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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 21 October 2010

A closer look at the 2011 Budget.

Yes, I know the hot topic at the moment is the UMNO General Assembly. I will write on that later. Have no fear.
But at the moment, I am not quite finished talking about our recent budget. It's an important financial road-map for our country. We can't trivialize it and so, laborious as it is, we have to discuss about it. It's about the use and application of our money.
Let us begin by telling something about spending taxpayers money. Let's start by analyzing the Pemandu outfit. Yes sir, the unit headed by Mr. Scrooge, cut subsidies Idris Jala.
It is distressing. Here is why.
Idris Jala who warned the government can go bankrupt if subsidies are not reduced gets over RM 12 billion to run his outfit. Most of it will go to paying consultants like Mckinsey who were the people who actually prepared the ETP and the various KPIs and other acronymitis infected outfits. NKRAs, NKEAs, GTP, PPP, so on and so forth.
Contrary to widespread belief- writing of Idris Jala is not my favorite subject. Writing of the myth about his extraordinary talent is. for example, I thought his presentation of the ETP was just pyrotechnics accompanying the entrance of professional wrestlers.
The one who says lets curb spending is spending like a wild man out of the jungles of Sarawak. When I wrote that the ETP was possibly crafted by McKinsey quite a number of people said that I underestimated Idris Jala.
Well, actually he wasn't the one who prepared the whole show. He was just a presenter of the show and if you have people who pronounced tertiary as ter-tia-ri, then we wouldn't be surprised they will ogle at him showing off the PowerPoint slides.
Unfortunate description, but I have to say it. So the next time, a minister comes to you and say lets conserve and be prudent, you tell him to FO!.
And I say this for reasons I am backing up. Idris Jala failed to curb the continuous rise in government expenditure. Idris' various outfits are themselves now big spenders,. Its all there in Budget 2011.
This makes people angry. You preach to us about curtailing spending but you don't bat an eyelid asking for the sky is the limit allocation of taxpayers' money on yourself. Officially, PEMANDU is given an allocation of RM 20.67 million in 2011 An additional item of RM 897,800 under "Dasar Baru" or new policy is also given to PEMANDU. There is also a "one-off payment" of RM18.43 million for PEMANDU. On top of that , the PM has allocated RM136.87 million for contract worker's emoluments is utilised by Idris' outfits.

