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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 18 October 2010

A more spirited look at the 2011 Budget

I promised my friends I will try not be a trenchant critic of the budget. Really I do. Why are you so critical, they asked. You were his ADUN before and he is your MP.
Unfortunately I can't guarantee it. Because so early in the speech, the PM contradicts his promise to make this budget a people's budget. He lays out a red carpet for the big players. Probably they are identified before hand.
You remember some of the things PM said when talking about revising some aspects of NEPish policies and referring to some vague notions of a NEM? About NEPNEMing our economy?
Something of needs based? The 2011 budget have many things that flout this lofty claim. Many things will be done not in accordance to needs based. Do we need for example a 100 storey tower of Babel? Do we need a maddening increase in real property sector of the economy?
If you were a stock picker, you will see things in a different light. You would be recommending buyers about the stocks of those companies rumored to be getting those mega deals. You will be interested only on 'positive' economics issues. Remember your courses in positive and normative economics?
That is not a wrong thing. But busybodies of the world, don't see things that way. They see things in the 'normative' economics way- how things should and ought to be instead of how things are. This I believe is in line with our desire to change things. I am sure many have heard the famous phrase: " The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point however is to change it"
If the PM can invite anyone who cares to submit suggestions over the internet and have his people at the MOF incorporate these into a coherent and relevant part of the budget, it only proves by inference, that the big players have a bigger access in putting their views across.
So we won't begrudge those good and god fearing people who get wet dreams imagining their humble views make their way to some shadowy webmasters manning the PM's blog. We will not ridicule them for thinking their views matter in this budget.
Therefore we are intrigued for example, when the PM says 3 stock-broking licenses will be given to locals, foreigners or JVs. I am pretty sure, this idea was forwarded or even intimated to the PM by some well placed Mr. fix it. Maybe some people Jholowed them to him.
This is becoming the usual suspect under the PM's way of managing the economy. Basically therefore, the business ideas in the budget are representations of the ideas of some businessmen behind the scenes.
So how can I restraint myself from being a trenchant critic? Certainly I take comfort that luckily, this budget was prepared by those hardworking people at MOF and others. Since the budget is as good as those people working on it, I stand a good chance in debating with them. I mean, they are not Nobel prize winners in economics or something to that effect. If they are, I would have to be more circumspect and avoid being made to look an idiot.
Since they are just people like us, we can engage them freely and without fear of intellectual censure. So here goes.
Transparency is the basic building block.
Transparency will continue to remain a sine qua non to underline the government's resolve to promote economic growth. I hope the MOF which is supervising the venture capital fund will not be selective or pre-selective. Have clear guidelines published so as to give as wide access to businesses as possible. Otherwise the strategy will the same as before- picking winners among the stable.
Likewise, we want to know details of the BPTF- where will be the funds be channel through? This is the Bumiputera Property Trust Fund- a fund set up to help Bumiputeras own strategic properties in the cities. Again, lets wish the Fund is administered and operated with transparency in mind. Let's have the fund accessible by as many who can provide sound proposals.
One question that has been nagging me is this. So many times we hear the government wants to take us out of the middle income trap. We are not poor enough to qualify as a poor country but not yet rich enough to qualify as a developed country.
Metaphorically speaking, we are like the man wearing a short sarong. Roll it up, you expose the extremities. Roll it down, you expose your torso.
Intuitively the main cause for that entrapment is the inability of our economy to break through. That is caused perhaps by low productivity. Low productivity is dependent on knowledge internalized and technology applied. It is also caused by management. The country is not properly managed such that we don't have that elusive ecosystem that promotes rapid transition. Witness the slide in competitiveness that our country suffers.
We lack also perceptive leadership that does not know how to get us there.
At a more fundamental level, I have often asked, if we want to get out from the middle income trap, shouldn't we devote the bulk of our resources to the middle income players? This means the SMEs- which formed 75 % of the country's production machine.
Let's look at the 2011 budget. The PM says it's a people's budget. He is correct if he means by people, those big players who are already awarded plum projects. He uses the fashionable term- PPP- not the decrepit political party but Public-Private Partnership. The PM has shown a proclivity of acronyms and high sounding terms of late.
Experience has shown us, big sounding names usually don't have the substance. But we hope they do.
This 2011 budget begins by laying out a red carpet for the big boys. It contradicts its own commitment to give priority in building the middle income sector.
The construction of the RM 5,000,000,000 Warisan Merdeka tower, the 43 billion MRT, the RM 10 billion development of the Sungai Buloh land, the so many billions beatification programs etc etc. these are all non SME projects.
So the PM is banking on the big boys to push his agenda to make our country a high income economy.
How will the PM increase the liquidity market? By asking the GLCs to divest its business interests. This is basically a good move to liberalize the market. The GLCs have long crowded out genuine private investments and discriminate against many. I hope this idea of divesting will be applied across the country. This will break up unnatural monopolies that came into existence because of non market legislations. This move will free the market for increased participation.
Not all investments and businesses in which GLCs are involved are done efficiently and competitively. In the plantations sector for example, those GLCs operating under the protection of policies are often operated less efficiently than do private companies. And in certain sectors, private participation is closed altogether. In that sense, the GLCs operate under a closed system where it is often impossible to measure their competitive.
But again, the divestiture should be done transparently. Thus far, we only hear of things after they happened. The Plus highways which are cash cows are all of a sudden bought over by EPF and Khazanah. Hence Khazanah and EPF play the role of sellers and buyers at the same time. What happened to the proposals by Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary and that of Asas Serba? How do we reconcile the price of RM 23 billion which the Khazanah-EPF partnership is buying with the RM15 billion and RM 50 billion offered by competitors?
The money that the budget wants to spend is ours. Its procured by moving a motion in parliament to appropriate a certain amount from the consolidated fund for the purposes outlined by the mover of the motion.
Let us speak out because that is the people's money that is going to be applied for the purposes outlined.


