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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Battle of Red, Permatang Pauh.

I have said it before. I shall say it again. UMNO must never delude itself going into the battle of Permatang Pauh subscribing to the Queensbury rules. Expect no quarters and give none too. It’s all fair in love and war.

I see the media support for the BN candidate, Arif Shah Omar Shah( the brother of Amin Shah Omar Shah) takes off with a screeching start. Good show, old sport. They are not withholding. I am afraid the pleading by A Voice is unheeded. I saw a snippet about Anwar quarrelling with the wife. The missus asked whether it’s true that the second sodomy took place. How the hell does the creative writer know what actually took place between wan Azizah and Anwar Ibrahim?.

So, the whole campaign will not be on issues. It’s like Blackadder says- first we’ll campaign on issues. If that fail, we’ll campaign on personalities. If that too fails we’ll cheat.


The Penang Chief Minister says that ASOS is the best UMNO candidate. Is he saluting ASOS? I think not. What he wanted to say, the previous candidate the ex imam of Masjid Negara whose singular achievement was putting the Friday congregation to sleep and the ketua bahagian of Permatang Pauh- what’s his name- were useless fellows. To suggest that Guan Eng is endorsing ASOS is laughable. You know, mention of ASOS was just like what they say in law- obiter dictum. Guang Eng is just fishing in troubled waters.

Guang Eng has already started the fire within the UMNO camp. All these fellows are at each other’s throats to secure the position of ketua bahagian. What Guang Eng is really doing is to tell the ex imam and the Dato K look alike, that UMNO is telling you two buffoons are bloody cow dung. And so these two fellows will not be campaigning hard for this chap chai fellow( is he a Mamak, a Chinese, a Malay?)

Guang Eng has already debited( he’s an accountant is he not?) the UMNO camp. He has borrowed UMNO’s own strength to kill off ASOS. Just like Zhuge Liang arranging Liu Bei to join forces with Sun Quan to defeat Cao Cao at The Battle of Red Cliffs. (damn director John Woo for not yet releasing Part 2 of Red Cliff). cannot wait one...


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