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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 25 October 2010

A critical look at Najib’s Presidential speech-1

Let us take a more critical look at Najib's speech. He outlined his thinking in Amanat President. 'Amanat' is no light term. It's like Amanat HJ Hadi.
It's a set of directives, direction from the leader of the party. It's like a blueprint for the future. They are like commandments from the Mount Sinai of UMNO's seat of power.
The Future.
What kind of future? UMNO/BN must keep Putrajaya at all costs. Don't mind the colorful descriptions, -crushed bodies, bloodied noses or whatever. Najib must sound belligerent if he wants to capture the aggression of the delegates. He can't speak in flaccid and uninspiring notes. He must shout and shriek and ignore frothing at the sides.
But it can also be seen as a fearful speech. It's a doomsday commandment speech. Najib is fearful of the unknown future. For the 1st time, he and UMNO cannot determine the outcome of elections. The politics of announcing development is in their final leg. He also knows the euphoria in PWTC cannot guarantee UMNO's victory. He knows too the chances of Putrajaya falling are a very possible reality. Najib spoke like a man cornered and besieged.
The opposition parties should not be overly rattled at the manner by which the speech was made. It doesn't matter too, if some people actually described Najib as a medicine peddler selling some snake oil solutions under the trees at the Kuantan Padang.
The effects on opposition parties are not Najib's and UMNO's concern. His speech and the contents therein are for the UMNO soldiers. The message is abundantly clear- BN will do whatever is necessary to retain Putrajaya. Otherwise its curtains down and an end of the Tattler lifestyle.
Maybe Najib spoke on high notes because he has the ultimate weapon of mass destruction- that everyone has his price. UMNO and BN are ready with a war chest. 11 Bumi companies are going for listing. There may be huge amount of promissory notes from the big corporate boys whom Idris Jala and Pemandu have identified.
Let us see beyond the rhetoric and the forced smiles. What happened to the big ideas of Najib? 1 Malaysia, NEM, NKRA, New Political Model? These are the things that we need to analyze. See whether they have taken any hold among the delegates.
The elation and the euphoria that accompanies Najib's Presidential speech are no measures of success. Sharizat Jalil can say she feels re-born and others can say this is the best speech so far. Shahrizat didn't say she feels re-born as what and how she wants to be reborn?
Let us not forget, these are the same sentiments that followed every UMNO President's speech before Najib. Najib is getting the same fawning responses previous UMNO presidents got. When Mahathir spoke, some people pee in the pants. The point is UMNO delegates' response to presidential speech is likely to be ephemeral and brief.
They have little bearing on the shaping opinions on those that matter- the voters outside. Let us also not forget- that Najib is speaking to his same kind in a controlled environment. You are not talking to the outside. You are talking to division heads and committee members most of whom came to PWTC in big flashy cars designed to make Puteri UMNO members and young vixens salivate and some designs of their own.
You think the UMNO delegates would later break out into smaller groups and debate what the President spoke in workshop sessions? As soon as the day's session end, many would eagerly patronize the dangdut bars nearby or go shopping in the city. Najib's speech was good only while it lasted. It lasted as long as delegates' attention span. Which is very short.
Consider this. Today we read UMNO delegates reaffirmed their commitment to have affirmative policies ala NEP. There you are.
To me, this very public refutation is a slap at Najib's face. He is the author for NEM, GTP, ETP, NKRA, NKEA, PPP etc. these are concepts not compatible with the wishes of the majority. He has paid those bloody Mckinsey boys a lot of money. Damn Omar Ong. Damn the consultants- Najib must be cursing them.
At this assembly they spoke. But they spoke in direct contrast with what Najib wanted.
In other words, what Najib wanted really- his big ideas of market driven affirmative policies and accommodative social relations were rejected by the delegates. That forced him to capitulate. None of the speakers came out defending and promoting the ideas of 1 Malaysia, GTP, ETP and all the NKRA's. These were mentioned as cue from Najib. Hardly any speaker spoke on these.
On the contrary who spoke on the President's debate wanted more Malayness be infused in government policies. Some wanted equity to be raised to 60% to reflect the ethnic composition. Nobody wanted to have access to privileges, shortcuts, and all that to be abolished. That's what UMNO has fought for, say the majority of them.
This also confirmed my earlier impression. The delegates were more taken in by the rhetoric and high drama. The substance? Lost in the crowd.
Najib wanted New Economic Model. It would eschew all those elements associated with NEP. Big government will be replaced eventually by market solutions. That guy from Melaka, denounced the NEM as a policy that would lead to re-colonization of Malays. Najib wanted some feedbacks from the crowd in the Hall to tell him about the ETP, NKRA and all that. No one spoke in support on the matter.
It is now confirmed that there is a great divide between the big ideas of Najib and the understanding by the UMNO masses. The big idea of 1 Malaysia hasn't sunk in. meanwhile billboard makers, advertising companies are making 1 Malaysia profit.
In the end, he had to do the PERKASA thing- unable to push through his big ideas into general acceptance, he had to fall back to one indisputable fact- to stress that as son of TUn Razak he won't abandon the latter's legacy.
So, to me this speech is of the same standard of the speech he made at the Kongess Ekonomi Perjasa. Don't believe me? Ask Ibrahim Ali as soon as he comes out from hospital. How so we can anyone come out with the conclusion that this speech is the best so far.