Anonymous,  18 October 2010 at 06:47  

Dato' Sak,
Thanks. Now we can see the points. The low income government servants and pensioners were given a gift of RM500 to keep them happy. How far will that RM500 go?
Pak Tua.

Anonymous,  18 October 2010 at 07:56  

Salam dato,

Of late, i've been reading ur articles as my reference point in understanding Najib's ABC economy since my econ has no mony.

Permission to use them as my points of ref should i ever touch on these matters.

Keep it up Dato, and i thank you for all the ABC Econ Made Easy articles.

OneMalaysian,  18 October 2010 at 10:41  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Basically therefore, the business ideas in the budget are representations of the ideas of some businessmen behind the scenes.”

The only people who expressed enthusiasm about the budget are the usual suspects – ministers from component BN parties and certain “prominent” business leaders. As for the ministers, poor thing, what do you expect them to say? Ever since I could read budget speeches I have never heard a BN minister say ANYTHING bad about them! Budgets are always described as “fair”, “people orientated” or “balanced”. Ditto for those unfortunate businessmen. What else can they say? But as we all know, many budgets were crap or deficient in some major aspects. But this being Malaysia, you cannot be true to yourself if you want to be regarded as “establishment type”, that is, those who wants to be close to the government for obvious reasons. The truth can wait to be told in whispered tones at private parties.

Now, anyone who has read the NEM would surely had hoped that this 2011 Budget would be the launching pad for the 10-year plan. But no, it is not. By giving the big infrastructure projects to pre-identified parties without going through open tenders, where is the transparency that was talked about? How can this eliminate rent-seeking behaviour, and make us a more competitive country? Where is the big push in education that will build capacity? Where are the incentives to induce the private sector to invest 3 times more than before so that we can attain that RM1.44 trillion target? Where are the initiatives to reduce the bad NEPish policies? Where are the measures to reform the civil service?