Idris Jala seems to have a free hand to spend our money.
Only in Malaysia, under NTR-Najib Tun Razak, are alphabets pricey items. NKRA for crime fighting was allocated RM9.1 million, education, RM 22 million, and 1Malaysia, RM 38.42 million.
In addition to that, the delivery task force of NKRA for Low Income Household costs RM 265 million how will this scheme work? Najib's style is to go around to Kampungs , identify some houses to be repaired and then allocate RM 8000 per house to rectify.
Consider next , the operation cost of NKEA. It is even costlier than NKRA. It's going to get RM355.9 million.
That is the cost of operating it. Under the development budget, NKEA will be allocated a total of RM 11.86 billion in 2011-2012 in which the estimate for 2011 is RM5.4 billion – more than 10 percent of the entire development budget for 2011.
The man who sent shivers to many by claiming that we can go bankrupt is now spending like nobody's business. Where is the essence of frugality usually associated with a budget?
A budget means you accept that your financial outlay is limited and you therefore allocate your limited resources judiciously.
Most of the time, I suspect people in power fail to appreciate the gravity of having deficit budgets. It's never an excuse to justify you failure to contain spending. The usual suspects for justifying spending includes such banalities like having to spend to help the poor and the aged, we need to spend ir order to develop and so forth. Most of the time, I thinks these excuses are overworked. Deficit budget may actually mean financial indiscipline and profligate ways.
It is a fallacy to assume that OUR money will be rightly applied by other people. They won't. They will spend it in the name of the will of the people. Most of the times its nonsensical.
I remembered reading what Milton Friedman once wrote: (1) wasting public money is not as painful as wasting one's own, thus why there is little incentive to learn from past mistakes, (2) that government policy may be plagued with vested interest and hence not represent people's will.
What do we get from surrendering our assets? For the Sungai Buloh project, what's in for the government? The Sungai Besi project. Yes, that one wheeled by our Jho Low with people from Malton chipping in.
One time in New York, Najib was huddled with his team of advisors. Enter young Jho which had Najib's mostly mentally-challenged advisers taken aback. later Najib walked out of the room talking privately with Jho Low. That's how close the PM is with Jho Low.
Everyone MUST interest themselves on the nation's budget. It's our money. And remember those people spending it are doing whatever they want to do with our money. Like appropriating over 100 million for a program to nurture exceptionally intelligent children. How many of them? Did the Malaysian Chinese who got to become top student at Cantab go to a permata-like school in Ipoh? Compare that amount with that allocated to Sekolah Agama Rakyat.
Spending our resources on unproven hunch about exceptional clever children. Hello brother, some children are more precocious at younger ages. That money is better spent on upgrading students accommodations so they they can study in better environs.
Let's take a look at sources of revenue.
The main sources of our revenue are:-
  • Income tax            38%
  • Non tax income        26%
  • Indirect taxes            13%
  • Import duty            1%
  • Export duty            1%
    Now you may point out rightly, that's only about 79%. Not quite enough. For the shortfall, the government borrows from the public. They issue bonds for example. Institutional IOUs. To make them more palatable, issue Islamic bonds- sukuk( plural), sakk(singular). That way, god fearing Malays and non Malays are keen to buy some equity in preparation for after life.
This is hardly glossed over. Instead we are taken on a road trip to an imagined glory days- an MRT which is super-fast landing in Singapore on a Singapore-owned facilities since we have given up over 400 acres of KTM owned land of 999 year tenure. We exchanged that for some pieces of land belonging to Singapore of 99 year tenure. On top of that, we are going to pay 60% of the SD1.8 billion development charges.
We gave up a property of 999 years for that of 99 years. If that happens in another country, the government of day would have fallen. Instead we called it a success. No wonder Singapore leaders are looking at our leaders as all form, but no substance variety.
By the way, where will get the money to pay the development charges? Will it come from government coffers? Now, that will be part of the budget probably hidden as debt servicing charges?
Debt servicing charges. These are costs for money borrowed by the government. The keen eye will notice that charges on borrowings( caj perkhidmaan hutanf) is 8.7% of 212 billion. That's about RM 18 billion.
Has the government performance in this aspect been prudent? It is, if we can show, the amount of borrowing from the public has gone down. How can measure that? We measure the portion as part of the GDP for example. If the debt servicing portion is becoming an increasingly larger part of the GDP, then we can infer faulty financial management. How come? Because it implies that we , the present generation is careless in bequeathing increasingly larger amounts of debt on future generation. Not the permata generation. The sekolah atap or the Chung Hwa Type or Batu Talam Tamil school types. They will suffer and be angry. They are not going to support BN.
The fact of the matter is, the charges on debt servicing is increasing signaling the government is borrowing more. This will in turn mean, the charges on debt servicing and the burden of shouldering larger debts will be borne by the next generation. Our children will inherit a debt ridden economy caused possibly by our government's profligate ways.
What is the portion of public debt as of GDP for example? In 2009, public debt as a portion of GDP was almost 55%.
Debt is good just as Gordon Gekko proclaimed Greed is good.


Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 09:42  


The contents of your article are already in the minds of the many thinking Malaysians. This present budget is no different from the previous years budgets presented by the same UMNO led government. It is almost traditional (and cultural too) for every year's budget to be a farce, which is just loads of big talk but no substance. How often we have heard the mentally challenged BN ministers telling us Malaysians to be prudent with our expenses, blah, blah, blah and they in turn do the opposite and spend (steal??) as if there is no tomorrow. So why are we surprised with Idris Jala's ministry opex of RM12 billion?

The next big white elephant will surely be the Warisan Merdeka Tower but who cares about this wastage since the project is only scheduled to be completed in then the cost will balloon to RM10 billion of more which is the government's traditional (and culturally) way of managing these projects (reference: PKFZ, new Istana, Parliament House, etc).

The government just spends and spends (steals and steals) without any accountability. God helps us poor Malaysians and our next few generations who will be burdened with paying off the debts. No wonder why hordes of right thinking Malaysians are leaving this country before this country becomes a truly pariah state.

d'enricher 21 October 2010 at 09:44  


For all its worth, as I've said quite a few time, come PRU13, all this shall be the real manifesto of BN, and if the people like it, they will definitely vote this government in.

