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Friday, 22 August 2008

Public Transport Blues

In the car I listened to the newsreader commenting on the PM’s harrowing experience on the public commuter service. He took a ride on the LRT from Serdang to Kl City centre.

He was not amused and of course not satisfied. We must fix it quickly said he. I remembered about the RM 4 billion saved being applied to improving the public transport system in KL. Or Klang Valley. I do not think much has improved. Anyway the lion’s share of the RM 4 billion in improving public transport system must have been gotten by SComi Group.

Next I hear the newsreader say that the transport ministry is awaiting delivery of 32 new train sets to augment the lack of infrastructure at present. Hence the pivotal role of possibly and who else, SYARIKAT PRASARANA belonging to khazanah Holdings.

Now will khazanah send its officers to evaluate the soundness of the train sets that are to be supplied?. Or will it say, because of its own lack of expertise, it will allow a private company to do that evaluation exercise?. And most probably it will be SCOMI. But of course a few officers from the transport ministry and treasury will accompany our private sector friends from the private sector.

Should they go to any of the Scandinavian countries to learn about how to improve our transport system and infrastructure please take heed of the blogger Rox Uncut admonitions;

There will be nil tolerance to frivolities like frequenting expensive restaurants and bars and fucking models/translators in first-class hotels at the rakyat's expense when they are overseas. As a social democratic and liberal leader, I will allow them to do all the above recreational activities in their own free time and at their own expense.

Ok? No sodomising either ya, at the rakyat’s expense.

In any case, the transport ministry must have known about Pak Lah’s decision to state we must fix the problem now. The speed by which the ministry’s response was made, beats all those ballyhooed KPIs expounded by all and sundry.

Hidup KPI.


msleepyhead 22 August 2008 at 12:17  

shouldn't they look down south first as the weather/geography/soil/etc and all that is almost similar.

it'll take years to network kl, but i guess the intention was to sell cars back in the day and not setup an excellent public transport system.

Anonymous,  22 August 2008 at 15:08  

wow public service sounds like the DREEEAAAAAAMMMMMM JOB>>>>>>>



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