib mereka...jika anda baca majalah Malaysia Tatler..anda lihat kaum bangsawan melayu dan pemimpin2 UMNO ini sungguh gembira berada disamping orang2 cina istimewa ini di gala2 jamuan dan tarian; kerana orang cina2 inilah yg membiayai kegiatan mereka dan memberi komisyen kepada konsesi dan keistemewaan yg mereka miliki tanpa perlu bekerja keras.. ....itulah feudalisme...feudalisme sudah berakhir; tetapi tidak di Malaysia dan dikalangan orang melayu di Malaysia....Presiden Sukarno telah mengahapuskan feudalisme Jawa semasa beliau menjadi Presiden.....tetapi tidak di negara kita..mungkin ramai lagi orang melayu masih mahu menerima mereka...tetapi saya TIDAK..TIDAK dan TIDAK kepada UMNO...

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 00:21  

having put the 'tikus-in the-tong beras'sampah-taib as CM ,

one can only expect that the people there will do the right thing

-kick the sob out for good

now in kl, we have najib as the Alligator king, pee em de jure and

madam rozie as the de facto pee em.

Relax with my favourite song-The Alligator King

The Melayu natives vs the English Maam

Readers are reminded that while Rozie likes to be clothed fashionably

by big names , mrs cameron, the wife of British pee em looks beautiful

in high street fashion.

THe english pee em stays in a Terrace house at 10 Downing Street

and the melayu native pee em stays in opulence and grandeur in a palatial home.

And I was by reminded by Mrs Thatcher's frugality whenever she had late night

session with her kitchen cabinet, she will be pouring coffee from the kitchen

at Downing Street. Mahathir was known to be her disciple of sorts. He modified

Thatchers privatisation to piratisation of national assets.

Can u imagine the uproar by the British public , if the pee em were to

spend 65 million pounds on renovation?

We native melayus have to learn to live with the mores of the omputih.

The politikos [men] like to think that they are berluconi and the pompuans think

they are carla brunni wannabes. There's a video of a politiko [pompuan] kissing

[her lover presumably ] in a lift!!!

part 1/2

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 00:22  


Pee em najib did remind people two things
----------------------------------------- -

> his ancestors came from bugis land. And the pricipal food must be tapioca

and the typical house there has not changed a great deal.

Look at the period house now -

>he said we should learn from the rescue ops of the coal miners in chile

be a good citizen to the gomen !!!

[source: 1 malaysia website]

As a sympathiser to the plight of the poor miners, I literally kept myself awake to

watch the rescue ops from beginning to the last.

It is interesting to see the pee em of chile was there at the mines welcoming every single

miner during the operations. What was more compelling , his minister of mines oversaw

the rescue operations himself and was able to cut short at least two months in the

projected rescue duration. And while the rescue operation was going on Pinera [the pee em]

received a support call from James Cameron, the uk pee em]. Is our pee em a good pal

of James Cameron?

Melayus as politikos must realize that we do not need big labels to be international.

as I have shown their first lady shopped in the high streets. they are not going to

be impressed by our flaunt of diamonds or branded clothes or inordinate amount of

gold taps in the toilets.

In fact , miss Campbell the english model was asked about the marble -sized

diamonds she received from an African despot. The uk press labelled them as bood


To pee em najib, if your ancestors and presumably relatives are comfortable

with the simple houses mentioned above, surely the pm residence is pootjaya is

ample and comfortable?

If we are sincere , we will get lots of friends , personally or politically. Trying to

hobnob with the europeans need good ethics- not a lifestyle of excessess

Whatever bad things members of the governing party do in kl do get reported in the

British or foreign press ,

Khong khek khuat

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 03:30  

I have just watched the rise & fall of berlin wall. I have come across this very character

The Shriek of wallcry for defending Putrajaya. However, it seems it's inevitable for change. The berlin wall has fallen with one stupid little mistake.

You might think it's irrelevant but if you look at the history of East Germany. You would underlying message.
Writings on the wall

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 08:12  

It is a speech of empty rhetorics to give syiok sendiri to their members until out of a sudden these members feel they are sure win in the next GE election.