If we exclude the little dribs and drabs that are being dished out to imams and ketua kampongs, the main thing that sticks out is all about the big projects. These are not bad per se, but the way that it is being done is bad. Also, these are one-time projects. When they are finished, that’s the end. There is no or little carry over effect. There are some puny benefits to house buyers, but what is more important is not giving a one-time benefit of a thousand ringgit in reduced stamp fees but rather to permanently increase their earning capacity through better jobs. On this topic, the government has stepped away from the minimum wage issue and has not been aggressive enough to reduce foreign labour. So all in all, there is little in the budget to excite us, and certainly it is not the start of the NEM that we had hoped for. Najib is bolder in speeches at investment conventions than in real action.

dua sen,  18 October 2010 at 12:08  

The PLUS deal with EPF/Khazanah is not the best.

But I would rather err with this deal than rent seekers like SM and Asas Serba.

Scenario SM - bailout after asset stripping.

Scenario AS - daily robbery round 2!

Anonymous,  18 October 2010 at 12:55  

The budget is a big success..

What it achieves is to distract attention of the real issue i.e exploding OPEX..27 % increase due mainly to big surges in supply&services n fixed payments.

The mega projects are essentially private funding but tucked within the budget are allocations for various support mechanisms.The govt should be transparent and reveal the terms of reference,guarantees,support and indirect incentives given for the various EPPs esp the MRT.

Hopefully our MPs will not similarly get distracted from the real issues.Remember this is a budget i.e should focus on actual Revenues and Expenditures.No way should they discuss about my house renovation (except if GOVT is funding it)

walla 18 October 2010 at 14:07  

B: 'Hahahahaha!'

A: 'Sir, why are you laughing? I haven't even said anything!'

B: 'Sofea, i might as well laugh at the beginning first for we all know the river of tears we will be shedding for our country at the end of our conversation.'

A: 'Hmmm. Your cynicism is showing, Sir. Shouldn't we be celebrating our new Bajet 2011? It's another people-caring budget for our rakyat.'

B: 'Woman, your normally lovely, big, expressive, luminous and clear eyes are looking a bit glazed right now. Are you on some controlled substance?'

A: 'Why you talk so the mean one, Tun?'

B: 'Ok. Whatever you're having, pass some over. So that i can also say it's a good budget and hats off and so on, so forth. I need to feel good right now. In fact, i just need to feel. How come i cannot sense anything anymore?'

A: 'Then why don't you say it is a good citizen-centric budget? There is a new optimism in the air. Excitement. Promise. Vision.'

B: '(groans). Erection, too? You miss the 100-storey tower.

Sofea, where is that five B going to be erected? On top of the small Taman TAR on the hill? Over the VI field?

Come to think of it, now i understand why our walla said the key word for ETP was to 'pavilionize' the economy. What a mind!

You see, the Pavilion was built over what? Over the site where BBGS was.

But do the marvelous planners know what they would have been viewing from the VI wings in the sixties overlooking the present Stadium Negara? Construction workers digging up the grounds ...and finding bones in the soil.'

A: 'Grief! Oh, would that also explain the POW cemeteries next to DBP as well?'

B: 'Let's not get too eerie about this. And because i believe in productivity and hardwork first, i shall not pursue any further the question.'

A: 'What question, Sir?'

B: 'The question of how come the gomen has got no money for the rm3 billion in cost of bonus to the civil servants, but has got money for the rm5 billion in initial cost, at the moment uninflated for leakages, of Menara Wawasan.'

A: 'But if we don't discount its social engineering role as employer of the first resort for our race, the civil service is already too bloated, Sir. We must be having the biggest ratio in the world. Besides, a commercial complex will return income for future disbursements. We must have that investment first in order to create jobs. Otherwise how to achieve a more positive social engineering than government giving three jobs to our Malays for every one to a non-Malay?'

B: 'True, true. I agree with your logic. But do you know what actually happened to that 3 is to 1 arrangement which has caused today such a lopsided problem in the civil service? Someone in the NOC executed a 2 rule. This means it avoided a 3 rule and therefore it avoided the need to employ a nonMalay at any time 2 Malays were employed. See how it was actually twisted around?'

A: ' Sir, that is so unfair!'

walla 18 October 2010 at 14:07  


B: 'The NZ prime minister would have thought the same, Sofea.'