Hakiman,  25 October 2010 at 06:44  

Datuk Sak

Your observation on the UMNO members' reaction to Najib's speech is spot on.

They came to the Assembly with a closed and preconditioned mind and they left with a closer mind. All Najib did was to pour concrete on the spaces between the ears of the UMNO delegates.

Najib is a political coward camouflaged in aggressive speech, similar to those American KKK Grandmaster hiding behind white bedsheets displaying public burning of the cross.

Najib could not sell his own ideas despite the thousands or millions of ringgit paid to his PR consultants.

Najib's problem is he has a weak mind trying to tackle bold issues and he was a team of self-interested advisers around him.

The UMNO General Assembly degenerated into farcical display of who is a Malay. They forgot to include the Chinese Muslims like Hj Ibrahim Ma's family who had been Muslims for generations and living in Malaysia. Aren't they Malays by constitutional definition if a Turk, Indian from Kerala or Sri Lanka, or Pakistani who happened to be a Muslim can be a Malay?

From a high school speech of the President of UMNO to a childish display of intelligence by the delegates.

And Malaysians still expect UMNO to be a dominant party to lead the country?????

Pak Zawi 25 October 2010 at 06:52  

I think not many even bother to listen to his speech even though we know that what he said could affect our future. After reading your analysis, I am sure that we didn't miss anything important.
Those apple polishers will always be saying the speech is the best ever even though they are mere rhetoric.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 08:55  

Again as you shredded Najib's presidential ramblings as you did to the Budget Report 2010.
Well done. Again this is the best analysis of his speech I have read from the entire print and internet media.
This was a speech made by a monkey to a crocodile family.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 09:44  

It's a 'controlled environment' of UMNO goons. Do they care about the ETP or GTP? No. Does the audience that they speak to care, or note its progress? No. The Bumiputera grassroots do not read 'The Edge' they are not concerned with numbers. So why should they chorus what they chorus to non-Bumis? I don't get how your post has in any way been constructive. There are different social bubbles, therefore different dialogues. Every politician, govt or not does it - so what has their negation of economic reforms in UMNO proven? Nothing except that they know that it doesn't make for great quotes for the ordinary Malay voter. All your cynicism hasn't really drawn any wisdom at all. Stating the obvious except for one point 'I'm a liberal, English Malay who understands both his panderings to the grassroots and the urban - and I'm not being represented in this political landscape'. Bohoo. You're a minority. Deal with it.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 10:05  

Thanks alot for your analysis on that clown's speech!Never bothered to listen or read that speech but its a wonder to read yours.
Wonder what will happen if you are not around in your blog.Perhaps on UMNO you are our walking Wikipedia.
Thanks once again on your insight!

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 10:09  

Saya rasa ucapan Najib, bukanlah terbaik sehingga takda cacat cela, cuma ia terbaik setakat ini yg saya dengar semenjak beliau menjadi PM. Dari ucapan nya, rasanya we are clear on the direction of UMNO in the sense of perjuangan, because b4 this what we see, is a week UMNO.

Nevertheless, ada juga kuerinya, samada action atau tindak tanduk adakah seperti yg dilaung2kan2. Ya betul, adakala laungan Najib agak terjerit2, i mean u can raise ur voice, tapi tegas bukan jerit, bila terjerit (mungkin najib bukan jenis menjerit seperti itu) thats why pichingnya agak lari and saya terpikir, oh my god, why he has to do that.