However ... if otherwise, get ready to be on the opposition bench. Well it happen in Selangor, Penang, Kedah and even Perak for a short while, don't ever dismiss the idea it cannot happen at Federal level.

As much as we can read, the Pakatan Rakyat (especially PKR) are in disarray, but ...

Sometimes I wonder, how much hope can we expect from the 2011 Budget and all this hoo haa of going for higher income economy. As if it will be high income for some people, those who gets the project vs all of us rakyat who just will have to fend for ourselves.

On the 100 stories building that PNB gonna build, would it look like all the Numeric 1, that I see every where. We could actually have the tallest Numeric 1 in the world, and that would really be an ICON. what say you.


Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 10:08  

This is the UMNO psyche -
"Spend like a king and impress the gullible Malay voters that we are filthy rich.

"Since they do not know the nitty-gritty of Budget 2011 then let's fool them."
The Chinese know the meaning of frugality and financial discipline, UMNO does not.

Once again, Sir, thank you for shredding the budget report for us to see the bottomless pit we are in.

I wonder, if you were an UMNO MP today, how would you vote?
Follow the whip?

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 11:16  

Dato' Sak,

Reading your piece today has made me feel very distressed. Not that this is what you intended it to be but from the fact that I'm powerless to do anything. I'm now more worried of our future generation whether they have any country left to call their own.

Tok Janggut

Pak Zawi 21 October 2010 at 11:28  

We will soon be done in as long as these people are in power. Previously it was just stripping the assets of GLCs and now it is stripping the asset of the nation. Nothing will be left for the future generations. Sigh.. we are helpless...

rance,  21 October 2010 at 11:59  

Dear Dato'

Our M Parliment and finace ministery officials should listen to the budget that was presented by new gov in UK.

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 12:03  


Excellent and insightful look at the 2011 Budget.

Comparing the UK and Malaysia budget, it's like a tale of two cowboys.

David Cameron is taking the bull by its horn while our PM is riding on the untameable raging bull, destines for a fatal fall.

Suci Dalam Debu 21 October 2010 at 12:04  


Do you think that the ship is sinking and you are not getting off?

It's a broken ship anyway, so why stay on board?

OneMalaysian,  21 October 2010 at 12:10  

Dear Sakmongkol

“In 2009, public debt as a portion of GDP was almost 55%”.

If you had haboured any hope of being selected to contest for a parliamentary seat in the next GE under the UNMO ticket, well, kiss it good-bye right now. You have just about ruined your chances writing such a critique on the Budget. Only the PR people like Tony Pua talks like that.

As for the 55% debt to GDP, you had neglected to say that it is going up for sure. But I think even those mentally challenged civil servants who wrote the budget understands this. That is why the bulk (92%) of the development expenditure/investments for the NEM is coming from the private sector (62%)and GLCs (30%). Put another way, the government has no more money for capex. It is reserving budget revenues to pay civil servants (operating expenditure).

The UK government (yesterday) and the Greece government (recently) have both announced big cuts to their respective public service by cutting staff and expenditure. France is trying to do the same and wants to defer retirement age to 62. We have seen the strikes and civil disobedience in Paris and Athens. So our government dare not do any cuts not so much because they fear civil servants would take to the streets, but because they need their votes. The bloated civil service is one big voting block, voting UMNO/BN, they hope. This is being done at OUR collective expense. Meantime, private citizens will have to build infrastructures and invest more because the government can’t afford to do so after bribing the 1.3 million civil servants.

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 12:24  

Dato Sak AK47,

" Money never sleep "

I wonder at PWTC any of you umno people dare to bring up about this hiccup other than you,

-Ikan Tongkol-

Red Alfa 21 October 2010 at 13:32  

Salam Dato'

The more we delve into the details of the 2011 Budget, the more we wonder Finance Minister, Pemandu CEO, et al are not the fools they initially had made us believed.