A: 'Why the NZ prime minister, Sir? I am puzzled!'

B: 'Because he was told at that time by the PM at that time not to take in so many nonMalay students.'

A: 'Grief! Is that how our country has been run? How can this be going on for so long? Didn't the BN components raise objection?'

B: 'I am sure they tried. In fact, i suspect they tried so much that when the MCA president vied for the Seremban post at that time, three key members of Umno went to the kampungs to tell the Malays not to vote for him, the chief of the key Barisan component!'

A: '(jaws drop) No! this can't be true, Sir.'

B: 'Ask one of them, the guy who was fumbling for an excuse when the GLC he chaired was exposed to have lost almost two billion.'

A: 'What can i say, Sir?'

B: 'I dunno. Maybe CSL reading this would have to tighten his belt one more crotch in Galas. I mean notch. But i don't blame him. The rot started in that party of theirs with the rotten fish head. Which means it started when the Toon of Oafs fulfilled the TAR prophecy.'

A: 'You mean Tun of the Loaf? And what prophecy was that, Sir?'

B: 'No, Sofea, i mean the Toon of Oafs. And the prophecy which has been proven 110 percent true was what TAR had said - that the mamak would overturn everything and break up the institutions of governance of this country.

That could also explain why Inspira is rebadged Lancer and campro has disappeared. And the rakyat are asked to pay ten grand for a piece of paper so that our local autobots can diversify into other businesses! Imagine I ask you to pay tribute money so that I can do something to compete and thus increase the cost of the spare parts of your car against mine, labeled local but actually just as foreign as yours. Haha!’

A: 'Back to Menara Wawasan. Do you think PNB has the money to do it? Someone muttered Reits.'

B: 'Until the feasibility report is presented to the rakyat, i am not sure. PNB is a Malay entity, you know. Like a GLC. Like Sime. Like MAS. Like Plus. ...where are they today? i give up! As for Reits, we know how underpar they have been in Asia. Even mutts would know that.

Talking of which, let me close one loop for you, Sofea.'

A: 'What's that, Sir?'

B: 'Remember that cowhead incident in Shah Alam? Well, look carefully at the badge of VI. Which animal head do you see there?'

A: 'Hmmm. Your brain connects too many things, Sir.'

walla 18 October 2010 at 14:09  


B: 'All those great schools of the sixties and early seventies - VI, St Johns, PFS and so on. Well, they are not great anymore. Don't we know why? Kulifikasi.

Isn't it plain wisdom that one should not bite off more than one can chew? If we continue to do so, year after year, the country will go down further, year after year. We can blame the world economy, blame other races, blame the langit but do we assign realistic reason that the root problem is on earth? Bumi?

We are where we are today with so many intractable problems because we refused to face up to reality. That there are standards in the world. That relevance is all that matters. That we cannot look at the world anymore through our own fear-borne racial lens. That there are no short-cuts. That substance is all that matters over the procession of forms we are only good at producing at obscene cost, furthermore using the rakyats' money.

A country whose leaders are responsible-minded when using the peoples’ money and whose people face up to reality will have the resolve to be resilient. It is resilience which overcomes the vagaries of global changes of fortune. People bounce back when they are down because they have built up their own inner skills and outer strengths.

If you can tell me how kulifikasi can beat that, let's then apply it to the original bumi's of our land, the Orang Asli's. Except for a whitehair, they're the poorest originals around, no?

Let me say, and some will be gritting their teeth hearing it, we are where we are when people still allow themselves to believe that a pretender to a race should continue to be applauded for his very obstinate and insane acts of kulifikasi that divide the young, rankle the middle-aged, break the hearts of the old and wave off the diminishing number of investors to this economy.

Reminds one of Reinhardt Heydrich. Hitler knew he was half a jew but turned a blind eye because he was so good at his SS job. Also because he held secret files on everyone.

Sofea, Barisan as we know started as a coalition. Do you know the essence of what a coalition is? There are no firsts among equals. All are equal. One cannot just pull a clause from a constitution to deflect attention from the other clauses which triangulate the real spirit of that constitution.