Message quite clear pada parti komponen and u guess memang agak rugi pada yg tak ambil pusing untuk dengar, tapi berdegar2 cakap macam2 pasal melayu atau bila ada org lain yg ingin cakap pasal melayu. Sebenarnya org melayu ramai yg berpaling tadah pada melayu atas usul kawan2 parti bir mereka atau mungkin, mereka lebih orang putih dari orang putih itu sendiri. Ini masalah UMNO skrg ini yg Najib tidak nampak, atau mungkin najib kena baca ruangan ini utk lihat apakah jenis pemikiran melayu yg ada skrg ini.
Dilema melayu lupa diri, but of course melayu lupa diri tak sedar mereka lupa diri.

Satu lagi yg menjadi muskil, bilamana soi lek mengatakan, masih boleh dibawa berbincang dan dalam situasi tertutup. Amat risau, jika yg duduk di kerusi empuk terdiri dari melayu2 yg tak sedar diri yg akhirnya senyap2 menukarkan segala yg ada sedikit demi sedikit atas dasar persahabatan.

Speech boleh dikatakan bagus, tapi saya ingin lihat kabinet di reshuffle, sebab penari2 shuffle yg ada sekarang kurang memberikan persembahan terbaik. Boleh maju lagi jika ada paduan2 yg terbaik nanti. Harap2 ada.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 10:11  

Najib asked the Queen, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient
government? Are there any tips you can give to me?"

" Well," said the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself
with intelligent people."

Najib frowned, and then asked, " But how do I know the people around me
are really intelligent?"
The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy; you just ask them to answer
an intelligent riddle." The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please
send Tony Blair in here, would you?"
Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, my Queen?"
The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony, your mother and
father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who
is it?"
Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."
"Yes! Very good," said the Queen.
Najib went back home to ask Muhyuddin the same
question. "answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a
child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?"
"I'm not sure," said Muhyuddin . "Let me get back to you on that one..." He
went to his advisors and asked every one, but none could give him an
answer. Finally, he ended up in the men's room and recognized Lim
Guan Eng's shoes in the next stall.
Muhyuddin didn't want but asked anyway, "Lim, can you
answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your
brother or your sister. Who is it?"
Lim yelled back, "That's easy, it's me!"
Muhyuddin smiled, and said, "Thanks!"
Then, he went back to speak with Najib.
"Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It's
Lim Guan Eng!"
Najib got up, stomped over to Muhyuddin, and angrily yelled into his face,
"No! You idiot! It's Tony Blair!"

Melayu Baru,  25 October 2010 at 10:34  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

You have dissected the GTP, the budget and the UMNO's GA beautifully. You make your analysis as a neutral party, and not as a blind faithful servant of UMNO.

I struggled to find a pro-govt site that put them under the microscope as you did. All I found so far is noise.(If you know of any, please let me know - I have a very open mind).

All your analysis converge. It has almost the same conclusion at the end - that all the plans, deeds and actions pointing out to an almost certain failure. Inevitably, they point out to the same common theme : Change.

We all know that the government must change its ways to ensure that your children and mine has a better life than us. We do not want to leave them a country in bankruptcy, buried under tonnes of debt and lawlessness. If your analysis is extrapolated into the future, it is not far fetched.

I still have a bone to pick with you, though, Dato'. The question that naturally follow is : What do we do about it?

I know my (Malay) friends (yes, not one) who are contemplating to uproot their whole family and migrate. Shouldnt matter to most people - but they run a number of successful business outfit that employs many other Malays. Their company pay tax - millions to the government. So do many of their senior management team.

As much as they love the country, their progeny future is more important to them. Again - this should not matter to most people. It is a (relatively) free country, and you have free choice.

However, when you analyze that in the past year alone 300+k people left Malaysia, then it is a cause for concern.

The emigrants are not likely those with small income. They are likely the middle class who pay tax. Let's assume each one pay 3 k. There's 1 Billion that could have gone into the government coffers that took a flight. Repeat for 5 years = drop in government income (No wonder the poor civil servants cant even get their 1 month bonus)

Do I join them?

Or, is there something WE can do now? An action that we can collectively take to ensure that our children's future is still there? That this 'tanah tumpah darah' has hope for them? That there are many like minded people in this beloved Malaysia that cares? That there are real patriots who is sick and tired of the current scenario and want to do something about it?

