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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

UMNO's Comeuppance?

The American black Muslim- Malcolm X when informed about the assassination of president Kennedy was reputed to have said, the chickens come home to roost. What goes around, comes around. I read his Autobiography Of Malcolm X in 1975(6th form).

I am seeing the same parallels in Anwar Ibrahim’s homecoming to Permatang Pauh. Its chicken come home to roost for UMNO leaders that is. They are petrified at Anwar Ibrahim.

All these years, all and sundry have walloped the poor sod. Now all those bullets you fired at him, each one has your name on it and they are coming back at you. Hey you- UMNO bigshots- Permatang Pauh is your comeuppance!

As for me- maybe I should behave like Private Baldrick to Captain BlackAdder. Carve out your name on the bullet and keep it, so that way the enemy(Anwar) will never have a bullet with your name on it. Ha ha.

Enough to scare every wanita UMNO to such an extent that the incoming ketua wanita, has declared a holy war. Anwar must be stopped at all costs by whatever means necessary? Why elevate a by-election where you are choosing one ‘kichi mayung’ for a parliamentary seat, to a Jihad? You are vicious against your own kind but whimper against others. All this while, our UMNO leaders are not intimidated by anyone and Anwar Ibrahim shouldn’t be of any difference or should he?

Why should the BN especially UMNO be terribly intimidated by the spectre of Anwar in parliament?. After all our leaders say that Anwar will never be the PM. But when Tun Mahathir says he doesn’t mind leaving Malaysia if Anwar Ibrahim comes to power, it is as though Anwar already is. I am always wary of what the eminence grise says nowadays. His views seem prescient.

Why are UMNO leaders scared of Anwar Ibrahim? Really scared. Because Permatang Pauh is the Nuremberg for UMNO as well. Perhaps in Permatang Pauh, UMNO sees the reflection of its disintegration.

All the UMNO leaders, the entire leadership will be on trial. We will see a repeat of the trials for the Hermann Goerings, Rudolph Hesses, Donitzs, Aflred Jodls and , Kietels of UMNO. Because perhaps our leaders have deafened themselves to shouts of we hate we hate you.

UMNO appears to be lacking the moral fibre to stop Anwar. It knows by escalating the sodomy allegations, those allegations will be the guillotine that decapitates UMNO. The main reason why UMNO is scared of Anwar is because it is devoid of arsenals to stop Anwar. That’s what is troubling UMNO. UMNO has shown us, it can’t handle losses.

Therefore our UMNO leaders go around telling us all sorts of grandmother stories about PKR wasting our money. If we want to save money, then don’t offer our candidate. That way, we don’t have to spend money. You are also suffocated by pontificating wise men decrying the yet to materialise unrighteous power dawn raid and dissolute crossover of elected law makers. We are also drowned in the pitiful pleadings of how we voters are being betrayed and so forth ad nauseum.

It is precisely because we know its futile to confront Anwar in his ring, that we are suddenly virtuous about spending money. Suppose we are confident of winning, then the very argument about wasting money vanishes instantly. In that situation, we shall say, it’s money well earned.

No, no, we detest the thought of an Anwar victory. That is actually the real reason for our morbidity. We find that thought so reprehensible. We abhor the real possibility that Anwar may after all make true his words of forming the next federal government. It’s that thought that scares the hell out of us.

Every major UMNO leader will be on trial just as Anwar is in Permatang Pauh. Dato Najib will face unmitigated visitations from ghosts of his own, dare I say, chequered past? Hishamuddin Hussein is considered repulsive by Chinese voters as does Khairi Jamaludin. The two top leaders of the UMNO Youth are persona non grata in Permatang Pauh? Highly inconceivable! As for the other UMNO leaders, if Ezam Mohd Nor comes a calling with his six Pandora’s boxes, all hell will break lose.

Which UMNO leader shall deliver us from this cesspit?


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