They even have the gall to predict they can capture Penang or Kelantan on 50-50 chance and Perka& Kedah sure thing. Gosh, just a few thousand shouting rhetorics, can win them the election without realising that they are losing even more votes as they shouted.

Anyway, talking sense to these people who interpret article 153 their own way is futile and a waste of time. They dared not even to come out to clarify let alone debate on it. So very cleverly tell the others ... no more debate on the issue.

The show goes on and the rot continues.... spend, spend and spend while those who cannot get good jobs because of sooooo many factors from NEP to lack of new factories and businesses go to developed countries. It is better now than never or too late. Why earn low Malaysian pay when developed countries usher you in with high developed countries' pay?

Lucky those who have their EPF money in Singapore. When they retire they get Singapore dollars not Malaysian ringgit (by which time, do know how much it is worth). Actually the workers are the major losers - big losers.

Number of facebook members for 1M Reject 100 storey tower has reached 140,000 and growing fast! This is going to change the way Malaysians protest... virtual. No police can stop that and is powerful.

On the one hand says we are heading for bankcrupcy ... and within a month or so announcing major spending (not earning) projects by the tens of billions of projects that benefit only a small sector of the elites.

Yet they want to introduce GST to tax more. What kind of rulers are they? Do they know HOW TO GOVERN A COUNTRY?

tylerdurden 24 October 2010 at 10:07  

When I look at your writings and resume, it's very obvious that u don't belong in UMNO simply because UMNO is a party full of people that u criticize and condemn. I'm not surprised at all you're dropped from being the wakil rakyat because of your liberal thinking which I know for a fact does not go well with most of UMNO member's and your constituents.

You're full of hate and anger for the current administration for failing to see and stopping a talent like yourself. If you embrace democracy, accept the will and idea of the majority of your party members. Being a maverick surely attracts attention and publicity. Most of the readers can see where are you positioning yourself.

It's better for you to quit the political party you're in and be a political activist. If you do that you will have the utmost respect and I believe most party members will interpret your writings differently.

You have a leader now, follow your leader and be a good soldier. If you think being outside the battalion is better, than leave this regiment and fight your battle your way. Until you're out, strengthen your unit for battle and follow orders. This is the art of war.

sukhi,  24 October 2010 at 11:31  

Morn Dato after following your blog for some time i wish to ask my fellow Malaysian if i am right in saying that you would make one fine member of parliment.As such Dato why can't you stand as a independent in the next GE and do Malysia a favour,i am an ordinary Malaysian who is leaving the civil service soon and don't want to see my beloved country going to the dogs(u know who i mean).
I hope you will take this into consideration,god bless you n your family Dato.

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 13:46  

Dear Datuk,

Simple message to Umno.

Enjoy while it lasts.
Do not try to rule forever.
They will not succeed.

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 13:54  

One of the delegates, Datuk Norhayati Omar asked for an increase of more malay teachers in vernacular schools.Thats suicide.
You sent em there and they get slaughtered softly.They will drive you up the wall in an non confrontational way.That leaves you with only 2 options.Either you ask for a transfer(which they want you to do) or you spend the rest of your teaching shelf life in the cold storage.Thats the reality.
So you are right Dato Sak.The delegates some time come up with ideas which are terribly wrong.
Do talk to the teachers Dato sak.They will tell you why a certain group does not give a damn about "berkat" and "amanah".They only care when they is money, untung,and benefit to diri sendiri.If semua ini takde then its a sheer waste of time to get them to do something collectively
Yang sedihnya Dato Sak , this type of people boleh survive because when they are the minority, we will layan mereka lebih baik dari kita layan saudara seagama kita sendiri but hakikatnya when we are the minority in thei lair, we are done for.The will kill you softly as mentioned.
Salah Siapa?Kita sendiri yang telalu accomodating!

ninotaziz 24 October 2010 at 15:21  

Thank you Dato.

Even as my heart bleeds for the reality facing us, I thank you for your frank and chilling assessments.

walla 24 October 2010 at 15:27  

A: 'Sir, any impression on the GA?'

B: 'Complete waste of my time. Noisy circus. Cackle of geese in yet another annual convention of Animal Farm.'

A: 'Why Animal Farm, Sir?'