Can I pick your brain on that, Dato'? I would highly appreciate it if you can kindly do. Let's debate them.

BTW, Dato', I have a postulation - that Walla is your alter ego? No?

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 11:43  

The Queen must be the intelligent of all. She gives answers to Najib and help Najib to gauge who is the intelligent ppl. Helpers of Najib took longer time to respond the correct answer with lofts of money involve. To Najib's mind, they are not good enuff. So does the one who wrote this story, thinks.

Moral of the story, replace the Queen so that this writer wont have a better joke for laffs. But make sure the one who replace is a true Queen who hails from Sriwajaya.

Can you find one good answer and interpret it correctly, mr commentator 10:11.

Hope you will not stomped over like someone who did it and think others are stupid. Maybe you will answer correctly and its a reciprocal chance for others to see, look whos stupid, in the making ... next pls?

Ariff Sabri 25 October 2010 at 11:56  

anon 10:34

i can only claim Walla as my intellectual soul-mate. I am only one of them.
he is a different person and has some distinct and independent opinions.
i know many of are dying to know this- who is Walla?
Walla is a kind Chinese gentleman whose intellectual capacities are vast and expansive.
we have known each other since i started blogging in 2008.
i am honoured if you regard Walla as my alter ego

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 13:09  


Do not disagree with your analysis of the PM's speech. What worries me is his rhetorics that UMNO / BN must keep Putrajaya at all costs ... that contains a connotation that could be taken in an extremely counter-productive way by the UMNO people if they actually loses Putrajaya in GE13. A small scale example is the extent to which the BN state government of Selangor destroy all state records before the Pakatan took over. A more sinister scale would be to create social chaos if BN loses Putrajaya. We all hope this do not happen and there is a gentlemen-way of handing over of control. That the PM goes to the extent with his rhetorics is a very irresponsible act ...

Red Alfa 25 October 2010 at 13:11  

Salam Dato'

You opined that Najib's Presidential Speech was addressed only to muster and galvanise support in UMNO.

Whether he has done a good job at it, we shall soon know he feels confident enough he has done all the needful in the message for BN will win the GE 13.

Still, that he was too strident with most of his speech, he's really scraping the bottom of the barrel of his confidence, isn't it?

Perhaps he now must check with APCO for the date or have his Rosmah setting the date?

Quiet Despair,  25 October 2010 at 13:51  

Dear Sak and friends

Great to be back in good olde' Malaysia.
Happy reading back copies of the Budget and UMNO assembly.
Najib's speech will spur UMNO to be back on track.
As an UMNO member I am glad that at last all of us know should know where we are- our place in this country.
Najib has asserted his own person. With Tun M giving the thumbs up, it should be smooth riding for him.
Let's give UMNO a resounding victory in the coming GE.

Leithaisor,  25 October 2010 at 14:18  

I was just discussing about UMNO with a young man last week, and had reminded him that the party has a history which was amat gemilang. Just look at its roots in the fight against the Malaysan Union. And Tunku leading the multi-racial team to win independence for the nation.

But that was the past. The UMNO of today is not even a sad shadow of the party of old.

Infested with self-serving politicians twisting racial and religious issues into warped propanganda which has come back to haunt the nation in the form of a ever more divided and suspicious of other races rakyat weighed down by an economy which has already lagged far behind many of our neighbours.

As the oil reserves grow less and less rapidly, the entrenched rot is becoming more and more evident without the cosmetic gloss from oil revenue.

And even where the Malay race, the race UMNO claims to be pembela of, itself is concerned more and more are asking why after so many years of NEP and other preferential policies, there are still so many abjectly poor Malays while, as you put it, UMNO "division heads and committee members most of whom came to PWTC in big flashy cars designed to make Puteri UMNO members and young vixens salivate and some designs of their own".

I did not vote for BN in the last GE, and certainly, I would not, even if I had the chance to, vote for Najib to be the UMNO President and hence PM of Malaysia. I simply do not think he is fit to be leader of the nation, Incapable. Lembek, swinging this way and that, with the multi-millions wasted on outfits like APCO and his spin-doctors.

Shortly after GE12, when UMNO and its BN cronies were reeling in shock, for the sake of the nation and those who still cannot turn away from a party they'd been loyal to for many long years, I had hoped that UMNO would undergo a cathartic renewal, and the good men (and women) in the party would emerge to sweep out the old leaders who had led the party into ruins.