They were just distracting us; for such as were just unbelievably unreal we had said "oh, what idiotic things these are!" and for the other we had said "merest bells, whistles and pyrotechnics" provided by McKinsey, APCO et al. They had inured us to accept the most blatant of lying facts. After going through Budget 2011 as you are doing, we should find a-plenty what they have been lying and what yet more lies to say they are not!

They could never get away with these in UK (see what a reponsible national budget should be) but it just to prove we are THIRD WORLD and we deserve this government, don't we?

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 14:07  

Hey guys, the only money left to take from is EPF... the workers' money.

You lose two ways.

Squander the money like they have been doing with with non EPF money/oil money etc, our EPF money guaranteed going to lose a lot of value.

Then there is the inflationary trend of spending, spending and spending without revenue generating models, we get Zimbabwe dollars.

So when we retire, how many "Zimbabwe' ringgits are left?

Looks like UMNO knows they are going to lose the next election for good. So spend like no tomorrow.

One thing we can confirm. These guys who run the country is useless as far as making money is concerned... they only know how to spend and show the world how great they are .

Yet we have guys supporting them blindly.

Who cares lah.

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 14:23  


Spend more to create jobs opportunities or otherwise inflation will rise and we cannot afford to build later.Who cares and by then the year 2020 many of the BN ministers will be six feet underground." Hey Big Spender ". Our former PM Dr.M say don't save.Use more money so that economic activities will increase.Built Big homes buy Big car,marry a beautiful wife. raise smart kids. Study in Big University. "Malaysian Dreams will come True". Fools and idiot will only believe. I hope our forefather will wake up and haunt all those who steal the Rakyat money.

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 15:04  

Kalau PNB teruskan pembinaan tower 100 tingkat, bermakna ramai saksi2 yg dah tengok apa jawapannya sekrg, make sure kita tape dan bagi dia lihat bila dia dah gelabah dengan masalah2 kewangan.

Pasal PKR, walaupun yg ada skrg ini asyik spend, kita masih boleh melentur dan beri pendapat, berbeza dengan DAP dan PKR, baru takat buat pemilihan sesama sendiri pun dah teruk, inikan pulak nak bagi kita peluang menghentam DAP dan PKR.

Rasanya, melihat dari cara skrg DAP dan PKR, kita harus bersedia mengetahui, dikala itu kita tak dapatlah nak bercakap cam ni, sebab dah pastinya semua cakapan kita tak diendahkan melainkan memenuhkan kantungnya juga, penuh dengan samseng gee hin dan hai san dan melayu2 yg rendah moral yg ikut telunjuk DAP. Islam entah kemana.

walla 21 October 2010 at 15:10  

The blogger has hit the nail on the thumb. Indeed, as someone has said, it's not a budget but a fudget.

Everything looks dodgy. First we are told that subsidies must go otherwise the country will face a dire financial situation of grecian proportions. That's just a way of saying bankruptcy looms as public debt per GDP shoots beyond 55 percent.

Then we are made to be awed by an economic transformation program containing many projects, mostly private-funded, owned and run.

After that, an annual national budget is revealed to us with those projects as main items.

If the rakyat ask how come private projects are listed in a government budget, how will Putrajaya answer?

If the rakyat then remove all those mega-projects from the budget, what is left? Increase in service tax, cheaper tourist items, stoppage of toll fare increases, and a slew of miscellaneous populist expenses without specific deliverables or returns.

It's all to titillate specific voter groups.

Therefore, the bottom-line is this:

- the government is dangerously in the red without any possibility of substantial near-term revenue increases to reverse the impact of its growing deficit on its financing costs;

- it has avoided structural and policy reforms by advancing a smokescreen of high-impact projects not of its design, ownership, funding or feasibility;

- its hidden agenda is to win the next GE at all costs, and

- it is spending where it should save, while being parsimonious to the rakyat where it matters, as well as remaining non-transparent when its governance standards are still suspect, all this in the midst of a complete loss of national competitiveness in all areas where it impinges on the future of the next generations who now additionally face the specter of being saddled with an economy constricted by debts and obligations not of their doing.

In short, this is piratization all over again. It is privatisation by Malaysia Inc turned smart partnership turned PFI and now PPP.

We remember how it was not so long ago:

- out of the blue, certain faces got special concessions, bypassing open tenders; the reason later given takes the cake: 'how i can give to those i don't know?'