Twist and turn, twist and turn. Round and round the mulberry bush.

Meanwhile Rome burns and so we must build new pantheons to the greatness of our empire in the sun!

Are they nuts?!'

Anonymous,  18 October 2010 at 14:10  

how long have you being speaking out and has it changed anything?

As a "wise" man once said it is time to change your "mode" and perhaps speak in tongues learnt at the 100 storey tower.

then the gomen might hear you and perhaps understand you or better still act on what you say!

hoping for the best but expecting the worst.


walla 18 October 2010 at 14:10  


A: 'Sir, we seem to be veering away from a spirited discussion of the budget.'

B: 'No, Sofea. We are going to the root of all budgets. Year after year, the same rigmaroles. The same katak mindset. The same denialism and chauvinism and forked-tongue yak.

Where are the things which will push up productivity?

Three months maternity leave for mums? Good, i would support that as a parent, too. But if seventy percent of school teachers are women, and if half of them go on three months maternity leave, who is going to teach while they are not in class? Replacement teachers? Don't we know how they really perform? Does Placido Domingo know anything that really happens in classrooms? How students are made to sit for hours to listen on how they must parade themselves for the next bigshot visit?

Vocational schools where the conclusion is that their students admitted cannot learn precision engineering so that investors promised a trained workforce will have to attempt to do the impossible, retrain them on their own cost in their factories while equipment stay idle but production must already start for transient export markets? No wonder we are staying low-cost high volume low skilled foreign-worked!

SMEs? Shall we quote two sources which tell you the real statistics?

"Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir informed the Dewan Negara on July 27 2010 that SME Bank from 2006 to June this year approved a total of RM9.8 billion loans involving 5,447 applications and other programmes of which 90 per cent of the beneficiaries are bumiputra SMI’s.

According to the Federation of Chinese Malaysia Youth Section Strategy Research Committee, there are about 519,000 SMEs in Malaysia and they have not received loans from the SME Bank."

So, where are we in the SMI/SME global network today and how does Bajet 2011 help those who have not even been able to get non-conditional loans despite their hard survival and need for capital to grow and groom our next globally attuned high-income fast-tracked NEMed, KPIed, TNSed and HKCed SMI/SME? Do you know what it is like to faithfully file an application only to have it rejected because you cannot meet some affirmative policy conditions disguised as administrative requirement? Some modus operandi when admitting students to public places or offering scholarships to first choices of study.

It’s just lip service, Sofea. Maybe that explains why the lips are as thick as the skulls.’

walla 18 October 2010 at 14:11  


A: 'Wow, Sir, you don’t mince words! By the way, what are TNSed and HKCed?'

B: 'I asked a chinese friend who speaks cantonese and he blushed. I have no idea what they stand for. Just thought i would try to impress you i also can speeakk and filibuster some acronyms.'

A: 'But despite all that you've said, I still believe we are on the right track.'

B: 'Duty paid on your controlled substance ke? My conclusion is they have run out of ideas and rope on how to improve productivity and innovation in the workforce and the economy. They have also run out of time. And reading the reasons in the latest media cover on talent corp, we are finished.

Unlike you, Sofea, i will only believe things will ever improve when we do the right things and do things right.

Let me illustrate that simply. Someone had said you help me i help you in a certain ramshackle town. That town has been having floods. He said that as an election promise. I would think that despite losing that election, he as federal 1M 2M 3M 4M...minister would still do it because it is a Malaysian town which has suffered humungously for years for want of a simple fund. Now weeks later, splashed on the frontpage, you see the same town deep in flood water. Nothing has been done. There was no remorse of breaking a promise, even if it was conditional. What pains was that it was promised using your M.0.N.E.Y. The same that's happening in Galas with those lowcost flats, the same which is happening in PNB, Sime, Petronas, Mindef, all those wired deals, and the gazillion allocation for JPM.

Why can't he just make a phone call and ask that part of the FBI building rental be used to remediate the flood situation of Sibu?