B: 'Just my weekend attempt at orwellian humor, Sofea. But think about this - 2,300 reality-stoned juvenile junkies were just simply trying to qualify themselves to determine the fate of 27 million.

Instead of discussing and resolving critical issues, they were just playing to each other's gallery.

If only we had a video record of the 1st GA, then we can all compare and contrast what is left today of the original Umno!'

A: 'But didn't you sense a new air of confidence in the hall?'

B: 'Don't you know where that came from, Sofea? It came from their only achievement since the last event - they have managed to amass another war-chest for the next GE. How did they do that so quickly? Probably promissory notes from gaming and construction.

Sofea, we should be perturbed that the next GE will be the dirtiest in the history of this nation. That's what winning at all costs means.

You see, if they have really changed and done well, why the need to win at all costs? A knowing rakyat base would have returned to them, and that if only to avoid their spending the rakyats' money to win at all costs!

In fact, we can say they really will be achieving a high-income economy - they will try to buy us using our money and they will spend ruinously on feel-good projects at specific places after deliberately letting situations turn bad to increase pain.

Needless to say, our poor plebeians are going to fall for it hook, line and sinker again. Meanwhile the warlords will line their pockets, now deepened for inflation, just in case they lose in some places. We're sunk, sugar.'

A: 'Don't be so disheartened, Sir. In the last GE, the rakyat saw through their scheme. Took the money and turned the margin. Of course, this time Umno has said haram money should be returned so that is going to present a predicament to both Umno and the rakyat, doesn't it? Take and keep, or say no, and in either case, vote for or against? My feeling is they will take and walk away with an excuse. Better still, take and vote them out!

You know, Sir, I still remember how Umno had branded itself on its forehead the moment the lingamized courts threw out the claim by even a bumi company for election material delivered but payment repeatedly not made. How do they think the rakyat will conclude if a party can take but not pay, misrepresentation aside, and then buy votes with your money and make promises of future goodies?'

B: 'Bravo, Sofea! And they want to talk about the nine values and the three steps. Gigi sakit. Pass the ponstan.'

walla 24 October 2010 at 15:27  


A: 'But at least some of their leaders have tried to be fair in this GA by putting to rest any further claims on the position of our non-Malay citizens.'

B: 'Dear, don't be naive. Have you too been haimunized? Where're your sunglasses?

Take the announcement that SPM Sejarah will be made compulsory. It was made by the Umno DP but he could only have locus standi to make it as a federal BN minister.

Did he therefore get consensus first from his BN component peers? You may say there's Wee, but have you forgotten how some Umno members had damaged the door of one MCA member just for asking that the Sejarah syllabus be reviewed because it was so over-weighted on Malay and Islamic content as though there was nothing else which mattered. And i haven't yet said anything about Donald Duck whispering not to make Umno angry.

Let me tell you and the MOE reading in behind their curtains what the students have been saying about the Sejarah subject. They're shit fed up with it. It's a horror subject to them. They have to memorize the genealogies of people whose names are a mile long and whose only contribution to local history seems to have been to produce other people whose names were equally a mile long! What about world civilizations? Lessons learned from the drama of histories elsewhere and the biographies of world luminaries which could be applied intelligently to this land? Or will it again be local history written with a specific racial bias in order to propagandize the supremacy of a particular political system so as to perpetuate a hypocritical value system that is choking on its own excesses and inadequacies?

Sofea, if you want to analyze the grain of a politician, or the worth of our local politics, there are some rules to apply. For instance, the rule of consistency, and the rule of time-lag.

Take the rule of consistency. When a politician thinks, speaks and acts one contrary to the others, then he breaches the rule of consistency. In my stable, if someone is inconsistent, he might as well be irrelevant. Because we are talking here about role models for national leadership of a plural society.

And obviously, as you can witness for yourself, we are mightily late.

How else can one explain why a supposedly educated person can associate sanitary pads with social ills, or how a chief can turn a census take which if you were to analyze the numbers properly had said our Malays formed 51% but now he said it's 67%! How did he derive such a magic number - massive reproduction in the last few years ke, or now that the roots of our Malays can be joked to be from diverse places, open-door but selective citizenship, perhaps?