- later, we find by acknowledgment that those offers were made on condition the beneficiaries were just proxies for Umno, which implies they had to pay tribute to that party despite the fact they were public-listed companies; if this is not political syndication using public funds, what is it?

- and because the key management were politically motivated appointments, needless to say mismanagement, siphonage, excesses and political patronage became the order of the day;

- all of which increased market inefficiencies whose bill is still being paid by the rakyat, their families and their businesses to this very day.

We may now say that never in the field of national development has so much damage been done on so many by so few.

walla 21 October 2010 at 15:11  


With that under our belt, the rakyat can now pose two question across all those projects:

- how different will they be from how the privatisation of highways and IPPs was obtusely and irresponsibly made?

- how assured will the respective managements be that because of their privatised backdoor links to Putrajaya, their projects won't be managed in the way corporations like Sime Darby have been managed?

In fact, the rakyat note this conglomerate with a massive bottom-line hit is organizing a PGA tournament and meeting at a five-star hotel lined with its seven-series beemers. Indeed, in the absence of shame, parental guidance is advised.

As an afterthought, is all this the real reason why Umno must defend Putrajaya at all costs? So that its economic profiteering of concessionary awards can continue despite full evidence of their destructive nature on the economy that this annual budget and jumbo transformasi are supposed to save?

After all, the rakyat know how Newton's first law of motion is particularly applicable to our political landscape - every politician continues in his state of rest or uniform motion in a crooked line unless acted upon by an external force.

Meanwhile the ticker tapes are also moving. Let's read some of the negatives:

- despite high expectations of bold structural measures, the Budget was mostly a repeat of pump-priming methods;

- projects like the Menara Warisan worryingly resemble mega-projects such as the Petronas Twin Towers which were incepted prior to the Asian Financial Crisis and took a long time to show returns;

- there are scant signs of reforms, little to directly spur private investment except in infrastructure, and a possible near-term negative in cost of foreign labor for local manufacturers;

- lacks clarity on decisive fiscal consolidation (deficit reduction);

- populist measures suggest impending election cycle.

There was not much enthusiasm in the positives to bear their repeat here.

Suffice to say, this fudget avoided key structural reform measures. It just remained silent on them completely. And it also avoided taking the bull by its horns on the most important thing going forward - restoring national competitiveness.

Perhaps we can intuit why such remiss is still around as the economy continues to trail others come 2011. We can intuit the reason from a statement made.

That statement said that Malaysia needs the RM5Billion Menara Warisan as an icon to show the country is modern and advanced.

One may question in response:

...but what about the dumptrucks which still throw stinking leachate onto public roads each time they turn a corner which had required a session in Parliament to discuss their allocations over a decade ago?

If the economy continues to be run into the ground, one wonders why they should be building edifices into the sky. Perhaps it’s because only the leaders have their heads in the sky. The rakyat are still thick in the squalor of trying to build their own capabilities out of thin air.

This post, for TheYoungOne and friends.

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 15:24  

Dato', saya melihat rancangan soal-jawab tv3 dengan 3 naib presiden UMNO.

Pertama saya kurang puas hati dengan jawapan yg diberikan oleh ketiga-tiga mereka, kerana mereka tidak menjawap soalan yg diberikan dengan tepat dan memandang mudah semua perkara dan tidak nampak apa perkara atau masalah yg sedang mereka hadapi atau rakyat hadapi. Mereka akan kata dimana2 pun ada masalah dan ini merupakan lumrah. Jawapan sedapkan hati. Kalau saya yg rate KPI mereka taulah sy mengajar org yg tak sungguh2 bekerja ni.

Keduanya ayat mengenai transformasi, saya tidak pandai berbahasa inggeris ni, cuma perkataan tu yg saya fahamkan "transform" bererti change, menukar.

Sepatutnya yg bertukar adalah diri2menteri2 dan perwakilan, persepsi mereka dalam meneruskan perjuangan parti telah berubah dibandingkan dengan asalnya UMNO terbentuk dahulu.