Sofea, i laughed at the beginning to stem this frustration at the end. Now if you will excuse me, i have to go somewhere to recover my sense of feelings again.'

A: 'Reflexology, Sir?'

B: 'You don't want to know, sayang.'

din 18 October 2010 at 14:27  

this blog will be getting daily traffic from manchester.

your writing is rock & roll : )

okt black 14

independentman 18 October 2010 at 15:07  


Dear sak,

Senang sahaja. Suruh najib berhenti sebelum negara kita jadi negara kartun.

Orang bebas.

Red Alfa 18 October 2010 at 15:57  

Salam Dato'

Budget 2011 must surely confirms it:

PM Najib's not the idiot who listened to some self-serving idiots giving their dream plans, not the flip-flopping sleep-talking but that he's fooled us with sweet nothings and certainly not the run of the mill Don Quixote but who's outsmarting us as much as we are saying he is.

All UMNO is giving him free rein to serving himself not the party certainly not the country, can't they see?

He played out Ministry of Defense and now he's locked himself inside the Treasury!

Greenbottle 18 October 2010 at 18:35  

somebody ought to C4 all those people that put all the mega ideas into najib's head.43 billion for MRT in KL? and yet we still have people dying everyday on the dangerous Gua musang -Kuala lipis trunk road? why can't they make this road into expressway instead?

so much for what's the umno tagline now?...rakyat didahulukan? ..rakyat didahulukan my ass...

yes , we can have cheaper branded underwear and hand bags now ...but i don't know if i want to cry or laugh.

Habib RAK 18 October 2010 at 18:36  

Sak, Budget speech is to get mandate to spend money in Consolidated Fund. Why does Najib talk about PNB's plan to build 100storey menara at RM5Billion? Is the government planning to buy it from PNB at Rm5B? Or is the government goin to finance it?

Berita dari gunung 18 October 2010 at 19:41  

The overall economy will stand strong when SMEs are responsive to the needs and demands. SMEs require support to flourish.

But the big boys are very much needed too when things get very tough. The long zeros goes to the big boys, and lesser zeros goes to SMEs. In fact the most effective form employment comes from the SMEs.

Anonymous,  18 October 2010 at 23:59  

increase price of essential goods to get revenue, and then use the revenue to pay for a white merdeka tower elephant..why again we pay taxes? to get white elephants..i love this animal loving nation

Anonymous,  19 October 2010 at 00:25  

After the budget was tabled last friday i asked my my neighbour who happens to be a teacher" Apa pandangan cikgu tentang budget kali ini?" Apa harapan cikgu? he smiled and honestly answered" saya tunggu bab bonus aje! jadi lah dapat rm500.
Kesimpulanya civil servants hanya tunggu bonus aje masa budget.Bukan salah mereka pun dato sak.Thats how their mindset has been shaped.Not many know about the importance of the budget.Budaya ikut aje lah.Not many also know about the babel tower, MRT and Sungai Buluh issue.Yang tahu pun those goverment servent yang support the opposition, yang highlight this.Do u expect the opposition to tell all and sundry that the above mentioned projects are for the benefit of the rakyat yang didahulukan?
The goverment pun ada ker inisiatif untuk explain and justify why they need to come up with the projects in the first place?
Or they just want everyone else to ikut aje?

TheYoungOne,  19 October 2010 at 06:42  

Thank you Dato' Sak for your articles and for lettng us commentators to air our views too.

And THANK YOU Mr Walla sir ! Sooo happy to see you back here again on a more or less regular basis like previous time......

I do not mean to gush, but am very very glad to see your postings again, Mr Walla. Contributors in the Comment Section like OneMalaysian and some others ( going under the 'Anonymous') are good reads too but yours alone, Mr Walla, are worthwhile taking the time to come to this site.

Thank you once again. Btw, I represent the young generation of this country and am greatly alarmed at the situation my country is in now.


'There are 3 types of people in this world. Those who make it happen, those who allow it to happen, and those who wondered what happened.'