Sadly, 2 1/2 years have passed, and it appears that UMNO has gone further downhill rather than progressed.

Its present president just demonstrated that he does not even seem to understand basic Democracy 101, as evidenced by his "defend Putrajaya even if lives are lost" sabre-rattling. And the various UMNO leaders and rank-and-file rushed to clap him on his back for that.

It does not bode well for UMNO or for the Malays in my humble opinion.

Leithaisor,  25 October 2010 at 14:23  

[continueing from previous comment]

I did not vote for BN in the last GE, and certainly, I would not, even if I had the chance to, vote for Najib to be the UMNO President and hence PM of Malaysia. I simply do not think he is fit to be leader of the nation, Incapable. Lembek, swinging this way and that, with the multi-millions wasted on outfits like APCO and his spin-doctors.

Shortly after GE12, when UMNO and its BN cronies were reeling in shock, for the sake of the nation and those who still cannot turn away from a party they'd been loyal to for many long years, I had hoped that UMNO would undergo a cathartic renewal, and the good men (and women) in the party would emerge to sweep out the old leaders who had led the party into ruins.

Sadly, 2 1/2 years have passed, and it appears that UMNO has gone further downhill rather than progressed.

Its present president just demonstrated that he does not even seem to understand basic Democracy 101, as evidenced by his "defend Putrajaya even if lives are lost" sabre-rattling. And the various UMNO leaders and rank-and-file rushed to clap him on his back for that.

It does not bode well for UMNO or for the Malays or the nation in my humble opinion.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 15:00  

Dear Dato Sak,

I have always appreciated your comments on our national issues. They are simply refreshing. However I have to take issue with you on your latest critical look at PM Najib’s speech at the UMNO GA. You of all people should have known that the quality of debates in the GA had never been equal to the presidential speech. As a leader of a political party don’t you think that Najib needed to ‘lower’ himself to the ground where the people, his people, had seemingly seldom been interested in anything other than cheap publicity that could be generated by easily understood ‘unintelligent stuff’ and jokes of sexual kind in such folksy gathering? Equating the general direction of the party with mere ‘cheap stuff’ at the GA full of publicity hungry simple souls and forgetting the ‘real’ intent of the leadership, manned by people of a more sophisticated thinking, in bringing the required changes, is somewhat too harsh. He perhaps needed to obtain support from the grass root that would allow him to proceed with the ‘intelligently planned reforms’. Don’t you think so, Dato?

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 15:44  


Hahahahaha!! You are funny especially on the part where you wrote that some delegates pee in their pants when Mahathir spoke. Perhaps it's also possible that Sharizat had multiple orgasms during Najib's speech causing her to be reborn again and again and again.....LOL

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 16:10  

Melayu Baru, Walla and Sak Ikan Tongkol,

Three of you can be shipped out of the country anytime! Three ego maniacs living on past glory. The three of you can then start heaping praises on each but not in my country though.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 18:05  

Great analysis Hakiman!

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 19:15  

Dear Melayu Baru
You are a true blue Malaysian. Sometimes I wish more UMNOputras are like you. This will make this tanah tumpah darah ku a beautiful place to live in

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 19:56  

I am mesmerized by Walla's writing, the way he thinks and puts forth his thoughts.

He is a real brainy guy......

Walla, you must know by now that you have many fans....both females and males.

A female fan

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 20:32  


So all what you have written are not from you yourself. It's WALLA's.

You are one of the stupid Malay Dato that I've ever met blogging.
That's why Najid does not take you as member of his Think Tank group.

Anonymous,  25 October 2010 at 20:34  

Dato Sak

Make sure you post my comment on you just now?????????

Passerby,  26 October 2010 at 00:02  

I think i know who this guy (walla) is.

look at the small little cues that is staring back at you. In time you'll get what I mean.

~ el especial

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 00:40  

I have just read the following from Nathaniel Tan's blog when I went into Malaysiakini:

Tweet from lawyer Latheefa Koya: 1 of the 3 witnesses Gunasegaran’s inquest, Selva has just bn arrested & beaten by the police wife called for help!

Those human-looking animals now want to kill Guna's witness for telling the truth. THis is blatant torture on innocent souls.