By the way, if you can find a royalty’s public speech which referred to that census data to reinforce his message that our Malays are not such a big majority that we should ignore the others, that would be good. But it will be a miracle because the last i checked, the records seem to have been expunged. Needless to add, i won't be surprised if this present census will confirm it is 67%. Maybe more! Why not 100% and let's end the charade once and for all?!'

A: 'Sir, i think it's their mentality and mindset. They want to look big yet they actually harbor some freudian fear. It's ingrained in them. They can't get rid of the insecurity. So everything comes out twisted. Maybe that's how your rules of consistency, time-lag and others are proven.'

walla 24 October 2010 at 15:28  


B: 'You may have a point there, Sofea. Pick one. Let's not discuss that Hamidi and his chauvinistic and outdated anti-XX/XXX statements. Let's pick someone else.

Say, Awang Adek. He was quoted as saying large infrastructure projects will diversify our investments and reduce our dependency on foreign investments, and this way he thinks they will neither burden the government's finances nor the people.

Excuse me, but aren't those projects big-ticket privatisations? So, given the rakyats' bitter experiences with the previous batch of such big-bucks projects, how can one say the Government's finances (eg MAS and KLIA) and the rakyats' burden (eg PLUS toll and TNB IPP rates) will not be affected?

Is he, of MOF no less, saying the present government will definitely not be burdened by the need to sponsor those projects which implies the vendors can advance so feasible a business plan that bankers will rush to give them the mega-loans to make it all happen without the government providing surety using the rakyats' provident fund? Hmmm? What is the price of the train ticket on a rm43 Billion line, and its payback period?

But that's not all, Sofea. In diminishing the role of FDIs, he slams right into his compatriot's agenda. That's Miti and Mida and Mustapa, if you will. So, is Awang Adek saying those big projects will be employing only Malaysians and not the 3 million Indons that one Syed had written as having been given citizenship, ostensibly to compensate for the 2 million (at least) of born-and-bred Malaysians who have already left the country? Hmmm?'

A: 'Sir, it's a weekend! But i vibe with your angst. Indeed, now that PNB has said it will be using its own money for the tower, i am just dying to ask whether they know where the money came from in the first place. It's the rakyat's, stupid! The institutional investors and the people who paid into the PNB trust funds.

So if these investments are no different from the taxes paid by the rakyat to the government's consolidated fund, how can PNB and the MOF no less say the RM5 Billion is PNB's own money?

Which means the 140,000 and growing number of protestors in that facebook site have perfect grounds to be against something which the PNB management is saying they are investing based on a hope that returns of 8% will be realized.

Since it will only be finished by 2020, they can see so far, ke? Yet they had earlier said no one could tell them how feasible would such real estate projects be?! Kepala pening!

You know, Sofea, even if i can understand why they're doing it, they must realize first that throwing Rm5 billion into one project on a crowded hilly site in a gridlocked place based on just a hope is bad prudence in investment planning. Especially when there is so much office and hotel overhang at the moment and we still haven't worked out how to de-jaw ourselves from our middle-income trap.

walla 24 October 2010 at 15:29  


And looking at the site demarcations on the map, they really are going to erase Taman TAR, and that's a real historic icon! The plan also encompasses both stadiums. Hey, how in the first place did PNB own two national stadiums?! I don't want to say anymore on this project. Soon, we will have to raise a new bendera there - putih!'

B: 'Hahaha. Sofea, your face is all flushed! Steady, dear girl.

It's just Umno in its last throes. Take what the President has said - one of the seven values presented was to embrace and put the party first. He then added that party leaders have to endear themselves to the grassroots which means they mustn't be showy like big house, big car and small wife. I take that as confirmation that's what the party all along has been giving their leaders. Which then begs the question whether they have changed enough to embrace putting the party first, the one that gave them those privileges over and above the 70 percent grassroots who are living from hand to mouth.

Go ahead, stop my torpedo.'

A: 'Hehehe, Sir! You're a riot. But you certainly won't get into that Astro forum.'

B: 'sigh. If a forum is to discuss matters openly and honestly, picking only yes-men will only be massively counterproductive.

In fact, let me summarize the whole GA for you with regards one and only one point. Are you ready?