End Quote

At the very least, I do not wish to end up like 'those who wondered what happened' and have been visiting lots of sites to learn and see for myself what's really happening in my country. I want to see the real picture and will act accordingly so that I too could make it happen and will maybe allow it to happen if 'it' makes sense.

walla 19 October 2010 at 09:54  

Dear TheYoungOne,

I am happy that you are happy.

Despite my annoyance at some of the comments and that is because i am sure they know but yet CHOSE to be cavalier, what motivated me to return is this:

Because our present situation is bad, we must help our young NOW so that they can start carving their future TODAY - and not wait until they come back to find the problems have grown unmanageable which is what has happened today because we when young didn't know how things were turning bad during OUR time.

If you look at the political situation of the country today, it is all about legacy problems being magnified under new covers. Any change has been only at the fringe. The core remains sullied. The learning curve of the nation breaks with every new face on the block so that the same fiasco gets repeated in the same or another form.

The substance of my message is we have lost ground and have run out of time. I don't want the parents of our young to go into their twilight feeling despondent for your futures, feeling their lives have been a failure for not being able to lay a better foundation for you, and that because they could not even set the politics right so that you will have a healthier living, thinking and achieving space when you become older to hold the destiny of our nation in your hands.

I don't think there is a single parent reading this who will not sacrifice his or her life so that our young will have a better tomorrow.

Because when you become a parent yourself, you will do no less for your young. And they for their next generations.

But all have to do it right. Because wrong has a way of coming back to seek amends. Just as there are laws of the physical world, there are laws in life we mortals have yet to comprehend more fully.

I believe not just in the spirits of this land but also in the spirit within each of us, whatever our race or background.

By nature, and i repeat that - by nature - we are friendly and helpful peoples. That means we can look beyond everything, politics including, in order to reach out and help one another. And this has not happened more because too many minds and mouths have been warped by wrong thinking and indecent perspective of real situations. For today, global reality is no longer knocking at our door. It has already entered the living room and started to rearrange the furniture.

walla 19 October 2010 at 09:55  


Therefore we should be looking out more for one another despite our diverse beliefs, notions and opinions. All the more today for the manifold challenges we have to face when we get up in the morning and be saddened by their lack of resolution when we all finally rest our tired bones in the evening.

Yet today there are some people around still sowing THEIR seeds of discord and discontent and serving arguments against reality.

Their basic argument is that the world is unfair to them. My question back is this: does that then qualify you to be unfair to others?

What we should have is that we must believe again that we can care for one another as we would want others to care for us. But it must be honest problem, honest solution. It must not be prankish pretense nor power grab. It must be liberating and not devious schemes.

And it will take time to undo all the damage done over the past decades, for the effects of what was done are still being felt today so that the reactions to those effects will take time to fizz out until the future.

But upon you as representative of our young lies the heavy load of making it happen. Bring back the real kickapoo Malaysian spirit. It's a real joy to see our young treating one another as genuine human beings, without the labels of race or background or what not. Just human beings.

With great powers come great responsibility. May the real force be with our young - be that unstoppable force that finally knocks the stuffing out of the immovable object.

You can do it. After all, if an object made to be believed as immovable was placed there by human hands, it can be removed by human hands.

To be precise, the mind. It is a great gift to each of us. Use it as a liberating tool to make this nation of ours a better place for all and to help others less fortunate. Take in all the knowledge you can take and use all the education you have been fortunate to be given to shape the knowledge you have acquired to make the world a better place. Better in the heart inasmuch in the surrounding.

I can predict my own future. It won't be much. And that is why i place much sentiment on what i have just written for you.

There is an invisible link between us as individuals with all other sentient beings. We are both just names and words on a blog in the worldwide web. Yet if what i have written has touched your mind and heart in a positive way, then that link has been activated.

I am on last leg. You have a marathon ahead. Run with the winds, see the colors, and taste the success.

Anonymous,  19 October 2010 at 14:14  

Patut nya Malaysia dah mulakan sistem kewangan Islam berasaskan mata wang emas dari sibuk bina berbillion construction yg ntah haper2.