Can someone out there please help if you have connection to UMNOPutras or PDRM or UMNO MPs? Otherwise, there will be another death in custody.

I feel very sad and worried but am helpless......

Please help..someone out there.....Dato can you please help....


Ariff Sabri 26 October 2010 at 00:48  

anon 20:32

before you start calling a dato or a Malay stupid, why don't you identify your stupid self?
whether my writings are my own or written by Walla, i will let Walla answer that stupid question which was followed up with a dare for me to publish that imbecility.
let us see who is stupid.

Berita dari gunung 26 October 2010 at 02:21  

I thought the speech was alright. But then, not many can beat Tun Mahathir in being straight forward and clear. Without raising his voice, Tun Mahathir can articulate the most difficult point effortlessly. Now thats Tun Mahathir. Najib is nowhere near. But what the heck..

The delegates are now ready to go back and do the necessary, preparing the groundwork for another election. Some are chasing after projects and contracts, and that should not be seen as being too dirty. What is so clean in business and politics? I wish we can point to a single cleanest man...

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 04:28  

Dear Dato
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 — Malaysia’s national debt for 2009 rose to RM362.39 billion or 53.7 per cent of GDP, its highest level in five years, according to the Auditor-General’s report released today.

The Auditor-General said in the report that this was the first time the debt to GDP ratio had breached the 50 per cent mark.

Speech or no speech, it is too late now. Malaysia is heading
towards the Greek economic scenario. The IMF will come in and dismantle your NEP and affirmative action. Dark future for the bumi.


Quiet Despair,  26 October 2010 at 08:58  

You liken Najib's speech to the medicine man who sells snake oil at Kuantan Padang.
I think Najib's got POW. He's like the tooth-puller at Pekan Sari in Temerloh.
Talk and talk and suddenly the tooth is out. No need to go to the dentist.
I was expecting you to be the speaker on the Economy usul.
The debaters are definitely wanting.
Please tell us honestly Sak, do you still entertain the idea of being chosen as an MP or Adun candidate in the coming GE.
I for one sincerely hope you will be a minister to represent our home-state. Pahang needs a bright spark as MP and Minister.

walla 26 October 2010 at 09:56  

Thanks, Sak and anon 19:56. You're too generous.

As for anon 16:10, do share how you came to such conclusions. Don't just flame-bait.

And, anon 20:32, Dato' Sak is his own man. His posts are from him, not me. They are part of the reasons i come here to make comments.

Some of the other reasons, like comments from OneMalaysian, Hakiman, IkanTongkol, DonPlayPuks, MelayuBaru and a few other anons also make me think a bit harder about our situation. They have given me fresh perspectives in much the same way i hope my comments, and the ways i have presented them, have also contributed to our ongoing debates on our national situation.

Thanks, folks.

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 10:55  


Spot on !

Well 'UMNO dulu, sekarang dan memang selama-lamanya tak akan berubah.'

The earlier shouts of reform by the UMNO leaderships sounded eerily hollow in the great hall of PWTC.

Reform ? What reform ! More like 'cakap tak serupa bikin'

Red Alfa 26 October 2010 at 11:17  

Salam Dato'

On Najib being adept at playing to the audience...

I was at the ETP Book Launching and apparently responding to criticsm that he and not Idris jala should had presented the ETP, didn't he did so yesterday just to show he's got all are his facts and even more he's in the know of all Idris Jala's ETP!

I am reviewing the Book but yesterday it did not escape from most of us he saying like butter won't ever melt in his mouth that mega projects shall be as by open tender in the same breath he announced out-of-the-blue nowhere/ever-before the 9 multi-million ringgit Business Opportunities (BOs).

One cannot help but wonder what as Najib swore he knew no Mongolian woman and as Clinton swore he never had sex with that Lewinsky woman.

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 12:17  


Didn't it occur to all that after the fiery speech at day PM is back to his NEM mode for the ETP.I have to dress for the occasion.Can't be wearing swimming trunks for a convocation..just put something more presentable over it.