Ok. Here it comes. I want you to imagine that the Talent Corporation has been activated and it has managed to coax 1,000 of the country's best brains who have left to come back to review their decision to leave. Ok, so far? Now, Ku Nan in his infinite wisdom decides that since Umno is now more open, those 1,000 best of breed, and they include many of our Malay professionals, will be invited to sit in the GA.

Now, imagine as well they have done exactly that. Come the end of this session today, what do you think they will say and do, having listened to all the delegates and so called Umno elites?'

B: 'Hmmm. Trick question, you cunning linguist, you, Sir!

But seriously, i see your point. After listening to all the shock-and-awe projects, people seem to have forgotten the original exposures. That we have fallen into a middle-income trap, that we are rapidly deindustrializing, that the services sector is but an appendage to a manufacturing base, that we have no value inputs or capabilities thereof, that our human capital is lost and our social capital is a bozo clown riding on a monocycle round and round the circus ring all these years, and that we are really in deep shit, despite all the spin.'

B: 'So what do you think those 1,000 brains will do, those people with roots here who have had to pull themselves up and start all over again elsewhere? This is an important question, Sofea. In fact this is the only question that matters. Not Umno or its mirror-and-toy act.'

A: 'I think they will walk out the backdoor, hail a cab, go to the airport, take the next flight back, and on reaching their new homes, convert any green card or permanent residence status to naturalized citizenship in their second countries.'

B: 'Exactly, Sofea! Now, can i go and have my nap?'

A: 'But please don't say you won't want to wake up after that.'

B: 'Prescient today, aren't we?'


ninotaziz 24 October 2010 at 15:58  

UMNO in its last throes...

A premonition - a self fulfilling prophecy?

vinnan,  24 October 2010 at 17:19  

Anon 24 October 2010 13:54

Apart from a hand full of Malays, most are not able to work in an environment where the dominant culture is not that of the Malaysian civil service. The biggest problem is not linguistic but the attitude of the Malays. They expect the non-Malays to accord them special treatment just because they are Malays even though the workload for the Chinese school teacher is the heaviest among all the primary school teachers. Do you know the implementation of the PPSMI increased the school hours for the SJKC teachers by half an hour for Tuesday and Wednesday? Do you hear the Chinese teachers bitching about the increased workload? No, they just soldier on in the best tradition of the Chinese school teachers or the Sekolah Agama teachers of the past who for a long time taught for free. That is the cultural tradition which many Malay teachers have forgotten. Malay teachers are famous for complaining about the lack of equipment, peruntukan tak cukuplah, guru gaji tak berbaloi lah and so on. Yes, Chinese school teachers do complain about the same thing and there will always be those lazy good-for-nothing teachers but in the battlefield of education they remember the teacher is the foot soldier who wins or loses the battles and consequently the war on illiteracy. The SJKCs and their teachers can do things which no SKs with their massive governmnet funding need to do or can do. They go into battle with what they have and they:

1. IMPROVISE because the government NEVER give the Chinese schools enough equipment.

2. ADAPT no matter how difficult the environment is. So what if you can actually hear ther termites eating the woodwork. So what if there is only one fan for a class of thirty.

3. Because Chinese school teachers can improvise and adapt they are able to OVERCOME the obstacles they face in carrying out their duty as teachers

You claim 'they only care when they is money, untung,and benefit to diri sendiri.If semua ini takde then its a sheer waste of time to get them to do something collectively'

Yes, you are right, the Chinese are not interested in your 'collective' things because the Chinese schools have no time for your propaganda bullshit which forms a large part of the SK's curriculum. Yes, the Chinese schools count every sen they can get their hands on for they have no generous government peruntukan to rely upon.

The government need not 'accomodate' the non-Malays as you put it. The Chinese schools are more than willing to go it alone like what they used to do. They can do without the thrown scrapes by the MCA, Gerakan or SUPP UMNO dogs.

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 19:49  

Political speeches are sometimes like religious sermons. They hit you as you listen. Silently, you promise to change your ways and turn to God and save my soul.
Two weeks later , everything is forgotten and I back to my own sinful style.
You think people care to save Najib from his Putajaya palace when they dont have only sambal belacan and ikan kering for dinner?
Sir, the speech revealed Najib's fear of losing office.
Why? He might end up behind bars. Thats why.