Sepatutnya tiada transformasi dalam perjuangan UMNO,sy amat kecewa bila saudara hishamuddin mengatakan beberapa perkara perlu transform sesuai dengan kehendak golongan belia skrg. Sy berpendapat persepsi dan pendekatan org2 UMNO itu salah dalam usaha utk memahami apa yg dimahukan oleh golongan muda melayu.

Perjuangan UMNO tetap relevan hingga sekarang, yg golongan muda marah melihat betapa lembiknya menteri2 ini menangani masalah2 semasa.

Yang kena transform adalah wakil dan menteri2 dan bakal2 ahli baru yg niat masuk parti utk mendapat projek, untuk mendapat kabel dan sebagainya. Ini yg golongan muda dan rakyat tidak suka.

Kemudian saya lihat, semua pakat gembira seolah2 dah mendapat mandat dan sokongan ramai, entah apa yg diseronokkan nya pun sy tak tau. Pada saya keadaan sebenarnya makin meruncing.

Melihat keadaan yg menyedihkan ini, ditakuti ramai yg kecewa akan memangkah PAS. Mungkin PAS ada harapan maju dan mendapat sokongan ramai jika mereka bergerak sendiri tanpa bantuan DAP dan PKR.

Rasanya semua sokongan Melayu akan pergi kepada PAS.

TheYoungOne,  21 October 2010 at 16:31  

@Anon10:08 21 Oct 2010

Are BN MPs allowed to vote against the whip ? without any repercussions ? Sorry I have to ask as I am a newbie here.

Re the RM 12 billion for Idris Jala's ministry opex, could it be that he did not ask for it but instead was allocated that obscenely huge amount supposedly meant for con- sultancy fees? After all, GE13 is round the corner.....

Anonymous,  21 October 2010 at 17:56  

spending cuts and sheer waste

sometimes I think that is cheaper for gomen

to bring in competent expatriates as boss of our glc or

big gomen enterprise like ktmb.

You have just mentioned one blunder of the gomen vis

a vis the land in Singapore.

Some days ago I mentioned about the 700 seater racing from ipoh to s'ban

with 20 or so passengers. Yesterday at about magrib I saw another

ets racing to Ipoh with a handful of passengers.

Is the ktmb an elephant -not capable of thinking or v slow to react?

Surely even if ktmb need to run the service because of political promise,

it could run 1/2 coach/es instead of running 5 coaches

There must be political will to stop waste. In sarawak we let a sampah melayu acting

like a 'tikus in tong beras' as a chief minister

There is actually a failure in services [meaning sheduled

services are routinely cancelled for reasons known only to ktmb ], yet there

are empty 700 -seater trains running 300 km from ipoh to seremban!!!!!

my suggestion

Technically there is no need for a train service from Ipoh to seremban.

Ktmb only need to provide a service from ipoh to rawang. There are already a

service feeding seremban to rawang. The word premium service is a matter of

semantics. It is not relevant. The old made in austria trains used in the

commuter probably cost more at today's prices than the so called premium

made in korea heap of steel.

have a standard , one service train. Afetr all the made in korea train is not

that premium. There is nothing special about it. Removed some seats and make it into

a properly functional commuter. Be innovative man.

khong khek khuat

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 00:08  

To be honest, the more you delve into the Budget, many more people are getting pissed off with your party.
Are you being detrimental to your party' struggle to win the hearts of the wonderful people of Bolehland?
What are you trying to prove and imply?

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 05:50  


Tell me what would you do if you were the President of UMNO? If you could change one thing what would that be?

TheYoungOne,  22 October 2010 at 07:55  


Thank you for putting the article such that even the young and not so young lay people like us could grasp all the salient points.

And Mr Walla, again thank you......

The gist from digesting the article and all the comments is that my generation and the nxt will have to face the inescapable prospect of having to shoulder all the debts left by the irresponsible spend spend spend of the previous generations.

And why the need for another towering building ? Aren't Malaysia already well-known and on the world map ( if this is sooo very important)with the twin-towers ? Any signs of good returns yet from the Petronas Towers ?

If BN is resolute to win GE13 at all cost, and with the 'piratization' and the criminal 'political syndication' supposedly going on, and the heedless wild spending, who in their sane mind wouldn't fear for this country?

This is the real picture that I have now discovered and to be honest, I personally have not been my old self since. Most troubling.