My concern on the ETP and i am sure Dato will dissect it as usual ;

1> Before a new plan is done.isn't it normal to review previous and have a baseline projection i.e Business as Usual.
2>Transformation is HUGE..this is all the rage now.But,in a way it declares that the past practises are WRONG n need urgent CHANGE.Is continuous improvement not good enough for Msia.Are the past practises so wrong and we are in a chronic mess.
3>If 6% is the growth and ETP provides most of it..does it mean without ETP..our growth is only 1 %?Thats so frightening..cos we have NO CHOICE but to accept MRT,Warisan Tower,JhoLo..cos without that we are dead.
4>Are the various schemes inter related?I ask cos on one hand we're going bankrupt UNLESS we cut subsidies but on the other hand we are still building vast infrastructures incl gasification plants.KTMB loses 1.08 billion to date...will MRT,LRT.HST suffer the same fate?

Finally,based on ETP the previous corridors are failures and SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.They give little contribution for all the money spent.At same time can shut down EPU..Pemandu seems to be running the country.The others are merely pen pushers.

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 12:41  

Setengah jeritan Najib memang membantu, Biasalah yg dengki2 takut alter ego melayu terbangkit. Itu lah yg dikutuk macam2 bilang masih macam lama dan tak perlu reform. Semua org ada their own identity. Tentulah Dr M, paling bijak, dengan cara bersahaja, berseloroh kdg2 boleh mencantas komen2 org and yet dia masih digemari oleh wartawan.

Susah nak cari org yg bersabar dengan karenah2 komen org tanpa merasa tercuit atau marah. Tapi Dr M boleh dengan bersahaja. So i guess that is the type of quality yg kita mahu dari seorang leader. Any leader semua perlu macam tu. Tak boleh juga salahkan DrM jika dia telah setkan standard yg takda org boleh saingi, hingga menampakkan kekurangan org lain dan jadi modal utk pembangkan dan pembenci melayu maju, utk terus berkarya dengan komen2 tidak membina tanpa solusi.

Para individu termasuk yg memberi komentar patut melihat seseorang dari sudut pandangan setiap individu berbeza. Permasalahan UMNO adalah memerlukan kredibiliti pemimpin yg dapat menyamai atau melebihi momentum dari segi tabiat2 seorang pemimpin, disukai ramai dari segi kepimpinan, ideanya, tindak tanduk mengharungi masalah, cara membidas dan membatal kan segala onak ranjau berduri samada dari segi percakapan mau pun bukti yg dapat dilihat dari segi ekonomi dan pembangunan negara.

It is not just masalah UMNO alone, i mean if you see other country, nilai2 pemimpin yg berkualiti semakin berkurangan, MCA, MIC semua ikut turun dengan kelemahan UMNO. They think they are better, like some non-malays thinks, but me, both komponen are drowning together or even lemas lebih teruk, itu pasal takda perkara2 penting, benda bukan2 pun mintak. UMNO kena melayan kebodohan ketua2 parti komponen yg tak makan diajar tapi claim pandai.

PKR dan DAP pun tak terkecuali, so does parti2 lain. Luar negara pun begitu juga.

The problem is because, salam malaysia ni, bila ada masalah semua menuding parti UMNO dan org2 melayu sekali.

Padahal universal nya problem, termasuk diri org yg sedang menuding jari. Ppl dun discuss akar umbi masalah tapi berminat nak lemparkan look who yg buat salah dan mistake. Now lets attack.

Pak Sak pun tak datang dengan model budget yg terbaik, if you boleh berkhayal sebentar, apakah jenisnya yg u nak atau patut ada..Tapi takda walla dan dato' sak bagus dalam menyalahkan org lain dan tunjuk salah org.

Kdg2 salah anak sendiri lagi teruk dari salah anak org lain. Tapi, sayang selalunya kita tak nampak.

Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 14:35  

Kalau dikaji perlembagaan singapura, peruntukan orang melayu disana lagi hebat dan lagi detil dari 153 malaysia.

Jadi peruntukan perlembagaan semata2 tak guna jika tiada terjemahan-nya dalam bentuk polisi dan program yang berterusan (hingga tercapai matlamat),pendek-kata "program dan tindakan yang affirmative!"

Dengan terlaksananya NEM itu - "153 dan tujuan/matlamat 153" umpama disimpan dalam almari buruk dipondok belakang rumah bersama tin karat/buku-buku lama/sampah sarap lain.

Kenapa untuk program/ kepentingan orang melayu tak ada Lab di pemandu?

Nampak benor tak ikhlas. Habis melayu kena temberang hidup2.


Anonymous,  27 October 2010 at 18:59  

Datuk Sak,

Why, after all the blogs and talks and nasihat - asking him to be better and smarter but PM does not listen?

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