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 21:47  

To vinnan.
Of course the sjkc teachers will go all out when it comes to teaching their adik-beradik.But why arent they doing the same when they teach in a sk?
Are you saying that the vernacular schools are getting a 2 nd class treatment? well, likewise how come the so called successful vernacular schools arent sharing the teaching strategies and approaches to all?we are not running a food bizniz here to say that its a trade secret.Share lah kawan, untung semua anak bangsa Malaysia.Kalau sudah tahu strategi terbaik untuk ajar matematik, apa salahnya kongsi? ker kena nak bayar juga?
You have got it all wrong about doing things collectively@teamwork.
Its like this, if you want them to stay back or come back in the evening for extra classes or curricular activities you will see em all whine but lets say that you get paid by the hour.Then its NO PROBLEM.Just show me the Money.
Lastly about the propaganda bullshit and not wanting the scraps thrown by BN, well by all means just come join us.Lets all of our children go to sekolah kebangsaan.Let them learn, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil language.I dont see a problem if we get em all under one roof.Just incoporate all the language in the school timetable.Evereybody can understand each other better.We can learn to speak each others language.Kenapa takut nak datang?
Jemputlah datang dengan segala hormatnya.
Kalau nak beri pandangan, biar ada justifikasi.Propoganda propoganda tu semua karut aje.

Anonymous,  24 October 2010 at 23:12  

Hi vinnan 17:19 & anon 13:54,

Both ouf you typing with emotions and lack further of rational thinking, I trust its not too much to say that both are likely sour-grapes when dealing/communicate/requesting etc from the government for projects and god knows what else.

So much hatred and demeaning comment

The crux of the matter is ---> PM Najib is not offering anything and purely just the time is up i.e. now is the best time to go ala "crusade battle" to woo the voters beginnning next year plus with the Seven(7) commandments and so on.

As for me, all i See is UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Also i have a feeling there would be a "hung parliament" or something interesting will be in the cards.

Hey, i am just a sardine @ ikan tongkol which all I ask is more action less rhetoric bru-haha.

For a start, similarly like AK47 mentions the rest of the ideas from many of the delegates in pwtc are nothing new semua bullshit bru-haha bising nak contract and fighting with eachother.

esok lusa GE/by erection/30%cake/ blablablablabla ... and malaysia will be forever lack behind.

Yang famous,glitz semua umno elit dan rakan sewaktunya.

However I must look forward hearing,
seeing PM Najib reshuffle his cabinet very soon.

In the same time, I am sure Tok Him and Madhater is putting some pressure on PM Najib.

Betul la orang lain cakap melayu zaman 21st century hampir semua suka goyang telor talking gibber and proclaim ISLAM that and this but at the end they doing exactly the opposite way.

- Ikan Tongkol -

Cikgu Ngah,  25 October 2010 at 00:10  

Assalamualaikum Dato'.

Saya adalah ahli UMNO biasa dan tidak memegang sebarang jawatan dalam parti. Saya cuma nak nyatakan perasaan kagum saya dengan reaksi para pemimpin kanan UMNO dengan ucapan Dato' Najib itu. Ketua Wanita, Senator Kak Ijat kata beliau rasa bagai 'dilahirkan semula' selepas mendengar ucapan Presiden. Ada pula yang kata inilah ucapan yang dinanti-nantikan oleh ahli-ahli UMNO selama hari ini. Macam-macam lagilah pujian yg diberi kepada Dato' Najib atas ucapannya itu. Di akhir perhimpunan, komentar2 yg banyak kita dengar ialah UMNO sudah kembali kepada semangat asalnya seperti sebelum PRU 12 yg lalu.

Saya nak tanya, bukankah ucapan-ucapan Pak Lah dulu pun diberikan pujian melambung juga oleh para perwakilan UMNO? Tapi orang yang dipuji melambung inilah yang kemudiannya dikutuk hebat bila UMNO/BN kalah 5 negeri dan gagal dapat majoriti 2/3. Jadi saya harap Dato' Najib jgnlah suka hati sangat dengar puji-pujian para pemimpin UMNO ini. Itu tidak menggambarkan suasana sebenar. Dulu Pak Lah dipuji. Kini beliau dicaci maki. Dato Najib pun boleh terima nasib yang sama jika beliau tidak berhati-hati.