Selain menolong rakyat, patut fikirkan sesuatu yg menjana ekonomi. Pulangan construction2 ni lembap. I must say, walaupun tak sokong PAS, langkah PAS dalam introduction mata wang emas perlu diberi kan perhatian.

Walla, buhsan la aku dengar cerita kau tak habis2 pasal malay dan non-malay, last2 engkau cakap org melayu racist.

Alamak eiii, majoriti islam, ikut cara islam, so happen majoriti malay. Ko terima ajalah perlembagaan semua tu yg dah termaktub, masalahnya ko cuba nak pinjamkan otak kau yg konon dan sepatutnya dibuat oleh PM dan menteri2 nya. Kalau tak, mula lah kau gelakkan org2 ni semua. Tengoklah DAP dan PKR, cakap berdegar2, tapi bila sampai tang praktikal - hampeh. Gelak ketawa memang senang, itu ajalah kelebihan kau setakat ini yg aku nampak.

Sak, bila nak tawan Penang, lemas aku ngan cerita sana.

Unknown 19 October 2010 at 16:01  

what budget is all about, is playing around with petronas money that all.

Anonymous,  19 October 2010 at 16:29  

Dear Walla,
you have said it all, what leaves unsaid is the hidden anger and angst in us that we are being pushed over the brink despite digging in our heels.
We are on our last legs, young, middle-age or old, there is no exception.
So pleased you have made your presence read and felt again.
Come what may, we shall, with your kind permission, do some journeying together.

Red Alfa 19 October 2010 at 16:41  

@Anon 14:14

Hebat betul! Sekarang orang UMNO mula terfikir projek pembinaan berbilion itu belum tentu orang Melayu dapat apa-apa 30%! Kalau UMNO hendak Melayukan ekonomi jelas tidak akan berkesampaian elok juga kalau UMNO beralih mengIslamkan ekonomi!

Mudah sekali! Prinsip ke ekonomi Islam itu hanya diperbetulkan, dimulai dengan menjijikkan rasuah, kronisme dan nepotisme. Barulah kuasa majoriti orang Melayu yang Islam terserlah kehebatannya - ini kerana akan mendapat keredhaan Allah SWT.

Sekarang ini minoriti bukan Melayulah yang hebat menjana dan mampu berbelanja ekonomi yang mereka menjanakan dan mengkayakan.

Salah siapa kini kebanyakan orang Melayu hanya mampu dan maseh terganga tercengang penuh kebingungan macam mana hendak mendapatkan peruntukan ekonomi 30%?

Anonymous,  19 October 2010 at 20:22  


Can you please leave a space after every paragraph?


TheYoungOne,  20 October 2010 at 06:26  

Thank you Mr Walla ! I am truly honoured to receive such reply.

With your permission, I would like to forward what you've written to all my friends and those whom I know. I am certain that some of my like-minded friends would be deeply touched (in mind & heart) as I do by your insightful and yet compassionate post.

I totally agree with you, except what you've written towards the end
" own future. It won't be much."

Sir, that is certainly not true ! You have given much and have much more to give.... and we are 'greedy' for such guidance and sharp analysis of the happenings in our country. I personally am inspired by your advice.

We the so-called young ones are actually looking for a true leader to lead our country....A leader for the people, the sort of leader who will make us proud of our country and the sort of leader who is much loved by all the people.

Is that a tall order at this point in time ?

However, on the www, I have found another sort of 'leader', in the form of you, Mr Walla, sir. You put things in proper perspective for us, in your own right, you are a leader with the brains and humanity.

My heartfelt thanks, Mr Walla.

Anonymous,  20 October 2010 at 13:53  

Young one ni walla jugak? keh keh keh

TheYoungOne,  21 October 2010 at 06:26  

@ Anon 13:53

I guess your're one of those who CHOSE to be cavalier that Mr Walla mentioned about.

Jealous much ?

We might be young but at least we KNOW who should be our role models and WHO we should shun like the very devil himself.

Mr Walla also mentioned about 'too many minds and mouths have been warped....' Mmmm, I couldn't put it better myself.

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