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 08:43  

Just look what UMNO is up to. They want to defend Putrajaya with whatever means and questions non Malays challenging the rights of Malays.

Come on lah. The fight is between Opposition Malays and UMNO Malays and non Malays are only bystanders casting votes to whichever side able to take care of their non Malays' interests.

These guys are pointing their fingers at non Malays!!!

They are the ones raising racial issues and non Malays only responded.

*&&$ (four letter word) people.

Our country is ruled by these kind of level of mentality ...God save us (can He?).

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 08:44  

Yes the budget is important but the fact of the matter is Najib is on his way out. Its unavoidable. Never in history has a PM in our country reverse course from his original plan and survive. Stronger men has failed and Najib is almost guaranteed to fail.

There is a reason why the original plan of NEM and 1Malaysia was formulated - it was based on need. To turn its back and go back to the old way is delaying the problems and sweeping things under the carpet. The problem is things have a way of catching up when you do this. Things have a way of blowing up and it will for Najib. Mahathir know this phenomenon well and that is partly why he turn to more and more autocratic, back-stabbed his deputies, and destroying institutions when he got backed into corners.

Najib is finish - the budget only matters because the next guy is going to do the projects too - unless the next guy also don't stay for long.

So why don't I care about the budget? Too many things going on to think about it for now..

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 09:16  

Idris Jala yg buat semua ni, dia komen pasal gomen bagi subsidi, lepas tu dia pulak dapat banyak utk spend. Bila dia dapat duit, duit lupa pulak pasal bangkrapkan kerajaan. Org cam ni kita nak percaya?

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 09:30  

Saya tak setuju dengan cadangan SUHAKAM supaya bantuan kerajaan sebanyak 450 dinaikkan ke 800 utk golongan2 ibu tunggal.

Wah senangnya hidup yer, ibu tunggal pun nakkan gaji tanpa buat apa2, just being ibu tunggal dapat gaji minimum tanpa buat apa2 sumbangan kepada negara, berbanding dengan pekerja yg skrg baru nak di implement gaji minimum. Ramai pulak nanti yg seronok dapat title ibu tunggal kerana ini merupakan tiket utk mendapat gaji minimum.

Bergeliga sungguh otak yg mencadangkan tu. Ramai yg nak perabih duit gomen nak melingkupkan gomen, sebelum tu mereka cakap negara nak bangkrap dan lepas tu nak pulak gaji minimum buat ibu tunggal, sebelum tu cakap pasal isu2 rasis secara terbuka, bila kita dah bertegar2 cakap, tau pulak soi lek ni nak cakap selindung2 takmo terbuka, kata boleh berdiskusi lagi. No way, diskusi tutup2 yer, supaya kau boleh kow tim itu menteri yer? Hal Melayu, hak istimewa mesti sampai ke pengetahuan rakyat,hidup mati kami.

Aku tengok wakil2 parti komponen yg bukan melayu, pasal semua main hpone message2 masa Najib sedang berapi2 cakap. Semua pakat tunduk.
Sebaris tu, semua main hp2, tunduk2messages, seriously, ada nampak ka

Ayam Human 22 October 2010 at 11:20  


I would appreciate it if you would publish this entry.

I would like to highlight an issue that is pressing, I believe to all Malaysians.

I find Terence Fernandez, who writes the Down 2 Earth column of The Sun newspaper, to be a hate monger.

Read his column today, Oct 22 2010, it's titled 'When Silence Is Not Golden'.

Read his column and you'll find that at the end of it all, he signs off with the following:

TERENCE had covered the Umno General Assembly many years ago where he was reminded of his ethnic background.

What is he trying to do?

Increase hatred?

I opine that action should be taken against Terence Fernandez. From his writing, he appears to be a Racist masquerading as a Malaysian.

Terence Fernandez, You're insincere

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 15:42  

To Ayam( 11.20 22/10/2010)
Well Done if you are representing all Malaysians who are against RACISM.Lets unite and Fight together.
But dont be selective lah my friend.Lets call a spade a spade.If The terence fernendez guy is inciting something bad then please also look around and kindly list down a few more names whom we Malaysians have been offended by as of late.
Its your call.Be sincere.tq.