Saya tak tahulah macam mana yang UMNO boleh begitu yakin bahawa ia sedang kembali menerima sokongan daripada rakyat jelata. Apakah bukti-bukti atau indikator yang dipakai untuk mengesahkan perkara ini? Adakah dengan ramainya orang di gerai2 jualan batik di PWTC? Yang saya tahu tiap2 tahun pun begitu juga. Jadi saya harap Dato Najib janganlah jadikan ramainya orang di perhimpunan agung sebagai indikator bahawa sokongan rakyat khususnya orang Melayu telah kembali kepada UMNO. Fikirlah dengan lebih mendalam sebelum pergi menghadap Agong untuk meminta perkenan membubar parlimen.

Sepatutnya Dato Najib meninjau pendapat semua orang termasuk orang2 mcm Dato' sendiri untuk menilai reaksi rakyat terhadap ucapannya dan dasar2 kerajaannya sekarang ini. Barulah beliau akan mendapat gambaran yang lebih lengkap dan tepat.

Kepada Dato' Sak, saya harap Dato' akan terus bersikap kritikal tetapi dalam masa yg sama Dato juga haruslah berhati-hati kerana takut2 apa yg ditulis dan dikatakan oleh Dato mengenai UMNO dan PM akan dijadikan senjata oleh pihak lawan. Macam kenyataan Dato' bahawa PM pakai sampin berharga RM 40,000 masa pembentangan bajet. I think that was not necessary.

Terima kasih.

vinnan,  25 October 2010 at 00:15  

I do some work for a premier SK in Johor. All the teachers tell me the hardest working chap in their school is a mathematics Chinese teacher. So much for your Chinese teachers only teach their own race bullshit. The premier SJKC in in my town have Malay girls who consistently top their class in language skills. There are no special skills or formulas here, just simple elbow grease and diligence. Something wrong with getting paid for tuition work? I am sure you know if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. The Chinese more than anyone else know that while sacrifices can be expected of teachers it is stupid to expect them to work as monkeys.

I am very familiar with the SKs and the amount of time the teachers waste on the propaganda shit of the government is plain shameful. For instance, teachers are sent to source for flowers from nurseries during school hours to decorate the schools because the Pengetua wants to show the visiting Pejabat Pendidikan bigshot how her 'keprihatinan' is second to none. Frequently, the the speech of ths bigshot is nothing but political drivel of the 'Ketuanan Melayu' variety or just some mindless self important nonsense. Assemblies in the SJKCs are over in less than 15 minutes while in many of the SKs the assemblies can go up to an hour. What does making the students stand under the hot morning son achieve for their education. This is an example of the Civil Service Culture which the SJKCs would never wish for their students of any race.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 14:35  


for your no 1 reason, the sekolah jenis kebangsaan received funds from the orang kaya cina. Although gomen gives you money, the orang kaya cina still give to you.

For malays, theres no orang kaya malays would give so much or money for the sekolah kebangsaan schools, before basically they are not as rich as the orang kaya cina.

and the sekolah jenis kebangsaan had made your mandarin or chinese languaga a must pass subject in the schools, how does this helps in terms of kesetiaan pada negara as 1Malaysia.

You always bark for 1Malaysia this and that, but your action does not contribute to anything.

Your ancestors citizenship was given based on what was agreed earlier as mention in the perlembagaan. May I suggest that if anyone of their descendants does not honour the perlembagaan, then the citizenship should be taken back.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 15:00  

I dont think Kak Ijat sesuai jadi menteri. Rasa cam berapi2 cakap benda yg sama, tapi takda solusi. Pak Sak yg komen pun sama, komen2 tapi takda solusi untuk mengatasi.