HAKIMAN,  22 October 2010 at 18:03  

Datok Sak

Good analysis and convincing arguments.

Well done!!

Ayam Human 22 October 2010 at 18:34  

I urge you and other Bloggers to seriously consider this:

Stand in the next General Elections as Independent Candidates.

I will vote for you or any sincere, brave and impartial Blogger who contests in my Constituency.

I'm sure many Malaysians will agree with my suggestion

I no longer have any confidence in both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

Please, stand up for the people.

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 22:20  


I was one of the "public" expertise called in to attend the workshop. Within 20 minutes of walking in I already want to walk coz nobody at the table I was sitting cud answer the basic question "Who is financing all these activities?" Definitely not the young chikus coordinators they hired who has no clue what they are doing. All that I know is within 3 hours they came out with a budget of RM1.3 billion. WTF? (Sorry about the language) So, I am not surprise with the "fudginess" of the ETP.

Oh yeah, the govt expect the "local consultants "to do Bl**dy" national service by paying us local consultants "less" to "help" with the ETP. As if the McKinsey (American) consulting gives a "f**k" about national service as they expect to be paid in full for their professional fees. Is this how you raise the national income by paying local expertise less?

Urgghhh... Discriminatory practise and thinking Orang puteh lagi pandai which shows how dumb the Powers that be for not trusting our own local intelligent talents especially the genuine professional ones who have "no political" connection.

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous,  22 October 2010 at 22:24  

Prices plummet at world's tallest building.
Dubai: Real Estate Crash Sends Prices, Rents Falling

Anonymous 24 October 2010 at 08:42  

Walla said:

'how i can give to those i don't know?'

That was a core value expression or statement of an entire value system that Dr. M created, albeit unintentionally.

The thing was that the participants (all of them, bar none) did not for a single moment thought that they were doing anything morally wrong, like, it was not a dosa besar or something like that. (Even up till today, not a single participant, former or current believe they are doing something morally wrong).

Once you were within that circle of trust (which keeps on expanding over the years), a fair amount of freedom was given and inevitably leakages started to spring ie two for umno, one for me and so forth.

Anwar when he was the Finance Minister was a key participant. Large tracts of land were alienated to RM2 companies. These companies then had these land converted to development land (some of the valuers now are multi-millionaires, again none feel they did anything remotely immoral).

These were then used to raise huge loans from 'friendly' banks. A key Assist Governor-level guy in Bank Negara ensures that these loans gets through Bank Negara audits. Thereafter these companies were used for takeovers of public listed companies and everybody exits (except the investing public who often are caught when these companies fall like king pins in any economic slowdown – I am sure you guys know these companies).

Dr. M started the rot, Anwar perpetuated it and even carried it to a higher level ( I shiver to think what would have happened to the country if Anwar have not had that fall-out with Dr. M). When Anwar left the scene, the subsequent Finance Ministers not only perpetuated what Anwar had set in place, malah, they fine-tuned it further. Enron was nothing compared to some of the things these guys did using institutions like Danaharta, etc.

The fall-out between Anwar and Dr. M was good for the country. It brought to the surface all these shenanigans.

And it changed Anwar, hopefully for the better. I know he no longer is a chauvinist, as he once was. I know he realizes that many who supported him (to his surprise) during his incarceration were doing so out of moral indignation and they included many Chinese and Indians.

On the night when they came to take him, the huge crowd outside his house comprise almost 30% non-Malays, and they did not know Anwar or his family. Many were non-political people who became politically aware as a result of the incident. Many left that night with the thought in their heads, 'never again! Immorality has ruled the country for too long' (for the UMNOristas, the immorality refers to use of institutions for political ends and to persecute political enemies, not to Anwar's alleged sexual preferences).

So, for you die-hard supporters of Dr. M, know what harm he has done to your precious UMNO.

Try to listen to what Walla is saying.

As for Anwar, he has changed. Do not hold his past against him as that Value System that Dr. M created was very very difficult to get out off. It needed something like sodomy 1 for Anwar to be awaken.

My only concern is the presence of John Soh behind the scenes. Anwar must really try to really create a value system that will never allow the kind of values that Dr. M allowed to take root, to even sprout.

Anwar should listen to Zaid more. And the rest of us here, to Walla.

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