Kadang2 fikir, memang sedap betul bercakap dan melepaskan geram, tapi tak pikirkah kesan nya cakap yg bermacam2 ni. Semua tak bersatu, saling salah menyalahkan, patut berbincang dan selesaikan masalah. Cakap berdegar2 pun, esok semangat balik cam biasa, bila cakap pasal budget, ini dan ini tak betul. Cakapla apa yg elok dan betul, skrg nak cakap perkara elok dan solusi pun kena pakai consultant tuan penasihat 25%. Kalau dah ada tuan penasihat 25% maknanya cakap ikut besar duitlah dan besar projek. Takda org yg benar2 ikhlas, kalau tolong bagi cadangan, nampak bergeliga, cepat2 nak naik pangkat terus jadi menteri. Khairy mungkin nampak bergeliga, belum tentu sesuai jadi menteri. Tapi my own personal opinion, dia memang tak sesuai, nak pulak pak mentua puji sakan2, macam nak jolok suruh naik, lagi tak sesuai.

Tok aku dulu, org2 dulu2 ler, bila bapak aku bekerja dibawah dia, dia lagi teruk kena buat kerja dari pekerja yg lain. Sebab apa, sebab takmau nampak, mentang2 anak dia, anak dia lah dulu naik. Tapi berlainan skrg, semua nak naikkan sedara mara kaum kerabat. Kalau pun nak naik bertingkat2, biarlah org lain puji, org lain nampak kredibiliti. Pak mentua mungkin nampak bagus, tapi kita semua nampak dia tak bagus. Kalau dia masuk dalam kabinet, ada harapan kalah besar.

Itulah budaya politik dalam UMNO, nampak masih ada budaya2 menghancurkan, walaupun ada ucapan berapi bak nagasakti.

Budget dan apa2 masalah lain, adalah rempah ratus yg menambahkan bicara cerita, tapi yg basic tentang peribadi, sikap2 pemimpin yg benar2 berkorban utk melihat negara maju memang tidak ada.

Masalah bangsa dan kaum2 ni dah lama ada, org saja mungkin tak tau, sebab rakan2 nite club, org berduit dan selalu makan angin luar, tidak begitu memikirkan masalah ini. Ada yg memikirkan tapi ketawa simpan dalam hati.

Kita org rakyat semua dah tahu lama, masa bekerja, dan masa2 lain, perkara2 ini timbul, tapi kaum lain simpan dalam hati begitu juga melayu, melayu dapat gaji skit, tapi cina lebih tinggi, ini salah satu. Most of the time, depa ni berlakon aja, cuba tunggu bila dapat pangkat, siapla org melayu. Begitu juga peringkat negara. Tapi bila dinampak melayu lemah, dorang tak simpan lama dan berani sekeh2 kepala kita terang-terangan. Ada pulak tu setakat bagi amaran aja. Di sekeh di depa ni lagi. Gelak menyeringai aja. Lagi la depa naik minyak.

Bila org melayu berhimpun dan cakap sampai naik tegang urat berapi-api, ada pulak melayu yg jatuhkan kunun itu dan ini.

Melayu jugak yg jatuh melayu, abih camno? Orang lain apa lagi, sedang elok tunggu peluang dibuka, bak mandeliar yg membuka pintu melaka, apalagi SSSE E EEE E RRRRRRRAAAANGGGG!!!

Tinggal lah Putrajaya negarakota maju dengan design2 canggih, Putra melayu yang tak berjaya maju menyaingi atau meneruskan survival melayu dek kerana kecewa dengan melayu sendiri.

Dulu Melaka tinggal nama
Mungkin Malaysia juga akan tinggal nama. Apa pula namanya nanti. Ke mana Melayu lari? Indonesia?

Aku lebih rela malaysia ini tenggelam dari jatuh ke tangan org lain. Jadi takda siapa perlu rebutkan apa2.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 23:42  

Note To De Facto Pee Em Madam RM

i have just viewed a video clip where madam Rozie

mentioned- ' .......I am not politician.... I am only a

politician's wife....'

Then one would ask the following questions-

Why have an office in Pootjaya?

Why have a budget of RM 111 million?

The numbers 111 - why the unique prime numbers?

Suspicious / supertitious/ bomoh-ized number kah?

So one day you are the de facto pee em and the next found you to

be merely a politician's wife.

Interesting, this only happen in 1 country in the world.

Where else- the 1 and only 1 Malaysia

Dear Madam,

You have truly put 1 malaysia in the world spotlight

It would be picked up by the digg, fark guys soon

khong khek khuat

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